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<small>For Lucy's Edolas counterpart, see [[Lucy Ashley]].</small>
<small>For Lucy's Edolas counterpart, see [[Lucy Ashley]].</small>
'''Lucy Heartfilia''' is a [[Celestial Spirit]] mage, a member of [[Fairy Tail Guild]] and of [[Team Natsu]], and the main female protagonists of the series.
'''Lucy Heartfilia''' is a [[Celestial Spirit]] mage, a member of [[Fairy Tail Guild]] and of [[Team Natsu]], and one of the main female protagonists of the series.
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[[File:Team Natsu Reformed.jpg|thumb|225px|left|Team Natsu Reformed]]
[[File:Team Natsu Reformed.jpg|thumb|225px|left|Team Natsu Reformed]]
Natsu asks Lucy what she was doing there, and she asked him the same and thanked him for saving her. Happy remarked that Lucy was sent flying over in their direction rather ungracefully, to which Lucy asked if there was a "cool" way to be sent flying. Lucy then asked Natsu if he had an opponent too, to which he replied that Kain was his opponent and that Lucy couldn't take him. She then said that she wasn't taking him, and that it would be a close fight even for [[Natsu]]. Natsu replied that it wouldn't be and that he would take him down. Happy then stated that now Natsu had two opponents, and Natsu said that they had added an extra member themselves. He then said that he would put the trial and hold and that they should form a team, Lucy said that it was nostalgic, Happy said that it made him think of when they first met, and Natsu remarked that he was all fired up. Lucy and Natsu then high fived and she and he both remarked that they should defeat them. After Kain witnessed this he stated that he wouldn't forgive them because they were getting all flirty and hot.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 226, Pages 19-21</ref>
Natsu asks Lucy what she was doing there, and she asked him the same and thanked him for saving her. Happy remarked that Lucy was sent flying over in their direction rather ungracefully, to which Lucy asked if there was a "cool" way to be sent flying. Lucy then asked Natsu if he had an opponent too, to which he replied that Kain was his opponent and that Lucy couldn't take him. She then said that she wasn't taking him, and that it would be a close fight even for [[Natsu]]. Natsu replied that it wouldn't be and that he would take him down. Happy then stated that now Natsu had two opponents, and Natsu said that they had added an extra member themselves. He then said that he would put the trial and hold and that they should form a team, Lucy said that it was nostalgic, Happy said that it made him think of when they first met, and Natsu remarked that he was all fired up. Lucy and Natsu then high fived and she and he both remarked that they should defeat them.
[[File:Lucy_Fire.jpg|thumb|250px|Lucy defeats Kain]]
[[File:Lucy_Fire.jpg|thumb|250px|Lucy defeats Kain]]

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For Lucy's Edolas counterpart, see Lucy Ashley.

Lucy Heartfilia is a Celestial Spirit mage, a member of Fairy Tail Guild and of Team Natsu, and one of the main female protagonists of the series.


Lucy has brown eyes, and blond hair that is usually tied by a varying colored ribbon in a singular bunch to the right side of her head. She has large breasts, and a curvaceous body. Her (presumed) measurements are Bust: 91cm; Waist: 59cm; Hip: 88cm (36in, 23in, 36in).[2] These measurements are approximated slightly different later on with the breasts being 2 less and the others 1 less cm.[3] Lucy's member stamp is located on the back of her right hand and is pink. Lucy does not consistently wear the same outfit. However, she always has a belt that, along with keeping her skirt up, holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a love heart-shaped end. More pictures in Bonus Gallery.


Lucy and Plue

Lucy is very kind to her Spirits...

Lucy is one of the saner and more stable, if not the only one, member of Fairy Tail, having common sense that other members of the guild seem to lack. She consistently points out and laments over Natsu's and the others' idiocy. Lucy is also very confident in her appearance and sex appeal, excluding a certain amount of vanity. Despite this superficial attitude, Lucy is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail. She is a member of the Heartfilia family, one of the wealthiest and most influential conglomerate families in the country of Fiore. However, due to her estranged relationship with her father and the death of her mother, Layla Heartfilia, she left home to follow her own path.

Out of all the Celestial Spirit mages revealed so far, Lucy is the only one who treats her spirits kindly. She doesn't use them as shields, she fights alongside them, and treats the spirits as people while others treat them as tools and objects. She will also go to great lengths to give them happiness even if it costs her life. Even though she is technically the owner of her spirits, she denies being called that and instead calls herself their friend. Her dream is to write and publish a book about all the adventures she's experienced in Fairy Tail. It has been shown that she has turned 18 in one issue as it has been one year since she joined fairy tail.


File:Lucy Young.jpg
Lucy&#039;s name

That's why Lucy...

Lucy was originally born into the extremely wealthy Heartfilia family. Her father and mother were originally part of a merchants' guild called 'Love & Lucky' where the two met and decided to become independent when Lucy's mother, Layla, became pregnant. They chose her name when they noticed that the sign for the guild had the letter K missing so that it read 'Love & Lucy'; it made an impression on them so they decided to name their daughter after it.[4]

In her home, Lucy kept a good relation with the staff in the estate and presumably her mother until she passed away when Lucy was around the age of ten[5] in the year X777; the same year that the dragons looking after Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel Redfox disappeared. However, her father was overly obsessed with his business and money, often neglecting his daughter, resulting her to run away from home just over a year before the beginning of the story.[6]


Macao arc

Lucy using her sexappeal

Lucy tries to seduce a magic shop owner

Lucy is introduced lamenting about the lack of magic stores in Hargeon. In the only store in the town, she attempts to get a discount via her sex appeal for the Celestial Spirit Nikora costing 20,000 jewels, but is angered when the price only lowered 1000 jewels.

A ruckus develops near her; curious, she heads towards it hearing the name of the fire magic user Salamander (who is an impostor named Bora). When she sees him she feels her heart beating fast and slowly moves towards him. This feeling soon ends when Natsu Dragneel and Happy interrupt proceedings thinking Bora is the dragon Igneel. They instantly leave, getting attacked by Bora's legion of female fans, and eventually gets thrown away by them when Natsu refuses his signature. Lucy walks up to the two, wishing to thank them (by giving them food): she explains that Bora was using the illegal magic Charm that attracts people's hearts to the user and Natsu's interruption took away that effect. She goes on to say that she is a mage looking for a guild, explaining what that is also. Remembering that the two were looking for someone, she asks who it is. They reply that it is the dragon Igneel which shocks her, making her remark that such a thing would never be in the town. She goes to leave but Natsu wishes to thank her by offering Bora's signature which she dramatically refuses.

Later, on a park bench, she reads about the exploits of the guild Fairy Tail in the Sorcerer Magazine when Bora suddenly appears through the bushes having eavesdropped on her conversation. He offers to help her join Fairy Tail if she joins his boat party later that night. She agrees, dressing up for the occasion.

On the boat, Bora offers her a drink but she slaps it away remarking that it is a sleeping drug and she has no intentions of becoming his girl. However, he soon reveals himself to be a slave trader and plans to sell Lucy along with the other girls on the boat. His goons holding her still, he takes her Celestial Spirit keys and as they are useless to him, throws them out the window.

Just as Lucy is about to be branded, Natsu suddenly crashes through the roof and Happy helps Lucy escape. Happy's magical wings soon wear off and they both drop into the sea where Lucy dives underwater and miraculously finds her keys. With them she calls upon her Celestial Spirit Aquarius who, after a warning to never drop the keys again, sums a powerful wave that shipwrecks Bora's boat ashore. Aquarius, however, catches Lucy and Happy in her wave as well and flushes them aboard the boat. From there, Lucy rushes to help Natsu but he needs no help as he is also a mage. Using his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu easily defeats Bora and his goons but he overdoes it, destroying a large portion of Hargeon's port. The arrival of the military make them have to dash quickly away; Natsu grabs onto Lucy and tells that if she follows him she can join Fairy Tail.

A day or so later, Lucy arrives at the guild, in awe and mostly shocked amazement at the many varied personalities it contains. A brawl develops in front of her, started by Natsu during that brawl she met the other member her second teammate Gray and also met Mirajane,she also commented that non of the guild member is acting normal, the brawl eventually stopped by Fairy Tail's Guild Master Makarov before it escalates into usage of magic. Makarov initially begins to scold the members for their destructive actions but soon breaks into an inspiring speech about following the way of Fairy Tail. Night falls, and Lucy opts to have her member stamp on the back of her right hand.

