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'''Magical Drain''' (マジカルドレイン, ''Majikaru Dorein'') is a [[Caster Magic|Caster Type Magic]] utilized by [[Velveno]].
'''Magical Drain''' (マジカルドレイン, ''Majikaru Dorein'') is a [[Caster Magic|Caster Type Magic]].

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Magical Drain (マジカルドレイン, Majikaru Dorein) is a Caster Type Magic.


Magical Drain is a Magic that allows the user to copy the Magic of the person(s) he or she touches. It is unknown if there is a limit to how many types of Magic the user can copy but Velveno has been shown to be able to use three at once.[1]

See Also

  • Copy Magic, which duplicates another person's appearance, magic, and memories in its entirety.
  • Mimic, which only copies another's Magic.
  • Absorption Magic, which copies anothers Magic by eating them.


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