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Mag Drug is a shop located in the town of Magnolia owned by the Mag Drug Owner.


Mag Drug is located within the town of Magnolia, in a certain out of the way corner of the city.[1]

Exterior Design

The Mag Drug shop is a small building made of grayish brick with two pillars on either side of it, with the right one topped with a pink heart and the left one topped with a yellow skull. The door of the shop is arched and is colored red designed with a green diamond and surrounded by a wooden arch. A sign can be seen above the door bearing the name of the shop in light yellow with a dark red background surrounded by a violet border. The roof is a dome with a potted plant standing on a corner. A tree can be seen growing out of a barrel on the front of the shop and covering most of the shop's left side.[1]

Interior Design

The Mag Drug shop is a square shop with a wooden floor, with a circular rug covering most of it. Lined on the right side of the wall is a red and gold chest as well as a green cabinet filled with books. On the left side, a table can be seen with multiple jars on top of it, filled with various liquids. In the center of the room, a single red chair is place facing the owner's desk which is topped by multiple books, a mortar and pestle, and a lamp. Another chair can be seen behind the desk with a shelf of jars hanging on the wall behind it.[1]


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