Natsu leaves to do another job but overhears that Macao Conbolt, a Fairy Tail member, has been missing for a week and his son, Romeo, wishes Makarov to look for him; Makarov refuses. Natsu punches the wall and leaves. Curious, Lucy asks Mirajane what is wrong with him and she explains that perhaps Natsu sees his history happening in Romeo where his foster parent, Igneel the fire dragon, suddenly disappeared. Out of curiosity she decides to go along with them into the furiously snowing mountains and begins to regret coming because of the sheer cold. Stealing Natsu's blanketand wrapping herself up in it she then summons her Celestial Spirit Horologium, a clock spirit with a compartment that she can hide in for warmth.

One Vulcan, a monster Macao was subduing, suddenly appears and attacks Natsu before kidnapping Lucy since it likes women. The Vulcan takes her to its cave where it parades around her until Horologium disappears. As the Vulcan advances, Natsu catches up and demands to know where Macao is. The Vulcan apparently looks as if it's going to tell him but instead pushes him over a cliff. Lucy, enraged by this, summons the perverted Zodiac spirit Taurus.

Natsu, Lucy and Macao return home

Lucy and Natsu return with Macao

But just as the spirit and the Vulcan are about to fight, Natsu reappears, having been saved by Happy, and knocks out Taurus, thinking it is another monster. Natsu then fights and swiftly defeats the Vulcan.

Much to their surprise, the Vulcan is actually Macao who had been "taken over" by the Vulcan's magic. Having been smashed into the wall, Macao falls through a hole in the wall and is saved from falling down the mountain thanks to the combined efforts of Natsu, Happy, Lucy and the revived Taurus. Macao now back up, they find he is seriously wounded and Natsu resorts to the extreme of burning one of Macao's wounds shut which brings him back to consciousness. He tells them that he was taken over by the twentieth one which makes Lucy feel she is no match for them. They return to Magnolia, the town where Fairy Tail is located, bringing Macao to his son Romeo.

Daybreak arc

File:Lucy's agresion.jpg

As Lucy is settling into her new home, she finds that Natsu and Happy have shamelessly invaded it. While she attacks then scolds him, Happy sharpens his nails on the wall, distracting her from Natsu who peeks at her writings. She dives for them, keeping them away from Natsu, and demanding that they leave which Natsu refuses. Giving up, she offers the two a cup of tea and teaches them about Celestial Spirits keys and contracts when she summons Plue. Plue apparently suggests that they should form a team which Natsu agrees to and so in turn does Lucy. Their first mission to steal a book involves its owner hiring a blond maid which makes Lucy think Natsu tricked her.

When they arrive in Shirotsume town, Natsu complains of hunger and goes off to a restaurant with Happy while Lucy leaves them to look around town. She returns in a maid costume, shocking both of them as they had only meant as a joke. Regardless, they go to the client's house to discuss the mission and are stunned to discover the reward has raised by ten times.

Go home, ugly

Lucy's reaction when she is called ugly by Duke Everlue

Impassioned, they head to Duke Everlue's mansion where Lucy attempts to be hired but is rejected for being too ugly. Rather than infiltration they now resort to invasion, coming through the roof of the mansion. They try to sneak around to find the book but are quickly found by Everlue's maids - that are instantly defeated by Natsu.

They eventually come across a library and after a bit of searching find the book they have been hired to destroy, DAYBREAK. Just as Natsu is about to destroy it, Lucy snatches off him exclaiming that it is a book by Kemu Zaeleon that she has never seen before and refuses to allow him to burn. Everlue appears at this moment, diving up from the floor, and after a short appraisal of his own genius, summons the Vanish Brothers to deal with the Fairy Tail mages.

As this is going on Lucy had been reading the book and discovered something within the book that made her rush off and ask for Natsu to buy her some time. She somehow makes it into to the mansion's sewer and through the usage of her Wind-reading glasses discovers the secret in the book. Everlue suddenly ambushes her, grabbing her arms and threatening to break them unless she tells him the secret. She says nothing, but is released when Happy strikes Everlue in the face.

File:Lucy and Cancer defeats Everlue.jpg

Lucy and Everlue begin their battle. Lucy revealing Everlue's selfish nature when he told how he had forced Kemu Zaeleon to make the book about him. Not only that, the book contained a further secret which proved he didn't deserve it. With this declaration, she summons the Celestial Spirit Cancer. Everlue summons his own Celestial Spirit, Virgo, in response, but Natsu accidentally came with her when he grabbed onto her. At Lucy's request, he punched Virgo into the ground while she and Cancer defeated Everlue.

They return to Kirby's mansion; Lucy gives him back the book. He initially wishes to burn it, much to Natsu's anger, and explains his past and why he wishes to get rid of it. However, just as he is about to burn it the book bursts into life - the letters rearrange themselves with the title's book now becoming DEAR KABY. Lucy explains that Zaeleon had placed a spell on the book and had written it to his son, Kaby. Much to her dismay, Natsu and Happy then say they cannot accept the reward because they had not specifically done what was asked. While they return on the path home, Natsu realizes that Lucy's earlier protectiveness over her writings was because she was writing a book herself. Embarrassed, she desperately asks for him not to tell anyone.

Lullaby arc

Lucy tries to kill Happy

Lucy punishes Happy

Now back at the guild, Lucy looks for another request poster and while talking to Mirajane learns of the organization of guilds and the existence of illegal guilds, called Dark Guilds. Natsu frightens her as she talks then goes on to hurry her to find a new job for them as he and Happy chose last time. However, she no longer wishes to work with him. Gray explains that she should feel no need to team up with anyone, complimenting her on her work which she explains was all Natsu. As Natsu and Gray begin to brawl, Loke flirts with her but quickly runs away when he finds out she is a Celestial Spirit mage - he then returns to tell Natsu and Gray that the S-Class mage Erza Scarlet has returned.

She accordingly arrives with the large horn of a demon she has slain and after scolding several members turns to Gray and Natsu, who is acting like Happy according to Lucy, and asks them to help her. Although they both refuse, she apparently does not hear them and leaves. The creation of this team is heralded as possibly "The Strongest Team" in Fairy Tail by Mirajane.

Lucy is asked by Mirajane to go along with the group to make sure Gray and Natsu are prevented get into a fight - which she does by tricking them into believing Erza is coming.[7] When she does finally arrive, Lucy introduces herself and Natsu challenges Erza to a fight after the mission which she accepts.

They all board the train where, after knocking Natsu out to relieve him from his motion sickness, Erza explains about the mission. She overheard members of the a guild talking about a sealed magic called Lullaby and the name Erigor. At the time she did not remember the name, but she later recalled that he was a member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald. Such people would be up to no good so the mission she was planning was to walk into Eisenwald and destroy them.

However, as they left the train station and continued to explain this, they had accidentally left Natsu on the train. They rush back towards the train station where Erza gets Happy to use an emergency stop signal lever to stop the train and race towards it on a magical four-wheeled train. Just as they arrive at the train, Natsu crashes out of one of the trains windows and lands headfirst into Gray.

After a bit of convenient amnesia, he informs that he got attacked on the train by a member of the Eisenwald guild who had a strange flute with a skull with three eyes. This description jogs Lucy's memory of a story about the cursed flute "Lullaby" which kills anyone who hears it. This shocking revelation in hand they rush towards the train station. On the way there, Happy mentions that he meant to tell Lucy something but has forgotten and as they try to enter the station Lucy carries Natsu in - although she causes his motion sickness doing this as she is considered transport.[8]

Lucy summons Celestical Spirit

Lucy summons a Celestial Spirit

Inside, they are confronted by Eisenwald and Erigor who explains his plan to use the station's loudspeakers to broadcast Lullaby. Distracted by Erigor, Gray and Erza don't notice one of Eisenwald's members, Kageyama, attacking Lucy, but she is saved thanks to Natsu. Erigor then flees making Erza order Natsu and Gray to chase after him while she and Lucy deals with the other enemies. Using her magic, The Knight, Erza quickly dispatches all of their foes but one escapes which she calls upon Lucy to give chase to. Lucy, along with Happy, lose sight of him and eventually reconvene with the others beside a stabbed Kageyama. The two find out that they had been trapped in a barrier of impassable wind, having been tricked by Erigor. Just at this moment, Happy suddenly remembers what he had forgotten earlier: to give Lucy Duke Everlue's gold key, Virgo as she had asked. Using her digging powers they all escape through a tunnel but Natsu rushes ahead with Happy to defeat Erigor.

Bringing along the injured Kageyama, Lucy, Erza and Gray travel along the rails and discover that Natsu had defeated Erigor. But, seeing the flute and his chance, Kageyama suddenly made a break for it with flute in hand to the town of Clover to complete their original mission of killing all the guild masters. Yet the team is unneeded as a pep talk from Makarov convinced Kageyama not to use the flute. They begin to celebrate a completed mission but suddenly the flute begins to speak and erupts into a demonic form. It is quickly destroyed by Erza, Gray and Natsu, who also inadvertently destroy the regular guild meeting hall, requiring all the Fairy Tail members to make a quick getaway.

