Lucy Heartfilia vs. Mary Hughes is a fight fought between Fairy Tail Mage Lucy Heartfilia and Legion Corps member Mary Hughes.


As Sugarboy, Mary Hughes and Coco attack Fairy Tail with the mission to retrieve Jude Heartfilia's memento, the guild starts fighting the three but fail. The they then set out to go after the real Lucy after being tricked by the guild.[1]


Sand Spear

Scorpio tries not to hit Lucy

As Mary Hughes finds Lucy, she asks Lucy to hand the key but Lucy refuses. Mary Hughes then uses her Magic and uses it to force Michelle to walk toward the cliff, Lucy tries to stop her by pulling her backwards but the two are under Mary Hughes' Magic and fall down the cliff. While falling, Lucy summons Aries who quickly creates a cushion made of wool for them to land on. Mary Hughes asks Lucy again to hand her the key but Lucy refuses again. Lucy realizes that Mary Hughes' Magic can only affect humans, so Lucy's spirits cannot be affected by her Magic and then summons Taurus, but instead of attacking her, he is amused by Mary Hughes' breasts and refuses to attack. Lucy closes Taurus' gate and summons Scorpio instead. Scorpio attacks with Sand Spear but Mary Hughes uses her Magic to use Lucy as cover from her spirit's attack. While Lucy is being controlled, Scorpio redirects his spell, trying not to hit Lucy, but he accidentally hits Michelle, leaving her unconscious.[2]


Mary Hughes stole the Key

Mary acquires the memento

With Michelle unconscious, Mary Hughes uses her Magic and controls Lucy to hand over the key. Lucy tries to resist but is helpless against Mary Hughes' Magic. Mary Hughes gets the key and uses a signal to report to the rest of the Legion Corps that she has obtained what they were after.[2]


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