Kinana (キナナ Kinana) is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and the former pet of Oración Seis member, Erik.[2] Unlike most other members of Fairy Tail, she initially joined the guild as an employee, rather than as a Mage.[1] After Fairy Tail's disbandment she is finally able to use magic, rejoining the guild as a Mage.[3]


Cobra and Cubellios

Kinana as Cubellios with her former owner, Erik

While known as "Cubellios", Kinana took the form of a large serpent with violet scales and a light colored underside. Her eyes are green with black pupils,[4] and is almost always in her basic snake form. In battle, however, she can spread out a pair of small, bat-like wings, allowing Erik to use her as airborne transportation.[5]

In her human form, Kinana is a petite girl with violet-colored hair and green eyes, with a round head. Her attire consists of a light green dress sporting white and green laces with an additional green bow on it's chest. She also has a light green ribbon which she wears on her head.[1] Seven years later, in X791, her appearance has changed considerably. Kinana now sports longer hair and has grown noticeably taller, additionally her bust has grown in size. Kinana's new attire consists of a lime green-colored blouse with a green neckline and trim, which is complimented by a long, white skirt. She is also seen wearing green boots.[6]


Kinana has a habit of ending all her sentences with "-kina".[7] She has a very quiet and mild-mannered personality, eager to help out at the guild when she can. When her comrades are in danger, she is willing to go as far as to meekly throw rocks at her enemies,[8] showing her willingness to risk her own safety even without the ability to properly use Magic.


Kinana in FT after she was transfomed into human

Kinana after she transformed back into a human

When she was young, Kinana was transformed into a snake by a malicious Mage. She was turned back by Makarov after he realized that she was actually a human. Kinana had no recollection of being a snake when she was first turned back, but recently, her memory as a snake has slowly resurfaced, in which she hears a voice asking to hear her thoughts.[1] She also said that she has made a promise with her friend - even if they would become separated, he would ride a shooting star to come back for her.[9] After Makarov turned her back into a human, she became an employee of the Fairy Tail Guild. Makarov did this to keep an eye on her if she ever regained her memory, as if she did, something terrible could happen to her. Besides Makarov, only Macao Conbolt, Wakaba Mine and Mirajane Strauss know of Kinana's transformation.[9]


Oración Seis arc

Cubellios' wings

Kinana, as Cubellios, alongside Cobra

"Cubellios" appears with her owner, Cobra, when Oración Seis confronts the Allied Forces. When she and Cobra engage Erza Scarlet in battle, Racer distracts Erza, allowing Cubellios to bite and poison her.[10]

When Nirvana's second stage is activated, she is seen with Cobra, attempting to stop Natsu Dragneel and Happy from reaching Brain. The two teams engage in an aerial battle above Nirvana.[11] She does not do anything after Cobra's defeat, leaving her fate at the time unknown.[12]

Tenrou Island arc

Lisanna laughing with Chico, Joy, Joey and Kinana

Kinana with Lisanna and others, making fun of Natsu Dragion

Kinana later joins the Fairy Tail Guild as a waitress, assisting Mirajane with her work. While serving drinks, she laughs along with other guild members when she hears from Lisanna Strauss about Natsu Dragion, Natsu's Edolas counterpart.[7] She later watches Erza Scarlet and Panther Lily spar, commenting that it's dangerous. The next day, she's present during the announcement of the participants for the year's S-Class Mage Promotion Trial.[13]

X791 arc

Kinana speaks with makarov

Kinana speaks with Makarov

Seven years after the destruction of Tenrou Island, the guild is reduced into a small tavern with only few members remaining, one of whom is Kinana. She now runs the bar of the Second Fairy Tail Building.[14] After the return of the members of Fairy Tail that went to Tenrou Island, Makarov inquires into Kinana's well-being, with Kinana replying that she still can't remember much of her past, but that she keeps hearing a kind voice asking to hear her thoughts.[6]

Key of the Starry Sky arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Grand Magic Games arc

Laki and Kinana chased by Trimens

Laki saves Kinana

During the first day of the Grand Magic Games, Kinana is seen with the other members of the guild as Mavis explains the rules for the "Hidden" event. Later when Lucy is battling Flare, Kinana is cheering along with the rest of the guild. She is seen cheering with everyone else when Erza single-handedly wins Pandemonium.[29] At the end of the third day of the Grand Magic Games, Kinana is seen partying with the rest of her guild mates.[30] After the events of the third day, Kinana accompanies Fairy Tail to Ryuzetsu Land. During her time there, Laki saves her from the clutches of Hibiki, Eve, and Ren.[31] She is later seen among the unconscious after Natsu destroys the park.[32]

