Lucy's Second Apartment is an unnamed apartment in Crocus that Lucy Heartfilia was living in during X792 after Fairy Tail was disbanded. The rent costs 80,000 Jewel a month.[1]


The apartment is located near many kinds of shops.[1]


Exterior Design

It is on the second story of a two-story apartment house with pink walls, bricked red around the building's green windows and at its corners.

Interior Design

The main room has brown hard wood floors, two purple love-seat couches and a kitchen table with two chairs. The bedroom, which is separated by a pink curtain, has a bed, bookshelf, a desk and a big map of Fiore in the corner, which has newspaper clippings of all the reported activities done by the members of Fairy Tail. The washroom has a sink, mirror and a basket which then leads to the bathroom separated by a pink curtain with hearts on it. The bath has a white slipper bathtub with a shower head above it and a yellow shower curtain. In the manga, the bathtub has claw feet, whereas, in the anime, it has a flat bottom.


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