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Melee Armor is an unnamed armor of Coordinator's.


This armor is primarily composed of purple plates with white clothing underneath. The armor mainly consists of a breastplate which only covers her breasts while leaving her upper chest and lower body unprotected and fully exposed, a pair of purple plated gauntlets that covers her forearms, an open white skirt with purple trimming, a gray belt with a brown buckle, and a heavily plated pair of leg armors. Underneath the armor, Coordinator wears a white band around her upper chest with her guild's emblem on it and white leggings. Coordinator's head is also adorned by a white headband with a pair of wing-like decorations located above her ears and a pair of dangling bead earrings. This armor is designed to provide its user easier mobility specially in combat[1]

Special Features

Coordinator attacking with her legs

Enhanced Kicking: Coordinator is able to execute stronger kicks due to her heavily armored legs which enough to damage a building's roof.[1]


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