Lullaby's Awakening is an event that takes place during the Lullaby arc.


Kageyama surrenders to makarov

Kageyama surrenders to Makarov

After Natsu's victory over Erigor, Erza and the other members of Team Natsu shortly join him. While they have a talk about the situation, Kageyama, Mage of Eisenwald, steals their Magic car and drives to Clover Town where the Guild Masters' meeting is taking place with the Lullaby flute in his possession. Later, when Kageyama is about play the flute, he bumps into Makarov. Eventually, Makarov succeeds changing the heart of Kageyama through wise words about allies and Guilds and he drops the evil flute. Team Natsu and the Guild Masters rejoice for their victory, ignoring that the danger is yet to come.[1]


As the Guild Masters and Team Natsu rejoice for having prevented a disaster, they notice something strange about the flute; it starts to release smoke and says that Mages do not have the guts and that it cannot hold the urge to eat their souls.[2] This shocks everyone. The smoke materializes into the true and full form of the vicious monster. Goldmine reveals that this creature was created long ago by the most evil Mage of all time, Zeref by making use of the Living Magic.[3]


With Lullaby eager to eat their souls, Fairy Tail's strongest team, Team Natsu charges at the beast, marking the beginning of a grueling battle.[4]


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