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|image=[[File:Zeref's magic seal.jpg|300px]]
|image=[[File:Zeref's magic seal.jpg|300px]]
|romanji=''Seikatsu Mahō''
|rōmaji=Seikatsu Mahō
|type=[[Black Arts]]<br>[[Caster Magic]]
|type=[[Black Arts]]<br>[[Caster Magic]]
|user=[[Zeref]]<br>[[Hades]]<br>Unnamed Dark Mages
|user=[[Zeref]]<br>[[Hades]]<br>Unnamed Dark Mages

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Living Magic (生活魔法 Seikatsu Mahō) is a Black Art that involves breathing life into an object.


Living Magic is a type of Magic that allows the user to bring life to their creations. They can create different creatures from inanimate objects.[1][2] Occasionally, the user has to perform different techniques or preparations in order to cast this Magic's spell.[2] Multiple creatures can be created simultaneously,[1][2] and the caster can give their creations distinct appearances, personalities, and abilities. Some given abilities can be Magic itself.[3] In most cases, the caster is able to control their creations, though sometimes, if the Magic is used too long, the situation reverses.

In the "Book of Zeref", there are scriptures written inside on how to use Living Magic.[2]


Zeref's Creations

Hades' Creations

Other Creations


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