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Magical Vehicles are Magic Items that are used as fast means of transportation in both Earth Land and Edolas.


The SE-plug

In Earth Land, Magical Vehicles are solely available for a Mage's use, and are powered by an SE-plug (Self-Energy plug) (SEプラグ Esu-Ī Puragu), which is a small, special device that powers Magical Vehicles in Earth Land. It is a mechanism that wraps around the user's wrist, converting their Magic Power into fuel. Should the user require the vehicle in question to go faster, more Magic Power will be consumed.[1]

Lacrima converted into Magic Fuel

In Edolas, Magical Vehicles lack SE-plugs altogether, and were instead powered by Lacrima (before Edolas was drained of all its Magic),[2] which was converted into fuel. This method of fueling was stated to have been superior than that available to Earth Land Mages.[3]


  • Magic Four Wheel Vehicle (魔導四輪 Madō Yonrin): A quick form of transportation that is significantly faster than a horse-drawn carriage. Its appearance and method of functionality differs significantly between Earth Land and Edolas.[3][4] Eclipse Aries is seen using it.[5]
  • Magic Motorcycle (魔導二輪 Madō Nirin): A type of transportation that Racer utilizes in conjunction with his Vehicle Magic.[6] Gray Fullbuster was also shown to be able to mold one out of ice.[7]
  • Magic Boat: A boat that allows quicker transportation across bodies of water.[8]
  • Cruiser Battleship (型巡注艦 Kata-jun Chū-kan): A specific type of airships, resembling the design of a regular seaship, able to float in the air and is armed with different weapons and cannons.[9][10] Prominent examples of these airships include Blue Pegasus's infamous Magic Bomber: Christina and the Alvarez Empire's aerial fleets.


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