Largo (ラルゴ Rarugo) is a character who appears in Fairy Tail Goku • Mahō Ranbu and the Captain of the Rondo Wight Guild.[1]


Largo is a muscular tanned man. He wears black and brown breeches with diamond patterns, which was fastened by a green sash, where he stores his pistol. He also wears brown boots with red caps, a grey chest guard across his chest, and golden bracelets on his wrists. He completes his look with a black hat with a feathered piece coming out of its right side as well as a white admiral's jacket. His guild mark is on the right side of his chest.[1]


Largo is a tough Pirate Mage in charge of several ships, who inherited the "Magical Stone of the Sky" from his father who is the previous Guild Master. He is on a journey to look for magical stones together with his comrades, with a certain aim in mind.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Take Over (接収(テイクオーバー) Teiku Ōbā): Largo is a user of Take Over, a type of Magic which allows him to take over the powers and abilities of undead entities.

  • Devil Soul (デビルソウル Debiru Sōru): Largo's particular type of Take Over, grants him the ability which allows him to take on undead traits as well as the ability to use light and dark based spells. When using this form of Magic, Largo is shown have his right arm covered with crystal spikes.[1]
Devil Soul

Largo's Devil Soul

  • Twisting Treasure Light (捩れの宝光 Nejire no Hōkō): Largo activate this spell by compressing various colored lights and uses it to attack his targets.
  • Order: Skeleton Blade (指令: 骸刃 Shirei: Gaijin): Largo creates a skeleton blade which he uses to attack his target.
  • Order: Skeleton Bomb (指令: 骸弾 Shirei: Gaidan): Largo creates a skeleton bomb and have it explode onto his target.

Leader Skill:Legendary Devil (伝説の悪魔 Densetsu no Akuma): Largo has the ability to increase the attack power anything related to the light and dark attributes by 50% and lessen the attack power of the other attribute by 50%.


  • Pistol: Largo carries a gunpowder based pistol.[1]


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