Liberum, also known as Liberum Verus is an ancient ritual designed to empower the Celestial Spirit King.


Liberum is a ceremony that releases Celestial Spirits from their contracts with humans.[1] It is associated with the word Trinitas, an ancient word that bears the meaning "Trinity," which refers to Father, Son and Celestial Spirit. The Father is "Ophiuchus" and the "Son" snakes, in other words, Astral Spirytus, the place where Liberum must be performed.[2] It's a way of irradiating the constellation with Liberum's light. If the three aren't destroyed at the same time the ritual cannot be stopped.[3]


The price of freedom that Liberum will bring to the Celestial Spirits is that the Spirits will live for only 12 more days.[2] The red light coming from the Celestial Globe is reaching the Celestial Spirit King by the way of the constellations. From the start, this rite was to funnel powerful energy to the Celestial Spirit King. For this purpose, the Celestial Spirits had to be returned to the stars. After being tainted with the Magic of the Eclipse Gate, the Celestial Spirit King was able to command greater power but he required even greater power. The 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits feared that power and tried to flee the Celestial Spirit World by obtaining a mere 12 days of "Freedom" that is "life."[4]


When Liberum is performed, a celestial globe is required to liberate the Celestial Spirits from their chains.[2] If the power from the Celestial Globe is sent to the constellations of the sealed Eclipse Celestial Spirits, Liberum will be successfully executed.[5] When the red glow becomes filled up with all of Ophiuchus' Astral Spirytus and is unleashed upon all of the constellations, the Celestial Spirit King will be bathed in ultimate power.[3] If attacked continuously, the Celestial Globe will emit a bright, red glow until it stops in one place and bursts out a large quantity of Magic Power.[3] The Red glow has the ability to dampen other Magic, such as Wendy's healing Magic.[3]


Lord of Darkness... Lord of Stars... Lord of Eternity...
Release the bond that chains our souls to the Celestial Globe into the sky of unlimited time![6][5]


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