Galuna Island arc

Lucy again teams with Natsu and Happy to go on an S-class mission that they had stole from the 2nd floor. As they're about to make their way to the island they are confronted by Gray, who was ordered to stop them but is blindsided by Natsu and is forced to join.

After they crash land on the cursed island, they meet the denizens of Galuna and learn of curse inflicting them that had apparently turned them into demons. The mayor of the town also asks them to destroy the moon thinking it will free them from the curse. Lucy and the others decide to investigate the island and they encounter and defeat a giant mouse named Angelica which leads them to a huge temple where they discover the monster Deliora.

Lucy tries to stop Sherry

Lucy tries to stop Sherry

After learning about the plot to free Deliora and destroy the town, Lucy and Happy went to try and save it. Lucy prepares simple traps in front of the entrance to the village but instead Natsu falls in and after all the work Lucy put into it, the ones behind the incident end up flying over the village preparing to drop poison. Natsu redirects the poison and Virgo saves the mayor from being hit but the village is destroyed. As Sherry Blendi one of the people behind this scheme flies off with her mouse Angelica, Lucy grabs on and tickles the mouse and they all end up crashing to the ground.

Lucy beats Sherry

Lucy beats Sherry

When they both recover from the fall they start to fight off against each other. With Sherry's magic she turns Taurus against her; however, Lucy finally learns how to force close the door to the Celestial Plane. The end of the battle drawing near, she realizes that she is near the ocean and summons Aquarius because she will attack both friend and foe.

After Aquarius's attack, both mages are stunned and dizzy. Lucy takes the opportunity to defeat Sherry. Unfortunately, Sherry commands her pet rat,
File:Lucy and Happy tieded.jpg
Angelica to avenger her before fainting. Lucy is about to be squished by Angelica but thankfully Erza shows up to save/apprehend her. With a little convincing from Gray, Erza decides to complete the mission as well.

After Lyon Bastia is defeated and Deliora being dead, they head towards the camp set up for the villagers but no one is there. As it turns out the village went back to normal as if someone reversed time. With the mayor still insistent on destroying the moon, Erza discovers the truth about the island and she and Natsu destroys the moon and lifts the curse from Galuna Island. In actuality the exhaust fumes from the Moon Drip crystallized and created a layer in the sky covering the entire island, and what they just destroyed wasn't the moon but was the crystallized layer.

Without the layer in the sky everything will return back to normal again, and the people of the village were revealed to have been demons to begin with. But thanks to the Moon Drip, they lost their memories and forgot that they were demons and thought they were humans instead. As their first S-Class Mission is finally over, Erza decides to decline the reward but only taking the Gold Key for Lucy which turns out to be Sagittarius.

Phantom Lord arc

File:Lucy cought by water prison.JPG

Making their way back from Galuna Island, Lucy and the others discover that their guild has been wrecked by the Phantom Lord Guild. After receiving their punishment from the master (Lucy getting a smack on the butt, the master had a pervy look on his face), the gang decides to crash in Lucy's apartment much to her dismay.

Later they were all witnessed to Levy McGarden, Jet, and Droy being crucified from a tree and the master declaring war. With the other off fighting Phantom, Lucy stays behind to look after her injured friends.

Lucy kicked Jose

Lucy tricks and kicks master Jose

As Lucy is walking back from her visit with grocery supplies when she is greeted by Juvia Loxar and Sol from the Element 4. She attempts to battle them after finding out that they are associated with Gajeel, which leads to her capture (and she drops her keys). Lucy is later seen being used as bait to help seal Master Makarov's magic power. Lucy awakes at Phantom's headquarters and learns from Phantom Lord's guild master, Jose Porla, that her father had sent them to retrieve his daughter.

Lucy makes her escape by pretending to use the bathroom then kicking Jose in the balls, she makes her way to the exit
File:154232 134231553300825 100001419437930 205985 7056597 n.jpg
to find that she is high up. However, she jumps down anyway, knowing Natsu would be there to catch her (which he was) and they return to Fairy Tail.
Lucy&#039;s Scream

Lucy after being captured and beaten up by Gajeel

Back at the Guild, Lucy feels like it is her fault explains the situation and her friends try to cheer her up. As the war with Phantom continued Mirajane felt it was better to hide Lucy to protect her so she put Lucy to sleep and disguised herself as Lucy with transformation magic and have Reedus protect the real one.

However thanks to Gajeel Redfox's keen nose he found the real Lucy and forcefully took her to Phantom headquarters. After still being beaten and tortured by Gajeel, Natsu and Happy show up to rescue her. As Natsu and Gajeel's battle progresses, Lucy realizes Natsu is on the verge of being defeated she calls upon the only key she has remaining (the one she got from Galuna Island) Sagittarius. Sagittarius shoots his arrows at a machine causing fire for Natsu to eat so he can replenish his strength enough to defeat Gajeel.

File:Lucy don't wonna be.jpg

Upon Phantom Lord's defeat and a little encouragement from her injured comrades (also being held and released by the Magic Council Knights), Lucy set out alone towards the Heartfilia manor, after running away from home for over a year, to meet with her father. When Lucy arrived at the manor she was greeted by her old servants. They dress her in a fancy dress and wait outside as Lucy goes to her father’s office. Lucy enters and her father explains that the reason he sent Phantom to get her was because her husband has been decided by him. Lucy says not to misunderstand her that she came back to cut ties with him, to make sure he never threaten or comes near Fairy Tail again. She is then seen visiting her mothers grave as the others come to take her back to Fairy Tail. She explains just how wealthy her family is to her stunned friends.

Loke arc

Loke &amp; Lucy

Loke hugs Lucy

Upon completing a mission earlier than expected the gang decides to stay an extra night at an inn before departing. With the others engaged in an intense pillow fight, Lucy goes for a walk and meets two rogue mages. The rogue mages had put a spell on her and were about to have their way until Loke appears and rescues her from them.

As a token of thanks for finding her keys earlier and for rescuing her, they went to a local bar. There she tries to find out why he doesn't like Celestial Spirit mages, but he doesn't talk. As she thanked him again and was ready to leave, he grabbed Lucy and said he doesn't have much time left. Not wanting to get her involved he passed this off as a joke which he received a slap for.

Later at the guild, still upset, Lucy learned that Loke had broken up with all his girlfriends. She went to Grandpa-Crux, an expert on Celestial Spirit Magic to ask about Loke's history with a stellar spirit mage. Grandpa-Crux tells Lucy about the story of Loke and his former companion, Karen Lilica, a mage from the Blue Pegasus Guild who died during a mission a few years ago. After hearing the short story of Loke and Karen from Grandpa-Crux, she remembered what Loke said about the "time left in this world". While thinking about what he said, Gray went to say to her that Loke left the guild. While the rest of the group is looking for Loke, Lucy now realizing the truth about Loke went to Karen's grave and found him there. There, it was revealed that Loke is the Celestial Spirit Leo and that Karen was his summoner. He said that he killed Karen and as a punishment, he was exiled in the human world.

Lucy standing with her Celestial Spirits

Lucy standing with her Celestial Spirits

Then, Loke later told the whole story of him and Karen. After he told Lucy the story, Lucy said that it wasn't his fault and that she would save him. When she said that if because of that he was to die she would change the rule. Hearing this, the King of Celestial Spirits appeared from the other world and said that was the one rule he cannot change and that Loke was indirectly responsible for his summoners death. Lucy did not let that happen. She tried to convince the King not to kill him and she also summoned her other Celestial Spirits to help her. Seeing that Lucy would go that far for a friend the Celestial Spirit King decided that Loke would be spared his fate. After having the King convinced not to end his life and a grateful Loke, she obtained the key to summon the Celestial Spirit Leo.

Tower of Heaven arc

File:Lucy vs Vasalius Taka and Juvia2.png
Loke allows Lucy to take her friends to a resort. After Erza gets kidnapped by her old friends, Lucy and the gang (along with Juvia) go to the Tower of Heaven (with the help of Natsu's superhuman sense of smell) to follow and save Erza from the hands of Jellal Fernandes and company. Together with Juvia, they encountered the "Hawk" Vidaldus Taka, one of Jellal's top three fighters and a member of the assassination Death's Head Caucus Guild team Trinity Raven. As they fight Taka uses his Rock of Succubus to turn Juvia into his slave. As
Lucy and Juvia - Best Friends

Lucy and Juvia become friends

Juvia fights Lucy, she hears the real Juvia and then Lucy uses Aquarius through Juvia. Somehow together they join hands as Aquarius attacks and they perform Unison Raid to defeat Taka for good.

