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Lucy as a child

Lucy was born in the once extremely wealthy and powerful Heartfilia family.[1] Her father and mother were originally part of a merchants' guild called "Love & Lucky" where they met; they decided to become independent when Lucy's mother, Layla, became pregnant. They chose her name when they noticed that the sign of the guild was missing the letter "K," and instead read 'Love & Lucy'; it made an impression on them, so they decided to name their daughter after it.[2]

Back in her home, Lucy shared a good relationship with the staff in the estate[3] as well as, presumably, her mother, until she passed away when Lucy was around the age of ten in the year X777.[4] However, because her father was overly obsessed with his business and money, he had neglected his daughter,[5] which eventually led her to run away from home just over a year before the beginning of the story.[6]


Macao arc

Lucy exudes her sex appeal

Lucy is first introduced lamenting the lack of Magic stores in Hargeon. In the only Magic store in the town, she attempts to get a discount through her sex appeal for the Celestial Spirit Nikora, which costs 20,000 Jewels, but is angered when the price is only lowered by 1000 Jewels.[7]

As Lucy fumes in the streets, a ruckus erupts near her which immediately gains her attention. Curious, she heads towards the commotion, hearing the name of the famed Fire Magic user, Salamander (who turned out to actually only be an impostor named Bora).[8] Upon seeing him, her heart begins to flutter quickly, as she slowly moves towards him. This feeling, however, soon disappears when Natsu Dragneel and Happy interrupt the proceedings, thinking Bora is the Dragon Igneel. Disappointed to find it is not the Salamander they were looking for, they instantly move to leave. However, they get attacked by Bora's legion of female fans, and eventually get thrown away by them when Natsu refuses to want Bora's signature.

Lucy talks to Natsu after she buys him food

Lucy walks up to the two, wishing to thank them by treating them out. She explains that Bora was using the illegal Magic Charm, which attracts people's hearts to the user; Natsu's interruption took away that effect. She goes on to say that she is a Mage looking to join a guild, explaining what such is, as well. Remembering that the two were looking for someone, she asks as to who it is. They reply that it is the Dragon Igneel which shocks her, making her remark that such a thing would never be in the town. As she turns to leave Natsu and Happy kneel and bow down fully in gratitude, much to Lucy's embarrassment. Natsu, wanting to properly thank her, offers her Bora's autograph which she furiously rejects.[9]

Later, on a park bench, Lucy reads about the exploits of the Fairy Tail Guild in the Sorcerer Magazine, when Bora suddenly jumps out in front of her from the bushes, having eavesdropped on her. Unbeknownst to Lucy, he casts the Charm Magic upon her once again as he offers to help her join Fairy Tail if she joins his boat party later that night. She agrees, dressing up for the occasion.[10] On the boat, Bora offers her a drink, but she slaps it away, remarking that it is a sleeping drug and that she has no intentions of becoming his girl. He then reveals himself to be a slave trader and plans to sell Lucy along with the other girls on the boat. With his goons holding her still, he takes her Celestial Spirit keys, and, as they are useless to him, throws them out of the window.[11]

Lucy summons Aquarius

Just as Lucy is about to be branded, Natsu suddenly crashes through the roof and Happy helps Lucy escape. Happy's magical wings soon wear off, and they both drop into the sea, where Lucy dives underwater and miraculously finds her keys. With them, she calls upon the Celestial Spirit Aquarius who, after a warning to never drop the keys again, summons a powerful wave that shipwrecks Bora's boat ashore. Aquarius, however, catches Lucy and Happy in her wave as well and flushes them aboard the boat.

From there, Lucy worriedly rushes to help Natsu, who turns out to be completely competent in battle, actually being a Mage himself. Using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, Natsu easily defeats Bora and his goons, but overdoes it, thus destroying a large portion of Hargeon's port. The arrival of military soldiers forces them to run away from the scene; Natsu grabs onto Lucy and tells her that if she follows him, she can join Fairy Tail.[12]

Lucy's first time coming to Fairy Tail

A day or so later, Lucy arrives at the Fairy Tail guild, in awe and mostly shocked at the many varied personalities of its members. A brawl develops in front of her, started by Natsu, and during that fight, she meets other members Gray and Mirajane. She also comments that none of the guild members are acting normal. The brawl is eventually stopped by Fairy Tail's Guild Master Makarov before it escalates into one with usages of Magic. Makarov initially begins to scold the members for their destructive actions, but soon breaks into an inspiring speech about following the way of Fairy Tail. Night falls, and Lucy opts to have her member stamp on the back of her right hand.[13]

Natsu is looking for another job on the guild's request board, but overhears that Macao Conbolt, a Fairy Tail member, has been missing for a week, and his son Romeo wishes for Makarov to look for him, which the latter refuses to do. Natsu punches the board and leaves with Happy. Curious, Lucy asks Mirajane what is wrong with him, and she explains that perhaps, Natsu sees his own past happening with Romeo; in the past, his foster parent, Igneel the fire Dragon, suddenly disappeared. Out of curiosity, Lucy decides to go along with them into the furiously snowing mountains and begins to regret coming because of the sheer cold. Stealing Natsu's blanket and wrapping herself up in it, she then summons her Celestial Spirit Horologium, a clock spirit with a compartment where she can hide herself in for warmth.[14]

Lucy is held captive by the Vulcan

One Vulcan, a monster Macao had been subduing, suddenly appears and attacks Natsu before kidnapping Lucy, as it likes women.[15] The Vulcan takes her to its cave, where it parades around her until Horologium disappears. As the Vulcan advances, Natsu catches up and demands to know where Macao is. Just as the Vulcan appears to confide Macao's whereabouts, he abruptly pushes Natsu off a cliff instead. Enraged and horrified, Lucy summons the (perverted) Zodiac Spirit, Taurus.[16]

Taurus and the Vulcan immediately begin to battle, but stop as Natsu reappears, having been saved by Happy. He knocks out Taurus, thinking it is another monster. Natsu then fights and swiftly defeats the Vulcan. Much to their surprise, the Vulcan is actually Macao, who had been "taken over" by the Vulcan's Magic. Having been smashed into the wall, Macao falls through a hole in the wall and is saved from falling down the mountain, thanks to the combined efforts of Natsu, Happy, Lucy and the revived Taurus. Macao, now back up, is found to be seriously wounded, and Natsu resorts to the extreme of burning one of Macao's wounds shut, which brings him back to consciousness. He tells them that he had successfully subdued 19 other Vulcans, but had been taken over by the twentieth one. At this, Lucy is in awe and feels she is no match for them. They then return to Fairy Tail's town, Magnolia, and Macao reunites with his son, Romeo.[17]

Daybreak arc

Lucy attacks Natsu and Happy

As Lucy is settling into her new home, she finds out that Natsu and Happy have brazenly broke in. As she attacks and scolds Natsu, Happy sharpens his nails on the wall, distracting her from Natsu, who then peeks at her writings. She dives for them, keeping them away from Natsu, and demands that they leave, which Natsu refuses to do.

Giving up, she offers the two a cup of tea. Lucy teaches them how the Celestial Spirit keys work and the fundamentals of making contracts with the Spirits. She summons the Spirit of her recently-bought Nikora key. His peculiar appearance stirs Natsu and Happy's pities, believing Plue to be a failure on Lucy's part. She argues that Nikora is a canine Spirit, and proceeds to contract with him. In a "language" that only Natsu seems to understand, Plue apparently suggests that they should form a team, to which both Mages adhere. Their first mission is to steal a book, which involves an owner looking to hire a blonde maid, and that makes Lucy think Natsu tricked her.[18]

Kaby announces the raise of the reward

Upon arriving in the Town of Shirotsume, Natsu complains about being hungry and goes off to a restaurant with Happy, while Lucy leaves them be to look around the town. She returns in a maid costume, shocking both of them, as they only meant it as a joke. Regardless, they go to Kaby's house to meet with their client and discuss the mission, and are stunned to discover the reward has been raised by ten times.[19]

Impassioned, they head to Everlue's mansion, where Lucy attempts to be hired, but is rejected for being too ugly for Everlue's taste. This infuriates her slight vanity.[20] With infiltration no longer an option, they resort to invasion, and decide to come through the roof of the mansion. They try to sneak around to find the book, but are quickly found by Everlue's maids, who are instantly defeated by Natsu.[21]

Lucy decides to read the book

They eventually come across a library, and, after a bit of searching, find the book they have been hired to destroy: DAYBREAK. Just as Natsu is about to destroy it, Lucy snatches it off him, claiming that it is a book by the famous author, Kemu Zaleon, and that she has never seen it before. She refuses to allow Natsu to incinerate the book. Everlue appears at this moment, diving up from the floor, and after a short appraisal of his own genius, summons the Vanish Brothers to deal with the Fairy Tail Mages.[22]

Amidst the commotion, Lucy skims the book and discovers something within the contents that makes her rush off. She asks Natsu to buy her some time, as she apparently decodes the hidden meaning of the book.[23] She somehow makes it to the mansion's sewers and through the enhanced reading speed provided by her Gale-Force Reading Glasses, Lucy successfully discovers the secret within the book. Everlue abruptly reappears and ambushes her, grabbing her arms and threatening to break them unless she tells him her discovery.[24] She refuses to say anything, and is released when Happy strikes Everlue in the face.[25]

Lucy and Cancer beat Everlue

Lucy and Everlue engage in battle. Everlue's selfish nature is revealed when he tells Lucy how he forced Kemu Zaleon to make that book about him. Lucy, however, tells him that the book contains a further secret which proves that Everlue does not deserve it. With this declaration, she summons the Celestial Spirit Cancer. Everlue summons his own Celestial Spirit, Virgo, in response, but Natsu accidentally arrives with her, because he was grabbing her before she was called. At Lucy's request, he punches Virgo into the ground while Cancer and herself defeat Everlue.[26]

They return to Kaby's mansion and Lucy returns the book. He initially wishes to burn it, much to Natsu's chagrin. Kaby then explains his past, as well as why he wishes to get rid of the book. However, just as he is about to proceed with incinerating it, the book bursts into life - the letters rearrange themselves with the book's title, becoming DEAR KABY. Lucy explains that Zaeleon placed a spell on the book and dedicated it to his son, Kaby.[27] Much to her dismay, Natsu and Happy then say they cannot accept the reward because they did not specifically do what they were asked. On their way home, Natsu realizes that Lucy's earlier protectiveness over her writings is because she is writing a book herself. Embarrassed, she desperately asks for him not to tell anyone.[28]

Eisenwald arc

Loke finds out that Lucy is a Celestial Spirit Mage

Back at the guild, Lucy looks for another request poster and while talking to Mirajane, learns about the organization of guilds and the existence of illegal guilds, called Dark Guilds. Natsu frightens her and then tells her to hurry and find a new job for them, as it is her turn to choose one. However, she no longer wishes to work with him. Gray explains that she should feel no need to team up with anyone anymore, complimenting her on her work, but she explains that Natsu did nearly everything. As Natsu and Gray begin to brawl, Loke flirts with Lucy, but quickly runs away when he finds out that she is a Celestial Spirit Mage - he then returns to tell Natsu and Gray that the S-Class Mage Erza Scarlet has returned.[29]

Erza accordingly arrives with the large horn of a Demon she has slain, and after scolding several members, turns to Gray and Natsu, who are acting like Happy (according to Lucy), and asks them to help her with a mission. Although Natsu and Gray both refuse, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as Erza immediately sets forth. Mirajane heralds the creation of this team as possibly "The Strongest Team" in Fairy Tail.[30]

Lucy, after she introduces herself to Erza

Mirajane also asks Lucy to tag along, in order to keep Gray and Natsu from getting into their habitual fist fights. On the day of their departure, in the train station, she keeps the two from breaking into a brawl by lying that Erza is approaching. Upon her arrival, Lucy introduces herself to Erza, and Natsu challenges Erza to a fight, once their mission ends, which she readily accepts.[31]

The team boards the train, and, after knocking Natsu out to relieve him from his motion sickness, Erza explains the mission to her teammates. On her last job, Erza has apparently overheard guild members talking about an accursed object called Lullaby, and a Mage named Erigor. She admits that she failed to recognize the gravity of the overheard conversation, and only realized her mistake upon returning home. She recalls that Erigor was a member of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, and claims that such people would be up to no good. The mission she planned is to walk into Eisenwald and destroy them.[32]

Lucy and the team forget about Natsu

Completely preoccupied with the mission briefing, the team disembarks from the vehicle. A moment too late, they realize that a still unconscious Natsu was forgotten in their compartment.[33] They rush back to retrieve him, and Erza gets Happy to use an emergency stop signal lever to stop the train. They race towards it on a magical four-wheeled train.[34][35] Just as they arrive at the train, Natsu crashes out of one of the windows and lands headfirst into Gray.[36]

After a bit of convenient amnesia, Natsu informs Lucy and the others that he got attacked on the train by a member of the Eisenwald guild who had a strange flute, displaying a skull with three eyes. This description reminds Lucy of a story about the cursed flute Lullaby, which kills anyone who hears melodies played from it.[37] With this shocking revelation in hand, they rush towards the train station.[38] On the way there, Happy mentions that he meant to tell Lucy something, but forgot, and as they try to enter the station, Lucy carries Natsu in - though she causes his motion sickness doing this as she is considered as a means of transport.[39]

Lucy saying she's too cute to be harmed

Inside, they are confronted by Eisenwald and Erigor, who explains that his plan is to use the station's loudspeakers to broadcast Lullaby. Distracted by Erigor, Gray and Erza fail to notice one of Eisenwald's members, Kageyama, attacking Lucy. Natsu, however, manages to save her in the nick of time.[40] Erigor then flees, and Erza orders Natsu and Gray to chase after him while she and Lucy deal with the rest of his Dark Guild. Using her Magic, The Knight, Erza quickly dispatches all of their foes, with assist from Lucy, who summons the Celestial Spirit Cancer. One member, however, escapes, and Erza calls upon Lucy to give chase to him.[41]

Lucy, along with Happy, loses sight of him and eventually reunites with the others beside a stabbed Kageyama.[42] The two then find out that they have been trapped in a barrier of impassable wind, having been tricked by Erigor. At this moment, Happy finally remembers his message for Lucy—upon Virgo's request, the Maiden gold key previously owned by Everlue, was to be transferred to Lucy's ownership. Foregoing the usual process of contracting, Lucy summons Virgo and asks for the latter to use her superior digging powers to create a safe path of escape for them to use. Natsu immediately rushes ahead with Happy to defeat Erigor.[43]

Lucy with Gray and Kageyama in the vehicle

Bringing with them the injured Kageyama, Lucy, Erza, and Gray continue to travel along the train tracks, and eventually stumble upon Natsu, who successfully defeated Erigor. As the team rejoices, Kageyama unexpectedly makes a break for it, taking the flute with him. He aims to complete Eisenwald's original mission, which was to assassinate all the Guild Masters present in the annual meeting held in the town of Clover.[44] Team Natsu rushes to subdue him, however, they eventually discover that their assistance was not needed, as Master Makarov managed to sway Kageyama from his original purpose.

The Guild Masters as well as Team Natsu begin to celebrate their apparent victory when all of a sudden, the flute begins to "speak," and manifests as a gargantuan demonic form, which was said to be the true embodiment of the cursed "Lullaby" .[45] Erza, Natsu, and Gray engage it into melee and swiftly defeat the monster. Their battle, however, inadvertently destroys the regular guild meeting hall, prompting Lucy and the other Fairy Tail members to make a quick getaway.[46]

Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon arc

Lucy finds out Happy stole an S-Class Mission

Natsu and Happy invite Lucy to embark on an S-Class Mission with them. She is horrified once she learns that, enticed by the hefty reward of such mission, Happy and Natsu decided to steal the mission's flyer. Natsu attempts to relieve her by saying it was the least-paying one out of the available S-class jobs, but only makes things worse for her.[47] Lucy eventually concedes upon learning that a Golden Key will also be given as reward.

As the trio prepares to leave for Galuna Island, several sailors and fishermen discourage them, claiming that the island is haunted. The encounter with the fishermen delays the Mages, and Gray eventually catches up to them. He originally intended to bring them back to the guild, however, gets sidetracked as Natsu daunts him, and is forced to join.[48] Together, they head for Galuna Island, accompanied by Bobo—the only fisherman who was brave enough to set sail towards the accursed island.

The group continues forth, when Bobo abruptly disappears in the middle of the sea. Worried, Happy dives into the ocean to search for him underwater, but to no avail. As he resurfaces, Lucy along with the rest of the team watches in horror as a gigantic tidal wave appears before them, and eventually engulfs their little boat.[49]

Lucy watching Angelica being beaten

Presumably a day after they crashed ashore, Lucy regains consciousness first, and asks if the others are fine as well. After Gray concedes to accompany them entirely to the mission, they all venture into the island, and eventually meet the denizens of Galuna and learn of the curse inflicting them that had apparently turned them into demons. The mayor of the town asks them to destroy the moon, believing it will free them from the curse.[50] Realizing that the task he requires is impossible, Lucy and the others decide to investigate the island, and they soon encounter and defeat a giant mouse named Angelica. Angelica leads them to a huge temple where they discover the monster Deliora.[51]

After learning about the plot to free Deliora and destroy the town, Lucy and Happy hurry off to warn and save the townsfolk.[52] Lucy prepares very simple traps in front of the entrance to the village, which Happy pokes fun at. However, Natsu, who is rushing towards the village, falls for Lucy's trap. After all the work Lucy had put into it, their opponents effortlessly fly over the village, preparing to drop a poisonous substance. Natsu redirects the poison and Virgo saves the mayor from being hit, but the village is destroyed.[53] As Sherry Blendy, one of the people behind Lyon Vastia's scheme, flies off with her mouse Angelica, Lucy grabs on the rat's foot and tickles it, which results in all of them crashing to the ground.[54]

Lucy beats Sherry

When they both recover from the fall, they start to fight off against each other. Lucy immediately summons Taurus, however, is surprised to discover Sherry's Magic allows her to use her surroundings as puppets, as long as they are not humans. As Taurus turns against his owner, Lucy miraculously achieves Forced Gate Closure, which is said to be one of the greatest feats of any Celestial Spirit Mage.[55] As the battle draws near, Lucy realizes that they are approaching the ocean, and so decides to summon Aquarius, despite being aware of the Spirit's uncanny tendency to attack both friend and foe regardless.[56] After Aquarius' attack, both Mages are stunned and dizzy, and Lucy takes this opportunity and defeats Sherry. However, before Sherry loses consciousness, she commands her pet rat, Angelica, to avenge her. Lucy is about to be squished by Angelica, when Erza unprecedentedly shows up. The latter then saves Lucy, but immediately apprehends her, stating that her only purpose was to retrieve the team who ran away.[57]

Gray argues and stands up to Erza, managing to convince her to abandon her original purpose momentarily, in order to complete the S-Class mission. Lucy and Happy are visibly relieved by this, however, both are terrified as soon as Erza reminds them of the punishment that awaits them at home.[58]

After Lyon Vastia is defeated and Deliora is found to be dead, Team Natsu heads towards the camp set up for the villagers, but no one is to be seen there. As it turns out, the village has gone back to normal as if someone reversed time. With the mayor still insistent on destroying the moon, Erza discovers the truth about the island, and she and Natsu apparently destroy the moon, effectively lifting the curse from Galuna Island. In actuality, the exhaust fumes from the Moon Drip crystallized and created a layer in the sky, covering the entire island, and what they had destroyed wasn't the moon itself, but the aforesaid layering.[59][60]

Lucy's reaction after realizing that all the villagers are demons

Without the layer in the sky, everything returns back to normal again. The people of the village are revealed to have been Demons to begin with, and the "curse" that befell upon them was actually the side-effects the holy Moon Drip has on demons. It trampled with their memories, deluding them into believing they were humans all along.[61] As their first S-Class Mission is finally over, Erza declines the reward, but takes the Gold Key when the villagers say that it is a sign of their friendship.[62]

Phantom Lord arc

Lucy is spanked by Makarov

As the Team heads home from Galuna Island, Lucy and the others discover that their guild building has been sabotaged by their rival: Phantom Lord. Furious, Lucy and the rest of the team proceed to confront Master Makarov about the occurrences, but in turn, Lucy receives lenient punishment for inappropriately taking on an S-Class job. As Natsu and the Master bicker, Lucy questions why the latter is spanking her derrière, and with a rather perverted expression on. Later the evening, Team Natsu decides to crash into Lucy's apartment, explaining that no Mages are allowed to be left alone at all costs, much to Lucy's chagrin.[63]

The next morning, Lucy, along with her guild mates, sees Levy McGarden, Jet and Droy crucified to a tree with the Phantom Lord mark branded on Levy. The Master then arrives and declares war against Phantom Lord.[64] The Fairy Tail members head towards Phantom Lord's guild house and wreaks havoc, while Lucy stays behind to watch over the injured Shadow Gear.[65]

Lucy is caught by Juvia's Water Prison

As Lucy is walking back from her visit with grocery supplies, she is greeted by Juvia Lockser and Sol from the Element 4. She attempts to battle them after finding out that they are associated with Gajeel Redfox, but is very overpowered, which leads to her capture (and her dropping her keys).[66] Lucy is later seen being used as bait to help seal Master Makarov's Magic Power.[67] Lucy awakes at Phantom's headquarters and learns from the guild master, Jose Porla, that her father sent them to retrieve his daughter.[68]

In order to escape, Lucy says she needs to use the bathroom, but is shocked when Master Jose claims such old tricks will never work on him, and offers a rusty bucket instead. Lucy proceeds to "take up" his suggestion, surprising Master Jose with her brazenness. As he turns away, saying he is such a gentleman, Lucy forcefully kicks him in between his legs, and runs away. He follows her, and corners her into a dead end. Lucy, somehow believing that Natsu will be there to save her, jumps off of the tower and, as she expected, Natsu indeed appears, and catches her as they free fall into the ground. They return to Fairy Tail afterwards.[69]

Back at the guild, Lucy blames herself for the recent events, and explains how it had been her father who was responsible for pulling the strings behind Phantom Lord. Her friends try to cheer her up, but to no avail.[70] As the war with Phantom continues, Mirajane feels it is better to hide Lucy to protect her, and puts the latter to sleep. With Transformation Magic, she disguises herself as Lucy, while Reedus brings the real one to Fairy Tail's safe house.[71]

Lucy is captured and beaten by Gajeel

However, thanks to Gajeel's keen nose, he manages to find the real Lucy and forcefully takes her back to the Phantom Lord headquarters.[72] After being beaten and tortured by Gajeel, Natsu and Happy show up to rescue Lucy.[73] As Natsu and Gajeel's battle progresses, Lucy realizes Natsu is on the verge of being defeated and she calls upon the only key she has remaining (the one she got from Galuna Island), Sagittarius.[74] Sagittarius shoots his arrows at a machine, which catches fire, so that Natsu can eat that fire and power up. Fired up, he manages to defeat Gajeel.[75]

Upon Phantom Lord's defeat, and with a little encouragement from her injured comrades (also being held and released by the Magic Council Knights), Lucy sets out alone towards the Heartfilia manor to meet her father, for the first time in a year.[76] When Lucy arrives at the manor, she is happily greeted by her old servants. They deck her in fancy clothing, and wait outside as Lucy goes to her father’s office. Lucy enters and her father explains that the reason he sent Phantom to get her was because her husband has been decided by him. Lucy says not to misunderstand her, and that she came back to cut ties with him instead, as well as to make sure he would never threaten or come near Fairy Tail again. She shows her resolve by ripping her elegant attire, and claiming she does not need material things to be contented. She is then seen visiting her mother's grave as the others come to take her back to Fairy Tail. As she reveals the superfluous wealth of the Heartfilia family, the rest of Team Natsu are completely stunned.[77]

Loke arc

Lucy as Princess Yanderica.

