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Lucky (ラッキー Rakkī) is the husband of Marl and the father of Happy.


Lucky is an elderly-looking Exceed sporting white fur, thin black facial hair and a mono-brow.[1]

Lucky's basic attire consists of an open blue vest with a yellow t-shirt, a straw hat (with holes cut out for ears), green pants and a brown pair of shoes with pointed toes.[1][2]


Lucky's aggressive personality

Lucky is a very loud, aggressive, strict and naturally angry Exceed. Upon meeting his son, Happy, and Carla, he immediately started shouting at, and attacking them, declaring for them to get off of his land. However, underlying this outward aggression is an extremely caring, loving man who would put his, and his wife's, own safety at risk solely for their son.[3] Lucky is also shown to be an extremely caring father, and his flight mannerisms were said to be the same as Happy's.[4]

Lucky is also stated to share the same beliefs regarding Human-Exceed relationships as his wife, Marl.[5]

Lucky has a habit of starting his sentences screaming the phrase "Kaaah!,"[3] and also shares the habit of saying his son's trademark "Aye!"[6]


Happy is taken from Lucky and Marl

Years ago, Queen Shagotte ordered that Lucky's child, Happy, be taken away and sent to Earth Land along with many other Exceed children, allegedly in order to assassinate the Dragon Slayers. As a result, he and his wife Marl opposed the mission as well as the queen, resulting in their exile from the kingdom.[7]


Edolas arc

When Lucky finds Happy and Carla outside his house, he begins trying to assault them and screams at them to step inside. Marl explains to Carla and Happy that they'd been exiled from the kingdom of Extalia, to which, Lucky replies angrily that they don't need to know about that.[8] Later after dinner, he questions them to as when they are leaving.[9] As Happy and Carla leave, he and his wife are seen crying, knowing that Happy is their son.[2][4]

Lucky and Marl being sucked by the Anima

When the Exceeds are sent to Earth Land, he is seen unconsciously copying his son's movements while describing Carla and Shagotte's gestures.[10] When Happy remarks that he liked the way he and Marl smelled, he grumbles, saying that it was 100 years too soon for him to be smelling them, and then he starts chasing his son around, while his wife cries in happiness. He is last seen with his wife, assisting the queen in flying. He asks her why she didn't tell Carla that she is her mother. She replies that she has no right to call herself a parent yet and asked the same of Lucky, who angrily exclaims that he "has no son that childish."[11]

Alvarez Empire arc

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

Lucky using Aera

Aera ((エーラ) Ēra): Lucky, like the rest of his race, uses Aera to sprout wings from his back, and fly. Apparently his flight pattern is similar to Happy's.[6]


  • Lucky and his wife Marl are voiced by Tomokazu Seki and Ayako Kawasumi, the same people who voiced Haru Glory and Elie from Rave Master (Hiro Mashima's earlier work).


  • (To Marl about Happy) "Kaaah! It's 100 years too early for him to bring a girl home!"[12]


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