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Lucy's Apartment (ルーシー アパート Rūshi no Apāto), as the name suggests, is Lucy Heartfilia's apartment. The rent costs 70,000 Jewel.png a month. The apartment is owned by an unnamed landlady.[1]


The apartment is located on Strawberry Street and is near Magnolia Town's shopping center.[1]

Exterior Design

It is located in a two-story apartment house with red walls and a dark-brown sloping roof with two chimneys and two dormer windows. The building overlooks one of Magnolia's canals (Lucy often gets warnings to be careful from the men in the boats while she walks along the edge of the canal) and a wooden bridge (portrayed as stone in the anime).

Interior Design

According to Lucy, it has pure white walls (in the anime they are covered by a pink wallpaper), and a lot of storage space.[2] Her main room is quite large and includes a lot of furniture such as a bed, desk, bookcase, commode, dresser, a table with three chairs, a coffee table and an armchair. She also has a large number of books. The entrances to the bathroom and the kitchen are on the other end of the room, with two turquoise curtains. The bathroom is blue with Trade Card tiles. The kitchen has not been shown, but Lucy mentioned that it has a stove.[2]


  • Starting from year X786, Lucy's rent has increased from 70,000 Jewel.png to 80,000 Jewel.png.[3]


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