Lion Maiden (レオン=メイデン Reon Meiden) is a Regulus & Earth Magic Spell.


The user raises their arms in the air while crossing them with each other in the shape of an "X" with the left arm being above the right arm while also having both hands forming a clenched fist. In this position the user starts to chant the incantation while magical energy is forming around their fists. The user then lowers both arms horizontally in front of them which cause the magical energy to vanish. The user would then spread both arms on each side with both hands wide open and their palms facing the target which causes multiple pillars of light erupting from the ground around hitting everything around the user and ending with all of the pillars of light transforming into one which causes a huge explosion and eventually leaving multiple holes on the ground.[1]


O the Light of Regulus
O the Shine of Spica
Lion Maiden!!!!


Regurusu no hikari yo
Supika no kagayaki yo
Reon Meiden!!!!


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