Megaton: Red Lightning ((ライ)(コウ)(アカ)御雷(ミカズチ) Raikō: Akamikazuchi) is a Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic Spell.


The user creates a special kind of dark-red lightning that they coat their fist with before executing an empowered punch.[1]


  • Raikô is the Japanese name for Mercury Fulminate (properly known as Mercury(II) fulminate), which is a lesser explosive that was originally used to ignite gunpowder in older firearms.
  • The character 御 (ミ Mi) in the spell's name is a prefix that indicates non-speaker ownership of the noun that follows, and also indicates an extreme level of respect, generally in regards to relatives or the divine. The following character 雷 (イカズチ Ikazuchi) indicates that this spell in particular is an homage by Laxus Dreyar to his deceased great-grandfather, Yuri Dreyar, a fellow Lightning Magic user.


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