Lucy acquires Virgo is an event that takes place during the Lullaby arc.


Erza's way to get some info

Erza interrogates Kageyama

After defeating the remaining Eisenwald members, Erza Scarlet warns the town's people about Oshibana Town's situation. Some time later, Erigor appears and casts the Wind Wall.[1] Trapped, Erza then interrogates the members inside the station as she encounters Gray Fullbuster after his fight with Rayule. The two of them ask the members to nullify the wind wall, when Erza remembers Kageyama who can nullify the wind wall and the two rush to find him.[2] Erza and Gray then find Kageyama after fighting Natsu Dragneel, Erza proceeds to interrogate him but before Kageyama can respond, he is stabbed by his guildmate, Karacka. With the team trapped behind the wind wall, they are unable to save the injured Kageyama.[3] Natsu then suggests using Lucy's keys, which she doubts. Happy suddenly remembers Duke Everlue's key, Virgo.[4]

Acquiring Virgo

Lucy tries to kill Happy

Lucy refuses Happy's idea

Lucy refuses the idea but Happy, in a dramatic way, reminds her that Virgo can dig holes and suggests that they use Virgo to dig a hole under the wind wall to escape it. Lucy likes the idea and summons Virgo by connecting through the Celestial World. Virgo appears, leaving Lucy stunned seeing Virgo's new appearance. Lucy asks Virgo to move the contract for later as Virgo agrees and dives through the ground.[5]


After some time, Team Natsu escapes the Wind Wall with the help of Lucy's Celestial Spirit. Natsu and Happy goes ahead using Happy's Max Speed to stop Erigor from continuing his plan.[6]


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