Lucy Heartfilia & Wendy Marvell vs. Mary is a fight fought between the Mages of the then-disbanded Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy Heartfilia & Wendy Marvell, and the member of the Dark Cult Avatar, Mary.


Beginning a search for their previous guild members, Natsu, Happy and Lucy set for the journey to revive Fairy Tail. After finding Wendy, Carla and Juvia, the trio invade the Headquarters of the Zeref-worshiping Dark Cult Avatar, to retrieve their former comrade Gray, under the impression that he joined the cult. It was then revealed that Gray was in an undercover mission, orchestrated by Erza, to infiltrate the cult but the Ice Mage had to blow up his cover to save his three friends from imprisonment.[1]

Natsu wants to defeat Avatar

Lucy and the others head to battle Avatar

While contacting Titania as they make their escape, the latter and Gray continue to explain Avatar's true objective: Operation Purify, the destruction of an entire city in order to summon the Dark Mage himself. And due to their separation around the Kingdom, they had to wait until they all gather when they begin to execute their plan on Malba City. The five Mages decide to halt the cult and their scheme, setting of for the said city, where they are faced with an army of cultists in front of the city gates. As the former guildmates engage in battle, Lucy equips her Star Dress: Taurus Form and, along with her Celestial Spirit Taurus, overpowers the Avatar members.[2][3]


Wendy and Carla confront Avatar

Wendy and Carla come to Lucy's aid

Suddenly, both the Celestial Mage and her Spirit experience extreme stomachaches, stopping their battle. Much to her dismay, Lucy watches as Mary approaches her, announcing that she once more had cast her Dark Magic Virus on her. The Avatar member continues to taunt her opponent as she crumbles onto her feet, before revealing that her Magic could easily target the brain, instantly killing the victim, much to Lucy's horror. However, this is proven futile as Wendy and Carla appear before them, with Wendy nullifying Mary's powers with her Magic. Enraged, Mary charges spontaneously at Lucy, just to be battered directly in the stomach by the Fairy Tail Mage, using her newest technique Lucy Punch. The female cultist staggers a few steps back, before falling on the ground, calling her master's name.[4]


Ikusa-Tsunagi appears before Natsu

The Yakuma Eighteen Battle God

After Briar's defeat at the hands of Gray and Juvia, the Mages continue fighting the cultists while Natsu charges towards Alok.[5] After the Archbishop's seeming defeat, the other Mages watch in awe as Ikusa-Tsunagi, one of the Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods is summoned, revealing that the true Operation Purify is the extermination of the members of Avatar themselves. The Fairies watch as the Eighteen Battle God proceeds to crush the land troops, much to Alok's joy, as well as the Dragon Slayer's anger.[6]


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