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Machias (機械族(マキアス) Makiasu) are a species of living metal machines in Earth Land.[1]


Machias are a species of organic metal humanoids that can take on the appearance of humans as well as possess the capability to use Magic. It has been shown that some Machias are capable of changing their appearance to improve their functionality depending on the situation they are presented with.[2]

As a result of their metallurgy derived biology, they are considered to be highly vulnerable to electricity and, thus, lightning-based Magic.[3] However, it is possible for them to become resilient, and, in some cases, even adapt to repel Lightning Magic back at their attacker.[2][3]

Their functional ophthalmology can be designed to allow them to analyse physical, and even psychological, factors of individuals for offensive and defensive purposes.[4] Furthermore, Machias can be deprived of sensory functions, such as olfactory sensors, which can in turn prove to be beneficial by providing an immunity to poison, for example.[5]

Magic and Abilities

  • Metamorphosis: Machias are known to be able to not only change their physical appearance, but also their physiology.[6]
  • Electrical Conductance: Because of the fact organic metals make up their physiology, Machias are known to be super conductors of electricity: a known foible they possess that can be overcome due to their capability to metamorphose.[3]'

Known Machias

Name Origin Status
Wall Eehto Alvarez Empire Deceased


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