Magnolia's Mayor is the unnamed mayor of Magnolia Town.


The mayor is a rather short, elderly man (roughly taller than Makarov Dreyar) with light, slicked back hair, a thin mustache, dark, slanted eyes and a bulbous nose.[1]

The mayor's attire consists of a white, collared dress shirt and a dark suit with flower patterns on either side of the chest. The mayor also sports a butterfly-shaped red tie.[1]


As the mayor of Magnolia, the mayor is rather dignified, and prefers to gather people's attention with a slight cough. He also isn't afraid to give others credit where credit is due, and rewards people for their outstanding achievements; the mayor doesn't believe in accepting repayment from those whom he has personally rewarded.[2]


Grand Magic Games arc

Makarov grateful to the mayor

Makarov grateful to the Mayor

Following Fairy Tail's return to Magnolia after winning the Grand Magic Games, the mayor reveals that he has prepared a commemorative item to celebrate their victory. Pointing Fairy Tail's attention to the their former Guild Building, the mayor reveals that he, as well as all the citizens of Magnolia, have collaborated in order to restore the now-glorious building to its former glory, as they are the pride of Magnolia, earning him applause from not only the crowd, but cheers and tears from Fairy Tail as well. He then proceeds to deny Makarov's offer of repaying him for what he's done, as it was a group effort, not just his alone.[2]


  • (To the members of Fairy Tail) "Fairy Tail is our town's pride. So I thought I would award you with the restoration of your guild."[3]


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