Makarov Dreyar: Fairy Tail's New Master is an event that took place 48 years prior the beginning of the series.


After Mavis Vermillion, Fairy Tail's founding master, Precht becomes the second guild master and guides the guild towards the proper path, teaching his guild members peace and the true meaning of Magic.[1]


Hades ask Makarov to be the next master

Hades asks Makarov to be the next master of Fairy Tail

Some time later, in the Year X736, Precht appoints Makarov Dreyar, who is 40 years old, as his successor and third master of Fairy Tail, much to Makarov's dismay. Ignoring Makarov's claims that he wasn't fit for the position, Precht praises Makarov's love for his allies and his capability to believe, claiming that he would make Fairy Tail into a good Guild. He then leaves on a journey.[2][3] During his time as Master, Makarov oversees the guild and its rise in fame, and power.[4]


Makarov Strikes

Makarov and Hades meet again

During the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial of the year X784, Zeref and Grimoire Heart interrupt the trial. Grimoire Heart, a Dark Guild created by a man named "Hades," approaches Tenrou Island in its airship, but is blocked by Makarov himself in his Giant form. The airship is evacuated but Hades stays to deal with Makarov. As Makarov prepares his ultimate spell, Fairy Law, Hades prepares his counter-spell, Grimoire Law and warns Makarov that he will not cast it recklessly but if Makarov refuses to stop his own spell, then they will both meet unfortunate ends. Makarov, in shock, realizes Hades is Precht, Fairy Tail's second Master, the successor of Mavis Vermillion and the one who gave Makarov his title as Master.[5]


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