Fairy Tail sees their new team

Kinana watches Team Fairy Tail

After the game administration decides to reorganize the teams due to Team Raven Tail's disqualification, Fairy Tail as a result reorganizes its two teams into one team, consisting of five members.[33] Kinana, together with her fellow Fairy Tail comrades, is seen in the audience excited seeing their new "strongest team" comprising of Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Laxus and Erza.[34] When the battle between Team Blue Pegasus and Team Quatro Puppy begins, and the rabbit costume wearing participant unmasks himself, revealing him to be the Exceed, Nichiya, Ichiya's Edolas counterpart, Kinana becomes shocked like everyone else.[35] Following Natsu's victory against Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney on the 4th Day, Kinana is seen cheering him for it.[36]

On the fifth and final day of the games, Kinana watches from the crowd as Team Fairy Tail enters the arena in 1st place.[37] Later, as Mavis plans out a strategy for their Guild's representative team, Kinana asks the ethereal being about how they're going to deal with Jura Neekis.[38]

Unity of Fiore Wizards

Kinana joins the Mages of Fiore

Despite Mavis' concerns regarding the Wizard Saint, Team Fairy Tail manages to overcome every one of their opponents except for Sting, who stays hidden away from the main fights. Seeing that he is the only player left against Fairy Tail, Sting sends up a flare to call them to his location, and Kinana stands tensely as she watches her five guild members respond. However, Sting only ends up doubting himself and surrenders, pulling out of the event and allowing Fairy Tail to win the Grand Magic Games. Hearing the commentators announcing her guilds victory, Kinana cheers with the rest of the crowd.[39] After the Grand Magic Games have come to a close, the King of Fiore accumulates all of the Mages from all Guilds to acknowledge them of the impending disaster and what the Kingdom plans to do to combat against the calamity. The King continues on to request for their assistance against the remaining Dragons who survive from the Eclipse Plan, to which Kinana and the rest of the Mages all agree in unison.[40]

Happiness over the victory

Kinana and co. cheering for their victory

After the war against the Dragons comes to a close due to the destruction of the Eclipse Gate, Kinana attends a banquet hosted at Mercurius by the royal family,[41] where she leisurely converses with Laki.[42] After the banquet, Kinana and the rest of her Guild return to Magnolia, where they are greeted by the delighted citizens congratulating them for their victory.[43] As Natsu hoists up the trophy above his head and re-acknowledges their victory, Kinana gleefully cheers alongside Laki.[44]

Eclipse Celestial Spirits arc

Note: Events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Tartaros arc

Discussing the Sabertooth master

Kinana and Laki talking about Sting

As the members of Fairy Tail all enjoy a relaxing day at the guild, Kinana and Laki listen in as Erza reports to Makarov that they encountered Minerva in a Dark Guild whilst out on a mission. After Makarov states they should inform Sabertooth and Laki recalls that Sting is the current acting Master, Kinana remarks that Sabertooth has a young and good looking Master, much to the indignation of Makarov.[47] Kinana looks on as the members of Fairy Tail discuss their plans to defeat Tartaros by protecting the former Council members.[48]

After the teams return from their mission to track down the former Council members, Kinana and the other Fairy Tail members worriedly discuss the whereabouts of Natsu, Elfman, Lisanna, Mirajane and Erza. When Happy returns to the guild, he reveals that the former chairman is allied with Tartaros, as well as the fact that Natsu, Erza and Mirajane are all their prisoners, which spreads panic upon the guild. Kinana then witnesses Levy saying that she will definitely find Tartaros' hideout, as well as Elfman's return from his mission.[49] After the war against Tartaros' Demon Gates reaches its conclusion—Kyôka as the remaining Demon—Laki and the others are shocked upon Acnologia's arrival.[50]

Avatar arc

After one year has passed since the war with Tartaros and the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Kinana receives a letter from Lucy which asks her to meet up at the old guildhall. She attends the meetup and reveals to the others that she has learnt some more Magic, and helps the group announce the revival of the Fairy Tail Guild.[51]

Alvarez Empire Arc

Following Makarov's return, Laki asks how many times Makarov has been resuscitated now since this is his third time being master. Kinana simply smiles and states he never died.[52] Soon, the festivities are brought to a stop by Makarov, who gives the entire Guild an idea about their current situation and the impending war with the Alvarez Empire.[53] His Mages immediately express their willingness to fight Zeref himself in order to protect their home.[54] Seeing their support, Mavis reveals her connection to Zeref so that everybody knows the reason behind the upcoming war.[55] Afterwards, Makarov tells the Guild members all that he knows about their enemies' strength and they soon begin to lay down their plans for the battle.[56]

