Makarov Dreyar's Judgement is an event that takes place during the Phantom Lord arc.


Makarov vs. Jose

Makarov vs. Jose

As Makarov recovers from losing his Magic Power after Aria's previous assault, he proceeds to the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II to fight Jose Porla. He arrives exactly when Erza is in the nick of danger, and saves her from the hands of Jose. Makarov states that much damage has been already done because of the "parent's" fault, and demands that they finish the battle.[1] The two Wizard Saints then prepare to battle each other using their Magic. As they prepare to clash, the Fairy Tail Mages inside the building are asked to leave. Despite their opposition, they are convinced to do so by Erza, who knows that they will just be a burden if they stay. Makarov and Jose begin their battle, and as it gets more intense, everyone outside is surprised with the strength of their Magic. Makarov, impressed with Jose's Magic, tells him that he would've been beneficial had he not been evil. In accordance to Fairy Tail's custom for judgement, Makarov states he will give Jose till the count of three, and commands him to kneel as he activates his Giant Magic.[2]


Fairy Law

Fairy Law invoked

As he starts to count, Makarov prepares to cast Fairy Law. Jose states that the best guild would not yield to Makarov and that he can surpass his strength. Just as Makarov invokes Fairy Law, Jose attacks him, but is shocked after his attack is overpowered by Makarov's.[3] Everyone outside witnesses the enormous light coming from the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II and stand amazed to see Jose's shades disappear because of it. The Fairy Tail Mages wonder why they are unaffected as Erza explains that Fairy Law is a sacred light that slays only those who the caster considers his enemy. When the light fades, Makarov tells a frightened Jose Porla not to come near Fairy Tail again.[4]


Fairy Tail wins

Fairy Tail cheers

Taking his leave, Makarov tells Jose the Magic Council will not keep quiet over the issue due to the damage caused. As he walks away, Aria appears behind him to attack, but Makarov suddenly punches him, sending him flying into a wall. Makarov says that the battle is already over and threatens Aria that if he wishes to continue, he would annihilate him without a trace. He then orders Aria to take Jose home. Later on, the members of Fairy Tail cheer as they successfully arise victorious over the Phantom Lord guild.[5]


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