Noticing Lucy worrying over her little amount of money, Mirajane suggests they do a simple acting job at a theater. She, along with the rest of Team Natsu are originally only to do some small acts to inspire bystanders to come and see a play. However, with all the theater's actors having walked out, Lucy and the rest of Team Natsu are forced to act as the leads themselves. Lucy is cast as Princess Yanderica.[78] Happy is given the task of carrying a Dragon suit that Natsu is in, and they are given a week to rehearse. Their show is atrocious, barely makes sense as a story in general, and they eventually destroy the theater, but despite all this, they are hailed as a success to the point that they're kept there for another week, doing three performances a day.[79]

Upon completing another mission earlier than expected, the gang decides to stay an extra night at an inn before departing. With the others engaged in an intense pillow fight, Lucy goes for a walk and meets two rogue Mages. The rogue Mages cast a spell on her and are about to have their way until Loke appears and rescues her from them.[80]

As a token of appreciation for having found her keys earlier with the Phantom incident, and for rescuing her as well, Lucy invited Loke to go to a local bar with her. There, she tries to find out why he doesn't like Celestial Spirit Mages, but he refuses to answer. As she thanks him again and is about to leave, Loke suddenly grabs Lucy's hand, embraces her, and says he doesn't have much time left.[81] Not wanting to get her involved, he quickly passes this off as a joke, which he receives a slap for.[82]

Lucy and Happy discuss Crux's information

Later at the guild, Lucy, who is still upset from the events of the previous night, learns that Loke had broken up with all his girlfriends. She summons the Celestial Spirit Crux, an expert on Celestial Spirit Magic, to ask about Loke's history with Stellar Spirit Mages. Grandpa Crux provides Lucy with a very brief story about Loke, and the late Celestial Mage Karen Lilica of Blue Pegasus. Lucy then recalls about Loke's vague "joke" and ponders about what he truly tried to imply. Around that time, Gray appears and informs her that Loke has left Fairy Tail, and is nowhere to be found.

Realization dawns Lucy, and she springs into action, knowing fully as to where Loke is. She heads to Karen's grave, where he confesses that he is actually the Celestial Spirit Leo, and Karen was his former summoner. He claims to have killed Karen, and as punishment, was banished in the human realm.[83]

Loke then recounts the whole story of him and Karen. After he finishes, Lucy says that Karen's death wasn't his fault and that she will save him no matter what.[84] She tells him that if he is doomed to perish because of one incident that was not his fault, then she will change the rules of the Celestial Spirit world.

Lucy stands with her Celestial Spirits

At this declaration, the Celestial Spirit King appears before them, and says that, despite the power he beholds, the rule is absolute, and that Loke had inadvertently been the source of Karen's death. Lucy adamantly refuses any punishment to be inflicted on her friend, and manages to summon all of her Spirits at once, surprising the King and Loke greatly.

Moved by her resilience to protect her nakama, the King decides that Loke will be rendered a different punishment instead. Rather than dying, he would dedicate his life to serve Lucy as her guardian. His Key materializes, and Lucy officially becomes Loke's new owner.[85]

Tower of Heaven arc

Lucy is targeted by Wally

Out of gratitude, Loke gives Lucy and Team Natsu tickets to a resort, as he proceeds to carry her bridal-style, and claim to talk about their future. Later on, the team arrives at their vacation spot, and decompresses. However, problems arise and Erza gets kidnapped by her old friends. Lucy and her team, along with Juvia, aided by Natsu's heightened sense of smell, follow Erza into the Tower of Heaven. There, they go on a quest to rescue Erza from the clutches of Jellal Fernandes and his minions.[86][87][88][89]

While looking for Erza, Lucy and Juvia encounter the "Hawk" Vidaldus Taka, one of Jellal's top three fighters and a member of the assassination Death's Head Caucus Guild team, Trinity Raven.[90] As they fight, Taka uses his Rock of Succubus to enslave Juvia. As Juvia fights Lucy, Lucy hears the real Juvia's voice and summons Aquarius through Juvia's water body. Lucy and Juvia join hands as Aquarius attacks, and together, they perform Unison Raid, defeating Vidaldus for good, and surprising Jellal, since many Mages practice for years, only to never achieve that feat.[91]

Lucy and co. watching from afar

After this, Simon asks Gray to lead everyone off the Tower and Lucy watches from afar in a boat as Natsu defeats Jellal, and completely destroys the tower.[92][93] As Erza's friends leave to try to learn more about the "outside world" before truly trying to live a new life, Lucy sees them off, together with the rest of the Fairy Tail members, by making some fireworks with her Celestial Spirit Magic.[94]

Battle of Fairy Tail arc

Juvia still sees Lucy as her love rival

When Team Natsu returns to the guild, they find its reconstruction complete and Cana Alberona shows them around. Makarov startles them with the introduction of two new members: Juvia and Gajeel, their previous enemies. After settling down, they sit down for a song from Mirajane; this calm state doesn't last long as the two Dragon Slayers soon cause a large brawl.[95] Though Lucy is supposed to be the interviewee in the weekly Sorcerer Magazine for Fairy Tail, the reporter, Jason, instead ignores her throughout the whole time, as he constantly runs around in excitement, asking different guild members questions. Not giving up, Lucy decides to dress as a bunny girl and go onto the stage, hoping to gain attention, only to fail as Gajeel appears next to her and surprises everybody with his singing performance. He even threatens Lucy with a stare to force her to dance as he sings.[96]

A few days later, Lucy desperately looks for jobs to pay her rent, and asks Natsu and Happy to help her out. Much to her dismay, Natsu is feeling under the weather and goes home to rest. Lucy grabs his scarf to stop him, but falls to the ground instead. Admitting defeat, Lucy goes home.[97] On the way back, she realizes she still has Natsu's scarf and decides to wash it for him. She arrives in her apartment, and finishes her work. She decides to sleep, but is startled instead when she finds Happy and Natsu asleep on her bed. Happy explains that Natsu has been feeling ill, similar to when he ate Laxus Dreyar's lightning.

He then goes on to explain about the strongest members in the guild, the strongest probably being Gildarts, and then gives Lucy a flyer about the Magnolia Harvest and the Miss Fairy Tail competition that is being run alongside it. He says it will solve all her monetary problems, as the competition offers a huge reward for the winner.[98]

Lucy is turned into stone

During the contest, Lucy, in a cheerleader getup, performs alongside her Spirits. She is, however, interrupted by Evergreen, a member of the Thunder God Tribe, who proceeds to turn her into stone, along with the other participants.[99] Later on, Lucy and the other victims are de-petrified as Erza successfully defeats Evergreen. Lucy quickly jumps into battle, easily escaping from Freed Justine's barrier set up around the guildhall.[100][101]

She encounters Bickslow (another Thunder God Tribe member) and is attacked by his puppets, consequently dropping her keys. He is about to finish her off with his Baryon Formation when Loke summons himself to save her and to fulfill his promise to her.[102]

Lucy is ready to fight side by side with Loke

Loke, having significantly powered up since returning to the Stellar Plane, easily gains the upper hand in battle, as he proceeds to defeat Bickslow. The latter, however, reveals his trump card: the Figure Eyes, which allow him to turn anything he sets his eyes on into his dolls and control them. Unable to use their vision, the tables turn for Loke and Lucy as Bickslow overpowers them.

In the end, their immense trust in one another pushes through. Through Lion Brilliance, Loke momentarily blinds Bickslow, paving a way for Lucy to subdue him. Through their solid partnership, Loke and Lucy manage to completely defeat their opponent. Her feat shocks Gajeel, who does not deem Lucy to be a particularly strong Mage.[103][104]

Lucy destroys the Lacrima

After the battle, Lucy collapses from exhaustion and Loke returns her keys to her, stating that he will always be there for her. He also jokingly remarks that it is the power of their love that enabled them to win.[105] Near the end though, Warren's Telepathy informs the recovering Fairy Tail members of what is happening. Lucy and the rest of Fairy Tail decide to destroy Laxus's Thunder Palace spell and save the town.[106]

After the incident, Fairy Tail finally performs on the Fantasia parade in the city. There, Lucy performs on a float together with Cana, Levy, and Bisca.[107]

Oración Seis arc

Lucy is one of the members chosen along with Natsu, Gray and Erza to represent Fairy Tail as part of an alliance for the upcoming battle against one of the strongest Dark Guilds, Oración Seis.[108]

"You liiiiike her!"

Team Natsu heads to the villa of Blue Pegasus' Guild Master, Bob, to meet up with the rest of the members of their alliance, the Allied Forces—a league formed by four legal guilds: Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Cait Shelter. As Fairy Tail arrives, The Trimens of Blue Pegasus welcome them, flirt with the ladies, and openly ignore the boys. As the rest of the Allied Forces members arrive, they proceed to carefully plan their attack on Oración Seis, who are aiming to set into motion the powerful Nirvana. Unbeknownst to them, however, their opponents are fully aware of their plans, and catch them off guard. In the attack, the Oración Seis Mages not only overwhelm the Allied Forces completely, they also manage to kidnap Cait Shelter's Wendy Marvell.[109][110]

In the battle, Erza is poisoned by Cubellios, Oración Seis' Cobra's snake, and Lucy stays behind to watch over her. Blue Pegasus' Hibiki Lates then informs Lucy that her reputation has suffered quite the blow, as she is also blamed for her team's destructive tendencies. She quickly explains none of it had been her doing at all, but understands that the damage has been done regardless.[111]

Lucy hears about Nirvana

Natsu, having successfully rescued Wendy, returns to Erza's location, and pleads for the younger Mage to heal his injured friend.[112] As Wendy sets into work, they see a black light in the distance. Natsu rushes towards it, believing that the revived Jellal is there as well.[113][114] Distracted over Natsu's vague outburst, Lucy and the rest of the party are surprised to see Erza has disappeared as well. Hibiki proceeds to explain the truth about Nirvana's fearsome nature.[115][116][117]

As they make their way towards the light, they encounter "Gray" standing above Natsu, about to deliver a finishing blow. Thinking Gray has yielded to the darkness, Lucy summons Sagittarius and he fires an arrow to save Natsu. "Gray" then proceeds to freeze Happy and shoots a blast at Lucy, who is saved by Hibiki. As Lucy and her team finally realize what is happening, "Gray" transforms into Lucy, tugs on her blouse upward, and brazenly flashes Lucy's bosom to the gaping audience.[118]

Sagittarius shoots Hibiki

"Lucy" then makes Sagittarius shoot Hibiki in the back. With everyone confused, the real Lucy tells Carla to take Wendy and run, then forces Sagittarius's gate closed. The other "Lucy" then summons Sagittarius and orders him to shoot Carla down. Soon after, Angel appears, saying it's not necessary and the other "Lucy" turns out to be the twins Gemi and Mini, the Celestial Spirits Gemini.[119]

Lucy determines that she has to take on Angel herself and summons Aquarius in the nearby river. Angel, also being a Celestial Spirit Mage, opens the gate of the Scorpion, Scorpio, who turns out to be Aquarius's boyfriend. Elated by the arrival of her beloved, Aquarius abandons Lucy's orders and the couple goes on a date. Taking advantage of the surprised Lucy, Angel attacks her, saying that Lucy has no hope of defeating her if she does not know the relationships between Celestial Spirits, and proceeds to knock Lucy into the river. Desperate, Lucy then summons her trump card, Loke. Angel, unperturbed, summons Loke's friend Aries.[120]

Lucy cries for Loke and Aries

Lucy is now distraught, saying that even Loke won't be able to fight. Seeing Aries, Lucy asks Angel where she got Karen's Spirit, and Angel bluntly replies that she killed the Celestial Spirit Mage and took her key. Not wanting the two friends to fight, Lucy tries to close Loke's gate, but he refuses because it's his duty to serve his master. As the two Spirits fight, Angel sees Loke gaining the upper-hand, and decides to summon Caelum, which shoots both Loke and Aries through their stomachs. With Loke apologizing, both Spirits fade away. Lucy, upset, calls Angel the scum of Celestial Spirit Mages for treating her own spirit so cruelly. She summons Taurus, only to see him get defeated by Gemini.[121]

Lucy defeats Angel with Urano Metria

After Lucy collapses from exhaustion, Gemini gives her a savage beating. Even though she is beaten up, Lucy lifts her head up, and demands Angel to release Aries from her contract. She says the Spirit had suffered enough from her formerly abusive owner, and that Aries deserves to reunite at last with her friend, Loke. Angel asks what she is willing to give in exchange, and Lucy says she will give her anything but her keys. Angel decides that Lucy's life will be the price, and orders Gemini to finish her off. However, before administrating the final blow, Gemini goes through Lucy's memories and sees how much Lucy truly loves and cares for Celestial Spirits. Thus, Gemini cannot bring themselves to kill her. Angel closes Gemini's door and orders Caelum to finish Lucy off when Hibiki appears and grabs hold of Lucy's neck. This shocks both Angel and Lucy, both thinking that he had turned to the darkness. Instead, Hibiki uses his archive to give Lucy a new Magic, which he calls a "super" Magic. With this, glowing orbs appear around Lucy and she casts Urano Metria to defeat Angel. After using the spell, Lucy doesn't seem to remember what happened.[122]

Angel then gets back up, saying that she will not be defeated, and that Oración Seis never loses. Angel fires Caelum, but just like Gemini, Caelum has lost the will to attack Lucy due to her compassion for Celestial Spirits. As Angel falls into the water, Lucy tries to save Natsu from going down the river, but ends up on the same raft, heading towards a waterfall and falling over.[123]

Lucy in celestial clothing from Virgo

Moments later, the two Mages regain consciousness, and Lucy is astonished to find her wounds treated and outfit changed, courtesy of Virgo, who decks Natsu in a matching getup as well. During this moment, Sherry, who has fallen to the darkness, shows up and is about to attack both of them, when Gray appears and apprehends Sherry. Lyon follows suit, actually being alive and in good condition. Relieved to see that is Lyon relatively unharmed, Sherry is released from the darkness and returns back to normal.[124] After witnessing Nirvana's second stage, Lucy, Gray and Natsu decide to climb up one of its legs to reach the series of towers perched atop the device's general body.[125][126]

When Lucy and Gray finally arrive in the capital of Nirvana, they meet up with Jura Neekis and Hoteye, who explain that long ago, Nirvana was created by the race called Nirvit for the purpose of peace. Ironically enough, it is now being used to execute evil intentions.[127]

Lucy and the others encounter Midnight

As they go on to explain that Brain is the one controlling Nirvana, Midnight shows up to assassinate them, and takes them aback with his powerful Magic as he effortlessly slices a building in half. Hoteye gives them a chance to escape, saying he will take on Midnight.[128] Eventually, Lucy, Gray and Jura catch up to Brain, who is dragging an unconscious Natsu away.[129] Brain reveals his plan to turn Natsu into a member of his new Oración Seis and that his first target with Nirvana is Cait Shelter. At this, Natsu unexpectedly bites Brain's hand, successfully managing to release himself. Lucy and Gray plan to attack Brain, but Jura steps in himself, and assaults Brain unmercifully with his Rock Magic. He demands Brain's reasons for wanting to destroy Wendy's guild, which catches the others off guard.[130]

After Brain's defeat,[131] Lucy and the rest of her teammates head towards the capital's summit, hoping to find any means to stop Nirvana.[132] They unfortunately stumble upon nothing,[133] but Wendy runs off, realizing a possible way to shut it down. "Hoteye," who, unbeknownst to them is in fact Zero, telepathically communicates with Allied Forces, saying he was unable to defeat Midnight, and the latter is now located at the bottom of the capital.[134]

Lucy, Natsu and Gray are protected by Jura

Lucy, along with her companions, rushes towards Midnight's apparent location, where they stumble upon a set of doors which Natsu recklessly destroys. In the last moment, Jura realizes they fell into a trap, and shields the younger Mages with his Earth Magic and his own body.[135][136] The explosion that follows gravely injures Jura, and Lucy, along with the others, treats him immediately. At this, Brain's apparently living staff, Klodoa, arrives, and reveals he is actually the seventh member of the supposedly-six-member Oración Seis. He is then comically smacked around by Natsu. Levitating in the air, Klodoa reveals that Cait Shelter is made up of descendants of the Nirvit, thus they are the only ones able to seal Nirvana, and consequently must be eliminated.[137][138]

All of a sudden, Klodoa starts to attack Natsu and Gray, and even manages to sneak a peek at Lucy's panties before attacking her as well. Klodoa then senses that all of the six have been defeated, goes into a panic and declares that when all of the six "prayers" have fallen, Brain's other, more savage personality, Zero, emerges. At this moment, Zero himself arrives and ruthlessly beats Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy to a pulp. Blood-frenzied, he says that they are not defeated, until they are completely reduced to nothing.[139]

Team Natsu is ready to fight again

As the Allied Forces briefly delays Zero's plan from unfolding, their friends call for the beat up Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy to get back on their feet, and fight once again. It was Sherry's strong words that finally snapped some sense into Lucy, and the four of them determinedly stand back up. They immediately set forth towards the different Lacrima crystals they must destroy.[140]

Despite her tenacity, however, Lucy is still very much exhausted, and is running low on Magic Power. At a loss on what to do, and on the verge of tearing up, Lucy is surprised as Gemini, who took her form once again, suddenly appears before her and says they will take her place instead.[141] Gemini as Lucy easily summons Taurus, who destroys the Lacrima, at their signal.[142]

Lucy gets three more keys

After the team's successful mission, Lucy and the members of Team Light celebrate their victory in Cait Shelter. It is there where the truth about the nature of Wendy's guild is revealed, which greatly astounds Lucy and her friends. She and the representatives of Fairy Tail eagerly invite Wendy to their guild, as the latter worries gravely on where she should go next. Just before Team Light disbands for good, Gemini, Scorpio, and Aries appear and offer Lucy their Keys. They say that upon Angel's defeat and her arrest, their contracts were terminated. The three Spirits would love, more than anything, to be in the hands of the kind-hearted Stellar Mage, Lucy. Lucy agrees, but says she is astounded by the fact that she will earn three new "friends" to her collection of keys just like that. Aries and Scorpio are surprised at their new status, because they are used to being treated as objects by their previous owners. Lucy assures them that she will never think like that, and that since she treats Loke and her other spirits that way, she will give them the same treatment as well. Aries smiles, and they all say that they are looking forward to working with Lucy.[143]

Daphne arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Edolas arc

Lucy sees Gildarts for the first time

With the Oración Seis defeated, Lucy heads back to Fairy Tail with her companions and Wendy. Wendy and Lucy are surprised when a loud bell in Magnolia chimes, and it is revealed that Gildarts Clive has returned. Lucy tells Wendy a little bit about him, saying that Gildarts is supposedly the most powerful Mage in Fairy Tail and that she has never seen him before. She then watches as he sends Natsu into the ceiling with one hand, and is shocked to realize that he couldn't finish the 100-Year Quest he took on.[148]

As Mystogan reveals the truth about Anima to both Wendy and Carla,[149] Lucy is seen at the guild wondering about when the rain will stop and wishing that something interesting will happen.[150] Then, when Anima begins sucking Magnolia Town, Horologium, who feels the fluctuation in space-time, appears and saves Lucy by hiding her in another space for a while. Lucy then finds herself alone in what is left of Magnolia and meets Mystogan for the first time. Mystogan tells her about Edolas, a parallel world and explains the current situation to her. He then gives her a pill that will preserve her Magic, and sends her to Edolas.[151][152]

Lucy employs Magic in Edolas

Lucy then goes on her own to search for her friends. In Louen City a group of soldiers mistake her for her Edolas counterpart and try to arrest her. Lucy struggles against the guards and before Natsu can try to help her, she summons Scorpio and blasts all of the soldiers way. When they reunite, Lucy is overjoyed at seeing them again, but gets shocked when she sees her Edolas counterpart, Lucy Ashley. She tells Natsu to take care of the rest of the soldiers, but Natsu tells her that she's the only one who can use Magic, leading her to believe that she has become the strongest Fairy Tail Mage. She then summons Aries and they all escape to the forest.[153]

Lucy explains how she ended up in Edolas. Lucy Ashley comments on how they're still going to fight against the kingdom even though they can't control their Magic properly, despite Earth Land Lucy protests that she can use hers. Lucy proclaims that as Fairy Tail's (current) strongest Mage that she'll be the one to solve everything, to which Natsu, Carla, and Happy say they have no choice but to count on her as Wendy cheers her on.[154]

Lucy, Lucy and ...Lucy?!

Arriving in the town of Sycca, the team decides to stay the night in a hotel, where Lucy and her Edolas counterpart shower together. As they come out, Lucy Ashley proceeds to reveal her body to Natsu, but Earth Land Lucy quickly intervenes and covers up. Natsu cracks up at this, and when Lucy demands to know why, he says that he finds it funny that the two Lucys take a bath together, which stuns the two females. At this, Ashley asks Lucy to summon a Spirit that could cut her hair, to help people distinguish them.[155]

The next day, Lucy becomes furious with Ashley who disappeared, and only left a note saying that she's going back to her guild. Her anger, however, quickly dissipates as she finds a book narrating the history of Edolas.[156] While reading, she and Natsu notice that an airship has just landed. Listening to Natsu's idea of stealing the airship, Lucy decides to battle the Royal Army with Loke. However, Virgo comes out in his stead, as he apparently went out on a date and cannot be summoned at the moment.[157]

When the Mages are nearly captured by the Royal Army, a man with a Magic four-wheeler, arrives and saves Lucy and company, taking them out of the city. As they travel, the man introduces himself as Natsu the Fireball to them.[158] In the capital, they witness their guild trapped inside a Lacrima, and Natsu, enraged, moves to create a commotion. Lucy tearfully holds him back, placating him as she says she understands the pain as well.[159]

Later that day, she and Carla make up a plan to find out how they can turn back the guild to normal. Lucy plans on using Gemini to transform into Faust and read his mind. This plan is never completed, as they are captured by Erza Knightwalker and her troupes, during their infiltration.[160] Imprisoned, she is put in a separate cell from Wendy and Natsu, and is about to be executed.[161]

Moments later, Knightwalker arrives at Lucy's cell to kill her. The latter attempts to persuade the general, saying that her Earth Land Erza is actually a member of Fairy Tail and is a good, responsible person that everyone can count on. However, Knightwalker is not swayed, and tells Lucy not to confuse her with her Earth Land counterpart.[162]

Erza Knightwalker about to kill Lucy

Knightwalker then suspends Lucy over a balcony and tells her that she is unfortunate because she likes to look at the suffering of others. She is known as the Fairy Hunter, as she has killed dozens of members of Fairy Tail. She then sarcastically comments that she'll be seeing Lucy, before throwing the latter off the balcony.[163]

Luckily, Lucy is saved by Carla and Happy at the last moment. Carla tries to exploit Erza's lack of information and presents herself as Extalia's princess and a daughter of Queen Shagotte. She then tricks Erza into revealing the location of Natsu and Wendy, and then tries to have the two Dragon Slayers released as well.[164]

Carla's deceit almost succeeds, when the rest of the royal guards unfortunately arrive and Panther Lily informs Erza that Carla and Happy are actually "fallen," which is equivalent to traitors. All three flee immediately. Carla asks Lucy if she is angry at them, at which Lucy does not understand as to why she should be. Carla states that it is their fault that she got caught in the first place and Lucy replies that they came to save her anyway. She then adds that she is more surprised by the fact that Carla is a princess.[165]

The group then tries to reach the West Tower, where Wendy and Natsu are both trapped. Unfortunately, Extalia troops face them in the air, and the Magic Militia awaits them on the ground, leaving them trapped. However, in a lucky twist of fate, Faust decides that now is a perfect time to invoke Code ETD, which transforms the Extalia troops into a giant cat Lacrima.[166][167]

Lucy sees Gray and Erza

As the Magic Militia is distracted, Lucy, Happy, and Carla make their way to the basement of the West Tower, where they are ambushed by Erza Knightwalker and her soldiers once again. Just as Knightwalker is about to execute Happy, the soldiers behind her are suddenly blown away and Lucy is overjoyed, as both Earth Land Erza and Gray appear and join the fray.[168]

She later learns that it is because of Gajeel's Dragon Slayer Magic that Erza and Gray were freed from the Lacrima. She also discovers that the reason she could employ her Magic in Edolas was because Mystogan fed her the X-Balls, a medicine that allows the Earth Land Mages to use Magic in Edolas.[169] Later, she runs around in the castle with Gray and Natsu trying to locate the King. During that time, Lucy comments on how confusing the layout of the castle is and that she wouldn't be surprised if there is even an amusement park inside. True to her prediction, the group actually encounters one, along with Hughes and Sugarboy. Lucy then prepares to battle the two captains alongside Gray and Natsu.[170]

