Max (マックス Makkusu) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. He is the Edolas counterpart of Max Alors.


Max wears a light, purple-tinted dress shirt and white pants. His face and hair are identical to his counterpart, Max Alors.


Max seems to be good friends with Warren. They comment on almost everything together, which usually turns out to be criticisms.[1]


Edolas arc

Max talks to Warren about how Gray Surge is so clingy towards Juvia while being spied on by Natsu Dragneel and co.[2] They also talk about Elfman getting scolded for his weakness again,[3] and how Nab is a workaholic.[2]

Edolas FT after teleporting

Max, dizzy after the guild teleports

When Lucy Ashley finds the Earth Land Mages, Max and Warren are confused as to what they are wearing.[4] When the guild starts thinking Happy and Carla are Exceed, the guild gets frantic, but then all the guild members become calm again when they believe the cats just looked like Exceed, but actually weren't. Later, when Lucy starts picking on Natsu, Natsu talks back to Lucy saying he will fight her, even if she is any Lucy. Max and Warren are surprised Natsu had talked back to their Lucy. Max and Warren also notice Wendy looks a lot like Wendy Marvell. After the guild teleports to avoid the Fairy Hunters, Max is dizzy alongside Warren.[1]

When the Earth Land Mages reveal the truth, that they are from an alternate world, Max helps explain the them the story of how King Faust banned all Mage Guilds and was hunting them down. He along with the rest of the guild is shocked when they announce they will defeat the King.[5]

Max is present at Lucy's speech to get their guild to help stop the Royal Kingdom and assist the Earth Land Mages. When they finally do arrive, Max charges into battle with the rest of the guild.[6]

Edolas FT watch Magic Go

Max watches with the rest of the guild, as Magic leaves Edolas

After Magic starts to disappear from Edolas, Max, along with the rest of the guild, follows Lucy to the Royal Capital to help calm everybody down. When they get there, and "The Great Demon Lord Dragneel" is defeated and their counterparts start to return, Max listens with his guild as Gray Fullbuster tells them they don't need Magic to be a guild, they only need their comrades.[7]

Former Magic & Abilities

Max Edolas Weapon

Max with a Bow & Arrow

Magic Bow & Arrows: Max uses a Magic bow with several arrows in combat.

Battles & Events


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