Macao (マカオ Makao) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild.


Macao looks much like his Earth Land counterpart, besides for the fact that Macao wears a pair of glasses. Macao's hair is neatly combed as well. He wears a black shirt, with six buttons going down it, and a large collar. Tied to his left arm is a piece of cloth with the Fairy Tail insignia on it. His pants are gray.


Macao and Wakaba inviting Cana to drink

Macao seems to enjoy drinking, and remains good friends with Wakaba.[1] He also seems to be close with Cana as he is seen with her frequently as well.[2]


Edolas arc

Macao and Wakaba shocked when they realize that Happy and Carla are Exceeds

Macao asks Cana if she wants to have a drink them, but Cana replies no, as she doesn't like to drink.[1] When Natsu Dragneel, Wendy Marvell, Happy, and Carla are spotted by the guild, Macao and Wakaba point out to the guild that two of them are cats. The guild gets scared at the sight of Exceeds, but convince themselves the two just look like them, due to their naive reactions. When Gray Surge tries to go on a job with Juvia he is quickly shut down. Macao and Wakaba tell him to give up, as not even Lyon has had a chance with her. Shortly after, Nab calls out that the Fairy Hunters are coming. Everyone panics, but the guild manages to teleport away in time.[2]

Macao charging at Edolas' Royal Army

Macao is present at Lucy's speech to get their guild to help stop the Royal Kingdom and assist the Earth Land Mages. When they finally do arrive, Macao charges into battle with the rest of the guild.[3]

Macao seeing Magic vanishing from Edolas

After Magic starts to disappear from Edolas, Macao, along with the rest of the guild, follows Lucy to the Royal Capital to help calm everybody down. When they get there, and "The Great Demon Lord Dragneel" is defeated and their counterparts start to return, Macao listens with his guild as Gray Fullbuster tells them they don't need Magic to be a guild, they only need their comrades.[4]

100 Years Quest arc

Former Equipment

Macao's weapon

Magic Contraption: Macao's weapon consists of a mechanical-like box with handles for the user. On the handles are buttons for its use. It is unknown as to how this weapon is used.[5]

Battles & Events


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