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Levy (レビィ Rebī) is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild and the leader of its version of Team Shadow Gear. She is also in charge of the guild's transportation system. She is the Edolas counterpart of Levy McGarden.


Levy is a young, teenage girl with a slender build, standing at a below-average height for her age. She sports long blue hair, with a slight purple hue, normally tied up with a red bandana around her head. She wears a dark red dress that leaves her abdomen exposed and is linked by dark blue straps and yellow bands on the sleeves. She also wears a golden necklace.

As of the year X793, Levy has let her hair grow out past her shoulders and now wears a sleeveless open shirt and a vertical striped top. She also wears a pair of bracelets on her arms.[1]


Unlike her Earth Land counterpart, Levy has a vulgar and aggressive personality.[2] She seems to frequently argue with everyone, especially Lucy Ashley.[3]


Edolas arc

Levy first appears fixing the guild's Transportation System, which she later uses to avoid Erza Knightwalker, who was revealed to be the Fairy Hunter who was responsible for attacking the guild. She suddenly gets into an argument with Nab since she can't concentrate on what she is doing. After that, she starts another argument with Lucy Ashley, who was being loud. However, Macao and Wakaba manage to break them up.[4] Later, as the Fairy Hunter arrives, Levy manages to transport the guild into a safer location, saving the whole guild. However, this doesn't stop Lucy Ashley from insulting Levy.[5][3]

Just as Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and Coco were about to be defeated by the Royal Army, Levy, with the rest of her guild, arrives and fights the Royal Army.[6] The fight, however, did not last long as Magic was being removed by Mystogan and his plan, causing everyone to panic.[7] Before being sent back to Earth Land, Gray cheers up the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild by telling them that they don't need Magic to be a guild, they only need their comrades. Levy is last seen watching the Earth Land Fairy Tail's departure with a smile on her face.[8][9]

100 Years Quest arc

Magic and Abilities

She seems to be good with machines, as she is in charge of the guild's transportation system.[4]

Former Equipment

Magic Cannon: Levy uses a long cannon to fire at and attack opponents.[10]

Battles & Events


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