Lucy and Natsu on a Hell Coaster

Hughes shows off his weapon, Command Tact, which allows him to control anything and everything within the amusement park. He then attacks Natsu with a roller coaster from behind. Lucy shouts at him before falling into Sugarboy's trap, which makes both Gray and her sink into the ground. After Gray hauls her into the air, she attempts to free Natsu from the hell roller coaster but fails, as Hughes eventually makes them fall into a body of water. She then looks at Hughes in comical disbelief, as the latter laughs at a candid shot of Natsu and Lucy on the coaster.[171]

The presence of water makes Lucy realize that she can summon Aquarius, which she immediately does. However, the situation turns grim as Aquarius discovers she has absolutely no control of the water, and finds out it is still Sugarboy's territory. Lucy looks in shock before being engulfed with the water attack by Hughes.[172] His attack somehow flushes Lucy into an outfit-changing device. Natsu then hatches a plan for Lucy to seduce Hughes with sexy clothing, but fails when Hughes, unfazed, attacks them using monsters located in the attraction anyway.[173] Later, Lucy runs away from the hoard of monsters, only to bump into Coco, who has Byro chasing after her. Byro then asks Coco to hand the "key," referring to the one used for controlling the Dragon Chain Cannon, to him, but Lucy mistakes it as Byro asking for her Celestial Spirit Keys instead. She engages Byro in battle, and inadvertently defends Coco as well.[174]

Lucy attacked with Storm Liquid

Lucy summons Taurus, who is however quickly defeated by Byro's Flame Liquid. She then calls for Virgo who successfully lands a hit on the opponent, causing him to fall into the hole she made. This backfires as Byro consumes his Octopus Liquid, turning him into a giant octopus-human hybrid, and allowing him to successfully capture Coco. Virgo states that she can not do anything against such opponent, and Lucy is forced to run. Virgo then gives Lucy the extending whip, Fleuve d'étoiles of the Eridanus Constellation from the Celestial World, in order to conserve her Magic Power.[175]

Virgo's concern on her well-being lifts Lucy's spirits, and drives her to fight for Coco. Seeing Byro hurt the younger girl repeatedly, Lucy states that protecting your friends is the most important thing. Employing Fleuve d'étoiles, she manages to tie up Byro's legs, and have him hit Monster Academy. He subsequently catches fire thanks to Natsu's punch, which eventually leads to both Byro and Hughe's defeat.[176]

Before Coco can hand them over the key, Sugarboy slides by and takes it, subsequently being chased by Gray on a motorcycle.[177] Lucy and Natsu chase after them, but Sugarboy softens the floor, and Lucy gets stuck under Byro's tentacles with Coco.[178] After the cannon is fired, Lucy reappears with Coco on her Legion. Erza, Natsu, and Gray hop on and they head for the Lacrima Island.[179][180] By helping Natsu and the others, Lucy is able to buy enough time for Mystogan to send Fairy Tail back to their world. Lucy, as with the rest of her friends, is extremely flabbergasted upon discovering that Mystogan, in reality, is actually the Prince of Edolas.[181]

While helping the Exceeds escape from the Royal Army, Lucy, along with Erza Scarlet, Gray, and Coco, are again ambushed by Erza Knightwalker and her force.[182] The two Erzas battle against each other, and Lucy and the others fight against the rest of the army.[183][184] Even with Loke's help, the sheer number of the Royal Army nearly defeats them until the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild appears and evens the fight. She is helped by her Edolas counterpart, and watches the rest of the battle.[185] Magic, however, is being taken away from Edolas at a crucial time. Although the Royal Army runs away, Lucy realizes that the whole guild is in a state of panic as well. Lucy tries to calm them down, only to be yelled at by her counterpart for not realizing that a Magic guild cannot possibly exist without Magic.[186]

Lucy is later seen with Gray and the others as the Anima begins to suck up the Exceeds and Earth Land Mages, commenting on the fact that since the Anima is sucking Magic Power out of Edolas, it is kicking them out as well. Lucy then says goodbye to the Edolas Fairy Tail, and travels back to Earth Land with the others.[187]

Return to Earth Land

After arriving back with her friends, Lucy is relieved to see that Magnolia is intact. She is also surprised when the Exceeds show up as well, to reveal the truth about their plan to save the 100 unborn eggs. Eventually, they bid goodbye to the Earth Land Mages, and Lucy and her friends return to their guild. As they head out, they are surprised to see a smaller Panther Lily. When Panther Lily reveals that he has caught someone suspicious, Lucy and the others are shocked at the revelation of Lisanna's Edolas counterpart, who was also sent to Earth Land.[188] She is later seen wondering what's going on when Lisanna admits that she is actually the Earth Land Lisanna, and then along with the others, she helps Lisanna return to her siblings.[189]

Tenrou Island arc

Lucy's Guildmates want to go to Edolas

As the guild celebrates the arrival of Lisanna, Lucy is surprised to see that Evergreen and Juvia have changed their appearance. Moments later she witnesses the guild starting another ruckus, and later tells Juvia not to strip just to impress Gray.[190] After the guild's little skirmish is over, she wakes up to find everybody still asleep. Her eyes then fall upon Mirajane, Lisanna, and Elfman with their arms around each other. While looking at them, she comments on how happy she is for them to be able to see each other again. As she looks around again, she sees Natsu, bends down and stares at his face wondering if he has ever felt lonely due to him being unable to see Igneel. Lucy then comments about how cute Natsu can be while he is asleep.[191]

Seconds later, Natsu abruptly punches her in the face, and Lucy goes flying through the guild roof and into the river by her house.[192] A few days later, she bathes by herself and gets a shock when she discovers that Cana is in the bath tub with her. Cana then talks a little with Lucy, and confesses that she wishes to leave Fairy Tail. In the guild house, Lucy relates this to Mirajane, who comments that this happens to Cana every year. Lucy then wonders why several guild members suddenly began taking on more jobs than usual.[193] The day after, Lucy witnesses the announcement of the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and is very surprised that there even exists such an event.[194]

Lucy decides to help Cana

As Lucy heads home, she stumbles upon a drunk Cana sleeping in the snow. She takes the latter home, where Cana reveals the reason why she must, at all costs, become an S-Class Mage. She adds that should she still fail this year, she will leave Fairy Tail for good. Fired up over this, Lucy determinedly joins the S-Class Trial by becoming Cana's partner.[195]

On the day of the Trials, the participants and their partners head towards Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's holy land, aboard a ship. Lucy complains about the blistering heat and says that she will melt while sprawled in a lawn chair in what Levy calls a slovenly manner, and that Happy will eat her gloppy remains. Shortly after, the Master arrives and explains the rules of the first trial.

As soon as the Trials commence, the runes that Freed had been surreptitiously setting up moments before activate, effectively trapping the other participants who have no means of bypassing it. Waiting out the five-minute-rule set by the runes, Lucy and Cana quickly swim towards the island, and are upset to discover they are the last to arrive there. Lucy attempts to lift Cana's spirits by saying a fortunate twist of luck usually happens in situations like this.[196]

Lucy and Cana confronted by Freed and Bickslow

Once they take the last, unoccupied path, they eventually realize that they have ended up in a Battle Path, and must face against another team in order to progress to the next level. To both girls' horror, they are confronted by Freed and Bickslow, whom they had no chance against during the Magnolia Festival battle, with Cana being completely overpowered by Freed, and Lucy only able to win against Bickslow thanks to Loke.

Now at a terrible disadvantage as Lucy cannot possibly summon Loke (who had resumed his human self and partnered up with Gray for the Trials), Cana is surprised when Freed tells them to first put more clothes on as their being clad in bikinis serves as a big distraction for him.[197]

Cana, realizing that Freed's weakness is women, takes advantage of the situation and unleashes the Sexy Lady Card, which summons a throng of voluptuous women in skimpy swimsuits that surrounds Freed. This move manages to knock him out. Lucy attempts to help by summoning Virgo who is only in her undergarments, but the Spirit is easily taken out by Bickslow's dolls. His dolls continue to attack, and Cana makes an attempt to hit them using the Prayer's Fountain Card, but misses. With the presence of water, Lucy then summons Aquarius, and quickly calls out for Cana to anchor herself onto something. Aquarius' attacks successfully defeat Freed and Bickslow. Afterwards, the Spirit banters with Cana, and Lucy notes how similar the two women are.[198]

At their opponents' defeat, a path is paved for Lucy and Cana to continue onward. Freed and Bickslow then talk about how they had intentionally allowed the two females to win, and how Freed feels he owes them, from the uproar they caused during the Magnolia Festival. He adds how Lucy and Cana were actually lucky to have ran into them.[199]

It could be Mirajane...

Lucy and Cana meet up with the winners of the first trial, and welcome Gray and Loke upon their arrival. Master Makarov then announces those who had been defeated in the previous event, and Gray is openly shocked to discover Team Cana had actually beaten Team Freed. As the Master finishes his announcement, Lucy mentally runs through the list of which teams took which possible path, and concludes that Evergreen and Elfman must have ran into Mirajane. She is surprised to find that while her conclusion is true, Team Elfman has also successfully defeated the Take-Over Mage. Lucy then sees Happy worrying over Natsu brooding over something, and the Dragon Slayer comments that he is not depressed, but is thinking instead. Happy is absolutely flabbergasted at this, amazed that Natsu is actually thinking about something. Lucy wonders how lowly the Exceed thinks of his partner.[200]

Natsu abruptly stands up, and challenges the remaining participants to see who will win. The Master then reveals the next trial, which is for the competitors to locate the grave of Mavis Vermillion, Fairy Tail's first Master, as well as its founder.[201] As Lucy and Cana get on with the Trial, they are suddenly chased by gigantic, lizard-like creatures. Managing to evade their pursuers, Lucy contemplates on the Master's words. The second trial tests their intelligence, and she repeats Makarov's clues in her head. She realizes with a jolt that she knows where Mavis' grave is, and she rushes off, with Cana right behind her and cheering her on. Unbeknownst to them, Gray and Loke follow after them.[202]

Gray and Loke team up with Cana and Lucy

Later on, Lucy and Cana see the warning signal Erza launched, calling for everyone to get into battle formation.[203] Cana is extremely upset over the cancellation of the Trials, and determinedly says she will proceed with the second trial regardless. Gray and Loke then make themselves known and calm Cana down. The girls ask why the two boys were following them, and Loke proceeds to relate the truth, but is stopped by Gray. The Ice Mage drops the topic, and suggests they head back to the camp, as they know very little about the sudden enemy.[204]

As they make their way back to base, they are suddenly ambushed by members of Grimoire Heart, whom they fight off against. Caprico, one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, then teleports them away, and announces that he will be their opponent instead.[205] As their fight begins, Caprico immediately kicks Lucy into a wall and continues kicking Gray and Loke. As she gets up, Caprico explains to the group what the Grimoire Heart Guild is actually trying to accomplish by obtaining Zeref.[206]

Lucy tells Loke that he has to come back to her

Caprico then reveals himself to be the Celestial Spirit Capricorn, under the control of Zoldeo. Loke volunteers to fight the other Spirit, alone, saying that the Human Subordination Magic Capricorn is under, will not affect him as a Spirit. Lucy is vehemently against the idea of leaving him behind, but Loke manages to persuade her. Before she heads off, she reminds him that no matter what, he must return to her.[207] After Loke's battle with Capricorn, his Key returns to Lucy's belt, and he informs her that Capricorn will join her side as well. Lucy then excitedly relays this to Gray and Cana.[208]

As the three walk together, Cana suddenly suggests they split up to look for the Seven Kin. Lucy stammers her protests, and Cana says she'll be with her. Gray reluctantly leaves them after a little disagreement.[209] As the two walk together, Cana inquires about the location of Mavis's grave. Lucy then explains that she tried to associate different six-letter words with "grave" and when asked about why they had to be six letters, she says that the six-hour time limit hinted at something being six letters. She then says the only word she could come up with was "DEMISE" and that the letter "E" is suspicious in that it pops up twice. She asks Cana if she remembers that the first paths were lined up according to alphabetical letters. Without warning, Lucy loses consciousness and falls on the ground as Cana secretly uses the Sleep Card on her. Cana then drags the sleeping Lucy a short distance away, but leaves her out in the open regardless. Still asleep, Lucy is happened upon by Kain Hikaru, another one of the Seven Kin.[210]

Kain attempts to stomp on Lucy

Kain tries to stomp on her but she wakes up just in time.[211] Lucy then questions him about Cana's whereabouts to which he replies that it doesn't matter because he'd kill her soon anyway. She then begins to wonder to herself, how she got there, whether or not she was sleeping, as well as when she got separated from Cana, and then resolves to do something about Kain. Kain then runs behind a nearby tree trembling and stating that he's strong and that it doesn't matter who his opponent is, they won't live if they face him.[212] When Lucy tells him that anyone who challenges Fairy Tail will be challenged by her as well, he simply tells her to hold on a second and starts vigorously scratching his head. He then strikes a pose, and tells her that they are going to fight. He adds that he will also show her the power of his Magic Ushi no Koku Mairi.

He then pulls out a doll, and asks Lucy for some of her hair, as his Magic requires his opponent's hair for it to work. Lucy immediately turns down his request, and Kain goes on to explain his ability, stating that if he is to put some of her hair on Mr. Cursey he will be able to manipulate her movements. She states that after hearing that she will definitely not give him any hair at all. Kain is apparently gobsmacked at such revelation, and Lucy asks if he only realized that just now.[213] Lucy claims she has never heard of Kain's Magic, and believes he is merely bluffing. To prove his abilities, Kain places wisps of his own hair on Mr. Cursey, and hands it over to Lucy. She rams the doll against the ground, and makes it do a split in mid-air, before Kain angrily takes it back and starts chasing after her, stating that he is incredibly pissed off.

Kain defeats Lucy and her Spirits

Lucy berates herself and says that now is not the time to be playing around. She summons Taurus, whom Kain effortlessly knocks out. She calls for Sagittarius, who fires a few arrows, all of which Kain deflects easily, before the Spirit is defeated as well. Lucy then summons Scorpio who uses Sand Buster, but the attack has no effect on Kain at all, and Scorpio is eventually knocked out too.

As Lucy realizes Mr. Cursey is actually strengthening Kain depending on the material it is made out of, Kain transforms the doll into a source of light, and blows Lucy with a powerful blast. Mr. Cursey then changes into cotton, before transforming once again, into iron this time. Kain dives forward to smash Lucy, but Natsu intervenes, kicks him in the face, and sends Kain flying over to Ultear, who easily sidesteps her teammate's body.[214]

Natsu and Lucy meet up

Natsu asks Lucy what she is doing there, and she asks him the same question, thanking him for saving her as well. Happy remarks that Lucy was sent flying over in their direction rather ungracefully, to which Lucy asks if there is a "cool" way to be sent flying anyway. Lucy asks if Natsu had an opponent prior to her arrival, and the latter replies that Kain was his, as Lucy could not take out the Grimoire Heart Mage. Lucy argues that she did not intend to battle Kain anyway, and that it would have been a close fight, even for Natsu himself, to which he argues back.

Natsu says he would be able to take Kain down, and Happy states that Natsu faces two opponents now. The Dragon Slayer remarks that they themselves had another member on their side anyway. Natsu finally acknowledges the Trials are put hold, and offers to team up with Lucy for the time being. At this, the Stellar Mage remarks that it is nostalgic, Happy says it makes him remember of the time back when they first met, and Natsu exclaims that he is all fired up now. Lucy and Natsu share a high five and the two Mages agree that their enemies should be taken down.[215]

Lucy controlled by Kain

Kain gets back on his feet and agrees to battle Natsu and Lucy by himself. Ultear then takes her leave, and Lucy warns Natsu that they cannot allow her or any of their enemies to do so. Natsu rushes at Ultear but Kain gets in the way. Lucy attempts to help, but soon realizes she is under Kain's control. The Grimoire Heart Mage reveals he took a strand of her hair while chasing her from before. He takes his revenge by toying with her, and manipulates her to attack Natsu.

Natsu successfully avoids one of Lucy's attacks and prepares to strike back. However Lucy's unpredictable movements prove too much for him to avoid. After a while, Natsu is eventually able to restrain her, and Happy steals Mr. Cursey. Kain, however, knocks Happy with one blow and tries to recover his doll, but Natsu takes it instead, trying to counterattack. Kain acts faster and delivers a powerful blow to Natsu which sends the Dragon Slayer crashing and half-buried in a pile of boulders. Natsu is unable to move on his own and Lucy tries to summon Virgo, but has no more Magic Power left and is subsequently captured and tortured by Kain.

Lucy defeats Kain

Natsu tells her to run, but Lucy refuses, prompting Kain to try to kill her by crushing her head. Before he can do it, Natsu grabs Mr. Cursey, and manipulates Lucy into repeatedly assaulting Kain. He then ignites her arm with his Dragon Slayer Magic, and gives the doll to Happy. The Exceed then employs his Aera, and rushes towards Kain with blinding speed. Lucy, aflame, lands a powerful kick on Kain's face, which finally knocks the Grimoire Hear Mage down.[216]

Having triumphed over the opponent, Lucy proceeds to pull Natsu out from the debris he is buried under, without having much of a feat. Happy then suggests Natsu break free on his own by destroying the boulders with his flames. Natsu effortlessly frees himself, and looks around to discover that Zeref, who was previously nearby together with Ultear, is missing. Natsu remarks that something is getting in the way of his sense of smell.

Lucy chasing Happy

Lucy then raises her leg and says she has to look for Cana. Natsu asks her why she is raising her leg, and Lucy realizes that Happy is toying with Mr. Cursey, who still has a strand of her hair attached to it. She then begins to chase after Happy, and Natsu says that it is time to take a nap. Lucy then says (while bending Happy's body with Mr. Cursey) that they cannot afford to rest, because she is worried about Cana, and they must search for Zeref as well. They then begin to speak about Grimoire Heart's goals and Natsu says that as they had laid a finger on Master Makarov, they will never be able to leave Tenrou Island. Lucy then realizes that Grimoire Heart must have a ship anchored somewhere on the island, and asks Happy to go search for it, but the Exceed replies that he is out of Magic Power. Natsu then states that they should head back to where Makarov is resting, and that they will have Panther Lily or Carla take care of it instead.[217]

Team Natsu arrives at where the Master is recovering, and finds Mest back with Fairy Tail once again. Natsu inquires on where Mest had been, and Lucy remarks that he is not actually a member of Fairy Tail, rather is a part of the Council. He then tells Lucy that his real name is Doranbolt, and Wendy proceeds to politely question him. Doranbolt assures the Dragon Slayer not to worry because he came there to help them, which surprises Happy and Carla. He then says that with his powers, everyone can leave the island safely, but Lucy and the others refuse. Despite Doranbolt's attempts to convince them otherwise by saying should the Council get wind of the occurrences in the island, they ought to take drastic measures (to which Happy wonders if they will fire Etherion once again), Lucy and the Fairy Tail Mages are determined to stay on Tenrou Island and fight.[218]

Lucy's new outfit given to her by Virgo

Later on, Lucy changes into the clothes brought to her by Virgo. She, along with Wendy and Natsu, tries to convince Doranbolt to stall the Council from interfering, while they defeat Grimoire Heart.[219] As Grimoire Heart's attack on Tenrou Island escalates into a full-blown war against Fairy Tail, Lucy, Wendy, Natsu, Happy, and Carla face off against Bluenote Stinger from the Seven Kin, but are easily wiped out.[220][221]

Lucy falls to the ground, completely overwhelmed by the strength Bluenote possesses.[222] At this point, Cana suddenly arrives and attacks Bluenote with her cards and tries to follow with Fairy Glitter but fails due to Bluenote's Magic, and her own inability to fully control such high-level Magic.

Cana asks for Lucy's forgiveness for abandoning her earlier, and reassures the Stellar Mage that she will defeat Bluenote with Fairy Glitter. Lucy is delighted to hear this and asks her if Cana found it on the first master's grave. Upon hearing this, Natsu remembers about the trials, but Cana tells him to forget about it and help her fight instead. Before she can finish talking, however, Bluenote employs his Magic and sends the Fairy Tail Mages flying. He then approaches Cana and tells her that he will be taking Fairy Glitter, but Cana tells him that only Mages from the guild can use it. Bluenote dismisses her claims, saying that all Magic originates from one single source. Lucy then recalls that she has heard about this before, as Bluenote levitates Cana and prepares to kill her, saying he will relieve her off the burden of beholding a Magic as powerful as Fairy Glitter. Natsu, burying his head on the ground, releases his Fire Dragon's Roar, and successfully counters Bluenote's Gravity Magic, allowing Cana to subsequently attack him once more with Fairy Glitter.[223]

Lucy and Wendy watch the brightness of Fairy Glitter

The attack, however, is parried onto the ground, and Bluenote further taunts her about her Magic and her Fairy Glitter. Cana is stunned by the fact that he is still standing and unscathed, at that. Bluenote explains that he can extract the Magic even after her death. As Bluenote strikes to kill Cana once more, Gildarts arrives just in time to stop him, much to everyone's relief and delight.[224] After Gildarts' arrival, he orders everyone to clear the area, as the sheer force of their initial clash alone sends Lucy and the others flying.[225] Realizing that they will only be in Gildarts' way, Lucy and the others immediately leave.[226][227]

At the battles progress, Azuma manages to destroy the Great Tenrou Tree, which protects and strengthens the Fairy Tail members, especially on their sacred grounds, and Lucy suddenly collapses, her energy drained, along with the rest of her friends.[228] Only after Erza defeats Azuma does Lucy begin to feel her Magic returning to her.[229] Later on, Team Natsu heads back to their camp and finds their comrades injured, but another one of the Seven Kin, Rustyrose, defeated as well. The members who are left capable to fight still, form an attack and defense team for their final battle against Hades.[230]

As they observe the rain fall, Natsu eventually gets up, ready to face Hades and tells Happy and Lucy to come with him. Lucy thinks she should be on the defensive instead, but Freed and Bickslow say to leave it to them. Wendy and the Exceeds agree to take offensive as well, and the group sets out. Before Lucy leaves, Lisanna tells her to stay close to Natsu, for he becomes more powerful when he has friends near him.

Team Natsu stands in front of Hades

On the way to the final battle, Erza and Gray join them as well, and they stare down Hades on-top his airship.[231] Hades tells the group he will be waiting inside for their battle. Before going in, Natsu tells Carla, Panther Lily, and Happy to go through the airship to make sure it will not take off during their battle. Gray then creates a flight of stairs, and they all climb into the battleship, as Lucy tells everyone to go all out right away.

