Memento Mori (メメント・モリ Memento Mori) is a Curse which erases existence.


Memento Mori

Memento Mori being cast

The user produces a dark paralytic mist around the target that envelopes them, creating a massive beam of dark spirits that reaches towards the sky. Known as the ultimate Curse and the "memory of death", this Curse was created to destroy the immortal being Zeref, as the victims of this Curse are no longer alive nor are they dead, but are simply erased, becoming nothing for eternity.[1] To some degree, it appears that Devil Slayers have the ability to resist the effects of this Curse.[2]


  • Memento mori is the medieval short form of the Latin proverb memento moriendum esse, meaning "remember/consider (that you will have) to die", "remember your mortality".


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