Jacob asks Kinana for a drink

Kinana startled by Jacob's demand

The battle begins soon after Magnolia's evacuation is completed[57] and results in Fairy Tail's victory over the Empire's vanguard,[58] but at the cost of Magnolia's main defense as Freed is defeated.[59] Taking advantage of this, Wall launches a massive attack that throws everybody into panic. At that moment, Kinana witnesses Ichiya save the day by sacrificing Christina to block the shot.[60] Later, with the defeat of Dimaria, Jacob Lessio suddenly arrives in the guild, taking all the members by complete surprise. Jacob reveals that the Mage August has falsified their locations on his radar. He then demands from Kinana to bring him a drink, but when he is refused one, he uses his Magic to erase Kinana and everyone else in the guild.[61] According to Jacob, Kinana and everyone else who was affected by his Magic is alive, but extremely wounded.[62] Although, successfully tricking Jacob, Lucy summons Gemini to copy Marin's Spatial Magic and return everyone from the alternate dimension. Promptly after, Makarov punches the Shield of Spriggan away and sends Natsu flying to him, who finishes him off with Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist, delighting everyone to see another of the Spriggan 12 being taken care of.[63]

Later, Kinana is caught in the light of Universe One and is warped to a new location; she ends up rendezvousing with Rogue and Minerva, and via her ability to hear Zera's voice, leads them to the Fairy Tail Guild's new location, where they assist in the battle against Alvarez.[64]

Magic & Abilities

During the year of Fairy Tail's disbandment, Kinana manages to learn Magic, although the exact form is currently unknown.[3] She is also a good singer.[1]

Former Magic & Abilities

Cubellios' Poison Mist

"Cubellios'" Poison Mist

Poison Generation: "Cubellios" had the ability to produce very deadly poisons. Her poisonous bites have the ability to induce a slow and very painful death.[65] "Cubellios" was able to transform her poison into mist which served as either an offensive projectile or a food source for Erik.[66]

Wing Generation: "Cubellios" had hidden wings that allowed her to fly. When she generated her wings, Erik used her as a mount.[5]

Enhanced Strength: "Cubellios" had displayed enhanced strength, enough to lift Erik with relative ease. She also knocked Natsu backwards quite a distance with just a snap from her tail.[67]

Appearances in Other Media


Welcome to Ryuzetsu Land

As the Fairy Tail members rejoice over their trip to Ryuzetsu Land, Kinana ponders upon requiring swimsuits, to which Laki blatantly affirms. After arriving at the resort, Kinana and Laki lounge by the pool, with the latter objecting others over wearing revealing swimsuits. Kinana responds by acknowledging the daring swimsuit Laki is currently wearing, obligating Laki to hypocritically give an explanation, bewildering Kinana further.

Later, Kinana and Laki are approached by the Trimens, with Hibiki acknowledging that it is a wonderful day for a swim, only for Kinana to retort that it is actually nighttime. As Laki threatens the Trimens and acknowledges her daring swimsuit, Kinana calls Laki out over her admitting that her swimsuit is actually indeed daring. After, Eve starts to make it snow, leading the Trimens to continue their flirtatious advances by chasing Kinana and Laki, whom decide to evade the playboys and flee. After Natsu creates a cataclysmic explosion throughout the park, Kinana and all the other patrons of the park lose consciousness.[68]

Video Games

Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou

Kinana (as Cubellios) appears as a support character for Cobra in the DS Game, Fairy Tail Gekitotsu! Kardia Daiseidou, upon being unlocked.[69]


  • Her appearance is based on Hiro Mashima's assistant, Kina Kobayashi. However, her overalls aren't a frilly one.[1]
  • After 7 years, she appears to have abandoned her habit of saying "-kina".

Manga & Anime Differences

  • It was exclusively revealed in the anime that "Cubellios" was Erik's pet during his childhood while he was a slave at the Tower of Heaven.[70]
    Cobra as a slave, holding Cubellios

    Young Erik and "Cubellios"

  • In the anime, Kinana was one of the few members to remain in Fairy Tail after 7 years, whereas in the manga she isn't seen at all until Chapter 290; however, she is mentioned to be one of the girls harassed by Wakaba Mine.[71]

Battles & Events

Battles Events


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