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Liquid Ground (リキッドグラウンド Rikiddo Guraundo) is an Earth Magic Spell.


Liquid Ground allows the user to soften or liquefy the ground, subsequently manipulating it to their every whim; something which, according to Richard, is the radical opposite to Jura Neekis' own form of Earth Magic, which allows them to make the ground hard.[1] This spell's main form of offense consists of turning large portions of ground below the target into liquid, subsequently raising them in "waves" to envelop and crash foes, with the ground acting like quicksand. Through the use of this Magic alone, the user is shown capable of taking on several enemies, giving them trouble and preventing them from attacking, lest they sink. The liquefied ground itself has enough blunt power to destroy a large building when struck.[2] Such softening power aren't used for offense alone, and has other avenues for usage, with the user being capable, for instance, of making the ground cave in by liquefying it, generating holes that can serve as shelters for them or their allies.[3] The user can also employ Liquid Ground to nullify other earth-based attacks, as shown when Richard liquefied the rock pillars that Jura sent towards him in midair, causing them to fall harmlessly to the ground.[4] In addition, the user has proven themselves capable of using this spell as a means of transportation, traveling through the ground after liquefying it; in such state, the user can carry passengers without causing them any harm.[5] The user appears to control this Magic through the use of hand gestures, with a recurring one being extending their hand towards the opponents with all fingers, except the index and middle finger, which are kept diagonally stretched, bent, forming a "V" shape. Sometimes, before extending his arm, Richard has been known to place his stretched fingers onto his face, just below the eyes, either seemingly in reference to his codename or in order to employ his exclusive Heaven's Eye.[6]


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