The Kurilian Temple is an anime-only unnamed drowned ancient temple from the Kuril civilization, located somewhere under the Tenrou Island's sea.[1]


What is known about the exact location of the temple is that it lies somewhere below the sea surface.[1]

Exterior Design

The temple resembled an ancient Mayan pyramid, of which the top was in ruins. The rest of the temple was destroyed in the explosion set off by Mavis Vermillion.[1]

Notable Events

The divine punishment

Mavis attacked by the shrine's guardian

In X686, Mavis Vermillion, alongside her comrades, sails near the temple's area. After the young girl goes scuba diving, she finds the temple. After wandering around inside it, she finds a shrine , just to be attacked by the temple's sea guardian. Luckily, though, Yuri Dreyar and Warrod Sequen come to aid her. After a fight with the sea monster, Mavis tries to find a way out but accidentally activates a demolishing trap instead. After that, the temple is destroyed due to a massive explosion, sending the three away to the surface.[1]


The temple gets destroyed due to Mavis invigorating a destructive snare in the shrine inside the temple, leading to its demise.[1]


Events in the Kurilian Temple


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