The Landlady is the unnamed owner of Lucy's Apartment.


She is a middle-aged woman, who likes to wear clothes that are too short and revealing for her age (even a set of Lucy's old clothes). These include high heels and a dress, adorned with a large amount of jewellery, pearls, sea-shells, giant earrings and numerous bracelets. The landlady also wears a fur around her neck. The complementary element of the whole outfit are giant thick-rimmed glasses.


The landlady seems to be a woman who cares a lot about her tenants, although her ​​concern may stem solely from a desire for them to earn as much money as possible.


She owns a house located on Strawberry Street, which Lucy rented the time before she went to Tenrou Island. For seven years she did not rent the apartment to anyone, even cleaning it for Lucy, and it seems that she had left things on the spot.[1]


X791 arc

The landlady has kept Lucy's room and belongings in good condition throughout her seven-year absence, cleaning the room every week (and borrowing an outfit) even though her tenant was presumed dead. Upon her return, the landlady meets Lucy at the door, stating that she is happy that Lucy is alive and in good condition, but also reminds her that she hasn't paid rent for seven whole years, a debt of about 5,880,000 Jewel and cannot come back before the sum is paid.[1]

Lucy and Landlady

Landlady grabs Lucy

The landlady reappears after Lucy finds out her father has died. Dressed in one of Lucy's outfits, she grabs a depressed Lucy, and drags her to her apartment. Lucy notices that her apartment looks exactly the same and it is clean despite her absence. Her landlady informs her she cleaned it every week. She adds that she took some of her outfits as well. Lucy's landlady shows her the letters Jude Heartfilia wrote to her every year, even though she had disappeared. After Lucy reads them and cries, the landlady runs into Natsu Dragneel and Happy whom mistook her as Lucy. She tells them to take it easy on Lucy for a bit.[2]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

As Fairy Tail makes its triumphant return to Magnolia after winning the Grand Magic Games, the landlady applauds Lucy, but also reminds her of the rent she still has to pay, much to Lucy's disappointment.[4]


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