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A Legion (レギオン Region) is a large, winged creature that is native to Edolas. Legions are multi-functional beasts; being used for both combat and transportation purposes.[1] They are regularly seen being used by the Royal Army.[2]


Legions are rather massive, diabolical, swine-esque entities. A Legion's body is, for the most part, covered in smooth, dark fur. A Legion possesses a very flat, pointed, angular head, and large, round, beady eyes. A Legion's very sharp teeth appear to be fused to its maw, and a large quantity of fur commonly dangles from its chin, resembling a beard of sorts. Protruding from a Legion's head are two, very large, feathery, yet smooth, black horns. Just above its maw, a Legion has three, slitted nostrils on either side of its angular head. In comparison to its body, a Legion's jet-black wings are rather relative, being very smooth and wavy, with white, spot-like patterns running neatly through the folds of each wing. The black paws of a Legion, which are rather small in comparison to its giant body, have five talons on each front claw and four on each back. Lastly, a Legion possesses a long, whip-like tail, with the end of said tail resembling a broken eggshell.[1]

A White Legion is, in comparison to its Dark Legion counterpart, aside from the obvious difference in color, considerably smaller in size. Their horns are noticeably shorter, and their wings are jagged and pointy, as opposed to smooth and wavy.[3]


Flight: As it possesses wings, a Legion is capable of flight.[1]

Immense Strength: As a testament to their size, Legions have been shown to possess great amounts of raw physical strength. A Legion owned by Coco[4]("Legi-pyon") was able to slow down, and eventually halt, Lacrima Island as it was falling full speed towards Extalia.[5]

Enhanced Speed: Despite their disproportionate size, a Legion is capable of moving at blinding speeds, should the need ever arise.[6]


  • Dark Legion: The most common type of Legion.
  • White Legion: White Legions are a seemingly rarer sub-species of Legion. One such Legion was seen under the ownership of the former Prince, now King, of Edolas, Mystogan.[3]



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