The Mag Drug Owner is the unnamed owner of the Mag Drug store in Magnolia.[1]


The Mag Drug Owner is an old man with long gray hair that frames both sides of his face, paired with a matching gray beard. He wears a green wizard hat decorated with a yellow star, a pair of yellow goggles and a matching green robe under a brown scarf. He also wears a pair of pointed black shoes for footwear.


The Mag Drug Owner is a devious old man who is willing to fool other people in order to achieve his own goals, as seen when he sold Juvia Lockser a fake potion to get her money and escape Magnolia.[1]


Oración Seis arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Mag Drug Owner escapes

The Mag Drug Owner escapes

The Mag Drug Owner owns the Magic Shop Mag Drug where he sells potions that he created using forbidden magical ingredients, one of which is sold to Juvia Lockser who wants his help to let Gray Fullbuster look at her with a passionate gaze. However, instead of causing people to fall in love, the potion causes people to fight with their rivals. The Mag Drug Owner then uses the 60,000 Jewel that he got from Juvia to leave the town.[1]


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