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Louen (ルーエン Rūen) is a town located in Earth Land's parallel world, Edolas.


In the anime, the town is made up of rough houses, made of stone, with circular holes for doors and windows reminiscent of the style of ancient houses in Cappadocia. Blue trees can be seen growing out of different spots on the town.[1] In the manga, the houses of the town are cylindrical and made of bricks. Some of the walls of the houses are beginning to crumble, as well as some billboards on the top of the houses. All around the town, Magic shops are closed and boarded up, with the signs tilted to the sides.[2]


Louen is located at the northeast of Sycca town and on the west of the Royal City.[3]


Magic was once traded normally on the town of Louen. However, King Faust banned the trading of Magic, causing many Magic merchants to close their business. Afraid of being punished by the kingdom but still wanting to trade Magic, merchants set up a black market, hidden under the town.[4]


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