"The sound of steel against steel...it sends shivers down my spine!"

Kiria to Erza Scarlet in "The Heart of Diabolos"

Kiria (キリア Kiria) is a Fifth Generation Dragon Slayer and member of Diabolos, a guild of dragon eaters.[1]


Kiria’s full appearance

Kiria is a young woman with slightly wavy blonde hair that is styled to cover the left side of her face while the rest falls down her back. Her light eyes are accented by similar colored long eyelashes, and her blue pupils are slitted. She has a slender, curvaceous figure that is shown off by her revealing outfit. She wears an armor bikini top that has two chains as straps and a smaller chain in the front. The top is predominantly dark-colored but has light accents on the edges and symmetrical swirling designs. There's a small piece with a dark H-shaped decoration on the front. She wears a plain black bikini bottom with four straps, the top ones being thinner than the bottom ones. She has a white cloth tied around her hips with a majority of it hanging on her left side and behind her. She wears armor on her forearms and has dark sleeves with wave-like patterns on the edges that reach below her shoulders. There is a white cloth tied at the ends of the armor, connecting them. She has bands with hanging ornaments around her thighs, crisscrossing straps that reach from below her knees to her toes, anklets, and shoes with thick high heels. She wears a necklace that appears to be made from fangs and a thin headband with wing-like ornaments on the sides of her head. Her guild stamp is dark in color and placed on her left shoulder.[2]


Kiria sticks out her tongue

Kiria is a confident, battle-hungry individual with a habit of sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth. In combat, she tends to smile maniacally and even taunts her opponents, seen in her fight with Mercphobia. She appears to view battles as entertainment, shown when she attacked Natsu, Lucy, and Happy simply for the fun of it. Kiria also has a thirst for power, dedicated to hunting down and devouring dragons in order to take over their abilities, indicating a violent and sadistic nature. She appears to be rather clever, as she allowed herself to be captured in order to bait Mercphobia, as well as deduced that the Water Dragon she had fought was a copy.[2]


At some point in time, Kiria devoured a Blade Dragon or a Dragon Slayer with the properties of a Blade Dragon, which enabled her to take on their power. She then joined Diabolos, a guild exclusively comprised of Dragon Eaters, fifth generation Dragon Slayers.[3]


100 Years Quest arc

Kiria is discovered by Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, chained to the bars of a cell and set to serve as a sacrifice to Mercphobia.[4] Taking notice of the trio (in fish form), she identifies them as humans and cautions them to stay back. Moments later, the Water Dragon descends into the ocean, prompting Kiria to call his attention. Grinning psychotically, she expresses excitement at the dragon’s arrival before breaking her bonds and slicing the cell bars.[5]

Kiria battles “Mercphobia”

As she dodges the Mercphobia's magic, Kiria taunts the dragon and prepares to launch her counterattack. She successfully finishes off Water God with Blade Dragon's Sword Dance, slicing his body to pieces. As she approaches a piece of his flesh, Kiria proceeds to consume the dragon. However, she realizes that her opponent had been a replica of the real Water Dragon, admitting that attempting to eat him made her feel queasy. Disappointed, she lashes out at Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, requesting that the trio entertain her. As a now humanized Natsu intercepts her attack, Kiria recognizes his smell as that of a Dragon Slayer’s, revealing herself to be that of the Fifth Generation. Kiria introduces herself as the Blade Dragon and a member of Diabolos, a guild of Dragon Eaters, Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers who devour dragons to take their power.[6]

Magic and Abilities

Blade Dragon Slayer Magic (刃の滅竜魔法 Yaiba no Metsuryū Mahō): Kiria is able to use this Magic that allows her to conjure and manipulate blades.[2]

  • Blade Dragon's Tearing Roar (刃竜の裂哮 Jinryū no Rekkō): Kiria's exclusive Dragon's Roar where she quickly gathers and releases a roar that pushes back and slashes everything in its path.[7]
  • Strength-Cutting (強さを斬る Tsuyosa wo Kiru): Kiria uses this to cut away her target's mental strength resulting in them changing their personality into something that she can easily dominate.[8]

Blade Dragon's Sword Dance

  • Dragon Slayer's Secret Art (滅竜奥義 Metsuryū Ōgi):
    • Blade Dragon's Sword Dance (刃竜剣舞 Jinryū Kenbu): Kiria creates two blades that extend from her hands and swiftly cuts her target into multiple pieces.[9]

Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴンフォース) Doragon Fōsu): Like all Fifth Generation Dragon Slayers, Kiria has the ability to use Dragon Force. However, the use of it is forbidden as it differs from the previous generations.[10]

Enhanced Strength: Despite her slender build, she possesses a very high degree of physical strength. As shown when she was able to break free from her chains easily, by clutching her fists,[11] and she was able to lift up a large chunk of Water God's Messenger flesh with only one hand.

Expert Swimmer: Kiria has shown to be a very capable swimmer, being able to quickly dodge the attacks from a giant sea serpent from close range from underwater with incredible speed.[12]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kiria has shown to be very well versed in hand-to-hand combat. Being utilizing her Dragon Slayer magic with her fists, she is able to fight on par with a renowned sword-master Erza Scarlet.[13]

Enhanced Reflexes: Kiria has a high degree of reaction speed, as she was able to move back by Erza's sword swing despite being in close-ranged.[14]

Enhanced Smell: Kiria is able to smell someone from a long distance as shown when she is able to track Erza from across one of Aldoron's city hands.[15]


Battles & Events


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