Below is the list of events from the Fairy Tail series by Hiro Mashima.

An event is considered to be the time of a specific occurrence or an incident, involving more than one person. This includes wars, disasters, operations, celebrations etc.

Zerø arc

Zerø arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Red Lizard and Blue Skull Guild War Young Mavis arrives to see the war
A Game of Wits! Mavis Vermillion and Yuri Dreyar Meet Yuri proposes a game to Mavis
Discovery of the Temple: Mavis' Treasure Hunt! Discovery of the Temple Mavis' Treasure Hunt
Lessons with the Black Wizard Zeref teaching Magic
Save Yuri Dreyar! Mavis and Zera climb the Blue Skull Dragon


Historical Events
Event Name Event Image
Nirvana's Creation Nirvana created
Dragon King Festival Dragon vs. Dragon
The 400 Year Plan Anna at the Eclipse Gate
Second Trade War The Second Trade War
Makarov Dreyar: Fairy Tail's New Master
Makarov becomes the new master
The Writing of DAYBREAK
Zekua writing Daybreak
Cana Alberona joins Fairy Tail Cana Joins Fairy Tail
Tower of Heaven Slave Revolt
The Sealing of Deliora
Deliora in Ice
Erza Scarlet Joins Fairy Tail Chibi Erza with eyepatch
Mystogan Meets Wendy
Wendy meets Mystogan
The 100-Egg Evacuation
Explanation to the Exceeds' initial mission
A City is Destroyed & a Relationship Blooms Ultear and Meredy
Death of Karen Lilica
Karen's Grave
Death of Lisanna Strauss
Anima takes Lisanna away

Macao arc

Macao arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Lucy Heartfilia joins Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Guild at first seen by Lucy
Search for Macao Natsu and Happy searching for Macao

Daybreak arc

Daybreak arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Team Natsu's Formation Natsu and Lucy decide to form a team
Obtaining DAYBREAK! Everlue asking for his book to be returned

Lullaby arc

Lullaby arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Erza and Gray Join Team Natsu Natsu vs. Gray
Eisenwald Takes Oshibana Town's Station Hostage Oshibana Station
Lucy acquires Virgo Virgo when she was first summoned by Lucy
Lullaby's Awakening Lullaby
Guild Master's Meeting Building is Destroyed GuildMasters meeting house
The Arrest & Trial of Erza Scarlet Erza stands before the Council

Galuna Island arc

Galuna Island arc Events
Event Name Event Image
S-Class Job Begins! Happy with S-class request
Welcome to Galuna Island! Galuna Island
Deliora Returns Deliora in the ice
Pupils Reunited Gray vs. Lyon
Team Lyon's Mission: Destroy the Village Lyon appears
Titania Descends: Erza Joins the Fray Angry Erza
Temple Catastrophe Galuna Temple
The Demon's Awakening: Deliora's Release Deliora's resurection
Mystery Revealed: Completion of the S-Class Mission Destroy the Moon

Phantom Lord arc

Phantom Lord arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Declaration of War Makarov's fury
Abduction of Lucy Heartfilia! Lucy confronted by Sol and Juvia
Blast of Jupiter Erza blocks a blast from Jupiter
All Out War: Refuge Lucy Heartfilia Lucy is taken to the safe place
Infiltration of Phantom Lord Jupiter's Core
Lucy Heartfilia and Gajeel Redfox: Kidnapper's Prey Lucy's Scream
Destruction of the Fairy Tail Building Destroyed FT
Behind the Scenes: Mystogan and Porlyusica Mystogan and Porly
Makarov Dreyar's Judgement Makarov casts Fairy Law
Lucy Heartfilia's Resolution Lucy says goodbye
Trial of Makarov Dreyar Makarov facing the Council

Loke arc

Loke arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Lights, Camera, Action! Team Natsu in a Play! Lucy in pink dress
Leo's Return Loke returning to the Spirit World

Oración Seis arc

Oración Seis arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Jellal Fernandes' Arrest Jellal Fernandes' Arrest

Tenrou Island arc

Tenrou Island arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Conflict on Grimoire Heart's Airship Kain and Rusty bow

Key of the Starry Sky arc (Anime exclusive)

Key of the Starry Sky arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Dance Ball at Balsamico Castle Count Balsamico with his daughter
Deliver the Gold! Deliver the gold
Mission: Retrieve Jude Heartfilia's Memento! Mary Hughes stole the Key
Gildarts Clive & Laki Olietta's Infiltration Brown-Haired Michelle Lobster
Cobra and Cubellios' Reunion Kinana x Cobra

Grand Magic Games arc

Grand Magic Games arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Sky Labyrinth Sky Labyrinth
X791 Grand Magic Games Inauguration Team FT A
Hidden Hidden
Chariot Chariot
Failed Kidnapping at the Grand Magic Games Goons Kidnapping Wendy
Erza and Millianna Reunite Erza and Millianna reunite
Yukino Agria's Excommunication Yukino Excommunication
Pandemonium Pandemonium
MPF Cana's GMG Fairy Glitter
Team Raven Tail's Arrest Team Raven Tail Defeated
Fun in Ryuzetsu Land!! Lucy, Wendy and Erza arrive at Ryuzetsu Land
Naval Battle Naval Battle location
Team Fairy Tail A & B Unite Team Fairy Tail enters
The Dragon Graveyard!! Gajeel stumbles upon a great number of dragon skeletons
Rebellion within Sabertooth Sting attacks Jiemma
Arrests at Mercurius FT + others surrounded
Lucy Heartfilia's Rescue from Mercurius Lucy Sees The Rescue Team
Grand Magic Game Fairy Tail wins the GMG
Opening of Eclipse! Lucy watches Eclipse's activation
The Great Banquet The Grand Ball

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc (Anime exclusive)

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Panic at the Library Panic of Library
Stop Liberum! Astral Spirytus
Saving the Spirit King Celestial King chained

Tartaros arc

Tartaros arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Massacre at Era ERA is destroyed
Liberation of the Oración Seis Liberation of the Oración
Fairy Tail Invades Cube Fairy Tail attacks Tartaros

Avatar arc

Avatar arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Orochi's Fin's Assault Lyon defeats a monster

Alvarez Empire arc

Alvarez Empire arc Events
Event Name Event Image
Makarov Rescue Operation Team back in action
Negotiation with August Negotiations with August
Seal Away the Black Dragon Acnologia catches Christina
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