Lucy Heartfilia vs. Naked Mummy is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Lucy Heartfilia, and Mages of the Dark Guild Naked Mummy.


Lucy tells Jude to go away

Lucy tells her father to go away

After the end of the Battle of Fairy Tail, Lucy is desperate because since she has gotten second place on the Ms. Fairy Tail contest, she doesn't have money to pay her rent. She notices a mysterious figure following her around town, who, in the end, turns out to be her father. He tells her that he has lost everything and that he is going to start over in a merchant's guild in Acalypha Town and that he needs one hundred thousand jewels to get him going. Lucy responds that she doesn't have that amount of money. He starts yelling and screaming at her to give him the money since it should be easy for his own daughter to get that kind of money. Lucy tells him to go away, he leaves, and with tears in her eyes, Lucy says that he is the worst.[1]

Lucy and her team are about to leave on a job, when she overhears a group guys talking about how a merchant guild in Acalypha Town has been taken over by the Dark Guild, Naked Mummy, and that the army would be no match for them. Lucy remembers her father's words and is conflicted whether she should go or not. She decides that she can't leave it be and goes to save her father.[2]

Since the army doesn't let Lucy go in though the front, she summons Virgo to make an underground passage towards the inside of the guild, Love & Lucky. When she is done, Lucy goes into the hole and gets inside the guild.[3]


Cancer L&L

Cancer attacks Naked Mummy members

A member of Naked Mummy tells the other members to hurry up robbing the money, and tells the hostages to shut up. He asks a hostage if she wants to die, she shakes her head, yet he fires Toy Bullets at her. However, Taurus appears and protects the hostage from the bullets. The members of Naked Mummy and the hostages are surprised to see a cow. Then, Lucy appears and says that it is enough.

Lucy kick

Lucy finishes him off with Lucy Kick

The Naked Mummy is surprised to see a Mage from a legal guild and Lucy says that she would give them a taste of true pain. Lucy summons Cancer to attack them and then she summons Sagittarius to attack as well. Lucy dashes towards the leader of the group and the hostages are wondering what amazing Magic she will use next, but she disappoints them by attacking the last one with Lucy Kick.[4]


Lucy looks for her father, only to find out that he has yet to arrive in the city.[5]


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