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Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic (雷の滅竜魔法 Kaminari no Metsuryū Mahō) or Thunder Dragon Slayer Magic, also known as Yellow Dragon Slayer Magic, is a Caster Magic, Ancient Spell, Lost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic that utilizes lightning.


A type of Magic which allows the user to incorporate the element of lightning into their body, gaining exclusive characteristics that are commonly associated with Lightning Dragons. The user is capable of producing lightning from their body and of manipulating it to attack their opponents. This Magic’s spells seem to possess an incredibly high voltage, being particularly destructive, and the electricity of which they’re composed of seems capable of momentarily paralyzing foes, making it easier for the user to take them out;[1] however, their trajectory may be redirected by metal objects acting as “lightning rods”, thus redirecting the attacks.[2]

A Dragon Slayer absorbing lightning

Given this is a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, it allows its user to consume external sources of electricity and lightning to restore their body and replenish their strength reserves. However, this won't work for lightning they produced themselves.[3]

If a Lightning Dragon Slayer is able to gain access to a special kind of dark-red lightning powered by their blood,[4] they will enter Red Lightning Dragon Mode.[5] In this form, the dragon slayer's yellow lightning will turn into dark-red lightning, and the user's attacks will possess the properties of a "lightning that goes beyond lightning" which creates a totally new element in the process, increasing in their destructive ability enough to bypass those who have immunity to lightning.[6]


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