After this, Simon asks Gray to lead everyone off the Tower and she watches from afar how Natsu defeats Jellal and destroys the tower. As Erza's friends leave to try to learn more about the "outside world" before truly trying to live a new life, Lucy saw them off with the others by making some fireworks with her stellar magic.

Fighting Festival arc

You wanna fish

Lucy tries to bribe Happy

When they return to the guild they find its reconstruction complete and Cana Alberona shows them around. Makarov startles them with the introduction of two new members: Juvia and Gajeel, their previous enemies. After settling down, they sit down for a a song from Mirajane; this calm state doesn't last long as the two Dragon Slayers soon cause a large brawl. Though Lucy supposes to become a sponsor for the interview in the weekly sorcerer magazine for Fairy Tail, the reporter pretty much ignoring Lucy throughout the whole time as he was constantly running around in excitement asking different guild member questions. Not giving up, Lucy decides to dress as a bunny girl and go onto the stage, hoping to gain attention only to fail as Gajeel appears next to her, surprises everybody with his singing performance. He even threatened Lucy with a stare to force her to dance as he sing.

A few days later, Lucy is desperately looking for jobs to pay the rent and she asks Natsu and Happy to help her out. Much to her dismay, Natsu is feeling too sick and goes home to rest and result in Lucy grabbing his scarf and she falls to the ground. Admit in defeat, Lucy goes home.

On the way home, she realizes she still has Natsu's scarf and wants to wash it for him. After she goes home and finishes her works, she decides to go to sleep, only to gets a large fright when she finds Natsu and Happy sleep in her bed. Happy explains that Natsu's sickly feelings have happened before after he ate Laxus Dreyar's lightning. He goes on to explain about the strongest members in the guild, the strongest probably being Gildarts, and then gives Lucy a flyer about the Magnolia Harvest and the Miss Fairy Tail competition that is being run alongside it which would solve all her money problem.

Lucy fights

Lucy is ready to fight side by side with Loke

During the contest, Lucy and the other women (including Erza) were turned into stone by Evergreen, one of the Raijinshuu (bodyguards of Laxus Dreyar) Later she was de-petrified along with the others, thanks to Erza, and she was able to take part in their battle and went outside the barrier that Fried Justine made.

File:Locke saves Lucy.jpg

She encountered Bixlow (the other Raijinshuu member who defeated Gray) and was attacked by Bixlow's puppets, and lost her keys thanks to that. They were about to finish her off with his Baryon Formation when Loke summons himself to save her and to fulfill his promise to her.

Lucy destroys a lacrima

Lucy destroys the Lacrima

With their unity, they were able to defeat Bixlow. They quickly gain the upper hand in the battle, but Bixlow reveals his second ability, the Figure Eyes which Bixlow uses to turn his opponents into dolls and control them. Not being able to use their eyes to fight, they become defenseless and are rapidly attacked by Bixlow's dolls. But in the end, through their unity and trust, they manage to defeat Bixlow, which shocked Gajeel as he does not see her as a particularly strong mage.

Levy Lucy and Bisca

Lucy with Levy and Bisca on Fanatsia Parade

After the battle, Lucy collapses from exhaustion and Loke returns her keys to her stating that he will always be there for her, and he also jokingly remarks that it was the power of their love. Near the end of the arc though Warren's spells to inform the recovering Fairy Tail members of what's happening, Lucy and the rest of Fairy Tail destroy Laxus's Hall of Thunder spell and save the town.

During the Fantasia parade, Lucy preforms on a floats together with Cana Alberona, Levi, and Bisca.

Oración Seis arc

Lucy was one of the members chosen along with Natsu, Gray and Erza to represent Fairy Tail for the upcoming battle against the one of the strongest dark guild, Oración Seis.

They went to Master Bob's (Blue Pegasus Guild Master) villa to meet the other members of the alliance (an alliance formed by four legal guilds: Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale Guild and Cait Shelter Guild). Oración Seis knew of this, and formed a counter attack wiping out the alliance members.

Lucy mimiking happy

"You liiiiike her!"

As the other members go out to counter attack/rescue Wendy Marvell who was captured, Lucy decided to stay with Erza who has been bitten by Cuberos, Cobra's snake. Hibiki Laytis, who stayed with her, revealed to her that she had gain a fierce reputation in the mage community due to others actions around her. However, she was quick to tell him that all the things done wasn't done by her but she knew the damage had already been done.

When Natsu returns after retrieving Wendy and her healing Erza, they see a strange black light in the distance. Natsu races toward the light thinking Gérard is there. After contemplating what he meant the rest of the party realizes that Erza is gone and head toward the black pillar of light with Hibiki explaining to Lucy what Nirvana actually does.

As they make their way towards the light they encounter "Gray" standing above Natsu about to deliver a finishing blow. Thinking Gray has yielded to the darkness Lucy summons Sagittarius and he fires an arrow to save Natsu. "Gray" then proceeds to freeze Happy and shoots a blast at Lucy (who is saved by Hibiki). They realize that this isn't Gray who then turns into Lucy and flashes everyone. "Lucy" then makes Sagittarius shoot

Lucy beaten by Lucy

Lucy beaten by... Lucy?!

Hibiki in the back, with everyone confused the real Lucy tells Charle to take Wendy and run, then forces Sagittarius's gate closed. The other "Lucy" then summons Sagittarius and orders him to shoot Charle down. Soon after Angel appears saying its not necessary and the other "Lucy" turns out to be the twins Gemi and Mini, the Celestial Spirits Gemini.

Lucy determines that she has to take on Angel herself summons Aquarius in the nearby river. Angel also being a Celestial Spirit mage opens the gate of the Scorpion Scorpio (Aquarius's boyfriend). Taking advantage of the watching Lucy, Angel attacks her saying that Lucy has no hope of defeating her if she doesn't know the relationships between Celestial Spirits, and proceeds to knock Lucy into the river. Desperate, Lucy then summons her trump card Loke. Angel, unperturbed, summons Loke's friend Aries.

File:Fairy Tail 58 - Lucy 4.png
Lucy now seems distraught saying that even Loke won't be able to fight. Seeing Aries, Lucy asks where Angel got Karen's Spirits, and Angel replies saying that she killed her and took them. Not wanting the two friends to fight she tries to close Loke's door, but he refuses because its his duty to serve his master. Lucy then witnesses Angel summoning Caelum and shooting both Leo and Aries through the stomach. With Loke apologizing, both spirits fade away. Lucy being upset, calls Angel the scum of Celestial Spirit mages and summons Taurus only to have him defeated by Gemini.
Hibiki transfering Uranometeoria

Hibiki transferring "Uranometria" into Lucy's mind

Lucy then demands that Angel release Aries from her contract, because she didn't have a good life with her previous owner either and so she and Leo can be together. Lucy adds on by saying that she'll do anything but give up her keys, Angel decides that her life would be payment and Gemini continues to attack.

However, before administrating the final blow, Gemini looks back at how long and how much Lucy loves Celestial Spirits and can not kill her. Angel recalls him and is about to use Caelum again when Hibiki grabs hold of Lucy's neck. This shocks both Angel and Lucy thinking he turned to the darkness.

File:Lucy defeats Angel with Uranometria1.jpg

Instead, Hibiki uses his archive to give Lucy this new magic, which he calls a "super" magic. With this, celestial bodies appear around Lucy and she uses Uranometria to defeat Angel. After using the spell, Lucy doesn't seem to remember what happened.

Angel then gets back up saying she would not be defeated, and that Oración Seis never lose. Angel fires Caelum but the energy beam somehow veers around Lucy but hits the stump holding the raft Natsu is on. As Angel falls again into the water, Lucy tries to save Natsu from going down the river but is now on the same raft heading towards a waterfall and fall over.

They both later wake up to realize that Virgo has been treating her wounds from the fight with Angel and has changed both herself and Natsu's clothes. Suddenly, Sherry who has fallen to the darkness, shows up and are about to attack the both of them when Gray appears and subdues Sherry from attacking them. Lyon also shows up and is also shown to be alive and well. Relieved to see that Lyon was alive, Sherry is released from the dark and returns back to normal. After witnessing Nirvana's second stage, Lucy, Gray, and Natsu decided to climb up one of its legs to reach the towers on top.

When Lucy and Gray finally arrive in the capital of Nirvana they meet up with Jura and Hoteye, who explains that long ago that Nirvana was created by the race called the Nirvit for the purpose of peace (being ironic how its now being used for evil).