Natsu, Gray, and Erza employ a powerful combination right off the bat, followed by Lucy summoning Taurus, who slams down with his axe, making Hades stumble. Wendy then casts supportive spells on everyone. Lucy summons Scorpio, and, together with Wendy, performs a Unison Raid. Despite their efforts, however, Hades emerges unharmed. He asks if they are done warming up, and yells "Katsu." Wendy suddenly disappears with only her clothes left behind.[232]

Lucy witnesses Wendy disappearing

Wendy then appears inside Horologium, unscathed. The Spirit tells everyone he was in Automatic Danger Response Mode. He explains that he had detected a powerful spell was about the be used, and saved Wendy's body in the nick of time. Horologium sends Wendy back down with new clothes, and everyone prepares to attack once more. Hades, once again, overwhelms everybody with his Magic.[233] He eventually tells the younger Mages about his history as the second master of Fairy Tail, and how Makarov has made bad changes to the guild. Natsu defends the third Master, which angers Hades greatly. The latter prepares to finish the Dragon Slayer off, as Lucy yells for him to stop. Just before the spell is released, Laxus Dreyar appears and forcefully rams his forehead against Hades'.[234]

Lucy watches as Laxus battles Hades on mostly even terms until Laxus is hit by one of the latter's explosion attacks. As Hades uses another powerful attack to finish Laxus, Natsu is given Laxus' lightning,[235] which allows him to power-up significantly, and apparently even be able to defeat Hades.[236] The Grimoire Heart Master, however, recovers from Natsu's attacks, unaffected. He then unleashes his Demon's Eye by removing his eye patch, which he says exhausts his Magic Power. Natsu and the team helplessly watch as Hades moves to finish them off.[237]

Lucy with Team Natsu facing Hades' Nemesis

Despite the seemingly inevitable situation, the Fairy Tail Mages resolve to not give up, even as they are presently drained of Magic Powers. They rush to attack Hades, and he wonders what they can possibly do with such meager amount of power, as he orders for his Demons to dance. Natsu accidentally trips while running, but Lucy and Wendy immediately grab him and haul him forward. Gray and Erza then kick Natsu, propelling him further and allowing him to close in on Hades. A big explosion then occurs on Hades' ship.[238]

Hades realizes his "heart" was destroyed by Happy and Carla. With this, his power dwindles significantly, and is then defeated by Natsu, Erza, and Gray.[239] The battle ends and the Exceeds finally meet up with Team Natsu, while being chased by the other Grimore Heart members. Lucy and the others, unable to fight and completely drained of energy, are rescued by the rest of the Fairy Tail members. As the war finally comes to a conclusion, Lucy rests at Tenrou Island camp with her fellow Fairy Tail members.[240]

Lucy and her Guild Mates hold hands

The peace is short-lived, however, as Acnologia, the infamous Black Dragon, lands on Tenrou Island and starts wreaking havoc. All of the Fairy Tail members start moving towards the ship as the Dragon goes on its rampage.[241] Makarov then enters full Giant mode and grabs Acnologia, holding it off from attacking the guild members. Everyone wishes to help Makarov, but he shouts at them to leave and not to disobey his final order.[242] When Makarov is overwhelmed by Acnologia, all of them return back and go all out against the Dragon. As Acnologia, having shrugged off all the combined attacks from its assailants, flies high up into the sky and readies to fire a breath attack against Tenrou Island, the guild members join their hands in a circle. While promising they will return home to Fairy Tail, they are struck by Acnologia's blast, which completely annihilates Tenrou Island, leaving nothing behind.[243]

X791 arc

Lucy and the rest of the Tenrou Team come back

Lucy along with the rest of the members trapped in Tenrou Island, returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and The Trimens from Blue Pegasus. She watches as Mavis Vermillion reveals that she was the one who saved them, before disappearing again. Lucy, along with the other returning members, is welcomed back by Romeo.[244]

After enjoying a long party after their return, Lucy returns to her apartment, where she's met by her owner, who, while glad that she's alive, tells Lucy that with seven years gone missing she owes 5,880,000 Jewels. Lucy realizes the effects the seven years are going to have on her new life. She realizes her father must have been worried and goes to visit him at the Love & Lucky guild along with Natsu and Happy. However, she is told by a member that her father died over a month ago, which greatly shocks her.[245]

Lucy visits her father's grave

A distraught Lucy, along with Happy and Natsu, is later seen walking on the road home. Here the group encounters two girls complaining about their fathers and wishing they were dead. This prompts Natsu to yell at the girls. Lucy tells him to stop and apologizes for making them worry about her. When Happy asks if she is alright, Lucy replies that she is, except she was caught off guard because it was her dad. She looks back at her time with her father and how she didn't like him, adding the Phantom Incident to the list. Nonetheless, she reminisces on the time she went to save her father back in Acalypha and how much their relationship has changed since.[246] She questions why, despite the great sadness and loneliness she feels, she cannot bring herself to cry, and wonders if she really hates her father after all. Natsu assures her that this isn't the case, saying tears have nothing to do with how a person truly feels.[247]

Later, as Lucy sulks by a park, her Landlady arrives and silently drags her away, much to Lucy's dismay. She finds herself thrown into her own room, and the Landlady shuts the door and stands behind it. Lucy is surprised to find it perfectly clean to which the Landlady replies that she cleaned it every week (though some of her clothes 'went bad' and she took an outfit for herself.) She directs Lucy to her table where she sees several presents from her father, wishing her a happy birthday, and the fact that he remembered greatly shocks Lucy. The Landlady also tells Lucy that another one came today, along with a letter from her father, stating that she is his and Layla Heartfilia's pride and that he had always loved her. Crying, she says she loved him too and her Landlady moves to leave to give Lucy the privacy she deserves. Natsu and Happy arrive with a job, and had planned to take Lucy along with them. However, they are shocked when the Landlady informs them the letter that came for Lucy, also came with the seven years worth of rent. As they run off to do the job (now apparently the only ones without food or money) they tell Lucy that they'll buy her some food. As they say this, she thinks to herself that despite the seven years that had passed without them, they will be living in this world regardless, so she tells Happy and Natsu that she is coming along as well.[248]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Lucy summoning her Magic Power

Lucy, along with several other Fairy Tail members, heads to the beach to train for the Grand Magic Games. On their first day, however, they play around instead, and decide to relax as it is only the beginning. Later that day, Lucy summons Capricorn, and asks for his guidance on overcoming her primary weakness: her lack of Magic Power, especially during crucial moments. He proceeds to tell her that she must feel the earth, the wind, the air with her skin, and must synchronize her breath with nature. Doing as she is told, Lucy begins to emit Magic Power to the point where it is completely visible, but then gets exhausted and falls back. She then starts talking about "The One Magic" and how her mother had told her that it's what people call love.

Later that evening, Lucy and the girls take a bath in a hot spring, and the boys attempt to peep on them. As she glances heavenward and admires the stars, she decides she will put more effort into improving herself for Fairy Tail.[275]

On the second day of training, Virgo, having opened her own Gate, appears and tells her that the Celestial Spirit World needs her help. The Spirit teleports everyone, minus Jet and Droy, to the Celestial Spirit World. Surprisingly, instead of the danger that Virgo speaks of, Lucy and her gang are welcomed with a party held in their honor. She reunites with her Celestial Spirits, and the team parties for the entire day.

After the celebration, Virgo whisks them back into the Human World. Natsu comments that if one year in the Spirit World equates to a mere day in the Human World, the Astral Plane will undoubtedly make good training grounds. Virgo shocks them, however, when she explains that it is actually the other way around, and that one day in the Spirit World spans to three months in Lucy's world, thereby leaving Fairy Tail with only five more days to train until the Games.[276]

As Fairy Tail worries over making it in time, a messenger bird perches atop Erza's head, and a single letter invites them to go to the suspension bridge deep in the west woods. There, Lucy and the other members come upon the remains of a tattered bridge, that suddenly fixes itself as they arrive. Taking it as a threat and a challenge, they venture further. As they cross the bridge, they are surprised to meet up with Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy. The three, having established their own, independent guild Crime Sorcière, explain about a malevolent force they have been feeling in the Games for years now. They say that because of the nature of their guild, none of them are allowed to participate and investigate upon it further. In turn, they ask for the assistance of Fairy Tail on the matter.

Ultear assures them that they will help Fairy Tail to the extent of their abilities. She says that with her improved Time Arc, she can extract and unleash the hidden potentials of Mages. Lucy and the gang immediately take up her offer, as such process will have powered them up even more than any other training they could have underwent. However, Ultear warns that the process will be extremely unpleasant, and tormenting.

Lucy undergoing treatment

Lucy watches in horror as Natsu writhes around on the floor in pain when Ultear begins the process. Later that evening, she, along with the rest of the Fairy Tail members, suffers the same fate and moans in pain as the procedure continues.[277]

A few days later, Lucy and the rest of Team Natsu arrive at Crocus, the capital of Fiore where the Grand Magic Games will take place. While still extremely exhausted over the extraction proceedings, Lucy claims she feels her Magic Power has increased significantly. Meanwhile, Makarov and some guild members meet with them, the Master reminding them of their participation in the tournament, whilst Levy briefs them on the rules. Later on, Lucy eventually meets up with Natsu and Happy, who left earlier to explore the city.

As they tour around, Natsu overhears that a fight has broken out close by. Following the noise of the onlookers, they see some Mages on the ground defeated by the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, who make fun of Natsu because he, despite being a Dragon Slayer, failed to defeat Acnologia, the Black Dragon. Lucy tells them that they are only saying that because they haven't met the Dragon themselves, but is surprised when they reveal that they actually killed the Dragons that taught them Dragon Slayer Magic[278]

8th place

Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Happy arrive at their quarters just in time for the preliminary round, which will reduce the amount of teams from one-hundred thirteen, down to eight. The task consists of navigating through Sky Labyrinth in order to reach Domus Flau. With the absence of Wendy, Elfman, who just came back from his training with Lisanna, volunteers to fill in. The team runs into Twilight Ogre, and after taking their map, the team gets the idea of taking other guilds' maps to navigate through the maze. Once they do, Team Fairy Tail is surprised to find out they barley managed to get eighth place.[279]

Team Fairy Tail A

The following day, Lucy and the rest of her team prepare for the opening ceremony of the Grand Magic Games, and the Celestial Spirit Mage comments on the large number of people that have turned up to watch. As the group discuss their team outfits, they are reminded of Wendy, who was discovered the previous night by Lisanna and Happy, collapsed on the ground. Remembering Wendy's tears when she realized she would no longer be able to participate and vowing to discover the people responsible for her condition, Lucy and her team step out into the Domus Flau to meet their competition.[280] Walking out proud and determined, Lucy and her group are shocked when the crowd begins to boo them, Lucy becoming embarrassed until she spots the rest of her Fairy Tail comrades in the stands, screaming their praise out over the rest of the crowd. Lucy is also shocked when Mavis also turns out to be present.[281] As the next four placing teams are introduced, Lucy comments on some of the people chosen to compete, in particular a member from Blue Pegasus dressed entirely in a blue bunny suit. The teams then begin to talk to each other and Lucy is quickly targeted by Ren from Blue Pegasus, who states that he will "take her."[282] When the guild Raven Tail is brought out, Lucy expresses her shock that a Dark Guild could ever be allowed to participate, later becoming even more angered it is revealed that it was Raven Tail responsible for hurting Wendy.[283]

Lucy and Erza talk about Wendy

As the team that came in second in the preliminaries is introduced, both Lucy and her team are shocked to see Gajeel, Laxus, Juvia, Mirajane and, apparently, Mystogan walk out as Fairy Tail's B Team, Lucy commenting in particular on Laxus' participation.[284] When told that every guild had the option of entering two teams for this year's Games, Lucy calls out to the Master, asking why they were never told, though she also realizes that this new rule is the reason so many teams were competing in the first place.[285] After Sabertooth's entrance, Chapati Lola moves to explain the procedure the Games will take in X791, and Lucy comments on some of the rules as she hears them. With the rules explained, Chapati announces that the first event, Hidden, will begin, and asks from each team to submit their player. Having only the title to go off of, Lucy and Erza comment that the event might involve stealth, so being small will be an advantage, which leads to both momentarily wishing Wendy was present. However, Gray soon steps forward to compete for their team.[286]

Cheering on Gray and wishing him the best, Lucy is left speechless upon seeing an entire city transformed into the arena for the event.[287] Watching Gray participate, Lucy expresses her discomfort when, despite the nature of the event, Gray is repeatedly attacked by Nullpudding of Raven Tail, taking note that they only seem interested in attacking Fairy Tail, even neglecting others that have exposed themselves.[288] Once the game is over and the battle portions are to begin, Lucy is selected to battle Flare Corona of Raven Tail in the first fight of the day.[289]

Lucy is ready to fight with Flare

Vowing to win for Wendy and Gray, Lucy begins her battle with Flare, demonstrating her new ability to summon multiple Spirits at once and to combine their attacks. As the battle continues, Lucy begins to use her Fleuve d'étoiles against Flare's whip-like hair. However, Flare plays dirty, aiming to attack Asuka in the crowd, distracting Lucy, who becomes open to attacks.[290]

With Asuka as a hostage, Lucy is restrained from fighting back and gets beaten up by Flare. Luckily, Natsu is able to hear Lucy's cry for Asuka, find Flare's hair and destroy it, giving Lucy the chance to fight back. She summons Gemini and prepares to cast Urano Metria with them. However, the Magic is dispelled by Raven Tail member Obra before it can hit, and Lucy collapses from exhaustion, giving Flare the win.[291]

Lucy in Juvia's fantasy

Lucy is extremely devastated over her loss, to the point of failing to watch the succeeding matches, as she cries inside the shower.[292] As the first day of the Games concludes, Levy addresses a letter to Lucy, claiming something worse than Fairy Tail's loss is brewing about already.[293] The next day, Lucy and Gray fail to show up in the bar where Fairy Tail has gathered, and Juvia's imagination goes haywire, as she assumes Lucy must have kept Gray somewhere and even confessed her love to him. As Juvia's imagination makes a turn for the worse, Lucy and Gray show up, and Levy worries over her well-being. Lucy jabs a thumb-up towards Levy, and claims she is actually more pumped up than ever. As is the Fairy Tail spirit, Lucy and the rest of the guild all cheer for their goal of becoming the number one guild in Fiore once again.[294]

In the middle of the guild's merrymaking, Bacchus challenges and wins over Cana in a drinking match. Erza recognizes him, and Lucy visibly shivers as she comments that his strength is on par with hers.[295] Later on, Carla has another vague premonition, and foresees Lucy singing something as Mercurius collapses around her.[296]

Lucy's reaction to Natsu's drive

On the second day of the games, Lucy, along with the members of Fairy Tail present in the event, is touched over Natsu's strong affections for his guild, as he strives to finish the challenge despite being extremely weak to transportation.[297] After the event, she visits the infirmary and inquires about his and Wendy's health. Carla refuses to tell Lucy anything about her premonition, and the latter heads off, saying the rest of the guild are waiting for her. She then watches the battles that unfold, and catches the eye of a beat-up Flare. Lucy turns away as she sees Flare being threatened.[298] Further into the battle portion, Lucy is impressed by Raven Tail's strength, even when they do not resort to cheating. She is rendered speechless over Toby's apparent "super secret," and is appalled when Kurohebi displays his cruelty. When the second battle is announced to be between Team Quatro Cerberus and their own team, Lucy wonders what they will do if they call out for Natsu, to which Gray responds that they'll simply slap him awake.[299]

As it is announced out that Elfman will be the next contender, and Lucy watches in horror as Bacchus overwhelms the Take-over Mage, whilst Erza explains the fundamentals of the former's fighting styles.[300] Later when Elfman comes out triumphant, Lucy and the rest of Fairy Tail cheer for his win.[301] When they visit him in the infirmary afterwards to congratulate him, the incident about Wendy's near-kidnapping is revealed, and Carla ponders upon Raven Tail's apparent peculiar method of capturing their target. She explains that among the bandits who were supposed to kidnap Lucy (but whom mistakenly took Wendy instead), she finds it suspicious that the Raven Tail Mage capable of reducing his opponent's Magic Power into nothing was not among the perpetrators. Erza then says that for the sake of vigilance, no one should be left alone at any given time.[302]

Lucy watches Mira's battle

Back in the arena, Fairy Tail observes the next fight in which Mirajane faces off against Blue Pegasus' Jenny Realight. Lucy watches in shock as the supposed battle portion becomes a swimsuit modelling contest instead, and she comments on how Jenny had been the number one "Mage you'd like to be your girlfriend" seven years ago.[303] As the competition reaches its climax, Lucy sees Mirajane transform in accordance to the "battle theme," and Erza says that it is Satan Soul: Sitri, Mirajane's strongest Take-over yet.[304]

Afterwards, Fairy Tail focuses on the last battle between Team Sabertooth's Yukino Agria and Team Mermaid Heel's Kagura Mikazuchi. Lucy is extremely astonished to discover that the Sabertooth representative not only employs Celestial Spirit Magic just like her, but also possesses the last two golden keys. She is even more surprised when Yukino reveals she has the thirteenth key of the Zodiac as well.[305]

Yukino talking to Lucy

With the conclusion of the day's events and Sabertooth's loss, Lucy and her friends go out for dinner. As they walk back to their lodgings (sans Gray and Erza), Lucy complains to Wendy about sharing the room with their teammates. They then spot someone standing outside of Honey Bone, and upon closer inspection, they realize it to be Yukino.[306] They invite her inside, and Yukino, having said she has business with Lucy, attempts to give the latter the keys of Pisces and Libra.

Yukino explains that since she is no longer going to be in the tournament, she has resolved to give her keys to a stronger Celestial Spirit Mage than herself, and that with all the twelve golden Zodiac Keys in her possession, Lucy will be capable of "opening the gate to changing the world." Despite all of Yukino's arguments, Lucy still politely declines after giving her own reasons. Later on, as Lucy bathes, Wendy and Carla about wonder why she did not accept the keys, and Lucy admits that in the past she might have, but since Celestial Spirit Magic is about trust, she did not want to be the one to break the bonds between Spirit and Mage. Lucy then asks where Natsu and Happy have gone, and Wendy and Carla say that Natsu went chasing after Yukino.[307]

Lucy and her teammates cheering for Erza

As the third day of the Grand Magic Games begins and the day's event is announced to be Pandemonium, Lucy cheers for Erza, telling her to try her best.[308] While Mato is explaining things about the event, Lucy along with Wendy becomes shocked after seeing the monsters that the representatives will have to fight.[309] After Erza battles all 100 monsters and successfully defeats them, Lucy becomes happy and hugs Wendy.[310] Lucy and her teammates run towards Erza and praise her, with Erza replying that they haven't won yet.[311] When MPF begins, Lucy asks Erza about Obra's strange behavior, also telling the other Mage that she should be in the sickbay.[312]

Lucy also watches Millianna's fight against Semmes, saying that getting bound by her Magic has nothing to do with the MPF.[313] When the third battle is announced, Lucy watches as Alexei attacks Laxus continuously, and is shocked by the fact that Laxus can't lift a finger, not knowing that the fight is just an illusion.[314] After Laxus defeats Team Raven Tail and the Illusion Magic is dispelled, Lucy sees an unconscious Flare and says that Laxus didn't have to hurt her that badly, with Erza saying that Lucy is a really good person.[315] During Wendy and Sherria's sky battle, Lucy constantly cheers for Wendy and is surprised when her opponent is completely uninjured after getting hit by Wendy's attack.[316]

Lucy and the rest of Fairy Tail arrive at the pool

The grueling fight between Wendy and Sherria continues with Lucy seemingly worried about her comrade as Sherria's recovery ability is a clear hindrance for Wendy to win the fight.[317] As the battle continues, Lucy still seems to be tensed about her teammate's position in the fight.[318] Finally, as the battle ends with the result being a draw, Lucy is happy about the outcome of the match and relieved that Wendy is safe.[319] After the third day's events and battles, the Fairy Tail Mages celebrate their victories by throwing a party and having fun. Lucy complements Erza's amazing recovery ability and continues to celebrate with the others.[320][321] As they celebrate, Lucy, Erza and Wendy are approached by Levy, who tells them about a popular leisure center in Crocus. The guild soon decides that they will have to go check it out, and Lucy puts on her swimsuit to go too, happy for the chance to have some fun.[322] At first, she and Erza decide to sunbathe, but are soon interrupted by the Trimens, who come to flirt with them. Deciding they can no longer relax in their presence, Lucy watches as Erza yells at the men, and the two wander off. As she walks around, Lucy is surprised to find Mavis swimming in one of the pools, more so that Makarov and Laxus have also come along to watch over her.[323]

Lucy shocked to see Flare at the pool

Before she can head anywhere else however, Lucy is confronted by Flare, the woman shocking her by her appearance after her arrest that very day. When Lucy asks what she is doing there, Flare merely blushes and apologizes for her earlier behavior, leaving Lucy surprised but smiling at the awkward engagement.[324] A little while later Lyon and Gray get into a fight and freeze the pool, and Lucy watches as Natsu goes to melt the ice with his Magic. Despite telling Natsu not to do anything, Natsu destroys the entire building, and Lucy is sent flying. As Fairy Tail is billed for the repair costs, Lucy stands bruised and bedraggled, claiming she knew something like this was bound to occur.[325]

On the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Lucy decides to participate for Team Fairy Tail A to make up for her poor performance in the first day's battle. The event she enters is one called Naval Battle, where the participants are required to remove one another from a floating sphere of water using whatever means necessary.[326][327] Lucy and her team are quite confident in Lucy, as they know Lucy will be able to summon Aquarius within the water, something that Lucy does as soon as the event begins. Aquarius uses her water to try and push the other contestants out, however Juvia quickly counters the Celestial Spirit with her own Magic, and Aquarius gives up, telling Lucy that she has a date and returning to the Celestial Spirit World. With Aquarius gone, Lucy simply tries to remain in the ring as the others attack, and manages to do so by getting Virgo and Aries to help her.[328]

Minerva viciously attacks Lucy

Eventually, only she and Sabertooth's Minerva remain, and Minerva begins to use her Magic to attack Lucy. Lucy is shocked that Minerva's Magic is hot within the water, but also because the attacks are hurting her so much. Despite this, she vows to fight back and attempts to use her keys, only to find that Minerva has taken them from her. Left defenseless, Lucy can only endure Minerva's attacks as the latter refuses to let her fall from the sphere, constantly bringing her back again and again purely for her own entertainment as she attacks. Even so, Lucy refuses to give in, stating that she will endure all of the attacks for her guild so that she can look at them in the eye when the event is over. Minerva doesn't like this at all and unleashes a very powerful attack on Lucy, knocking her out. Before she can do more though, the judges hastily declare the event over, and Lucy hangs limp, held by her throat, outside the water sphere in an almost trophy-like manner as Minerva smiles over her victory.[329]

Minerva then releases her grip on Lucy, leaving her to fall until Natsu and Gray catch her. Gray asks her if she is okay, and Wendy and Sherria volunteer to help her.[330] She is later placed in the infirmary, and Fairy Tail Team A and B nervously watch over her. When she wakes up, she asks for forgiveness for losing, but Gray and Erza try to comfort her. She is worried about her keys until Happy gives them to her and she hugs them and falls asleep.[331] She wishes good luck to the new Team Fairy Tail (the A and B team being forced to merge to even out the number of teams),[332] and before Natsu and Gajeel's tag fight with Sting and Rogue she quietly whispers Natsu's name.[333] As the fight occurs, Lucy watches from her bed, and upon seeing Natsu and Gajeel seemingly fall, she becomes upset and begins to cry.[334] However, when the two stand up and keep fighting, her tears disappear and she smiles at Wendy, who is sitting beside her.[335]

Levy visits Lucy in the infirmary

After Natsu sends Gajeel away from the battle, Lucy continues to watch the match as Natsu takes on the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth alone.[336] Upon the activation of their Unison Raid, Sting and Rogue attack Natsu, who counters with his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade. The force of the collision causes an explosion in the Domus Flau, and a worrying Lucy watches on in anxiety as it is soon revealed that Natsu is the victor.[337] Seeing Natsu come out on top, Lucy grabs and hugs Wendy in joy.[338] She is shortly visited by Team Shadow Gear, Levy bursting in through the door and the two girls displaying their happiness over the results, smiling at the thought that Fairy Tail actually has a chance at winning the Games.[339] Later, Lucy follows Gajeel as he takes the other Dragon Slayers and their Exceeds underneath the Domus Flau. After arriving, she surveys the area in shock, as the entire catacomb beneath the stadium is filled with Dragon skeletons. While wandering around, Wendy mentions the word Milky Way, and after hearing this, Lucy proceeds to ask about it and finds the answer surprising.[340]

Lucy watches as Wendy begins drawing the Magic circle needed to invoke the Milky Way spell, and sees the area light up as the spell begins to work. The bones on the ground begin moving, much to Lucy's apprehension, and a large Dragon is summoned before her eyes.[341] The Dragon introduces himself as Zirconis and begins joking about eating Wendy, causing Lucy to question his mind.[342] Lucy listens as Zirconis explains the history of the Dragons and how Dragon Slayer Magic came about, surprising her.[343] As it is revealed that Acnologia, the Dragon King, was once a human, Lucy is shocked as she hears bathing in Dragon blood turned him into a Dragon.[344] When Zirconis disappears, Lucy makes a comment about the feeling of entering Nirvana. The arrival of Yukino alongside Arcadios surprises Lucy as she hears the latter say they can defeat Zeref and Acnologia.[345]

