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The Magic Headphones are a type of Magic Item.


The Magic Headphones are a type of Magic Item that stores music inside its Magic Database, allowing the user to listen to it whenever they wish. So far, the only known user of such item is Laxus Dreyar, who has a pair of Magic Headphones,[1] his specific model being called "Sound Pod,"[3] that he has been using since his teenage years[4] and into his adult years.[3]


  • Sound Pod: Each of this model's dark ear-muffs is adorned by a large, lighter-colored spike jutting out from its outer side. The earmuffs are connected via a cable to the Magic Database, which takes the form of a small device capable of being attached to one's belt to be carried around easily and comfortably. Due to the absence of a bow, it's unknown how the ear-muffs remain attached to the user's ears. This is the model that Laxus Dreyar is most fond of.[3]
  • Lacrima Model: The latest model coming from Mitchia Company, this headphones is wireless, with the prominent, pointed Lacrima crystals jutting out from its ear-muffs acting as the Magic Database. This model’s ear-muffs lack spikes and are more traditional in look, with their inner parts, the one placed over the ears, being padded. A bow joins together the ear-muffs, and each Lacrima crystal is secured to its corresponding headphone by a pair of straps circling it, which are connected to the headphones by two thin, curved structures, which in turn are linked together by a third, straight structure. This model is said to be capable of storing over 10,000 songs in its Magic Database, and changing the Lacrima crystals on the ear-muffs can alter the effects of the music: the only known type of alternate Lacrima, so far, is the Sound Enhancement Lacrima, which can increase the clarity of the music, and is sold separately. The suggested retail price of this type of Magic Headphones is 36.000 Jewel.png.


Mirajane wearing Lacrima Headphones


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