While explaining that Brain is controlling Nirvana, Midnight shows up to kill them, showing his incredible abilities by slicing a building in half. Hoteye gives them a chance to escape saying that he will defeat Midnight. Eventually Lucy, Gray and Jura catch up to Brain, who is dragging Natsu away. Brain reveals he plans to turn Natsu into a member of the Oracion Seis and that his first target with Nirvana is Cait Shelter, when Natsu unexpectedly bites Brain's hand releasing himself. Lucy and Gray plan to attack Brain but Jura interferes and attacks Brain unmercifully with his rock magic demanding to know why he is attacking Wendy's guild, surprising everybody.

Team Natsu going to combat

Team Natsu is ready to fight again

After Brain's defeat, Lucy and everyone decide that they should get to the top of the capital to see if there's away to shut down Nirvana. Arriving at the top they see that there are no controls to shut it down. Wendy runs off thinking of a way to shut it down, that's when Hoteye telepathically tells the rest of them that he was defeated by Midnight, saying that Midnight is located at the bottom of the capital.


As they run, Natsu rushes to open a door in front of them, and while Natsu was opening the door, Jura Nekis realized that its was trap and shielded Lucy, Gray and Natsu with his Earth Magic from a giant explosion that appeared. While treating Jura, Lucy and the others are surprised to find Brain's staff, Klodoa, talking to them revealing that he is the seventh of the six, the staff is then comically smacked around by Natsu. Levitating in the air, the staff reveals that Cait Shelter is made up of descendants of the Nirvit thus they are the only ones able to seal Nirvana, therefore they must be eliminated.

Suddenly Klodoa starts to attack Natsu and Gray even managing to sneak a peek at Lucy's panties before attacking her. Klodoa then senses that all of the six have been defeated, he goes in to a panic and reveals that when all the six have been defeated Brain's other, more savage personality, Zero emerges. Zero then arrives and savagely beats Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy to a pulp, saying that they are not defeated until he is unable to see a body.


As Zero's plan is slightly halted by the rest of the Light Team, Sherry's words force Lucy to stand up again so she can destroy one of the Lachryma crystals. However, she is drastically low on magic and cannot attack the crystal until Gemini comes to Lucy's aid. With Angel's arrest, Lucy inherits the three Gold Keys that were contracted to Angel: Gemini, Scorpio and Aries, who sought Lucy to be their new owner, since Angel's arrest renders her contracts with the three void.

Edolas arc

With the Oración Seis defeated, Lucy then heads back to Fairy Tail with her companions and Wendy. She is as equally shocked as Wendy when a loud bell in Magnolia chimes, and it is revealed that Gildarts has returned. Lucy tells Wendy a little bit about him, saying that Gildarts is supposedly the most powerful mage in Fairy Tail and that she had never seen him before.

As Mystogan reveals the truth about Anima to both Wendy and Charle, she is seen at the guild wondering when the rain would stop and wishing that something interesting would happen. After Natsu and Wendy travels to the other world Edoras with Happy and Charle, the Edoras version of Lucy catches the four of them peeking into the guild.

Upon closer inspection, she then mistakes the Earth Land Natsu for the Edoras Natsu, and proceeds to hug him and then bully him. However, this is short-lived as someone runs into the guild screaming about "Fairy Hunters". Lucy is then seen taking control of the situation, telling Levi to hurry up with the transport field. After they narrowly escape the Hunters, Lucy then proceeds to argue with Levi about how she could have gotten them all killed.

As Natsu and his team hide out, a soldier yells "It's Fairy Tail!" and they tense up for the Army to storm in, but nothing happens. When they peek outside, they see Earth Land Lucy struggling against the guards. Before Natsu could try to help her, she summons Scorpio and blasts all of the soldiers way. When they reunite, Lucy is overjoyed at seeing them again, but shocked when she sees her Edoras version. She tells Natsu to take care of the rest of the soldiers, but Natsu tells her that she's the only one who can use magic, leading her to believe that she has become the strongest Fairy Tail mage. She then summons Aries and they all escape to the forest.

Lucy explains how she wound up in Edoras. She was saved by Horologium who felt that the space was twisted and hid her in another space for a while. When she was alone in the middle of no where, Mystogan came and explained everything to her and sent her to Edoras. The Edoras Lucy comments on how they're still going to fight against the kingdom even though they can't control their magic properly (Earth Land Lucy protests that she can use hers). Lucy proclaims, as Fairy Tail's (current) strongest mage that she'll be the one to solve everything, to which Natsu, Charle, and Happy say they have no choice and Wendy cheering her on.

File:Lucy and Lucy.jpg

Arriving at the town of Sikka, the team decides to stay for the night. Just as Edoras Lucy about to reveal her body to Natsu while commenting that she and her Earth Land counterpart has the same figure, Lucy immediately covered her counterpart up while retaliating that she does mind that.

Natsu, who then begins to laugh, caused Lucy to ask why, and comment that it must be trying to hide the comment of how Edoras Lucy has a better figure or something, but his response of taking a bath with herself stunned both Lucy's. Her counterpart then asked Lucy to summon the celestial spirit that can cut hair, and watched her counterpart change to a shorter hairstyle. The next day, Lucy was furious with Edoras Lucy leaving a note saying that she's going back to her guild. But that attitude quickly changed when she found a book that narrates the history of Edoras. While reading, she and Natsu noticed that an airship just landed. Listening to Natsu's idea of stealing the airship, Lucy decides to battle the Royal Army with Loke. However, Virgo came out in place of him, which Lucy learned that Loke was on a date and cannot be summoned right now.

Nearly captured by the Royal Army, a man with a vehicle came and saved Lucy and Co. and took them out of the city. As they ride on the vehicle, the man introduced himself as Natsu the Fireball to them. When they witness their guild trapped in Lachryma, she tearfully holds Natsu back despite knowing how painful it is. Later, she and Charle make up a plan to know how they should turn back the guild to normal. Lucy plans on using Gemini to transform into Faust and read his mind. After being captured by Edoras Erza, she is put in a different cell to Wendy and Natsu and will be executed.

File:Edoerza tries to kill Lucy on her own.jpg

Later, Edoras Erza arrives at Lucy's cell to execute her. Lucy then tries to persuade her that on Earth Land, she is a member of Fairy Tail, and is a good, responsible person to whom everyone can count on. However, Erza does not care, and tells Lucy not to confuse her with her Earth Land counterpart.

Erza then suspends Lucy over a balcony, and tells her that she is fortunate, because she likes to look at the suffering of others, and that is why she is titled Fairy Hunter, as she has killed dozens of members of the Fairy Tail. She then sarcastically tells Lucy that she'll be seeing her, before throwing her off the balcony.

Luckily, Lucy is saved by Charle and Happy at the last moment. Charle tries to exploit Erza lack of information and presents herself as Extalia's princess and a daughter of Queen Shagotte. She then tricks Erza into revealing the location of Natsu and Wendy, then tries to get her releasing Wendy and Natsu, which almost succeeds.

Unfortunately, the rest of the royal guard arrives, and Pantherlily informs Erza that Charle and Happy are the "fallen" (traitors). All three attempts to escape. Charle asks Lucy, if she's angry at them. Lucy is very surprised by this question and she really doesn't know for what she should be angry for. Charle held that, it is they fault that she got caught in the first place. Lucy replied that, they had came to save her, and then she adds that she is more surprised by the fact that Charle is a princess.

They then try to reach the west tower, where Wendy and Natsu are both trapped. Unfortunately, Extalia troops face them in the air, and Magic Militia is already waiting there for them on the ground, leaving them trapped. However, in a lucky twist of fate, Faust decides that now is a perfect time to invoke code ETD, which transforms the Extalia troops into a giant cat lachryma.

As the Magic Militia is distracted, the cats and Lucy make their way to the basement of the West Tower, where they are ambushed by Edoras Erza and soldiers once again. Just as Edoras Erza is about to execute Happy, the soldiers behind her are suddenly blown away, and Lucy starts crying tears of joy, as both Earthland Erza and Gray appear, having joined the fray.

She later learns that the reason Gray and Erza escaped was due to Gajeel's dragon slayer magic. She also learns that the reason she could use her magic in Edoras was because Mystogan fed her X-Balls, a medicine that allows the earthland mages to use magic in Edoras. Later, she runs around in the castle with Gray and Natsu trying to locate the king. During that time, Lucy comments on how confusing the layout of the castle is, and that she wouldn't be surprised if there was even an amusement park in the castle. True to her prediction, the group actually encounters an amusement park, along with Hughes and Sugarboy. Lucy then prepares to battle the 2 captains along with Gray and Natsu.