Lucy being arrested

Upon seeing Arcadios and Yukino, Lucy notes the latter to have been a Mage of Sabertooth, wondering why she came with the former and, as they leave, listens as Yukino claims they have a plan to defeat Zeref and Acnologia.[346] Lucy soon heads to Mercurius and is taken by Arcadios to see the machine designated for the Eclipse Project, amazed at its size.[347] Learning the requirements for the plan from Yukino and how it will help them defeat Zeref, Lucy notes the date of the project initiation.[348] However, the Fiore Army immediately shows up and orders the arrest of Lucy, Yukino and Arcadios, claiming that the Eclipse Plan is dangerous and must be stopped. As Lucy is arrested, she angrily argues against it and Natsu attempts to save her, but has his Magic Power drained and, like the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages, he is blocked and ejected from the castle.[349]

In the lower levels of Mercurius, Lucy and Yukino sit together in a prison cell. As Yukino blames herself for the situation, Lucy tells her not to do so and says they need to escape together. Lucy listens to Yukino's story about how her sister Sorano used to stand up for her and how she was taken away by Zeref followers. Yukino explains that she wants to use the Eclipse Plan to stop Zeref and thereby bring her sister back. Listening to this, Lucy wonders about whether the effects that will result from changing the past will really be beneficial or not as well as if it really is possible to change the past.[350] Locked in her cell, Lucy lays on her bed soon astonished by the sound of her name. She looks up to find Mirajane, Natsu and Wendy standing outside her cell. Natsu then breaks down the door allowing Lucy and Yukino to escape. Standing outside the cell, Lucy thanks everyone, but soon realizes she no longer possesses her keys and that she has to find them. Simultaneously, the floor collapses beneath the group, which results in them landing in an underground cavern. Looking around, she hears a strange voice informing them that they are in "Abyss Palace," the last freedom allowed to criminals.[351] After this, Lucy, along with the others, looks around for a while, searching for a way out.[352]

Lucy watches as Mirajane compares Yukino to Lisanna

As they continue to search for a way out, Lucy asks Natsu about the tournament, to which Happy replies that Natsu couldn't keep himself still and was only thinking about rescuing her, which causes Lucy to blush as she tells them that they are flattering her. Seconds after, Mirajane, holding Yukino, asks Lucy if Yukino's resemblance to Lisanna is uncanny, prompting Lucy to notice the similarities. Lucy turns her head around when she hears Carla saying that she found a passage, and begins to walk through the tight space as she complains about how narrow it is.[353] When they reach the other side, they see Arcadios severely wounded on the ground, telling them to run. Soon after this, Lucy and the others are attacked by a giant shadowy figure staring down at them before they are able to make a move. After the assault, Lucy looks at the ground and sees the floor evaporating, and she comments that it must be acid. Soon after, more of the mysterious people appear, calling themselves the Garou Knights, the most powerful executioners of Fiore.[354]

Arcadios warns the Mages that the Magic of the knights is specifically made for killing and as they prepare to fight, Lucy and Yukino both remain idle due to both of them being unable to utilize their Magic without their keys.[355] Once the battle begins, Lucy and Yukino are targeted by Cosmos' plant technique, but are saved by Panther Lily.[356]

Once Kamika and Cosmos commence their assault, Lucy and the others are almost consumed by the spell until Natsu, Panther Lily and Mirajane manage to destroy the technique, which in turn creates an explosion that separates everyone.[357] In the aftermath, Lucy ends up with Yukino, Happy, Arcadios and Carla, none of whom can fight as they are confronted by Uosuke, who uses his Magic to levitate Happy. Due to his appearance, Lucy scoffs and states that they can defeat him, even without Magic, but is shocked to hear Arcadios state that when Uosuke executes someone, not even their bones are left.[358]

Lucy ready to fight with Loke and Yukino

Uosuke makes the first move with his Terrain Effect: Lava Zone, which causes the ground around the girls to break down into pieces, exposing the lava underneath. As the area crumbles, Lucy and Yukino grab onto a ledge to keep from falling into the lava but find themselves struggling to hold on as the heat harms them. Arcadios talks to the girls about Eclipse, something that Lucy tries to put off until the former crosses the lava, much to her surprise, to help them. Telling Lucy that she and Yukino are the key to Eclipse, Arcadios helps the girls get to safety but seemingly at the cost of his life.[359] Though Arcadios seemingly disappears into the lava, he is brought out by Horologium, who tells Lucy he came on his own will in response to her asking. Loke appears as well and returns Lucy's keys to her, also returning Yukino's keys. With the twelve zodiac keys together, Lucy prepares to fight alongside Loke and Yukino.[360]

Yukino begins the battle against Uosuke first by summoning Pisces, who deviates from its fish form into a humanoid form, much to Lucy's surprise. Watching the battle, Lucy sees Uosuke defeat Pisces by splashing water on it and expresses surprise that Pisces is weak to water despite being a fish. However, realizing there is now water in the area, Lucy uses the opportunity to summon Aquarius.[361] Using Aquarius' power, Lucy and the group manage to defeat Uosuke, knocking the knight away and reuniting with the rest of the team as a result. As everyone is back together, Lucy takes a look at the defeated knights and subsequently looks on in caution as Natsu threatens the knights with execution unless they reveal the exit to them.[362]

Lucy sees a person identical to her

After defeating the knights, Lucy and the others begin searching for an exit from Abyss Palace. While walking around, the group begins discussing the jade necklace Arcadios carries around his neck, reaching the conclusion that the necklace is the sole reason for Arcadios' survival. Soon, Lucy reveals that Arcadios told her and Yukino to meet the princess once they got out. The group soon reaches a door. Lucy and the others are shocked when it opens by itself and a hooded figure stands in the doorway.[363] The hooded figure removes her hood and reveals her face, which turns out to be identical to Lucy's. Lucy is visibly shocked by the revelation and wonders what is the reason behind it.[364] As Lucy looks at the identical version of herself, the woman reveals she's from the future and begins to give the group a warning. But before she finishes, she faints on site, which gives Lucy an eerie feeling and causes her to wonder why she was the one to come from the future.[365]

While trying to make their escape, the team gets lost in the castle and is forced to decide what to do next. As Lucy looks at her future counterpart, she is told by Loke that even if there are two of her he can love them both, for which Carla tells him to understand the situation. Suddenly, the Lucy of the future wakes up in front of her and begins recalling her memory, stating that according to it, they get captured again after escaping Abyss Palace due to coming across Eclipse and not being able to use Magic. Lucy then hears her future counterpart state that she came back in time to prevent the worst possible future.[366] Lucy becomes worried as her future self reveals that a herd of Dragons will attack the country. As Natsu tries to get ready for the attack, Lucy asks him if he really wants to battle them and Happy agrees, saying that it is impossible. When her future self thinks that the rest will doubt this premonition, Natsu says that it's impossible, and Lucy says that her future self needs to be less miserable. The other Lucy tells them to meet Jellal, who should be thinking of a strategy, and the others by an underground passage. Lucy then smiles as Natsu thanks the future Lucy for the information she provided them with.[367]

Lucy making her escape

Lead by her future self, Lucy and the others pace through the underground passageway, which she had explored beforehand. Suddenly, the Royal Army finds them and rush to capture them. As the group realizes that Arcadios and Yukino have vanished, Lucy wonders why they went off on their own. Mirajane heads back to find where Yukino went but Lucy tells her that they have to stay together, but Mirajane pays no heed. As Natsu and Loke fight the Royal Army soldiers, Lucy worries about Yukino.[368] Lucy battles alongside the others using her whip to attack the soldiers, who summon an Anti-Magic Unit to defeat them.[369] Standing back-to-back with her future counterpart, Lucy wonders how many army members they will have to face, with her future counterpart stating they shouldn't have taken the route that they did. During the battle, the Garou Knights make their return and claim that the "sinners" won't be allowed to leave the castle.[370] Lucy and Wendy keep fighting the Garou Knights.[371] Using her Fleuve d'étoiles, Lucy wounds many of the Royal Army men, as well as defending herself from the Garou Knights in the process.[372] As the battle against the Royal Army rages on, Lucy finds herself battling alongside Natsu and her future self.[373]

Lucy and the other Fairy Tail Mages continue their fight against the Fiore soldiers, when suddenly her opponents are engulfed in the shadows.[374] When the Mages feel a presence approaching them, Lucy tells her friends to stay alert. Soon, a man that identifies himself as Rogue appears in front of her group.[375] Startled, Lucy and her group question the Sabertooth man, with him revealing that he came back to activate the Eclipse Gate, something which, he explains, can be used as a mass weapon to destroy the incoming Dragons. Happy to hear that they can save the future, the group are then surprised when Rogue reveals that merely using the Eclipse Gate is not enough, as, in his time, somebody intervened with the process, closing the Gate and dooming them all. Lucy and her group ask who the person is, wondering if they can find and talk to them, Lucy then becoming shocked when Rogue reveals it was her who got in the way, more so that his precise reason for travelling through time is to kill her and stop her intervention. Having said this, Rogue attacks her. However, before Rogue's spell can hit her, Lucy's future counterpart leaps on front of her, taking the blow herself. Stunned, Lucy grabs her future self as she falls, beginning to cry when she sees her grave wound. As she holds her, future Lucy desperately tries to deny Rogue's words, stating that she would never intervene and bring Fiore's destruction, with Lucy saying she believes her, then asking why she tried to take the blow for her. Future Lucy replies that if her past self were to die, she would too, and by taking the hit, one of them could at least survive. Reaching out, the Lucy of the future asks to see Lucy's Fairy Tail guild mark, and as she shows her, Lucy notices something very wrong with her future self's own right hand. Before she can question it though, her future counterpart closes her eyes, silently drifting off as she asks them to save the future. Angry, Lucy turns and screams at Rogue, angrily stating that she will never tamper with the Gates, though Rogue lividly shouts back that as long as she is alive, it is her destiny.[376]

As Natsu faces up against Rogue, he tells Lucy and the others to get away from there, prompting Lucy to begin protesting his decision, before being dragged off by Loke, who informs her that they should leave this to him. Reluctantly, Lucy hurries down the hallway with the others, casting one last look at her friend before he is lost to sight.[377] Moments later, Lucy and the others crouch behind a bush, watching Hisui and her officers prepare to open the Eclipse Gate. Mulling over Future Rogue's words, Lucy is surprised along with all the others when Arcadios suddenly tells them to come on out from where they're hiding. As Darton and the princess assure them that everything is fine, and the latter compliments them on their victory in the Grand Magic Games, Lucy asks why they are opening the gate now, as the Dragons aren't even there yet. After Arcadios informs Hisui that Lucy and the other members of the Rescue Team are well aware of the current situation, he asks Lucy where her future counterpart is, only for Panther Lily to tell him that she was killed by the second visitor from the future.[378]

Lucy at the opening of Eclipse

As Arcadios and Hisui express shock at this proclamation, Lucy informs them that the Rogue of the future had claimed that the Eclipse Cannon couldn't be used because she had gotten in the way somehow in his timeline. Hisui then asks her if she does intend to get in the way of the Cannon's use, with Lucy vehemently denying any such intention, only curious as to why they were opening the gate now when the Dragons weren't even there yet. As the princess explains how the cannon needs time to prepare before it is able to fire, Lucy asks her if it really possible for it to defeat all of the Dragons. Hisui states that she isn't sure, but that her father is preparing for the worst outcome should it come to pass. Moments later, Lucy and the others stand before the gate as it is opened, awestruck at the awesome sight.[379] As Lucy remains awestruck at the sight of the Eclipse Gate opening, Wendy notes that the future doesn't seem as bleak, and that Future Lucy could rest in peace, but Lucy slowly approaches the gate and comes to a realization that they must keep the gates sealed. With a dazed look in her eyes, she states that she will close the doors at once.[380]

Lucy continues on to shout in emergence, stating that the doors must not fully open and need to be closed immediately. She turns to Hisui, pleading to close the door at once, but Hisui denies her request and states that it is their only chance at defeating the Dragons. Lucy retorts that it is not actually a weapon but a portal that is connected to 400 years in the past. Just then, a tremor rises, and the people within the vicinity of the Eclipse Gate astonishingly look on as a Dragon emerges from the Gate. As the first Dragon enters, it releases a roar and stomps the ground unleashing a destructive wave and destroying everything within the wave's reach, leaving everyone disoriented. Subsequently, numerous Dragons start to enter through the Gate, with Hisui looking on in disbelief and shock. Lucy yells at Hisui to snap out of it and inquires how to close the door, with Hisui pointing out a lever on a pedestal.[381]

Lucy trying to close the Eclipse Gate

Lucy bolts for the pedestal but as another Dragon passes through the Gate, Lucy gets pushed back with Wendy embracing her fall. As Lucy attempts to close the Gate, Wendy questions Lucy's realization to the situation, with Lucy revealing that her Celestial Spirit, Crux, was investigating the Gate and had completed his analysis that states that the Eclipse is actually a mechanism that combines Celestial Magic with the Magic from Zeref's book. The analysis also states Eclipse's original purpose, but due to the special set of circumstances, the Magic contained within the Gate had run rampant, which means it is impossible to control the door. As Lucy continues to pull the lever, disoriented to why the door would not close, a Dragon stomps and emits enough force to propel Lucy away from the pedestal. Hisui, in tears, reflects upon the situation and how their world will be reduced to mere rubble, but Lucy rejects the thought and declares her will to continue on living, stating that she swore to protect the future.[382]

Despite her best attempts, Lucy is unable to close the Eclipse Gate, struggling a great deal as she tries. Suddenly, Yukino arrives and tells Lucy to take out her Gold Keys, stating that she will use hers as well and combined they will close the gate. As Yukino tosses her keys into the air, Lucy follows suit and the two girls hold hands, invoking a great deal of Magic Power as the Zodiac Gates open and the 12 Gold Key spirits arrive. Stating she's counting on them, Lucy sees the spirits forcefully close the gate, much to her relief. However, the relief is short lived as the Rogue of the future blames her and Yukino for their actions. Wondering where Natsu is, Lucy hears the man state controlling 10,000 Dragons would be tough, making her ask if recent events were his objective. Lucy watches as the Future Rogue takes control of the Dragons which arrived and orders them to eliminate all the Mages this. As this happens, Lucy sees the arrival of Zirconis, the Dragon she and the group met in the graveyard.[383] Hearing Natsu's voice telling everyone to work together and take down the Dragons, Lucy joyously gazes towards the sky.[384] However, Zirconis interrupts the group by openly pondering who he should eat first. After a while, the Dragon just decides to eat them all at once, and unleashes a breath attack, which Lucy narrowly manages to dodge. Rising, Lucy sees that the Royal Army guards behind her were hit, but, rather than being injured, they have merely been stripped naked. As she stares on in shock at the sight, Zirconis reveals that his Magic strips people of their dignity, and aims his next little huff at Lucy, who also loses her clothes.[385]

Lucy prompts Natsu to figure out how to defeat the Dragons

Screaming that she wants somebody to find her some clothes, Lucy is snatched up in the scaly claws of Zirconis, the Dragon threatening to eat her. As she squirms and tries to get out of his grasp, Mirajane and Wendy attack, causing an angry Zirconis to throw Lucy across Crocus. Flying through the air, Lucy crashes straight into Natsu as he battles Future Rogue atop Motherglare, sending them both toppling off of the Dragon and landing them in a church bell. As the two move about trying to get Natsu off of Lucy's naked form, they cause the bell to teeter and fall from where it was perched, crashing them into the ground. Telling Natsu not to look, Natsu hastily grabs Lucy's boobs to try and cover them from his eyes, which only prompts her to punch him. Much to her further embarrassment, Happy arrives with her keys, teasing the two. As Natsu and his Exceed friend talk about Future Rogue and how strong Motherglare is, Lucy points out that all of the Dragons are strong, and becomes upset thinking about how she could have almost been eaten. Natsu however, suddenly smiles, and, grabbing her, gleefully states that she has helped him to come up with a strategy to defeat the Dragons.[386] Summoning Virgo to bring her new clothes, Lucy dresses and emerges from her makeshift change room to find that Natsu and Happy have already flown off to begin their plan. Complaining about their hastiness, Lucy then smiles, happy that they can still be so positive despite the bleak scenario. Turning, she suddenly spots her journal lying on a crate nearby. Wondering what it is doing there she picks it up and flips it open, only to realize that it belongs to her future counterpart.[387]

Lucy tries to destroy Eclipse

While the Fairy Tail Mages try to hold back Zirconis, Lucy returns to the palace to show her future self's diary to her friends. According to it, if the Eclipse Gate is destroyed, the events chained to it would lead to Future Lucy disappearing, so Lucy is led to believe that it will have the same effect on Future Rogue and the Dragons. Along with Yukino, she uses her remaining Magic Power to destroy the Gates using two of the keys, but to no avail.[388] However, she refuses to give up and calls more spirits, one of which is Taurus. When Happy tells her to get away, Lucy ducks in time to avoid Motherglare, who crushed down on the Gates. Much to her delight, she sees Natsu over a defeated Rogue and the remains of the Eclipse Gate.[389]

Lucy gives her thanks to Natsu

Shortly after that, she watches as the Dragons' bodies start glowing.[390] As they go back to their time, Lucy is delighted to see that they're gone.[391] At that moment, the notebook of her future self that she's holding starts disappearing as well and much to her surprise, tears begin running down her cheeks. Lucy then hugs Natsu from behind and when he asks her if there's anything wrong, she just gives him her thanks.[392]

To celebrate their victory against the Dragons, King Toma organizes a banquet for the Mages at Mercurius. Dressing up in a fancy gown, Lucy encourages Yukino when she dresses up too, and with her fellow guild mates she marvels at the splendorous decor of the ballroom. As she moves throughout the room tasting the available food, Lucy is approached by Hisui, who mentions that she was once a friend of her fathers and also apologizes for the trouble she caused: Lucy dismisses this with the fact that she has been in far deeper trouble no thanks to Fairy Tail.[393] Later, as she walks the room with Mirajane and Yukino, Lucy watches as Sting approaches Yukino and asks her to rejoin Sabertooth, only to stand firmly by her own guild and demand that Yukino join them instead. Getting dragged into the brawl that soon follows, Lucy is only saved by the announcement that the King is arriving. However, as Natsu himself enters the room dressed in the King's own clothes, Lucy realizes that the day will simply be one of chaos, and smiles at the shenanigans everyone has caused.[394]

Lucy and her friends head home to Magnolia

Some time after the party is over, Lucy leaves Crocus along with the rest of Team Natsu, Wendy and Carla, stating she feels sad about leaving after all they went through.[395] Upon returning to Magnolia Town, the Fairy Tail Mages are greeted by the populace with a celebration for their victory in the games. Lucy is surprised to see the large number of people who turned out, with Erza noting there are even people from outside Magnolia. Walking in front of the crowds, Lucy notices her landlady and the man from the boat cheering for her. Waving to them, Lucy is called out to by her landlady who tells her she still has to pay rent.[396] During the festivities, Lucy and the rest of the guild are shown their guild building by the mayor of Magnolia, who tells them it is theirs, having been worked on by the townspeople.[397]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Sun Village arc

Lucy talks to Flare about joining Fairy Tail

Sitting in the guild's new bathhouse, Lucy comments on how good she feels. As everyone begins talking about work and their new jobs, Lucy asks Levy if she didn't have a job with Jet and Droy, only to be told they wanted to do their job by themselves. When she mentions that Natsu and Gray went out on a job by themselves, Cana approaches Lucy and asks about Natsu groping her breasts, revealing that Happy told her. Though she tries to explain, Cana is more interested in grabbing her breasts for herself, something which Lucy says tickles.[421] Juvia mentions Erza as having gone on a job to get rare sweets but when Lisanna believes Erza is with them, Lucy turns to find a redhead rising from the bath who turns out to be Flare from Raven Tail. Cana is quick to rush her but Lucy tackles her down, telling her Flare isn't such a bad person. Hearing that Raven Tail was disbanded and she has nowhere to go, Lucy asks if she should talk to the master, only for Flare to say she doesn't want to join Fairy Tail.[422]

Lucy's reaction to seeing the intruders

Walking home, Lucy comments on the size of her bathtub compared to the guild's. Upon entering her apartment, Lucy is shocked to see Wendy, Erza and Carla there. Offered some sweets from their job, Lucy asks about it but receives a mixed reply. As Carla asks about Natsu and Gray, Lucy states they aren't back yet, which is unusual given what their job was. Deciding to go look for them, the girls come across the monster they were meant to beat, a large beast completely unconscious. Finding Natsu and Gray arguing, having been doing so for three days, Erza tries to stop them, but is punched in the face, much to Lucy's shock before she later comes back angry.[423] Back at the guild, Lucy hears that Gray and Natsu have another joint requests, which she understand is why they were together the first time. Hearing that the request is from one of the Four Gods of Ishgar named Warrod Sequen, Lucy is shocked.[424]

Lucy and Team Natsu on Warrod's tree

Out of concern for their recent bickering, Lucy decides to accompany Natsu and Gray for their meeting with Warrod Sequen along with Erza, Wendy, Happy and Carla. Journeying up to the mountains, Lucy takes in the fresh air but is soon put off by Natsu and Gray's constant arguing, telling them that they came because they were worried but the problem between them might be even worse than they thought. Lucy recalls that the Ten Wizard Saints are 10 powerful Mages appointed by the council and, confirmed of this by Erza, wonders why such a person would ask for people like Natsu and Gray. Suddenly, Wendy spots the house of their client and the group enters. As they do, Warrod tells them to keep quiet around the plants, prompting Lucy to clamp her mouth shut but is then told it is a joke. Lucy questions his tree-like appearance and notes that he is a lively person.[425] As Warrod explains the quest, Lucy is surprised to hear about oddities such as a frozen flame and notes that Natsu is needed. Warrod goes on to state that friends are needed by people to care for one another, promoting Lucy and the rest to accept his request to save a frozen village. Getting in position, the team is momentarily pranked before being sent flying on Warrod's plant to their destination.[426]

Lucy stumbles upon a frozen giant

Having reached the Village of the Sun, Lucy and the rest of Team Natsu dismount from Warrod's tree where she notices Natsu suffering from motion sickness, asking the Fire Dragon Slayer if he truly got sick from riding a mere plant. The group then walks into the village, where Lucy notes that everything truly is frozen over; the group stumbles upon a frozen giant, causing Natsu to look to around and point out all the large things, among which is Lucy's breasts. After taking Natsu's observations into account, Lucy marvels at the frozen giants, however, she stops upon noticing Gray break into a sweat and asks him if the situation reminds him of Deliora.[427] Upon seeing Natsu and Gray fail to melt the ice, Lucy notes that the mission isn't going to be as easy as she thought; the team is interrupted by a Treasure Hunting Guild: Sylph Labyrinth; Lucy asks if, like their name suggests, they hunt treasures. Lucy is then shocked to see the Treasure Hunters' reactions upon being told that they've arrived to melt the ice encompassing the giants; Wendy explains that the Eternal Flame that the Sylph Labyrinth members are trying to steal is sacred to the giants, prompting to state that if they took the Eternal Flame from the giants, then the Treasure Hunters would be no more than common thieves. Lucy then shockingly witnesses one of the Sylph Labyrinth members remove a bottle of Moon Drip from his person and gives chase to the running Treasure Hunters, as with the Moon Drip, they can save the villagers.[428]

Lucy summoning Sagittarius

As Lucy and co. proceed to chase the Sylph Labyrinth treasure hunters, Lucy inquires Wendy of Erza's whereabouts, to which Wendy says that Erza stayed behind in the village searching for clues. During the chase, the treasure hunters decide to stand their ground, with Lucy noting the hand-shaped wielded by one of the hunters.[429] After managing to evade an assault by Drake, Wendy alarmingly shoves Lucy out of the way from an undetected rifle shot by Hiroshi. After identifying the assailant's location, Lucy retaliates by summoning Sagittarius to reciprocate the projectile assaults but to no avail, as Hiroshi manages to dismantle the launched arrows.[430]

