Lucy Heartfilia & Natsu Dragneel vs. Everlue is a battle fought between Mage of Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia, Mage of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel, and corrupted politician, Duke Everlue


File:Evarlue summon Virgo and Natsu.jpg

Virgo arrives with natsu

After chasing down Lucy Heartfilia for the secret of the book DAYBREAK, Duke Everlue, Lucy, and Happy begin engaging in combat. Everlue summons Virgo, but with her comes an unexpected new oppoonent, Natsu Dragneel.[1]


Natsu beats Virgo

Cancer attacks Everlue

Everyone, including Natsu, is wondering how he got there with Virgo. Lucy asks herself if it was because he was grabbing her, but quickly rules a human passing through the gate to the Celestial Spirit World out as impossible.[2] Natsu asks Lucy what he should do, and Lucy replies that he should get rid of Virgo. Natsu then punches Virgo without hesitation and defeats her. Lucy then uses her whip to grab onto Everlue so he can't escape underneath the ground. Lucy then pulls her whip lifting Duke Everlue to the air and Cancer and Lucy both attack him. In addition to all of Duke Everlue's hair being cut completely off, he is rendered unable to battle by Cancer's attacks.[3]


File:Images (3).jpg

The letters of DAYBREAK being rearranged.

With Duke Everlue defeated, Lucy and Natsu take the book to Kaby Melon where she reveals that DAYBREAK was actually a Magical book that Zekua Melon made for his son Kaby. Once the Magic on the book is released all the letters in the book start rearranging to reveal the book's real name: "DEAR KABY".[4]


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