Hughes then show off his weapon, "Command Tact" to attack Natsu with a roller coaster from behind. Lucy shouts at him before falling into Sugar Boy's trap, which makes both Gray and her sink into the ground. After being thrown into the air by Gray, she attempts to free Natsu from the hell roller coaster but fails, as Hughes eventually makes them fall into a body of water. She then sweat-drops as Hughes laughs at a candid shot of them on the coaster.

The presence of water makes Lucy realize that she can summon Aquarius, and she does so. However, the situation turns grim, as Aquarius cannot control the water because Hughes is controlling it. Lucy looks on in shock before being engulfed with the water attack by Hughes. His attack flushes Lucy into a clothes-changing device. Natsu then hatches a plan for Lucy to seduce Hughes with sexy clothing, but fails when Hughes attacks them using monsters located in the attraction anyway. Later, Lucy runs away from the horde of monsters, only to bump into Coco, who has Byro chasing after her. Byro then asks Coco to hand the key used for controlling the dragon chain to him, but Lucy mistakes it as Byro asking for her keys. She then prepares to battle Byro and defend Coco.

Lucy and Natsu

Lucy and Natsu beats Byro and Hughes

She summons Taurus, but he is quickly defeated by Byro's Flame Liquid. She then summons Virgo who lands a hit, causing him to fall into the hole she made. This backfires as Byro consumes his Octopus Liquid, turning him into a giant octopus-human hybrid, and captures Coco. Virgo states that she can't do anything and Lucy is forced to run around. She receives the extending whip Fleuve des Etoiles of the Eridanus Constellation from the Stellar Spirit World in order to conserve her magic power.

Virgo's concern sets Lucy's spirits and drives her to fight for Coco. Byro keeps hurting Coco, causing Lucy to state that protecting your friends is the most important thing. Using the Fleuve des Etoiles, she manages to tie up Byro's legs and makes him hit the Monster Academy, subsequently being caught in the fire of Natsu's punch into Hughes and thus is defeated.

Before Coco could hand them the key, Sugarboy slides by and takes it, then being chased by Gray on a motorcycle. Lucy and Natsu chase after them. Sugarboy softens the floor making Lucy get stuck under Byro's tentacles with Coco. After the cannon is fired, Lucy reappears with Coco on her Legion. Erza, Natsu, and Gray hop on and they head for the Lacrima Island. Helping Natsu and the others Lucy was able to buy enough time for Mystogan to send Fairy Tail back to their world. She became really surprised when she found out that Mystogan was the prince of Edoras.

While helping the Exceeds to escape the Royal Army, she, along with Erza Scarlet, Gray, and Coco, were ambushed by Erza Knightwalker and her force. The two Erza's fight each other, and the rest of them fought against the rest of the army. Even with Loke's help, the sheer number of the Royal Army nearly defeated them until the Edoras Fairy Tail Guild even the odd. She was helped by her Edoras counterpart, and watched the rest of the battle. Magic, however, was taken away from Edoras at a crucial time. Although the Royal Army ran away, she saw the whole guild was in a state of panic. Lucy tried to calm them, but only to be yelled by her counterpart for not realizing that a magic guild cannot exist without magic.

Lucy was later seen with Gray and the others as the Anima began to suck up the Exceeds and Earth Mages, commenting on the fact that since the Anima was sucking magical power out of Edolas, it was kicking them out as well. Lucy then says goodbye to the Edolas Fairy Tail, and travels back to Earth Land with the others.

After arriving back with the others, Lucy is relieved to see that Magnolia is in tact, however is surprised when the Exceed show up. After listening to the 6 year plan, and bidding the Exceed farewell, just as everyone is about to head back to Fairy Tail, they are surprised to see a chibi Pantherlily. When Pantherlily reveals that he has caught someone suspicious, Lucy is seen with the others looking shocked at the revelation that Lisanna's Edolas counterpart is also in Earth Land. She is later seen wondering what's going on when Lisanna admits that she is the Earthland counterpart, and then along with the others, she helps Lisanna return to her siblings.

S-Class Trial arc


Lucy punched by a Sleeping Natsu.

As the guild celebrates the arrival of Lisanna, Lucy is surprised to see that Evergreen and Juvia have changed their appearance. Moments later she witnesses how the guild starts another ruckus, telling Juvia not to strip just to impress Gray. After the guild's little skirmish is over, she wakes up to find everybody still asleep. Her eyes then fall upon Mirajane, Lisanna, and Elfman with their arms around each other. While looking at them, she comments on how happy she is for them to be able to see each other again. Looking around once again, she sees Natsu. Once she sees him, she bends down and stares at his face wondering if he has ever felt lonely due to him being unable to see Igneel. Lucy then comments about how cute Natsu can be while he is asleep.

After a few seconds she is punched in the face by Natsu and goes flying through the guild roof and into the river by her house. Days later she showers by herself and gets a shock when she discovers that Cana is showering with her, Cana then talks a bit with Lucy, commenting that she wants to leave Fairy Tail. In the guild, Lucy goes and tells Mirajane what Cana intends to do, Mirajane then comments that it happens every year as Lucy wonders why nearly all the guild members want to take so many jobs. The day after, Lucy witness the announcement of the S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial and is very surprised that there was such an event. The chapter also suggests that she may play some major role in the future.

Later, after she was going home she met Cana lying in a snow. She took her home and Cana told her why she must become a S-Class mage, so Lucy decided that she would become her partner. As the participants head towards the island, Lucy is complaining about the blistering heat and complains that she will melt. Shortly after the master arrives to explain the rules of the first trial. When the first trial started Cana and Lucy hit a delay because Fried used a rune on the boat, which prevents everyone from leaving for 5 min. As soon as the rune was released, Lucy realized that she and Cana are way behind and arrive on the island last. Shortly after realizing that all but 1 path is left, Lucy tried to boost Cana's confidence by saying luck usually happens in situations like this.

First Test Pass

Victory Team Cana!

But as soon as they enter, they realize that they are in a battle path, and the opponent they have to beat if they want to continue is Fried and Bixlow. Lucy now has to face against Bixlow again, but this time she may have a major disadvantage since she can't call Loki during the trial. Fried tells them he will be the one to take Laxus's place as an S-class mage and suggests Lucy and Cana both put some clothes on, saying that it's too distracting.

Cana, realizing his weakness is women, takes advantage of this by playing the Sexy Lady card which surrounds Fried in sexy women and takes him out of commission for the fight. Lucy then summons Virgo (wearing undergarments only) to add more women to the mix, but Virgo is easily taken out by Bixlow's dolls. His dolls continue to attack, and Cana makes an attempt to hit the dolls using the Prayer's Fountain card. The water fails to hit the dolls, but seeing water, Lucy moves towards it and summons Aquarius. Lucy then advises Cana to hold onto something as Aquarius attacks and defeats Fried and Bixlow. Cana and Aquarius then have an argument where Lucy notes how similar they are.

Seeing that Fried and Bixlow are down, the path opens and they go forward to the next part of the trial. Fried and Bixlow then talk about how they let them win; Fried feels he owes them (from the Fighting Festival). They note how lucky Lucy and Cana are for running into them in the trial.

Cana Lucy Second Trial

Just What Is This?!

Lucy and Cana along with the other winners of the first trial all welcome Gray and Loke when they arrive. Makarov starts to annouce who defeated who in the first trial. Gray gets shocked when he hears Lucy and Cana beat Bixlow and Fried. After he annouces them, Lucy and Cana figure out that Evergreen and Elfman had to be left with Mirajane. Assuming they lost, they are shocked to actually see them return claiming they beat Mira. When Natsu tells Happy he's not depressed and just thinking, Happy is shocked, hearing Natsu is thinking about something. Lucy wonders in her head how lowly Happy thinks of Natsu.

Then Natsu gets up and challenges all the S-Class Trial remainding participants to who will win. When the next trial to find Mavis Vermilion's grave begins, Lucy and Cana get chased by a giant gecko-like creature. They eventually manage to get away from the creature, and Lucy ponders about the Master's words about the second test being about intelligence. She realizes with a jolt that she knows where Maxis' grave is, and she rushes off, with Cana right behind her and cheering her, as Gray and Loke follow start following them without noticing them.

Meeting Caprico

Lucy´s group vs Caprico

Later Lucy was seen with Cana noticing the warning signal that was launched by Erza which is everyone must enter the battle formation. When Cana became upset about the exam being cancelled, she tells Lucy that she is going to continue the exam; Gray and Loke calmed her down. When Cana and Lucy asked Gray and Loke what they were doing, Loke almost told the girls that they were following them, but was stopped by Gray. However, Gray and Loke suggest that they should head back to the camp since they know less information about the enemy.