Lucy catches the bottle

As the enemies cease their attacks and tell the Fairy Tail Mages about their victory over at the Great Hidden Treasure Hunter Tournament of Fiore, Lucy unenthusiastically congratulates them. She then protects Gray, who secretly stole the Moon Drip from the hunters, by ordering Sagittarius to counter Drake's gunshot. Hiroshi and Rala attempt to retrieve their treasure as they concurrently ambush Gray. Gray however, throws the bottle at Natsu, who then sends it to Lucy. As the bottle is being juggled between the Mages, the hunters continue their attacks until the bottle is tossed to Happy, who misses the catch and is scolded by the hunters. Lucy notices the amount of space Moon Drip was able to rid of ice, stating that it would not be sufficient for the entire village. Seconds after realizing this, Natsu hears a voice, prompting Lucy and the others to chase after him; including the treasure hunters.[431]

Lucy and Wendy are saved by Flare

Lucy and Wendy, having separated from Natsu and Gray, wander around the forest, while Happy and Carla try to spot their teammates from the air. When Wendy reveals to Lucy that Rala and Hiroshi have followed them imitating Happy and Carla, Lucy is shocked at first, and then disappointed, questioning whether they really thought they could fool them with this kind of disguise. The two Treasure Hunters then proceed to reveal that they are after Lucy's rare Golden Keys and that they don't care about the giants, slashing one of them to prove their point in the process. This enrages Lucy and Wendy, who ask them to stop kindly at first, but then choose to fight, when they see that words won't reach them. The third Treasure Hunter, Drake, joins the fray and shoots at Lucy and Wendy's feet with his sniper, telling them that it is three against two. However, much to Lucy's surprise, Flare suddenly appears, apparently saving Lucy and Wendy and saying that now it is three against three.[432]

Lucy summons Virgo

Lucy wonders what Flare is doing in the Sun Village, to which Flare replies that she stalks Lucy everywhere she goes, much to the latter's embarrassment. However, Flare then proceeds to reveal that she just wanted to go back to her home, which was the Sun Village, leaving Lucy in disbelief. An enraged Flare proceeds to attack the Treasure Hunter trio, and Lucy decides to help her by summoning the Celestial Spirit Cancer, who helps Flare's hair grow back. Lucy, along with Wendy, reassures Flare that they want to help the giants too and that they will all fight together. The Celestial Spirit Mage then summons Sagittarius and Virgo at the same time, ordering the latter to dig and attack Drake from behind, but her strategy fails, as Virgo is unable to pierce the Magic ice. As a result, Sagittarius is defeated by Lucy's opponent[433] and she, along with her two friends, is apparently left helpless and unable to fight.[434]

Lucy claims victory

When the treasure hunters begin to belittle and humiliate the three Mages, saying that women should know their place, Lucy replies that the treasure hunters cannot possibly hope to deal with Mages of their level. At that moment, Loke, who had been previously summoned by Lucy and snuck behind Drake, kicks the sniper out of the tree, and Lucy, along with Virgo, finishes him off using her signature Lucy Kick. At the same time, Wendy and Flare also finish their fight, and Lucy cries in joy that they managed to win.[435]

Soon after, Lucy sits down with Wendy and listens to Flare's story of how she lived in the village when she was young but, due to being different, she left and became who she is now. Lucy asks if such was why she joined Raven Tail. Flare confirms this, believing what she did was normal and apologizes, but Lucy tells her they do not mind. Asking if she came back to her home and found it in its current state, Lucy's answer is confirmed by Flare as the latter begins crying, which Lucy tells her to stop doing, stating that everyone is still alive. At this, Flare suggests the Eternal Flame can melt the ice and decides to take the girls to it.[436]

Lucy and the others find Natsu

On the road to their destination, Lucy, Flare and Wendy are hit by a Magic which turns their bodies into children. As Lucy questions what happened, Flare tells her that her new body is cute, a feeling with Lucy reciprocates towards her.[437] Later changed back to their regular bodies, Lucy and the group come across Natsu, whom she questions about his running off earlier. However, Natsu ignores her and questions the presence of Flare, forcing Lucy to defend her, explaining that she was from the village and was guiding them to the Eternal Flame. Upon learning that they had already arrived at the flame, which was frozen over and more resembled a mountain, Lucy is shocked, having hoped that the flame would be able to melt the village. Suddenly, Gray runs towards the group, having been chased by a large one-eyed bird. Natsu and Gray decide to get to work, with Gray attempting to unfreeze the flame while Natsu takes down the bird. The battle has Lucy momentarily worried while Natsu is pinned before he manages to deliver a direct hit. Meanwhile, Gray explains that he will channel the ice through his body and as he does so, Lucy notices the ice starting to disappear. However, once the ice disappears, the flame disappears as well, much to Lucy's surprise.[438]

Although the flame has apparently disappeared, Wendy insists that it is still alive but weak, and Lucy notices that there is indeed a small flame in the fire altar. She then shouts at Natsu to help the fire grow stronger.[439] After Natsu manages to defeat the one-eyed creature and light the flame anew, the guardian of the flame is revealed to be Atlas Flame, much to Lucy's confusion.[440] Seeing him, Lucy remembers him as one of the Dragons who came from the Eclipse Gate. However, Wendy reveals that she called him using Milky Way and that being frozen over jumbled his memories to an extent. As she hears his story about being frozen by a Demon Slayer Mage, Lucy is surprised that such a Magic exists. Seeing Flare on the ground begging for Atlas to save the village, Lucy looks upon her with sympathy as Atlas remembers who he is and uses his power to send a wave of heat to melt the ice around the village. As this happens, Lucy has Gray use his Magic on her to keep her cool.[441] Seeing the village saved, Lucy expresses her happiness and surprise that Atlas was able to do what he did considering his limited energy.[442]

Celebrations with the giants

With the giants saved, Lucy and the group take the chance to ask about the circumstance of their freezing, with Lucy recalling that it was apparently done by an Ice Devil Slayer who mistook Atlas Flame for a devil. As it is suggested that it was a mistake, Gray points out that they don't yet know the true motive of the Devil Slayer, recalling Doriate's warning which causes Erza to think of Tartaros, scaring Lucy. However, as the group decides to put the issue temporarily to rest, Lucy looks around and realizes that Flare is missing.[443] Finding her behind a tree, Lucy tries getting her to speak to the giants, only to find that she is afraid of their reaction due to her having left the village without saying anything. Lucy attempts to convince her that they won't mind. Finally getting her to talk, Lucy watches with a smile as she is accepted back into the village, recalling it as the first time Flare ever smiled that way. As a result of everyone's happiness, the celebration continues throughout the night, enabling everyone to forget about the demons, Zeref and Tartaros.[444]

Lucy at the hot spring

After returning to Warrod's house subsequent to the completion of the mission, Lucy and the group are told of a secret hot spring, which they take a trip to that night. Taking a dip, Lucy and the girls enjoy themselves while thinking about the boys, whom they believe wouldn't be interested. However, the guys reveal their presence on the other edge of the spring, surprising the girls who are shocked to learn that they were there first. Warrod joins as well, telling them that the hot spring is unisex, much to Lucy's dismay as she frets over them seeing her naked, only to be by told by them that they've seen her naked so many times it's lost its novelty.[445] As Warrod shows excitement over how they as comrades behave with each other, Lucy tells him it has nothing to do with him, only to be corrected as he reveals that he was one of the founders of Fairy Tail, much to everyone's surprise as Lucy also realizes such was why Makarov was adamant about Natsu and Gray not failing the mission. As Warrod goes on to explain Mavis' views on camaraderie, Lucy thinks to herself about their meaning and depth. As the issue of Tartaros and the Book of Zeref comes up, Warrod reveals rumors about said Dark Guild being Demon worshipers and in possession of the book. Seeing Natsu get angry, Lucy watches as he unintentionally hits Erza and causes her to retaliate.[446]

Tartaros arc

After returning to the guild, Lucy and several others look through a book for information on Zeref and his demons, learning in the process that E.N.D. is a Demon unlike the others, making it his strongest and potentially in the hands of Tartaros. When Natsu suggests attacking said Dark Guild, Lucy immediately speaks out against it, noting the challenges they would face and their lack of preparation. However, their conversation is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Jet who reveals something bad has happened.[447]

Lucy, along with the other Fairy Tail Mages, is present when Porlyusica diagnoses that Laxus, Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen will survive despite the lethal poisoning.[448] Overtaken with grief, Lucy reveals her disgust towards Tartaros' actions and Natsu decides that it is time for them to deal with the Dark Guild once and for all.[449]

Lucy explaining the situation

Seeing that Natsu wants to attack Tartaros despite not knowing where they are, Lucy recalls that they only know of their goal to eliminate current and former council members. As they realize they don't know where any former council members are, Loke appears and states that he does, revealing how to Wendy and making Lucy realize he learned through women. Using his information, Fairy Tail divides into teams to seek out and protect former council members. Before everyone departs, Lucy listens to Makarov's speech, in which he states they will crush Tartaros for the sake of their friends.[450] Arriving at the house of former council member Michello, Lucy explains the situation, only to have a hard time convincing him to let them protect him until his granddaughter Michelia intervenes. As they ask why Tartaros would be after former council members, Michello has a startling revelation but before he can reveal anything, Lucy is pushed to the ground by Natsu just as an explosion occurs. Recovering from said explosion, Lucy is surprised to see that Natsu managed to eat most of it to minimize the harm. Suddenly, Tartaros Mage Jackal appears, with Lucy asking for his name, he expresses his surprise that he was not able to kill them as easily as he killed others.[451]

Lucy protects Wendy from an explosion

Knowing that he's after Michello, Lucy urges the old man to leave with them, thus allowing Natsu to fight. However, Jackal catches everyone by surprise by attacking the nearby buildings, shocking Lucy as she exclaims that the city has nothing to do with their business.[452] As Natsu pounds into Jackal, Lucy watches the battle from afar, noting that Natsu is fighting incredibly hard but noticing that Jackal was about to reveal something. As Jackal is seemingly defeated, Michello begins to panic and demands that the Fairy Tail Mages finish him off as he leave to confirm the safety of the former council members. However, Jackal returns and reveals a bomb formula on Natsu's body, which explodes shortly after, taking Natsu out of the fight. Lucy protects Wendy during the explosion and is surprised to see that the resulting attack took out Natsu. As Jackal expresses surprise that Natsu's body is still present, Lucy stares in anger as he then threatens Michelia in order to get information from Michello.[453]

Lucy fights for the guild

However, Michello decides to flee in fear, with Jackal following him. Lucy and Wendy attempt to halt the Demon's pursue, but their Sky Dragon's Roar and Scorpio's Sand Buster are proven to be ineffective against the Demon's Curse, a power that, according to Jackal, stands above Magic. He then hits the girls with Exploding Spiral and quickly continues going after Michello. Michellia is upset that this is happening because of her grandfather, but Lucy states that they are fighting for their pride and tells Wendy to take care of Natsu while she follows Jackal.[454] However, upon reaching the Demon's location and preparing to summon a spirit, she is caught in a Landmine Curse set by Jackal and told not to move, lest it explode. As the crowd approaches, she urges them to get away but her words are not considered. However, Jackal notes the opportunity and takes hostages and Lucy is soon given a choice - whether to save Michello or an innocent pregnant woman. Though she protests having to make the choice, urging Jackal to fight fair, he simply prods her to make her decision or both captives will die. Much to Lucy's delight, Natsu suddenly appears, crashing into Jackal, releasing the bombs and the Enchantment. Lucy then watches as Natsu knocks Michello unconscious and later shows off his 'trick' in dealing with Jackal's explosions.[455]

Lucy witnessing Happy's sacrifice

Witnessing their subsequent fight, Lucy becomes concerned when Natsu disappears in another of Jackal's explosions, only to be relieved when he emerges unharmed. Teasing Natsu about destroying the town after Jackal is defeated, Lucy comments on the Demon's strength due to Natsu's initial difficulty with him. Noticing Jackal's weak laughter, Lucy and the others become aware of the explosion marks appearing around the town, and realize the Demon's attempt to destroy them all. Despairing over the situation, Lucy is then shocked to see Happy fly away with Jackal's body, witnessing the small Exceed be consumed by the final explosion. She then sighs in relief upon seeing Happy return alive.[456]

After their encounter with Jackal, Lucy utilizes a Communication Lacrima that was found in town to report to Makarov that they have successfully protected Michello and that Natsu has defeated a member of Tartaros, with the former acquiring serious wounds from the encounter. After learning of Face and it's details, Lucy and the rest of the Fairy Tail members anxiously discuss their next course of action.[457] Suddenly, Natsu gets up all of a sudden, causing Lucy to ask what's wrong, noting his urgency. However, Natsu does not answer her and after asking Michello where the ex-councilor's house is, flies away with Happy as she calls out to him.[458]

Returning to the Fairy Tail guild with no information on Natsu, Mira and Erza's location, Lucy's attention turns to Happy, who dizzily comes in through a window. She listens to him as the Exceed reveals that the former chairman is a traitor affiliated with Tartaros and that Natsu and the others have been captured.

Lucy embracing Happy

Furthermore, Happy informs them that Tartaros' headquarters is a massive, floating island that moves about. Hearing Happy claim that he left Natsu behind as tears fall from his eyes, Lucy approaches him and hugs him; reminding him that he did his best trying to save everyone. Seconds later, Elfman appears at the gates of the Fairy Tail building.[459] With Happy still in her arms, Lucy looks on in disbelief as Elfman shares the news of Lisanna's capture and unsuccessfully rescuing Yuuri. After Cana snaps at Elfman for not being able to handle the situation, Lucy and everyone else within the vicinity tense up.[460]

Lucy and Loke fight Tartaros

Upon Levy's announcement of pinpointing Tartaros' location, Lucy astonishingly turns to her. Hearing that their base is directly above them, Lucy remains bewildered until Levy explains that their base is currently above Magnolia. Subsequently, Lucy turns to Happy and along with the rest of the guild, prepares for departure.[461] However, Cana, having learned of a Lacrima bomb in their guild, turns Lucy and the rest of the guild into cards to protect them. With the cards taken by the Exceed into Tartaros' headquarters, Lucy and the rest of the guild members are then released by Cana so as to mount an all-out attack.[462] Lucy summons Loke and stands to fight next to the Celestial Spirit while concurrently pondering how to reach the castle located on TopCube. Suddenly, Erza creates a sizable crater from within Cube, leading Lucy to eye the hole.[463] As she follows her guildmates as they use the hole to infiltrate Cube, Lucy is called out to by Erza, who tells her that Face has been unsealed and demands she find a way to stop it from activating.[464] Moving into the guild with Wendy, Happy and Carla, Lucy soon finds Cube's control room, eyeing the computers and seeing that Face is in fact unsealed as Erza said. As she reads that Face has to be manually activated on-site, the computers suddenly light up, bringing up a countdown timer as the group realize that someone has just activated it. Planning to move out and head to the device to shut it down, Lucy and her friends turn to find Keyes walking towards them, the Demon threatening them to hell as he approaches.[465]

Lucy summons Aries and Taurus

Lucy and Wendy, seeing that they have no time to spend fighting their opponent seriously, decide to distract Keyes and make a run for it just as Franmalth also joins the fray. Pulling out her keys, Lucy summons both Taurus and Aries, who use a combination spell to fill the room with a large cloud of pink wool, buying Lucy and Wendy enough time to fly away with Happy and Carla. However, as they speed down the hallways looking for a way out, Keyes suddenly appears before them once more. As the skeleton Demon moves to cast a spell at them, he is attacked from behind by Gray, allowing Lucy and Wendy to continue, though as they round another corner they are met by Franmalth, who shocks them by attacking with Aries' wool. Caught up, Lucy screams for Wendy to fly on without her, and though Franmalth attempts to grab at the Sky Dragon Slayer, he is stopped by Natsu, who rushes to their aid. With Wendy free and going after Face, Lucy and Natsu prepare to face Franmalth, both shocked when they realize he has absorbed Taurus and Wendy with his Curse, and can utilize their captured souls to morph his own body and attack. With Happy and Lucy watching on, Natsu struggles to properly land a blow on the Demon, as Franmalth keeps pulling forward Aries' face and causing him to hesitate. However, after a successful punch to the Demon's face, Franmalth becomes incredibly angry and states that he will show them his most powerful soul: Lucy watches in horror as an ominous aura surrounds the Demon.[466]

Though afraid as Franmalth reveals that his strongest soul is that of Hades of Grimore Heart, the fear is quick to subside as Franmalth looks rather odd after undergoing his transformation. Watching as Franmalth attacks Natsu, Lucy calls out as the fight rages on. Before long, Lucy is blown away by the power of Natsu's Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar but is soon shocked to see that Franmalth was able to absorb the soul of his Magic and listens as he claims that Demons from the Books of Zeref are strong enough to confront an entire army alone.[467] Shortly after, Horologium appears, revealing that only nine minutes and forty-three seconds remain before Face activates. Though Lucy fears Face's activation affecting everyone's battle, she is reminded that Wendy and Carla are on the case.[468]

Lucy checks to see if she can still use Magic

As Face begins to activate, Lucy begins to lose her balance.[469] Franmalth explains what is happening and that there are barely 3 minutes left before it is complete,[470] which causes Lucy to worry about Wendy.[471] Expecting the Magic to leave her body, Lucy is surprised to see their Magic abilities prevail, prompting Happy to claim that Wendy and Carla were able to destroy Face. However, their joy is short-lived as Franmalth releases a barrage of attacks, while announcing the magnitude of their deeds. As Lucy and Happy formulate a plan, Franmalth reminds them that he is in possession of Hades' soul, releasing a powerful spell that wrecks the vicinity.[472]

Lucy names the things that matter to her

Laying on the ground after the blast, Lucy watches as the enemy grabs a hold of Natsu in an attempt to absorb his soul. Before Lucy can do anything, she is also pinned to the ground by Franmalth's power of absorption, along with Happy. The trio struggles, preventing Franmalth from obtaining their souls as Natsu tells them to think of something they care about. Lucy rapidly thinks of her friends and the Celestial Spirits. Thinking to herself that letting the Demon have her spirits is unacceptable, she forcibly closes Taurus' gate. Seeing that this nearly causes Franmalth to enter the Celestial Spirit World along with Taurus before releasing him, Lucy repeats her action, forcing Franmalth to release Aries as well. Seeing the opportunity, Lucy reiterates her words, calling Natsu's name, scaring Franmalth into releasing him as well. Lucy then watches as Natsu ends the fight with psychical power. As floating orbs exit Franmalth's body, the three gaze and assume that all of the souls he held are now free. As they watch, one of the souls assumes the appearance of Hades, and advises the three to tell Makarov to release the light before Tartaros achieves its real objective.[473] After Hades disappears, Lucy and the others contemplate the meaning of his words. Realizing that Face must have been stopped by Wendy and Carla, Lucy joins Natsu in their search for Mirajane, while Happy leaves to contact Makarov.[474]

Lucy escapes Alegria, alone

As they walk through the passage, Lucy notes that Gray should be keeping one of the Demons busy at the location they ran through earlier. At that moment, Warren contacts everyone through his Telepathy, informing them that Mirajane is safe. Likewise, Lucy announces that Wendy and Carla stopped Face, filling everyone with joy. After Happy informs Makarov of Hades' last words, the telepathy among Lucy and the others is hijacked by Mard Geer, who introduces himself and activates Alegria. The walls of Cube begin distorting and Lucy finds herself to be sucked in, with her and Natsu unable to catch each other's hands. While the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages get absorbed, Lucy manages to get out, wondering what happened.[475] Looking through a window, Lucy is shocked upon hearing the screams of the citizens below as she witnesses the destruction of Kardia Cathedral, caused by the moving Plutogrim. Unable to bear the screams of Plutogrim, Lucy crawls up into a fetal position. Suddenly, the voice of Mard resounds, informing everyone within the beast that a prize will be given to the one who takes the life of the only human who survived Alegria, leading Lucy to ponder the condition of her fellow guildmates.[476]

Lucy summons the third spirit, Aquarius

A stream of water enters the cave where Lucy stands, dragging her along with the pressure. Eventually, Lucy grabs a wooden board and rides the waves, easily overpowering Tartaros' henchmen as they all joyously restate Mard's claim. Lucy then summons Sagittarius, who makes quick work of the underlings surrounding his summoner. Lamy, however, appears, whose Curse renders Sagittarius' arrows futile. Said dilemma leads Lucy to summon Virgo, who stays behind confronting Lamy. Riding on the board, Lucy is ambushed by Torafuzar, who is countered by Lucy's summoning of Loke. As Loke and Virgo fight for Lucy's sake, Jackal appears in her way. Lucy attempts to fight him off with her Fleuve d'étoiles, only to be gravely injured by the Demon's Curse. Admitting to herself that a physical confrontation with Jackal will lead to her death, Lucy, thinking about her comrades, grabs another golden key, summoning Aquarius as she falls into the water; begging for her spirits to defeat the enemies.[477]

Lucy is protected from Jackal by Aquarius

Much to Lucy's relief, Aquarius arrives and tells her to stand back[478] and then proceeds to sweep away the other Demons.[479] Lucy, despite her hopes, is only able to watch from the side as her spirits are each defeated by the Demons. Jackal, Lamy and Torafuzar then approach her exhausted body, and the former uses his explosive Curse to severely injure Lucy's leg when she insists that she must save everyone. Lamy then picks Lucy up and encourages Jackal to blow up her breasts, only for the Demon to shock them both by killing Lamy instead, with Lucy questioning how he could do that to a friend. Before Jackal can turn his hand on Lucy, however, Aquarius appears and pushes the Demon back with a wave of water.

