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The Magic Council (魔法評議院 Mahō Hyōgiin) is the ruling body of the world of Magic, run by a combination of regular people and Mages with different hierarchical branch systems dependent on the continent.[1]


As the main ruling body of the entire Magic world, the Council possesses almost utmost control over it, acting as a leading government of sort, which divides out into each continent being run by a specific council. The Council rules all of the legal Guilds scattered throughout Earth Land, overseeing them and keeping them in check,[2] and they are responsible for the events caused by Mages, also possessing the right to punish Mages who break the law[3] and to confiscate magical artifacts which could potentially cause large-scale damage (as shown from the Lullaby being in their hands after the Eisenwald incident).[4] Among the things prohibited by the Magic Council is the use of Magic for assassination, something which, if perpetrated, could lead the Council to oust the offender's guild (as shown with "Shinigami" Erigor and the Eisenwald guild).[5] The Council has the right to apprehend Mages charged with crimes anytime, with their messengers being highly respected.[6] Gray Fullbuster went on to say that "Even if something is white, once a Council member says it's black, then it becomes black," showing that the Council's authority is extremely large in the Magic world.[1] However, despite this, the Council is known for sometimes displaying its power as a mere formality, finding scapegoat Mages and trying them of recent, calamitous happenings just to subsequently release them without any punishment, something which happened with Erza Scarlet in regards with the Ishgar Council.[7]

Heavy incidents happening in the Magic world might inflict serious damage to the Council's reputation, going as far as to cause the dismissal of one or more of its members.[8] Following the events of the Tower of Heaven, during which two members of the Ishgar Council were revealed to as traitors and the Council's most powerful weapon, the Satellite Square: Etherion, was fired, the members of the Ishgar Magic Council temporarily disbanded until a personal request for it to be reformed was issued by the King of Fiore himself.[9] Then newly-returned-from-hiatus Ishgar Magic Council returned a single member of the former Ishgar Council, which was Org, and became much stricter than the older version, very single-minded and heavy-handed in its goal to remove all of the Dark Guilds, even if that means sacrificing legal guilds in the process.[10]

In X791, however, Tartaros' Jackal successfully infiltrated Era and the meeting with all the members of the Ishgar Council to discuss the Dark Guild's recent movements only to slaughter the members and destroy the building as a warning signal of Tartaros' rise within the world of Magic, ending the council for a period of time.[11] However, following the defeat of Tartaros, Mest Gryder and Warrod Sequen would remake the Ishgar Council around most of the Ten Wizard Saints[12] with Draculos Hyberion acting as its new Chairman.[13]


  • The musical theme of the Council in the anime is an instrumental version of the famous aria "La Habanera," from Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen."[14]
  • In the manga, the Council members are shown to have their reunions around a large circular table, complete with chairs for them to sit on; in the anime, however, the meeting room was initially portrayed as a massive Magic circle that the Council members stand around.[14] Later on, after the Council was created anew, its members were shown meeting in an even stranger, immense hall, containing four statues placed in a pool of an unknown liquid, with each Council member standing on the hand of a statue. The Chairman himself stood on a high pillar emerging from the water, surrounded by the other councilors.[15]
  • The Council itself uses Thought Projections to appear in regional branches to attend official functions; thus, furnishing the necessity to leave their main headquarters in the city of Era.[16]
  • The Council's crest resembles an ankh (☥, /ˈæŋk/ or /ˈɑːŋk/), the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that represented the Egyptian triliteral "ˤnḫ", which means "life".


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