Then Lucy and the others got attacked by Grimoire Heart Guild members, whom they fought off until Caprico teleported them away, announcing that he would be their opponent in the process. As the fight begins, Caprico immediately kicks Lucy into a wall and continues kicking Gray and Loke. As she and Cana gets up, Caprico explains to the group what Grimoire Heart Guild is trying to acomplish by obtaining Zeref.

Caprico is later revealed to be the celestial spirit, Capricorn The Goat. Loke requests to fight him alone because Caprico's Human Subordination Magic can temporarily weaken humans in battle and since he's a spirit, it doesn't affect him. Lucy refuses to let Loke fight alone but does in the end. Before she leaves, she tells him to come back to her no matter what. After Loke's battle with Capricorn, he returns to Lucy's belt, and informs Lucy that Capricorn will join Lucy's side as well, which she relays to Gray and Cana.

Kain Stomping

Kain attempts to stomp on Lucy.

As the three walk together, Cana suddenly interrupts that they should split up to look for the Seven Kin. Lucy stammers that she doesn't want to be alone and Cana says she'll be with her, so Gray leaves them after a few protests. As the two walk together, Cana inquires about the location of Mavis's grave. Lucy replies that she tried to associate different six-letter words with "grave" and when asked about why they had to be six letters, explains that the six hour time limit hinted at something being six letters. She then says the only word she could come up with was "DEMISE" and that the letter "E" is suspicious in that it pops up twice. She asks Cana if she remembers that the first paths were lined up according to alphabetical letters, and suddenly falls asleep on the ground; Cana had used her sleep card on Lucy. Cana then drags the sleeping Lucy a short distance away, but leaves her out in the open regardless. Still asleep, Lucy is happened upon by Kain Hikaru, one of the Seven Kin.

Ushi Demo

Lucy slams Kain using his doll.

He tries to stomp on her but she wakes up just in time.[9] Lucy then questions him about Cana's whereabouts to which he replies that it doesn't matter because he'd kill her soon. She then begins to wonder to herself, how she got there, was she sleeping, and when she got seperated from Cana, and then resolves to do something about Kain. He then runs behind a nearby tree trembling and stating that he's strong and that it didn't matter who his opponent was, they wouldn't live if they faced him.[10] When Lucy tells him that anyone who challenged Fairy Tail would be challenged by her, he simply tells her to hold on a second and starts vigorously scratching his head, and then strikes a pose. He then tells her that they were going to fight and says that he'd show her the power of his magic Ushi no Koku Mairi. Then he pulls out a doll and asks Lucy for some of her hair, because his magic needed his opponents hair for it to work. Lucy quickly refuses this request. He goes on to explain his ability, stating that if he were to put some of her hair on the doll he would be able to manipulate her movements, and she stated that after hearing that she definitely wouldn't give him any hair. He looked suprised, and Lucy asked him if he had just realized that.[11]

Natsu Kicking Kain

Natsu protects Lucy from Kain

Lucy then said that she'd never heard of that magic and that she thought he was bluffing, so he placed his own hair on his doll and gave it to Lucy. She then hit the doll against the ground, and made it do a split in mid air, before he angrily took it back and started chasing her, stating that he was pissed off. Lucy, states that this isn't the time for her to be playing around and then summons Taurus, but Kain beats Taurus in one hit. So she summons Sagittarius who shoots a few arrows at Kain but he simply kicks them back at him and Lucy, defeating Sagittarius as well. Lucy then summons Scorpio who uses Sand Buster, but the attack has no effect on Kain and he defeats Scorpio in one hit. Kain then changed his doll's form into a light source and blasts Lucy with a light attack. Lucy then realizes that the doll was strengthning him, and Kain changed the material of his doll to cotton and then to Iron and tried to finish Lucy but Natsu intervened and kicked him in the face and sent him over to Ultear. [12]

Team Natsu Reformed

Team Natsu Reformed

Natsu asks Lucy what she was doing there, and she asked him the same and thanked him for saving her. Happy remarked that Lucy was sent flying over in their direction rather ungracefully, to which Lucy asked if there was a "cool" way to be sent flying. Lucy then asked Natsu if he had an opponent too, to which he replied that Kain was his opponent and that Lucy couldn't take him. She then said that she wasn't taking him, and that it would be a close fight even for Natsu. Natsu replied that it wouldn't be and that he would take him down. Happy then stated that now Natsu had two opponents, and Natsu said that they had added an extra member themselves. He then said that he would put the trial and hold and that they should form a team, Lucy said that it was nostalgic, Happy said that it made him think of when they first met, and Natsu remarked that he was all fired up. Lucy and Natsu then high fived and she and he both remarked that they should defeat them.

Lucy Fire

Lucy defeats Kain

After Kain agrees to handle Natsu and Lucy by himself and Ultear takes her leave, Lucy warns Natsu that they cannot allow them to leave, but before Natsu hears her, he attempts to attack Ultear and Kain gets in the way. Lucy tries to help but is under Kain's spell, as he reveals he was capable of taking a string of her hair while chasing her before, and soon takes his revenge by toying with her, and controls her to attack Natsu. Natsu is successful in avoiding one of Lucy's attacks and prepares to counterattack but Lucy's unpredictable movements prove too much for him to avoid. Natsu is eventually able to restrain her and Happy steals his doll. Kain knocks Happy with one blow and tries to recover his doll but Natsu takes it instead, trying to counterattack, however Kain acts faster and delivers a powerful blow to Natsu which ends with him crashing and half-buried by rocks. Unable to move on his own, Lucy tries to summon Virgo, but has no more power left and is subsequently captured and tortured by Kain. Natsu asks her to run, but she refuses, prompting Kain to try to kill Lucy by crushing her head. Before he can do it, Natsu uses the doll to manipulate Lucy and attack Kain. Further boosting Lucy with his own Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu gives Happy the doll so that he can use the speed to further power Lucy, finally defeating Kain Hikaru with a powerful kick to the face.[13]

Saving Natsu from Rocks

Lucy and Happy trying to get Natsu out of the boulders

Lucy is then seen trying to pull Natsu out of the boulders he had gotten stuck in earlier. Happy asks Natsu to break them with his flames to which he responds that that is a good idea. Once Natsu is free they look over and notice that Zeref is no longer there, and Natsu remarks that something is geting in the way of his scent. Lucy then raises her leg and says she has to look for Cana, and Natsu asks her why she was raising her leg. She then begins to chase after Happy who has Mr. Cursey in his hand, and Natsu says that it is time to take a nap. Lucy then says, while bending happy with Mr. Cursey, that they can't because she's worried about Cana and they must search for Zeref. They then begin to speak on Grimoire Heart's goal and Natsu says that since they laid a finger on Makarov that they wouldn't leave the island. Lucy then realizes that they must have a ship somewhere anchored on the island and asks Happy to go search for it, but he repliest that he is out of magic power. Natsu then states that they should get back to where Makarov is resting and that they would have Lily or Charle take care of it.[14]

File:Lucy and Wendy new outfit.png

She along with Natsu and Happy arrive at the site where Makarov is resting, and when Doranbolt arrives Natsu asks where he went, and Lucy remarks that it is Mest of the Council. He then tells Lucy that his name is really Doranbolt. Wendy begins to ask him something but Doranbolt tells her not to worry because he came there to help them, which suprises Happy and Charle. He then says that with his powers everyone can leave the island, but Lucy and the others refuse. Despite Mest's attempts to convince them otherwise they all decide to stay on the island and fight.[15]

Lucy is then seen changing into clothing brought to her by Virgo and she along with Wendy and Natsu try to convince Doranbolt to stall the council while they defeat Grimoire Heart.[16] Later, she, along with Wendy, Natsu, Happy, and Charle, is beaten in one blow by Grimoire Heart member Bluenote Stinger.[17][18]


Her basic items are her Celestial Spirit keys. Currently, she has fourteen different keys.

Gold Keys:

  • Aquarius: Summons the Water Bearer, Aquarius.
  • Taurus: Summons the Bull, Taurus.
  • Cancer: Summons the Crab, Cancer.
  • Virgo: Summons the Maiden, Virgo.
  • Sagittarius: Summons the Centaur, Sagittarius.
  • Leo: Summons the Lion, Loke.
  • Gemini: Summons the Twins, Gemi and Mini.
  • Aries: Summons the Ram, Aries.
  • Scorpio: Summons the Scorpion, Scorpio.
  • Capricorn : Summons the Goat, Capricorn.

