Kurubushi (クルブシ Kurubushi) is an Exceed hailing from the kingdom of Extalia.[1]


Kurubushi is a light blue Exceed with black, oval shaped eyes. He has a blue rectangular head and has to prominent, square-like protrusions on his chin. Kurubushi also has pink ears, and two whiskers on each side of his face. He wears a green shirt with brown shorts and boots.


Kurubushi is a young Exceed whose aim in life is to be a comedian, and often goes to the lower grounds to forage. For some unknown reason he often meets a giant green caterpillar.[2]


Edolas arc

Salberay Talking To Kurubushi

Kurubushi mentions a giant green caterpillar

Kurubushi is first introduced telling Salberay that he saw a giant green caterpillar while he was eating fish next to Gogotora and other friends.[3]

Kurubushi is present when Wendy attempts to inform the Exceeds about their imminent danger. He becomes agitated and begins to throw stones at Wendy and Carla alongside with other Exceeds.[4] When the Queen reveals the truth about the Exceeds,[5] Kurubushi has a change of heart and decides to protect Extalia from the giant Lacrima island.[6]

Exceeds apologizing

Kurubushi and the Exceeds apologizing

After the Exceeds escape from the royal guards, Kurubushi is absorbed alongside the other Exceeds by the Reverse Anima and sent to Earth Land,[7] because of the Magic in their bodies.[8] He arrives moments before Team Natsu, and checks if everyone that was transformed into Lacrima is back to normal. Kurubushi is also present when the Exceeds apologize to Team Natsu for all the trouble they caused. He also witnesses the scene where Shagotte and the four elders begin to explain the fake mission that they had came up with in order to protect the kids of Extalia.[9]

Soon after, Kurubushi along the other Exceeds decide to search for Exceeds that have been sent to Earth Land by the Queen before saying goodbye to Team Natsu.[10]

Alvarez Empire Arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Magic and Abilities

Aera ((エーラ) Ēra): Kurubushi uses this Magic that all Exceeds have, which allows the user to sprout feathery wings that grant flight abilities while neutralizing the weight of one passenger or object.[11]


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