Magic Spear: Ten Commandments (魔鎗 テン・コマンドメンツ Masō: Ten Komandomentsu) is a magical spear used by Erza Knightwalker.


It is a magical spear that is said to be one of the strongest weapons of Edolas. It is a spear that has the ability to change into ten different forms; each form possesses a unique appearance. By changing the spear's individual form, the user may utilize ten kinds of Magic.[1] The default form of this weapon takes the form of a spear that splits into 4 jagged blades that are perpendicular to one another and curve inwards, resembling a claw. In its default form, this weapon has the ability to emit small timed explosions when thrown, which can be used to attack enemies within its vicinity.[2]



  • In addition to sharing the same name, Erza Knightwalker's weapon also uses the same abilities as the weapon in Hiro Mashima's previous work, the Ten Commandments. However, instead of using a sword, she uses a spear, and the kanji sword (剣) is replaced by spear (鎗) for its abilities.
  • With the exception of Gravity Core, the powers of each form is identical to their namesake in Rave Master's Rave Ten Commandments, but it is uncertain whether it possesses all of its forms (Eisenmeteor, Million Suns and Sacrifar).


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