Lucy summoning the Celestial Spirit King

The water spirit then tells her that she has a chance to win, but only if she can summon the Celestial Spirit King. Lucy points out that she doesn't have his key, and is then horrified to learn that in order to summon the king she must sacrifice one of her Zodiac keys. Protesting and refusing to give up any of her friends, Aquarius offers her key as the toll. Though the spirit tells her of how much she has always hated her and compares her to her mother, Lucy continues to argue that there must be another way, insisting that Aquarius is her friend regardless of the latter's feelings towards her. Aquarius then reminds her of everything that is at stake, and, now finally convinced, Lucy whispers that she likes Aquarius before summoning the Celestial Spirit King,[480] whose strength destroys Cube.[481]

Lucy protected by Water Barrier

Lucy continues to despair, lying on the ground, just as the Celestial Spirit King confronts Mard Geer.[482] A shocked Jackal then ponders about what is going on and turns to Lucy in order to attack her, however, she is suddenly enveloped by a sphere of water. She feels her Magic Power surging up, while hearing the Celestial Spirit King's voice telling her that this is Aquarius' Magic. Lucy then stands up, determined to face her opponent and save her friends. Jackal attempts to blow her up, but to no avail as Lucy is protected by the barrier of water. She recites an incantation and hits Jackal with the full power of Urano Metria.[483]

After successfully utilizing the spell, Lucy manages to defeat Jackal, but faints from exhaustion as a result.[484] Torafuzar, shocked by the girl's achievement, attempts to finish her off at that very moment, but a revived Gajeel blocks his attack and protects Lucy, to her relief. Keyes tries to end her life once more, but this time Juvia interferes. Silver and Tempester then appear, but are respectively held off by Gray and Natsu, with the latter acknowledging that Lucy somehow saved them all.[485]

A worried Lucy watches her friends' battles

Leaving the fighting up to her friends now, Lucy is just a bystander when she witnesses Silver rushing towards Gray, both of them disappearing from sight. However, despite being badly injured, she is attacked by Tempester's tornadoes.[486] Lucy then worries about her friends' safety, but Natsu reassures her that he will deal with them.[487] After seeing the Demons gaining an upper hand, Lucy attempts to get up, however, Natsu smirks, stating they will be fine and tells her to rest, which brings a smile to her face.[488] Lucy continues to watch the battle, worried upon seeing Natsu and Gajeel having a hard time.[489] She then witnesses Juvia being taken by Keyes, however, her attempt to help is halted as she is trapped by a skeleton that Keyes summons. Lucy's expression soon changes to that of disbelief, having witnessed Keyes seemingly eradicating Juvia, however, as Juvia in her water form defeats the Demon, the multiple skeletons keeping Lucy down disappear.[490]

Lucy comforts Juvia

Lucy rushes to Juvia's side when she notices the weakened woman sinking to the ground, catching her and hugging her as she listens to her desire to see Gray. With tears falling from her eyes, she assures her that they will reunite soon enough.[491] Moments later, Lucy is shocked upon seeing Gajeel unleash his Shadow Iron Dragon Mode.[492] Watching as Natsu and Gajeel easily overpower their opponents, she is bewildered as the two end up punching one another.[493] Irritated, Lucy scolds the two and reacts to a sleeping Juvia calling her a love rival afterwards. She is then swept away by the black water caused by Torafuzar's Tenchi Kaimei, soon running out of breath and falling unconscious due to the water's poison.[494] Unconscious, Lucy is helped by Levy and Gajeel, the former providing her with air through Solid Script while the latter battles and defeats Torafuzar, saving Lucy as the poisoned water disappears from within her body.[495]

Lucy watches the showdown between Dragons

After Tenchi Kaimei's disappearance, Lucy, still unconscious, lies on the ground next to Juvia.[496] She eventually wakes up, and is shocked to hear Acnologia arriving on the battlefield.[497] She then notices Natsu is suffering due to the Acnologia's presence and tries to help, but is burned by Natsu's increasing body temperature as she touches him, and she gets worried when she sees that Gajeel is showing the same symptoms.[498] She curiously looks at Natsu when he states Igneel's name, and looks in shock and disbelief as the Fire Dragon comes out from Natsu's body.[499] She then sadly looks at Natsu, as he cries after finally finding his father.[500] Lucy sorrowfully states her surprise over finally seeing Igneel[501] and then curiously looks at Natsu, as he decides to take off and fly towards his father.[502]

Lucy reunites with the others

Later, Lucy meets up with Lisanna, Elfman, Warren, Jet and Droy. Although temporarily saddened when reminded of Aquarius, Lucy gets over it and explains how she got separated from the others, as well as the identity of the Dragon fighting Acnologia. Although the Mages are hopeful at first that with Igneel's assistance they can prevail, Wendy arrives, along with Doranbolt and Carla, much to Lucy's surprise, and warns them about the huge number of Face artifacts about to activate.[503] When Warren's Telepathy proves useless to alert everyone on time, Lucy is depressed at first, however Makarov speaks to her via Telepathy, encouraging her to not lose hope, as they too have a secret weapon, Lumen Histoire.[504] Lucy and the others are told to return to the guild's basement. From behind her, Elfman refuses, leading Lucy to question his decision.[505] The group moves out shortly after, though Lucy suddenly collapses to the ground feeling exhausted; everyone soon realizes that Face has activated and begun to drain Magic from the world.[506] However, before they all lose their powers completely, the Dragon parents of the Dragon Slayers arrive and destroy all of the Face devices.[507] Seeing that they have managed to stop the resurrection of E.N.D. and the Magic's disappearance, Lucy rejoices along with Lisanna and the rest of the guild.[508]

After the fight against Tartaros ends, Lucy, along with the other Mages, witnesses the Dragon Slayers reunite with the Dragons, albeit temporarily, as the creatures have already expended most of their remaining strength to destroy the threat of Face. As they ascend to the sky, they swear to watch over mankind for all eternity.[509] A week after the battle, Lucy uses Cancer to help Wendy regrow her hair as she claims that her normal hairstyle is what suits her the most.[510] Later, she returns to her place, suspecting that Natsu and Happy are there. However, all she finds is a letter notifying her that Natsu and Happy are going away for a year to train. Lucy immediately runs out of her house, realizing in tears that she'd be lonely without them.[511] Not too long after this, Lucy is summoned by Makarov along with just about every other member of Fairy Tail, only to learn that Makarov is disbanding Fairy Tail, leaving her downcast.[512]

Avatar arc

Lucy searching for her friends

A year after Fairy Tail's disbandment, Lucy becomes a reporter and covers the ongoing Grand Magic Game of the year X792. Performing her morning necessities, she heads out to work,[513] arriving late due to the massive crowd outside of the stadium. Momentarily, she begins to cover the current event alongside Jason, thinking back on the time the latter offered her the job to become a gravure model; something which did not suit her fancy. The battle is quick to end, with Lucy parting ways with Jason at the end of the day, but not before he claims that, without Fairy Tail and the other guilds, the Grand Magic Games have been a bore. She reminds him that Fairy Tail is long gone, but he notices the mark on the back of her hand, prompting her to lower her head. Lucy heads home, taking care of her report and jumping into the bath shortly afterwards. While in the bath, she tells herself that she wants to see her friends again, throwing a tantrum that attracts the neighbors' attention. She then heads to her room, looking at the map she has created pinpointing everyone's recent whereabouts as she crawls into a fetal position, wondering if Fairy Tail will ever be reunited. She heads to bed, waking up early the following morning and gets pumped for work.[514]

Lucy and Natsu reunite

Shortly after the two final guilds enter the stadium, Lucy is asked for her opinion, only to inform Jason that it is clearly Scarmiglione's victory. Noted prediction proves to be true, shocking Jason. With a displeased expression, Lucy admits that they are strong, but is still doubtful of their achievement. Just then, an intruder enters the stadium, leading Lucy to issue an order for all of the viewers to leave the stadium, due to the person's Magic Power. However, before they can do anything, the person releases flames that encompass the entirety of the Grand Magic Game stadium. Lucy then watches as he easily defeats the winning guild, the flames reaching her and burning her clothes. Before long, she looks at the person once again, the mask coming off and Natsu announcing his presence. Shocked, Lucy can only announce his name, and is soon greeted by Happy. Happy informs her that Natsu wanted to challenge the champions, all while the Dragon Slayer defeats all of the Mages below. Moments later, the two make eye contact, greeting each other after a year of separation.[515]

Lucy, Natsu and Happy set off on a new adventure

After Natsu is released from prison, Lucy awaits for his arrival outside of the castle, quickly being asked why the other Fairy Tail members are not with her. Lucy frowns, reminding herself that the two are not aware of the recent events. The trio sits elsewhere, where Lucy explains to Natsu and Happy that Fairy Tail is no more. Upset, Natsu wonders what Makarov has been doing, but Lucy claims that he is missing. Just then, she also berates Natsu for randomly leaving the guild without discussing it with anyone first. However, she apologizes when Natsu is left speechless, claiming that they must of had a lot on their minds as well. Lucy then takes them to her house in Crocus, with Natsu and Happy quickly making themselves at home. Lucy then listens as Natsu begins to tell her about his adventures, smiling and blushing at the familiar feeling. In the middle of the night, Natsu and Happy get up. Bored, they decide to enter Lucy's room and paint on her face, but come face to face with the map Lucy has been creating to keep track of the Fairy Tail members. The following morning, Lucy awakens, shocked upon hearing the army knocking at her door. Before she can question this, Natsu and Happy appear, wondering if they have been caught already. Confused, Lucy looks at the two and asks what they have done, but Natsu simply grabs her and jumps out of the window, explaining that he has raised the beacon for Fairy Tail's revival. After releasing her, he tells her that they will revive Fairy Tail, leading Lucy to tears as she follows behind, with the army running after them.[516]

After escaping the army, Lucy and her two friends arrive in Tuly Village and says that she wants to get an inn before hitting Natsu on the head when he says that he should destroy the restored clock tower to make the new and old parts even. She is then challenged by a battle-happy Natsu to a sparring match, however before she can show him her new abilities, he spits fire between her legs at thieves a ways away, which leaves Lucy disturbed and insulted after he eventually turns her down for the match. In the inn, Lucy reveals that she doesn't have everyone's location, but she suggests that they go southeast to Margaret Town and visit Lamia Scale, as well as visit someone of that they know that joined. Upon arriving, the group watches the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and after a while, they see Wendy and Sherria get on stage and perform a song; to a perplexed and bewildered Natsu, Lucy explains that since she was good friends with Sherria, Wendy joined Lamia Scale, as well as remarking that to find work, a lot of others joined different guilds as well. Additionally, Lucy explains the premise of the Thanksgiving Day Parade to Natsu, after which the group is approached by a human Carla, confusing them.[517]

Lucy and others reunite with Wendy

After the parade, Lucy and the others visit Wendy in the Lamia Scale Guild and watches as Natsu tries to kidnap her. After Natsu is stopped, Lucy explains that they want her to help them revive Fairy Tail and reveals to everyone that Makarov has been missing since the guild's disbandment. She and the other members of Lamia Scale present then also explain to Natsu that the Ten Wizard Saints got together and reformed the Magic Council, as well as to Natsu that even though that has occurred, Makarov's whereabouts remain concealed. Everyone then expresses shock as Wendy turns joining them down, and as the human Carla shows up again, Lucy wonders why she is human in the first place; she also bashes Happy when he states that he has trained to resist fish. Depressed at Wendy's turning of them down, the three go to the Viper Inn and mope, however when Natsu tickles Lucy she punches him and tells him that, when he says that he's going to kidnap her, that he can't.[518] A while later, Lucy and the others hear explosions occurring in the town and find it to be under attack by monsters sent by Lamia Scale's rival guild Orochi's Fin. Upon hearing that the monsters number over 100,000, Lucy expresses utter horror; when Natsu states that he's going to deal with the monsters alongside Wendy and Carla with Happy, Lucy watches as Sherria kicks Natsu in the face and makes Happy take her instead.[519]

Lucy attacks a monster

As Lucy prepares to fight against the horde of monsters invading the town,[520] she is shocked to see Natsu's progress as he swiftly sends the monsters flying, before running after the Sky Sisters.[521] She then fights alongside Lyon and the rest of Lamia Scale, demonstrating the new abilities she has acquired over the last year; she summons Loke, and utilizes a technique known as Star Dress to be able to use the same abilities as the Celestial Spirit she summoned. She then attacks a monster with an upgraded version of her signature move, Regulus Lucy Kick.[522]

After the Mages manage to fend off the monsters, Lucy receives Lyon's gratitude for helping Lamia Scale. She then wonders where Wendy and Sherria have gone, but Yuka tells her that they want to talk about something by themselves.[523] She is later present when Wendy and Carla bit their farewell to Lamia Scale, expressing their gratitude for taking them in, and Lucy is relieved to see that her two friends didn't really forget about Fairy Tail all this time.[524] The group then heads off to collect another Mage who, according to Lucy, is located in Amefurashi Village, a place of never-ending rain.[525]

Lucy witnesses Juvia fall unconscious

Approaching the village, Lucy notes that it is only raining in one spot. Heading inside the rain, they find the place abandoned. Traveling further in, they find Juvia, who deliriously jumps at Natsu, believing he is Gray, as Lucy looks on with a smile. Smiling, Lucy tells Juvia she is glad she is still the same. Coming to her senses, Juvia recognizes everyone before collapsing, after which they take her inside a nearby house and dry her off, which Lucy wonders if it could be her home. Natsu smells around and says Gray had been there too. Juvia awakens and says that she and Gray had lived there together alone, and that they ate, trained together and even slept together, shocking Wendy and Lucy, the latter of whom says that her information is unnecessary for Wendy. Juvia then tells them that Gray's body was afflicted with mysterious black marks and from that day onward he would frequently go out alone, before ultimately not coming back. Natsu insults Gray for leaving her alone, to which Lucy states its funny coming from him. Natsu remarks that he left a note of sorts, but Lucy tells him that he was inconsiderate towards those he left behind; Juvia makes a sarcastic remark to Lucy about her and Natsu's relationship. After Lucy yells, Juvia gets back to saying she doesn't know where Gray is but is sure he will come back eventually; Natsu says he will find Gray. After Juvia falls asleep, they head outside again and they ask Natsu how he will find Gray as Lucy has nothing in her memos on him. Natsu then states that he is going to go to Sabertooth.[526]

Natsu reassures Lucy about Gray's return

Lucy accompanies Natsu and Happy to Sabertooth via boar ride, and after marveling at how big their guild is, asks Natsu if he is sure about getting information regarding Gray here. She is told that he isn't sure, and is then told by the Fire Dragon Slayer that he believes in Gray, but that he must stop believing in him to get the information; Lucy is promised that Gray will return, and is asked not to question Natsu about it. The group then arrives at the guild where they are greeted by Yukino, Orga and Rufus and briefly discuss Fairy Tail's comeback. An overweight Sting then greets the three, leaving Lucy shocked. Lucy then watches as Natsu inquires about Rogue and Frosch's whereabouts, and Lucy tries to stop Natsu from leaving abruptly when he learns that they just left to go on a job. She follows him and watches as he stops Rogue and Frosch from going on their mission to stop Avatar. As the Slayers talk, Lucy and Minerva converse, wherein Lucy learns that Sting gained all of the weight in an eating contest and that Sabertooth didn't participate in the Grand Magic Games because Fairy Tail did not; Minerva apologizes to Lucy for taking the Naval Battle too far, and Lucy accepts her apology. When Minerva says that she was sad when she heard Fairy Tail broke up, Lucy holds up her guild mark for Minerva to see and smiles, affectionately saying that as long as Fairy Tail is in their hearts, it will never go away.[527]

On their journey to Avatar, Lucy explains to Natsu and Happy that Avatar is a religious cult worshiping Zeref. She then questions Natsu's confidence that Gray is part of Avatar, and Natsu reveals that Future Rogue from the alternate timeline was supposed to face Gray around that time. Lucy then reminds Natsu that the timeline has changed, but Natsu is still bothered by Gray's black mark, wondering whether learning Devil Slayer Magic in such a short time could potentially change his personality. Lucy is visibly worried, and ponders on why Natsu keeps the outcome of the fight to himself, but Natsu comforts her and says Gray is one of them.[528] The three then finally reach the church, and Lucy points out how old it looks.[529]

Lucy suffering due to Mary's Magic

After arriving, Lucy stops Natsu from charging in headfirst and instead summons Virgo and adopts her respective Star Dress form, allowing them to sneak into the church via digging through the ground. As soon as they enter the stronghold, Natsu shouts for Gray to come out, causing Lucy to panic. Within moments, they are visited by three different Avatar members, and Lucy watches as Natsu easily dispatches them all. After their defeat, Lucy looks on in surprise as Gray enters the room, seeking out Natsu's desire for a duel.[530] Her pleas for them to cease their battle ignored, she can only watch as Natsu tries to convince Gray to help them revive Fairy Tail and is deeply shocked when the latter tells them that he has abandoned their former guild, going so far as to call their current friendly behavior fake. Unable to stand his words, she slaps him and tells him to never again utter such false and insulting words. Suddenly, she begins to experience pain in her abdomen and collapses, this being the result of Mary's Magic. Distracted by her condition, her comrades are captured too. Mary continues to torture her while Jerome threatens to behead her to get Natsu under control. Their infiltration now a failure, Lucy is stunned when Gray informs them that he took the decision to join Avatar while completely sane, proving this by showing the Avatar mark branded in place of his Fairy Tail symbol.[531]

Lucy in Avatar's prison cell

Later, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy sit in Avatar's prison cells and discuss Gray's recent activities, when Gômon suddenly appears in front of their cell. He plans to torture Lucy for information regarding who sent her and her comrades to Avatar, but, after being angered by Natsu, decides to skip the torture and grabs an axe to cut Lucy in half. However, Gômon is suddenly frozen solid by Gray who appears to assist the trio, and much to everyone's surprise, Gray hands Natsu a Communication Lacrima with Erza on the end of the line.[532] All four of them leave Avatar together, and while they are on the move, Gray and Erza explain everything about Gray's infiltration mission, as well as his markings. After they are done explaining, Gray apologizes to Lucy for all of the things he said while pretending to be a member of Avatar and Lucy, in turn, apologizes for slapping him. When they arrive at Malba City, Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy stand in the way of the attacking cultists. Lucy summons Taurus and dons his respective Star Dress, while Natsu and Gray make short work of some of the cultists. As Erza comes attacking from the rear, Lucy comments about how nostalgic the situation feels.[533]

Lucy defeats Mary

Lucy watches Natsu and Gray being their assault, and together with Taurus attacks the Avatar cultists, exercising the great strength of her Taurus Star Dress in the form of various whip attacks, such as Earth Wave, to defeat myriad opponents. Afterwards, she is saved by Gray from being assaulted by a sword-wielding cultist, and alongside her friends, she continues to put up a valiant fight.[534] After awhile, Lucy is told by Taurus that his stomach hurts, and mere seconds later hers does as well; Mary then arrives, claiming that her Black Magic, called Virus, is the culprit, and that it is currently targeting her bowels. Lucy is then insulted by Mary and is threatened with a virus that will render her brain dead, however before such a thing can occur, Wendy and Carla arrive, with the former negating Mary's virus with her Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. Carla then tells Wendy that Mary is behind her; Lucy turns around and defeats Mary with a super-powered Lucy Punch. After the fact, Lucy thanks Wendy and Carla for saving her,[535] and she learns that they arrived because Juvia felt better. Lucy is then amazed to see Wendy enter Dragon Force and take out many cultists; Lucy returns to battle and does the same.[536]

Lucy and others are victorious

A short time later, Lucy feels a sinister Magic Power approaching and then watches as it manifests itself in the arrival of one of the Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods: the colossal Ikusa-Tsunagi.[537] After this, the Battle God attacks with his gargantuan sword; though Lucy comes out unharmed, she notices someone, who turns out to be Natsu, running up Ikusa-Tsunagi's sword. She then listens as Natsu gives a speech about the meaning of friendship and witnesses him strike down Ikusa-Tsunagi.[538] When Gajeel, Levy, Panther Lily, and Erza arrive on the battlefield, Lucy is ecstatic to see all of her long lost friends. And at Erza's suggestion, Lucy, along with the other former Mages of Fairy Tail, join together for a "victory shout" to celebrate Avatar's demise.[539]

Lucy cries at Fairy Tail's reunion

Some time after defeating Avatar, everyone travels to Magnolia, where they all agree to revive Fairy Tail, where Lucy thinks about how Avatar couldn't tell them anything about Zeref and all the good times she had in Magnolia with her friends when she was a Fairy Tail member. After remembering the day Makarov disbanded the guild, Lucy stops walking, afraid of reforming Fairy Tail only to go through that pain again, as well as not being sure if everyone she managed to send letters to came to Magnolia to revive the guild, or if they even remember Fairy Tail at all. It is then that Cana appears behind Lucy and reassures her of everyone's memories of Fairy Tail, on top of revealing that she, and others, got Lucy's letter. Cana then grabs Lucy's hands, telling her everyone is waiting; she is pulled forward to see that most of the prominent members of the guild received her letter, and that they are happy to see her, and cries tears of joy upon having Mirajane welcome her home, her family reunited at last.[540]

Alvarez Empire arc

Natsu invading Lucy's apartment

Five days after Fairy Tail's revival, as Lucy finishes showering, she walks into her living room to find Happy and Natsu casually eating on her couch. She tries to kick the latter, but he easily intercepts the blow. Afterwards, they all head to the Fairy Tail guild to help with the guild's reconstruction, much to Lucy's chagrin.[541] As a fight breaks out between many of the guild members, Lucy starts to say something as Mirajane is hit with a bottle, but her voice is drowned out by Erza's, telling everyone to get back to work and ending the fight with a frightening glare. Seeing this, Levy declares that Erza will be the seventh Guild Master of Fairy Tail. As the guild cheers in support, Mest appears and tells the Mages that they must save Makarov.[542]

Lucy spying on Erza

Mest takes Erza to an area off-limits to anyone but guild masters; however, Lucy and several others follow regardless and accidentally reveal their presence. From there, Lucy and the others view Lumen Histoire in its entirety, and are then exposed to Mest's memories; starting with his original mission to infiltrate the Magic Council for information on the Alvarez Empire, all the way up to Fairy Tail's disbandment and Makarov's disappearance.[543] After learning the truth, Lucy wonders if Makarov is alright and recalls the Magic Council wanting information on his whereabouts. Resolving themselves to rescue Makarov, Erza tells them that she will let the remaining members rebuild the guild, while those present in the room are to go on a secret infiltration and rescue mission, much to Lucy's excitement.[544]

Lucy and the others attack the Alvarez Navy

As the group heads to the Alvarez Empire via boat, Lucy finds herself dealing with both Natsu and Wendy's motion sickness, and Gray's lack of clothing as he carries the Dragon Slayer's to their rooms. Discussing Makarov's mysterious mission, Lucy is confident that they will understand everything once they rescue him, but is cautious about leaving Fiore's territory.[545] Nearing the coast of Caracole Island to meet an informant and get supplies, the group spots Alvarez Navy ships, with Wendy and Natsu overhearing that troops are on Caracole looking for a spy. To avoid suspicion, Lucy and the others change their Fairy Tail Guild marks to Cait Shelter Guild marks and tell the Alvarez Navy men that they are on vacation. The group gets through the checkpoint thanks to Lucy and Erza's flirting, but is then forced to fight the soldiers as an Alvarez Navy member attempts to stab a child.[546]

Lucy and her team listen to Brandish

With their cover blown, Wendy and Carla take the child to safety while Mest teleports away to look for the informant and Team Natsu take out the rest of the Alvarez soldiers. Victorious, the group sits down and begins talking to a local vendor, just as the shop is suddenly blown to pieces in a large explosion. From the rubble, a stranger approaches, introducing himself as a member of the Alvarez Empire's Brandish Squad, Marin Hollow. Erza attempts to Requip and attack, but finds that he has blocked off her Magic, as his own involves the manipulation of space. Lucy then attempts to summon a Celestial Spirit, though Marin blocks her Magic too due to its spatial relation. Marin reveals that he has his own special space reserved for those who break his rules and whisks Lucy and Erza away in a cloud of smoke.[547] However, a member of the Spriggan 12, Brandish μ appears soon after and demands that Marin return the two women. Lucy is dumped back onto the island and immediately senses Brandish's immense Magic Power, frightening her. Lucy and the group listen as Brandish advises them not to mess about with Alvarez any further, and is shocked when Brandish uses her Magic to shrink the island down to a small sliver of land, dropping everyone on the island into the ocean.[548]

Sorano provokes Lucy

In the aftermath, Lucy and the team help the island's residents into nearby fishing vessels. After finishing, Mest teleports them to an underwater location, and Lucy is surprised to learn that Sorano is the spy. Sorano taunts Lucy before revealing that she knows where Makarov is, and that she is going to take them there.[549] Soon after, as the group waits for Mest to return to them outside of Alvarez Empire's capital of Vistarion, Lucy, as well as her fellow Mages, are happy to finally see Makarov, having been brought to them with the help of Mest's Teleportation Magic. However, they are then shocked as they learn that Zeref is in Alvarez.[550]

Lucy reassures Makarov

As Lucy and the team are happy to have Makarov back, Ajeel Raml, another member of the Spriggan 12, appears. Choosing to escape, the group flees in a magical vehicle but is forced to fight as Ajeel quickly catches up, with Lucy revealing her Sagittarius Star Dress and shooting magical arrows as the Spriggan attacks. Much to Lucy's surprise, Ajeel then creates a pit of quicksand which traps all the Fairy Tail Mages. However, Natsu frees them by evaporating the sand and Lucy, along with the rest of her comrades, stands ready to engage again.[551]

Lucy then watches as Ajeel attacks, with Gray unsuccessfully attempting to freeze his sand. However, Makarov takes action, trying to protect Lucy and others in his giant form by using his own body as a shield, just as Ajeel's Sands of Death rages towards them. At that moment, Laxus' lightning disperses the sand wave, saving the group, and an impressed Lucy watches as the Lightning Mage stands atop Christina, with the rest of his team also aboard. Teleported aboard by Mest, Lucy and the group escape on the ship as Laxus's attack holds back Ajeel again, and smiles as a teary-eyed Makarov rejoices at having his true family back.[552]