Silver Keys:

  • Crux: Summons the Southern Cross, Crux.
  • Horologium: Summons the Clock, Horologium.
  • Lyra: Summons the Lyre, Lyra.
  • Nikora: Summons the Canis Minor, Nikora(Plue).

Normal Whip: It is a basic kind of whip that ends with a heart-like cracker. She formerly uses this whip until she loses it while fighting Hughes in Edolas.

Fleuve d'étoiles (エトワールフルーグ 星の大河 Etowāru Furūgu): The French for "River of Stars", this is an extending whip, which she got from Virgo. It comes from the Celestial World and is an extending whip from the constellation of Eridanus, the River. After the end of her battle with Byro, she kept it to herself. As the name suggests, it is a whip that has the rope section made of water, with stars of different sizes flowing and/or floating around it. The handle section is smoother and has a thin tassel string at the end, which holds up a single small star. The full name of the whip is "River of Stars of the Eridanus Constellation" (エリダヌス座の星の大河 Eridanusu-za no Hoshi no Taiga).

Gale-Force Reading Glasses: Lucy, being an avid reader, possesses a pair of enchanted reading glasses that allow her to read at an extremely accelerated rate. They allowed her to read Daybreak, a full book, in only a few minutes.

Magic and Abilities

Lucy&#039;s magic

Lucy's magic

Holder Magic User & Caster Magic User: Lucy is a Celestial Wizard; this means that she specializes in the summoning of Celestial Spirit to do specific tasks on her behalf, be it from minor chores, recreation, to even fighting for her in the battlefield. As for Lucy herself, she exhibits a fair degree of athleticism, and can often be seen dodging attacks aimed at her either through skill or sheer dumb luck. She also possess a unique magic known as Unison Raid and once through the help of Hibiki used the spell Uranometria.

  • Lucy's Magic Seal
  • Lucy and Juvia, Unison Raid
  • Uranometria
  • Lucy Kick
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist(Lucy Version)
  • Secret Attack: Lucy Fire
  • Celestial Spirit Magic: Lucy practices Celestial Spirit Magic, a skill which allows her to summon Spirits from another world or the Celestial World using Keys of the Gates. Her Celestial Spirits have varying levels of power, with different ones suited for different tasks. For example, Aquarius can control water, while Taurus has enormous strength. Lucy explains to Natsu that Celestial Spirit mages have the potential to obtain extremely rare Gold Keys, which open the gates of the "Ecliptic Zodiac", and common, store-bought Silver Keys. Each Gold Key has the Zodiac symbol of the one it is used to summon on it. According to Lucy, while there are large number of Silver Keys, there are only 12 Gold Keys. Thus far in the series, Lucy has obtained 10 Gold Keys and 4 Silver Keys. Lucy's ability to summon her Spirits is limited by how much magic she has to sustain them; if she summons more Spirits, more of her magic is exhausted. She has demonstrated so far that she is able to use five of her Ecliptic Zodiac Keys in one day (as seen in the S-Class Wizard Trial arc where she summons Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, Sagittarius and Scorpio) so far.
    • Force Gate Closure: When Lucy was fighting with Sherry in Galuna Island arc, she has gained the ability to shut the Gate of the spirit, who recalled, by force. This is an extraordinary ability because usually closing or opening the Gate is done by mutual consent of the Mage and the Spirit. Also, some of her spirits can pass their gates without being called if she is in danger or out of magic power.
    • Multiple Summons: Lucy also has the unique ability to summon more than one Celestial Spirit, summoning all of her Gold Keys (5 of them at the time) and one of her Silver Keys (Nikora) at once. In the anime, she summoned all the Spirits she had, including all 4 of her Silver Keys. Although it only lasted a few seconds. Even Karen Lilica, Leo's previous owner and a powerful Celestial Spirit mage, was unable to summon more than one Spirit.

Expert Melee Combatant: She is also a proficient in melee-combat. In addition to her magic, Lucy is efficient in using a whip and her kicks. She used her normal whip against many enemies until she lost it. It was soon replaced when Virgo gave her a whip from the Celestial Spirit World.

  • Lucy Kick: A final "attack" where Lucy simply kicks her opponents. Used against Naked Mummy members.
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist(Lucy Version): While being controlled with Mr. Cursey, Natsu ignites Lucy's hands.
  • Secret Attack: Lucy Fire (必殺 ルーシィファイア Hissatsu Rūshi Faia): While being controlled with Mr. Cursey and after Natsu has ignited her, Happy uses Max Speed to make her whole body catch on fire.

Major Battles


  • Lucy is currently the second most popular girl in the series.[19]
  • There are several running gags in the series that are distinct to Lucy.
    • ConstantProblem

      Everyone breaks and enters Lucy's apartment...again

      Nearly every time Lucy goes to her apartment, one or more of her teammates is there.
  • Her quote when summoning her spirits before performing the contract is "I am linked to the path to the world of Celestial Spirits, now! O spirit, answer my call and pass through the gate!"
  • Hiro Mashima gave Lucy her name when he was listening to the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".[20]
  • Lucy is one of the representatives of Fairy Tail in the game Sunday VS Magazine: Shuuketsu! Choujou Daikessen!, the other being Natsu.
  • She probably joined the guild on July 3rd.[21]
    Lucy&#039;s list of perfect boyfriends

    Lucy's list of perfect boyfriends (with Siegrain right on top of Loke)

  • There is an inconsistency with Lucy's age. In an omake, we are told it has been exactly a year since Lucy has joined the guild and this would mean she is 18; yet, in the same omake, she says she is 17.[22] However, chapter 201 mentions that it has only been 6 months since she first joined Fairy Tail.
  • During a Q&A, when reader asked who was the lead female character in Fairy Tail, Lucy immediately considered herself as such. However, Hiro Mashima said people can draw their own conclusions.
  • According to Byro, Lucy's Celestial Spirit magic can possibly have the same fundamentals as Anima.
  • In the manga, Lucy changed clothes during the Phantom Lord arc after she got captured. In the anime, she wore the same clothes.
  • Mirajane somehow has a spare copy of Lucy's house key and often lends it to Natsu and the others so that they can enter Lucy's house. [23]
  • Jellal as Siegrain was in Lucy's "Perfect Boyfriend" list, right on top of Loke. [24]
  • From the Volume 16 Limited Edition: Sorcerer Interview, the best quality of Fairy Tail according to Lucy was that "It has a lot of powerful mages." She wants to become a novel writer in the future. She has a good relationship with Natsu and Levy. Lucy thinks that every job she takes is difficult, and wants easier ones.[25]


  • (About Shop Owner) "He only came down 1000 Jewels. Is my sex appeal only worth 1000 Jewels?!"
  • (To Gajeel) "You're the one who would be in trouble if I died you know. There's no way Fairy Tail would ever forgive you! That's the kind of guild they are."
  • (About Loke) "Open, the Door of the Lion! Return Loke to the Spirit World!"
  • (About Juvia) "Someone who could shed tears for their friends... could never be rejected from Fairy Tail!"
  • (Referring to Loke and Aries fighting) "This just... isn't right..."
  • (To Loke) "Spirits aren't shield! I fight alongside them! That's my style!"
  • (To Angel) "But they feel pain! They have feelings! And yet you call youself a Celestial Spirit Mage?"
  • (To Erza Knightwalker referring to Erza scarlet)"Erza is nice! She would never do such a thing!"
  • (To Cana) "I will become yor partner, Cana! I refuse to let you quit the guild! I will make you an S-Class mage!"
  • (To Loke)"You'd better come back to me...No matter what!"


Main article: Lucy's Relationships

Ever since Lucy left her home and her father, Mr. Heartfilia, she begins to see Fairy Tail as her new home. Because Lucy is a new member of Fairy Tail, she always thought that it would be hard for her to blend in towards the guild. Though in the end, she quickly manages to create tight bonds with her fellow guild members and became friends with most of them. She realized how strong the members of Fairy Tail's bonds can be during the war against Phantom Lord, saying she is lucky to be a member of Fairy Tail.

Early Concept

Original Concept Lucy
The earliest concept of Lucy is not much different from the original idea. Lucy used cards instead of keys, but because this idea has already been of repeated use, Hiro Mashima decided to abandon it.

Early Lucy also had two pony-tails instead of one bunch, and wore a more retro-like clothing, with jabot, frills and lace. Her skirt before seems to have a bit of ruffles and her top has an inner scarf. In her early concept, she doesn't seem to be wielding her usual weapon which is a black whip with a heart-like cracker at its end. Also, in her early concept, she's wearing high heels with laces, compared to her now that she's wearing black high boots.


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