Lahar & the Custody Enforcement Unit vs. Jackpot is a fight fought between Lahar, members of the Custody Enforcement Unit, and Jackpot.


Lightning strikes the parish

Lightning strikes the parish

While investigating recent attacks on churches one night, Lahar and some members of the Custody Enforcement Unit are stationed outside a church. As one of the men reports about the condition of the other churches, lightning suddenly strikes the church, destroying it. The culprit then reveals himself to be Jackpot who begins to fight the squad.[1]


Jackpot's washtubs

Jackpot attacking with washtubs

Jackpot pulls on the lever of his slot machine body and the spinning reels stop to reveal three identical images of washtubs. As soon as the images appear, several washtubs suddenly appear out of thin air and hits the confused squad. Jackpot pulls the lever once more and three lightning bolts appear. However, instead of striking the squad, the lightning bolt strikes Jackpot instead. Unfazed, Jackpot pulls the lever once more and three smiling suns appear. Fire suddenly engulfs Jackpot and, after commenting on the temperature, Jackpot disappears.[1]


Watching Jackpot's disappearance

Jackpot disappearing

Jackpot's sudden disappearance confuses the group and one of the men concludes that he must be the serial attacker that has been destroying the churches of Fiore. Lahar agrees with his assumption and comments that Jackpot's jocular manner will make him an even more fearsome foe.[1]


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