Lulu (ルル Ruru)[2] is a resident of Galuna Island.


Lulu Demon Form

Lulu half body

Lulu is a Demon girl with light blue skin, short blue hair, large prominent teeth, sharp eyes, pointy ears and a pointy chin. Her belly is covered with dark blue scales, from which the one covering the front overlaps a scale which starts from underneath her breasts. Her arms are a darker blue than the rest of her body. She wears an orange bra and a green skirt, in addition to a large purple and white necklace, red bracelets and a yellow strap around her neck. She has small horns on her shoulders. There are also horns on her knees, pointing upwards in an even darker blue than her arms and stomach. On her elbows are another pair of small horns, but furthermore up her arm, there some bigger horns.[3] In her human form, Lulu is a young woman with pale skin, and short blue hair.[4] [5]


Galuna Island arc

She appears with the rest of the villagers, at the arrival of Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy, in robes. When Moka, the mayor, tells them to take their robes off, Lulu is revealed with a leg similar to a Demon's. Moka then explains the situation to the Mages. Then, the moon turns purple and the villagers transform into complete Demons.[6]

When Gray wakes up after his defeat by Lyon in the village storage location, a little bit farther away from the village, Lulu is there to greet him and informs him all the villagers had to move here after the village was attacked last night. She also tells him that thanks to his friends nobody was injured, and that they are waiting for him in a tent.[7]

Later on, it is revealed the villages were being confused by the side-affects of Team Lyon using Moon Drip, and that the villagers were actually Demons in the first place, but mistook their ability to turn into humans as their true forms.[8]

Loke arc

She is seen alongside Moka attending the play that Team Natsu is performing. She greets Gray before the performance and wishes him good luck.[2]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Galuna Demons on Fantasia

Lulu, with Moka and Bobo, at the Fantasia Parade

In their human forms, Lulu, Bobo and Moka arrive at Magnolia Town and watch the Fantasia Parade from a rooftop, away from the other spectators.[9]

Magic and Abilities

Transformation Magic (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): Lulu, like all other Demons on Galuna Island, has the ability to transform into a human.[10]

Flight: Lulu, like all the other Demons of Galuna Island, has the ability to sprout wings from her back and fly.[11]

Battles and Events


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