Leading Sky Arrow (天空甲矢 Tenkū Haya) is a Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Spell.


The user cloaks one of their legs in a whirlwind of a Sky Dragon's air, thrusting it at their target.[2]


  • Wendy's attack is in reference to Kyūdō, or Japanese archery. The "ya" (arrows) are made from bamboo and bird feathers, and are categorized as either male (haya) or female (otoya), depending on what side of the bird the feathers came from. A Kyūdō archer will typically shoot two arrows in succession, one of each type. The haya is shot first, and spins clockwise, while the otoya is shot second and spins counterclockwise. The arrows are alike because they come from the same bird, but they are also opposite. In Wendy's case, this attack will only be unleashed when used alongside Sherria's Trailing Sky Arrow. If one was missing, it would be incomplete, christening the attack as one-half of a Unison Raid.


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