Lucy drinking with Cana

Relaxing at the guild, Lucy feasts with Levy and Plue as Makarov's return has him resume his position as Guild Master. Recounting the return of her guildmates as well as the incalculable strength of Alvarez, Zeref, and Lumen Histoire, Lucy drinks with Cana and admits to herself that though this will be her hardest battle yet, her only desire at this time is that she doesn't intend to lose anyone.[553] She then smiles as Natsu explains that they must fight Alvarez if they want to survive as a guild and live together. As the guild prepares for war, Lucy convinces herself once again that they'll be fine when suddenly Mavis appears, intending to reveal everything she knows about Fairy Heart, Lumen Histoire's real name, her past, her relationship with Zeref, and, shockingly for Lucy, their shared quest of The One Magic.[554]

Lucy expresses her shock after Mavis says that Fairy Heart is an infinite source of Magic Power, and that it could potentially fire the Etherion nonstop.[555] She is then among the members who reassure Mavis that none of what happened is her fault and expresses her appreciation for the creation of Fairy Tail.[556] Curious to know Natsu's "secret weapon" that can apparently end Zeref once and for all, Lucy asks for information, but Natsu insists on keeping it a secret.[557] Lucy then calls out to Makarov, asking him to tell her everything he knows about the enemies they are up against,[558] distressing as Makarov explains the level of Magic Power their adversaries possess, particularly Mage King August.[559]

Lucy and co. notice Ajeel's approach

Later in her room, Lucy writes about the threat of Zeref and the advanced Magic source, Fairy Heart, also known as their guild's first master, Mavis Vermillion. Deep in thoughts, she is unexpectedly interrupted by Natsu and Happy, who have yet again entered her apartment without permission. She scolds them, but settles down when the two state that they don't have anyone else to hang out with. Happy suggests they play some games, but Lucy reminds him of the upcoming invasion, saying that unlike them she is not the least bit excited for the war to come. Natsu surprises her by saying he is not excited for it either, as fights to the death are not something he enjoys. Lucy then smiles as he goes on by saying that this is merely a battle they have to win, for the sake of their future. Before he can go on any further, Lucy stops him, claiming that a statement like that could be considered a "death flag," however, Natsu brushes her off by saying that Igneel told him to talk about the future, as it's something that would make him want to live on. Despite Lucy's former remarks, the three then decide to play some games, with Lucy shouting at Happy for suggesting strip poker.[560] Later on, while Natsu and Happy are still in the midst of the game with Lucy having seemingly abandoned the two in favor of reading, they hear a noise coming from outside, as a horde of Alvarez airships intrude the airspace above Magnolia.[561]

Hearing the bell for battle ring, Lucy panics as they aren't ready to fight yet.[562] After a while, Lucy gets dressed and prepares to leave, grabbing Aquarius' broken key on her way out, asking her friend to lend her strength. However, before she can get out the door, she hears a noise from her bathroom and goes to investigate, only to find Brandish μ in her tub along with a shrunken Marin. When she questions why one of the Spriggan 12 is in her house, Brandish muses aloud while Lucy panics at her presence.[563] Her questions unanswered, Lucy is then invited to get in the tub, but refuses twice, even after Brandish stuffs Marin in a bottle. Brandish then loses her temper and threatens Lucy with the shrinking of the entire town, promising that if she follows her orders, then all will be fine. When Lucy does not immediately comply and instead asks Brandish what she's after, the Spriggan shrinks the neighboring house. Lucy then reluctantly strips and resolves to keep Brandish at bay by following her orders.[564]

Lucy and Cana team up against Brandish

Lucy gets in the tub and immediately tries to get at the heart of what Brandish wants, but is ignored and told to put on cat ears as she isn't cute the way she is now. Lucy does so and finds Brandish's over-the-top love for cuteness extremely strange; Brandish mentions that she feels like she's seen Lucy somewhere before, and Lucy says that it was likely during the Grand Magic Games or through the Sorcerer Magazine, but Brandish remains unsure. Ordered by Brandish to wash her back, Lucy complies as Brandish asks for Lucy's name. Answering her, Lucy prepares to stab Brandish with Aquarius' broken key, but she is stopped when Brandish asks if she is Layla's daughter. Lucy asks if she knew her mother, and Brandish angrily glares at Lucy and begins shrinking the house. Escaping in time, Lucy asks Brandish how she knew her mother, but Brandish shrugs off the question, calling the story annoying. Before she can do anything to Lucy, Cana arrives to save her. Lucy then proceeds to crush Marin, enabling her to use her Celestial Spirit Magic, and activate her Aries Star Dress.[565] A short while later, Lucy and the everyone else in the town is caught in Ajeel's Sand World, and she wonders what it is.[566]

Lucy worried about Natsu

Sand World, however, quickly subsides with Ajeel's defeat, and amidst the settling dust, Lucy wonders where Brandish is, but sees that she is still in front of them, and that she has hay fever because of all the pollen. Lucy then watches as Cana knocks Brandish out; questioning what to do with her, they agree to take her back to the guild as a prisoner.[567] A bit later, via telepathy, Lucy informs her friends that they've managed to capture one of the Spriggan 12, remarking that it was, however, a fluke.[568] Later, in the guild's basement, Lucy approaches the bound Brandish, after reprimanding the observing Wakaba and Macao for speaking inappropriately of Brandish's body, and asks about her relation to her mother. Brandish dodges Lucy's question and tells Lucy to kill her while she has the chance, but she instead looks at her sadly[569] and departs for the upstairs, where she learns of the other major Fiore guilds going on the offensive; she sees that Natsu has sneaked off and worries for him. Mavis then gives her orders to remain in the guild and keep watch over Brandish with Cana, rather than mobilize with the other prominent fighters. A mere moment later, Lucy sees Natsu on Warren's Magic Radar flying at an extremely high speed towards Zeref's location.[570] After hearing this news, Lucy watches as Gray tries to head towards Natsu's location but is stopped by Erza, leading to a heated argument between the two that Lucy promptly tries to break.[571]

Lucy is pinned to the floor by Brandish

Lucy and Cana later save Brandish from Marin, who had sneaked into the guild to assassinate his master, and brings her to the infirmary. Brandish awakens before long, and Lucy tells her that Marin is locked up, and that her restraints are now more accommodating. After denying the desire to torture Brandish and stating that she doesn't think she's a bad person, Brandish agrees to tell Lucy about Layla, on the condition that her cuffs are removed, and that she talk to Lucy alone; everyone agrees, and once alone, Brandish reveals that her mother, Grammi, was one of Layla's servants alongside Spetto and Zoldeo, and that when Layla retired from being a Mage, Grammi was given Aquarius' key. Lucy becomes confused by this, stating that she got Aquarius' key from her mother, however, Brandish reveals that Layla re-obtained Aquarius' key by killing Grammi. As she expresses shock over this news Brandish takes advantage of Lucy's naivety and begins to asphyxiate her as a means to avenge her mother; a vase of water is knocked over in the ensuing conflict, and from it rises Aquarius, who saves Lucy from Brandish.[572]

Lucy and Brandish transported to Star Memory

Lucy begins to rejoice at seeing Aquarius, believing her to have come back to her, but Aquarius reveals that she has arrived because the Celestial Spirit King opened the gate for her, and that a new Gate of the Water Bearer Key has been born somewhere in the world. Lucy then proceeds to watch Brandish and Aquarius' comedic reunion, and when Brandish states that she can't forgive Layla, Aquarius says that Lucy is not Layla, and that Layla didn't kill Grammi; in response to this, Aquarius takes Brandish and Lucy to a place called Star Memory, where they can physically view the memories of Celestial Spirits, however to do so they both take the form of mermaids. While in Star Memory, they learn of Lucy's ancestor, Anna Heartfilia, and her plan with Zeref and the Dragons to send powerful warriors to the future to defeat Acnologia, as well as that the Eclipse Gate requires an entrance and an exit to be attended to to function properly. Lucy then learns that Layla opened the door in the future per their clan's instruction, but could not locate Aquarius' key nor Grammi, and thus supplemented the twelfth key with her life force. After watching the memory of Layla and Grammi's reunion, and Grammi's subsequent returning of Aquarius' key, the two young girls bear witness to Grammi's murder at the hands of Zoldeo. With that, they exit Star Memory, where Lucy consoles a distraught Brandish, hoping they can be friends like their mothers. Aquarius tries to tell her one last thing before she has to leave, but Happy bursts through the door crying for someone to help Natsu, who has suddenly stopped moving.[573]

Lucy begs Brandish to save Natsu

Lucy proceeds to grab Natsu and attempt to wake him up; after she fails, she listens for a heartbeat and cannot hear one, which brings her to tears. She is then pushed out of the way by Porlyusica, who examines Natsu and reveals that he has developed an Anti-Ethernano Tumor and will as such die if it is not immediately removed. However, no surgeon in Ishgar can remove the mass, and neither Wendy nor Sherria can mitigate its effects. This news causes Lucy to break down into even greater tears, which prompts the onlooking Brandish to subsequently offer to shrink Natsu's tumor to a non-lethal size if they remove her cuffs. Hearing this, Lucy begs her to save Natsu, and after removing the cuffs, Brandish does and is relocated to her cell, where Lucy visits her and thanks her for saving Natsu. Brandish, however, tells Lucy that she has no desire to be her friend, and after, Lucy is asked for a moment of her time by Aquarius. The two then talk on a balcony, where Aquarius tells Lucy that her key could be anywhere in the world, and that she won't give her any hints as to where it is. As Lucy tells Aquarius that she won't let anyone else have her key, the Celestial Spirit disappears, expressing delight towards the day when Lucy finds her key. Lucy then thinks back to before the war started, when Natsu and Happy mentioned that they have a lot of things they want to do when the fighting ends, and Lucy realizes that she, too, now has something to do after the war.[574]

Lucy attacks Jacob

Lucy later resolves to sit in the infirmary and watch Natsu, alongside Happy. She is visited by Freed, who is checking on Natsu's condition; Lucy, in return, checks on Bickslow and Evergreen's conditions, but is then asked where Laxus went, and she explains to Hargeon, to liberate it from Alvarez. When Freed prays that Laxus doesn't overexert himself, Lucy tells him that his prayer will likely end up unanswered, which Freed despondedly recognizes, his overall demeanor leaving Lucy confused.[575] Later, Lucy falls asleep near Natsu's sickbed.[576] After waking up, Lucy and Happy continue to watch Natsu, and she tells the worried Exceed that Natsu is bound to wake up sometime soon.[577] However, commotion caused by Jacob Lessio above results in Horologium summoning himself to protect Lucy, Happy and Natsu from his Magic. After hearing Mavis' screams, Lucy rushes upstairs and attacks Jacob, saving her from his torturous assaults; upon being asked how she evaded his Magic, she replies that it's because she's been blessed by the stars. Lucy is then subject to a surprise knife-throwing assault from Jacob, who is using Lucy's life as a bargaining tool for Fairy Heart, but before the knives can attack, a completely rejuvenated Natsu blocks and melts the knives, leaving a spared Lucy jovial, as well as sarcastically quipping if he enjoyed his nap.[578]

Natsu and Lucy kick Jacob

Lucy then proceeds to watch as Natsu battles Jacob, but is overwhelmed, and then after Jacob turns invisible multiple times, she summons Loke so he can use his Lion Brilliance to make Jacob visible again. Jacob immediately takes care of Loke, and then turns his attention back to Natsu and Lucy, where the two are assaulted by invisible weapons: another property of the man's Stealth. In an effort to make Natsu experience "hell," Lucy's clothes are turned invisible, revealing her undergarments, much to her embarrassment; however, this has no effect on Natsu, and instead forces Jacob to close his eyes so as to not be disrespectful to Lucy's privacy. The two then take advantage of this, making it seem as though Lucy has removed all her clothes to force Jacob to lower his guard, after which the two kick him in the face.[579] They then continue to fight the livid Jacob, but are continuously overwhelmed by him in both his visible and invisible states; after he states that he's going to start killing their captured friends, Lucy points out that Brandish and Marin are inside his Transport. He promptly frees them both, which allows Lucy to use Gemini to copy Marin and his Rules of the Area, which completely dispels Transport and frees the entire guild. Lucy then watches as Jacob's plan to use Transport again is foiled by Happy, and then as Makarov punches Jacob out of the guild and Natsu defeats him.[580]

Lucy, Happy and Natsu then visit Brandish as she is returned to her cell. Pointing out that she doesn't have to be locked in the cell, Lucy is only left wondering as Brandish subtly states that August is approaching.[581] Arriving at the guild hall later, Lucy decides to join Natsu to fight August. However, Makarov disapproves such an action due to August's immense power, leading to a brief argument between him and Natsu. This prompts Brandish to join their conversation, having been freed by Natsu. She points out that they've been mistaken, and makes it clear that while August is the strongest man among them, Irene Belserion is the strongest woman, going by the title of Scarlet Despair, leaving everyone speechless.[582]

Lucy spies August

Afterwards, Brandish says that she will do a favor for Lucy and negotiate with August due to the two of them knowing each other for a long time. Lucy and Natsu state that they believe in her and they set off for August despite Mest's objections.[583] While on their way, Lucy and the others discuss the impending negotiations when Natsu notices that Mest is following them and tells him to stop hiding. Mest relays that he believes the negotiating will not go well, but Lucy and Natsu dismiss his concerns. When Lucy asks if they are going to walk the entire way, Brandish uses her Magic to enlarge Happy to gigantic proportions so that they can ride atop him.[584] The group then leaves on the gigantified Happy, whereupon Lucy complains to Brandish about her increasing the size of Natsu's head. Lucy's bust is then shrunk and grossly expanded by Brandish for amusement purposes, much to her displeasure; however, the group's nonsense stops upon their sensing of August's vast Magic Power. Upon getting a glimpse of him from above, Lucy reminds Natsu that they are here to negotiate rather than fight.[585]

Natsu defends Lucy from August

Upon landing, Lucy watches as Brandish attempts to negotiate with August, wherein she and Natsu notice that the elderly man's Magic Power is much higher than Brandish's.[586] Lucy continues to listen to Brandish negotiate with August and awkwardly thanks Brandish for thinking that they aren't evil. She then scolds Natsu for staring at August and watches as August relents to Brandish and agrees to talk to Fairy Tail. However, Lucy becomes aghast when Brandish, revealed to have been manipulated into doing so by Mest, stabs August and incurs his wrath.[587] Immediately after, August knocks Brandish out, prompting Lucy to run toward her; Natsu interferes and grabs Lucy, shielding her from August's massive magical explosion.[588] After, following Irene's Universe One, Lucy, Natsu and Happy are teleported to a lush area, where Lucy admonishes Natsu for groping and mounting her. She tells a confused Natsu that August hitting them with his Magic was the last thing she remembered; Natsu replies that he ate it because it was heat-based, and after he says that he can't smell or sense Mest, August or Brandish, Lucy wonders what transpired.[589] The three go on to venture out of the forest, only to find that the Kardia Cathedral and Mercurius have been warped to be right next to each other.[590]

The group marvels at the sight of the two landmarks being next to each other, which Lucy remarks must be a joke; Gray, carrying a wounded, unconscious Erza, and Juvia appear right at that moment, wherein the group of five immediately discuss how they have no idea where the guild is now located.[591] The group then travels through their strange, new location by the palace and stops when they spy a giant eye staring down at them from the sky.[592] Lucy and the group also stop when they hear a voice telling them where the guild is, and that they, Fairy Tail, need to go back and protect Mavis, who is in trouble.[593] After, Lucy wonders who the voice is, but after hearing Gajeel's voice as well and deducing that they are an ally, Lucy and the others begin to head towards the guild.[594]

Lucy and Taurus fight Alvarez

On their way to the guild, Lucy and the group stop to rest on top of the hill overlooking their warped home, but when the sun rises, she and the others awake, ready to take back Mavis and their home.[595] The group stands atop the hill, looking at their warped home, where Lucy marvels at the sheer number of enemies they face; they all get themselves in the mindset for battle, and intent on rescuing Mavis and reclaiming their guild charge at the soldiers, wherein Lucy summons Taurus and uses her Taurus Star Dress to make work of Alvarez soldiers alongside him. Eventually, reinforcements arrive in the form of Wendy, Carla, Angel, among others. However, God Serena descends on the battlefield and overwhelms the Fairy Tail Mages standing in front of him with Purgatory and Sea King Dragon Slayer Magic, which Lucy expresses amazement at. She and the others are then attacked with Gale Dragon Slayer Magic, but the Magic is broken apart by Gildarts, whose return fills Lucy with joy.[596]

Lucy and the others continue to rejoice,[597] and she continues to watch as Gildarts bests God Serena and clears a path for her and her guildmates to move forward.[598] As she presses on, Lucy notes how cold it has become (earning her a taunt from Juvia); however, despite Natsu trying to heat the area with his fire, she, Natsu, Juvia and Happy are frozen solid by the descending Invel, leaving Gray as the only one unaffected by the Winter General's Magic.[599]

Lucy breaks free from the ice

Lucy and the others are eventually unfrozen by Natsu, but before they can work together to fight Invel, a giant Brandish appears and snatches up her, Natsu and Happy, after which they are taken away from the site of this particular battle.[600] Lucy and the others are then dropped by Brandish, who explains to them that she's sparing their lives out of respect for what they did for her; however, she states that she is going to slaughter all of their friends and that the empire's victory is assured, as they don't know the might of the 12.[601] Natsu goes on to challenge Brandish, which Lucy immediately disagrees with, but an Irene-enhanced Neinhart appears in search of Erza, where he proves himself able to resist and overpower Brandish. Lucy then watches as Natsu defeats Neinhart in a single hit.[602]

Lucy vs. Brandish

With Neinhart out of the way, Lucy begs of Brandish to step aside, but in response, the Spriggan 12 member re-enlarges Natsu's tumor, which renders him unconscious; when Lucy learns of this, Brandish reveals to her that she views Natsu as a threat and the three of them as enemies. Lucy tells Brandish that they can be friends instead, but she denies this as a possibility and challenges Lucy to combat, wherein Lucy asks her to heal Natsu if she wins. The two then engage in combat, wherein Lucy utilizes Scorpio and various Star Dresses against Brandish and the power of her Command T. However, she is therein overwhelmed by Brandish, but states that regardless of strength levels or personal feelings, she is going to protect Natsu. Their fight is immediately interrupted by Dimaria, who reveals to them that Brandish could have killed them all in an instant if she so wished, and that she planned on losing on purpose the moment she felt her, Dimaria's, presence. Lucy then painfully watches as Dimaria cuts down Brandish, and is then subject to Dimaria's wrath, who blames Lucy for corrupting Brandish.[603]

Later, at an unspecified location, Lucy is tied to a chair, unconscious, with Dimaria thinking of ways to make her suffer.[604] Upon waking up, she is met with an unconscious Natsu tied to a chair opposite to her, whereupon she realizes that she too is tied to a chair with Magic Sealing Stone cuffs. Dimaria then appears, informing the blonde Mage that she too had recently been at the mercy of such restraints. As the Shield of Spriggan menacingly plays with Lucy's face, she questions how Dimaria could injure Brandish in the manner she did.[605]

Lucy is threatened by Dimaria

Dimaria, however, refutes Lucy's claim, saying that she is the one who hurt Brandish; Lucy is repeatedly taunted by Dimaria, who uses her Âge Seal to pop about the room, something which Lucy thinks is teleportation, at one point even removing her bikini top. The Spriggan 12 member then appears atop Lucy after degrading Natsu, and threatens to gouge out her eyes; her threats do not scare Lucy, and she is attacked by Dimaria while calling out Natsu's name in her head.[606] At that moment, Natsu awakens from his slumber and brutalizes Dimaria within her own stopped time, causing blood to be splashed on Lucy's face. Her body is then cradled by Natsu, but when she doesn't wake up, Natsu thinks her to be dead and awakens as E.N.D.[607] When Lucy wakes up, she finds the room to be in tatters, Natsu missing and Dimaria extremely wounded and shocked. Lucy asks about Natsu and hazards from her broken rhetoric that Natsu was the one who hurt her; Happy, Porlyusica, Evergreen and Brandish then arrive, with Lucy relieved to see Brandish alive. When asked what transpired, Lucy offers no concrete information, but then learns from Porlyusica that the tumor that Brandish shrunk and then returned to normal size was not Anti-Ethernano, but something demonic that forced Natsu to awaken as something. The girl proceeds to get up in search of Natsu, but Evergreen and Brandish remind Lucy that she is topless, much to her embarrassment.[608]

Lucy hugs Natsu

Prepping to leave, Lucy changes into her clothes from the Grand Magic Games and informs a Brandish struck with indecision that dealing with indecision is what allows people to grow, and that continuing to deal with it is what it means to be alive. Her words offering the Spriggan 12 member comfort, Lucy tells everyone else to stay put and leaves with Happy in search of Natsu;[609] on the way to Natsu's location, Lucy and Happy are caught in the light of Fairy Law.[610] The two eventually make it to Natsu and Gray's location (just after Wendy, Carla and Juvia), where Lucy catches Natsu as he falls over from exhaustion, saying that he knows how to worry people. After Natsu loses consciousness,[611] Lucy picks him up and plans to bring him to Porlyusica for treatment, just as Happy and Carla pick up the also-unconscious Gray and Juvia, respectively, but their retreat is blocked by an explosion created by the arriving Irene Belserion. After seeing Irene greet Erza, Lucy asks her if she knows her, which she replies that she does not.[612] However, in a timely fashion, Larcade Dragneel's Magic makes its way across the battlefield; Lucy and the others are unaffected, but Irene is not. At Erza's behest, Lucy, Happy and Carla then take the wounded three and leave.[613]

Lucy warms up Natsu's body

The group eventually arrives back at the underground room, where the wounded Juvia and Gray are healed by Porlyusica and Brandish; Lucy learns Brandish's Magic can no longer work on the tumor, and it is untreatable by Porlyusica as well. When Dimaria chimes in, calling Natsu something akin to a Demon, Lucy gets angry and the two argue, with Lucy refuting the idea that Natsu has a hidden, dark side, something which earns her a teasing from Evergreen and Brandish. Her words regarding Natsu are cut short by smoke exuding from his body; feeling that his body has become extremely cold, Lucy screams for him to wake up.[614] Lucy is then told by Porlyusica that she needs to disrobe and lie on top of Natsu as a last resort to warm him up, to which Lucy agrees. When Natsu mumbles about Zeref in his sleep, Happy tearfully states that if Zeref is killed, Natsu will die as well—something which shocks Lucy and everyone else present.[615] Lucy does eventually strip, and lies on top of Natsu with Happy, desperately hoping that he wakes up.[616]

Some while later, Natsu does wake up, much to Lucy's surprise. Joyful, she hugs him upon his awakening, but soon becomes embarrassed when he points out that she is topless. Porlyusica then enters and tells Natsu that she and Happy kept his body temperature raised, which earns Lucy his thanks. When he immediately states that he feels better to the medicinal adviser, Lucy points out that if he defeats Zeref then he'll die; Natsu tells her that he sorted out his problem by deciding to be a human. Then, due to Irene's death, Universe One is undone and in a flash of light, Fiore is restored to its former shape; Lucy is shocked to find that they are back in her apartment, but at Natsu's words, she, him and Happy prepare to head back to Fairy Tail.[617]

Lucy and Happy watch Natsu confront Gray

After getting dressed, the three leave the apartment and, upon wondering where the ones with them in the underground are, run into Brandish and a shrunken Dimaria. After Natsu's appearance frightens Dimaria, Brandish turns around to leave, citing not wanting to be Lucy's enemy or ally as the reason. Lucy tells her that she hopes they meet again, and then Porlyusica, Evergreen (carrying Juvia), and Carla arrive in search of Gray, who has disappeared. Before they can ponder further, August reveals himself to be on top of the Kardia Catheral and prepares to eradicate all of Magnolia, but is stopped by Gildarts. As Natsu proceeds to run off to fight Zeref, Lucy asks about Gray, but Natsu reveals that he believes Gray is heading for Zeref as well.[618] She proceeds to follow them[619] and watches as, when they get to the guild, Natsu tearfully stops Gray from killing himself with Lost Iced Shell. Lucy then thinks to herself, when Natsu challenges Zeref to another battle, that she will trust him when he says that he won't die.[620]

Lucy goes on to watch as Natsu and Zeref exchange blows, but then senses, like everyone else at the guildhall, Acnologia arrive on the battlefield.[621]

100 Years Quest arc


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