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The Key of the Starry Sky arc (星空の鍵編 Hoshizora no Kagi-hen) is an anime-exclusive story arc of the Fairy Tail series. The arc happens between the X791 arc and the Grand Magic Games arc.

When Lucy's cousin, Michelle, arrives at the Fairy Tail Guild to give Lucy a memento left to her by her father, Lucy and her friends go on a quest to unveil the mysteries surrounding an ancient device sealed away for centuries, the Infinity Clock. However, with the involvement of the Legion Corps and the newly restored Dark Guild, the Reborn Oración Seis, the fate of the world as it is known is left to none other than Fairy Tail to protect.


My Younger, Older, Distant Relative

An old man wakes up from a dream of a church engulfed in flames and a mechanical bear uttering ominous words. An unknown girl is later seen on a train with a case in her possession. At the Magic Council Headquarters, Lahar and Gran Doma discuss about several cases of churches being destroyed and Lahar is tasked with finding and arresting the culprit.[1]

Michelle arrives at Fairy Tail

In the Fairy Tail guild hall, Lucy reads the news about the church bombings. Suddenly, Romeo announces that Lucy has a visitor, pointing Lucy out to the girl who was on the train earlier. When Lucy asks the girl to identify herself, she tearfully introduces herself as Michelle Lobster, revealing that she's Lucy's younger sister, stating that the Heartfilia family and the Lobster family are distantly related. When the others comment that she seems older, they theorize that this contradiction arises due to the events on Tenrou Island. When Lucy inquires as to the contents of the case the other girl carries, Michelle says that the case contains a memento from Lucy's father, as the girl had known him and was even present when he passed away. Lucy opens the case and finds an object wrapped in bandages, which she unwraps to reveal a strange mechanical gear. Natsu smells a spell on it; however Carla appears terrified upon seeing the wrapped item.[1]

Lucy asks Michelle to live with her for a while

Lucy and Michelle later walk to Lucy's Apartment, where they decide that Michelle should live with her. Lucy later writes a letter to her mother about Michelle working at Fairy Tail as well as living with her. Some time after this, back at the Fairy Tail guild building, Natsu tells Lucy that they're going on a job to catch some bandits. Despite Lucy's warnings about the dangerous nature of such jobs, Michelle insists on accompanying them, claiming to want to see what it's like to be a Mage. After some encouragement from the others, Lucy aquiesces.[1]

Later, on a ledge overlooking a path through a forest, Erza explains her plan to capture the bandits. When Natsu rejects the plan due to the involvement of transportation, Michelle decides to play an active role rather than being just an observer. Though the others are a little hesitant, they eventually agree.[1]

Lucy and Michelle attempt to put Erza's plan into action

The Mages soon put Erza's plan into action, with Michelle taking the reins of the wagon and leading the cart into the bandits' territory. After Lucy fails to seduce the bandits, Team Natsu attacks, quickly defeating them, with Michelle completely dazzled with the group's strength. Meanwhile, back at the guild, as Wakaba and Macao talk about Michelle, Laki arrives and reads the report about Michelle's family to Macao, Carla and Wakaba. Meanwhile Lahar investigates a recently destroyed church, and finds many things about the incident mystifying.[1]

Michelle suggests officially requesting the guild to solve the mystery behind the memento, which Lucy agrees to. Whilst Natsu and Lucy discuss the job and Carla still appears distraught by the memento, Michelle accidentally drops the gear, and it starts levitating with runes appearing on it, but since Levy and Fried are not present, no one is able to read them. When they turn to Makarov for help, he tells Lucy not to get involved, but Lucy states that she wants to solve the riddle her father has left her.[1]

Raging Waves Lead to a New Threat

While Michelle and Lucy are looking through some ancient rune books to decipher what is written on the metal rod, Erza and Gray arrive at the guild to inform Lucy that they will be going off on a job to retrieve stolen gold, but Lucy refuses, stating that she's busy. Realizing that Natsu has gone off somewhere, Erza tells Gray that just the two of them will complete the job, which makes Juvia incredibly jealous and angry.[2]

Natsu and Gajeel want to fight with Laxus

In the forest, Laxus pulverizes an aggressive Gorian, with Natsu, Gajeel and the Thunder God Tribe noticing Laxus' lightning and converging where he is. On the way, Natsu bumps into Gajeel and both make clear their intention to have a one-on-one duel with Laxus. Upon finding him, Natsu directly challenges Laxus, with Gajeel following suit. When the Thunder God Tribe jumps to Laxus’ aid, Laxus states that he will defeat Gajeel and Natsu with his own fists, choosing to fight Natsu first. As the two prepare to battle, Wendy arrives and stops them, telling them that it would be better to plan the event first and for the battle to take place the next day instead. Everybody agrees and it is decided that the showdown would take place at the Sola Tree in South Gate Park, with Gajeel's battle after Natsu's. [2]

Meanwhile, at the guild, Macao, Wakaba, Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Romeo and Kinana discuss about the upcoming duel. Elfman suddenly suggests holding a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree. At the festival on the night before the battle, Jason appears as the commentator for the event, while Natsu and Gajeel enjoy themselves instead of training. Lucy meets up with Levy, who has returned recently, and asks her to help her decipher the writing on the iron rod.[2]

Juvia's drama

Meanwhile, somewhere in the mountains, Gray and Erza have located the bandits' hideout but unbeknownst to them, Juvia has followed them. Gray and Erza try to get some sleep, but soon after, the bandits return, with Gray and Erza attempting to stop them. However, the bandits have hired the Vanish Brothers to defend them, which leads Gray to request that he be allowed to defeat them alone, since Natsu was able to defeat them unaided seven years prior. For a while it seems that Gray is about to be defeated, but ultimately he defeats them, taking back their client's gold along with Erza and heading home.[2]

Meanwhile, the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus arrive at the festival, while, in the forest, Wendy and Carla meet Makarov and inform him about the showdown, shocking him. As the fight begins and the crowd watches them tensely, Natsu makes the first move, to be ignominiously knocked out in one hit. As mirth and shock travel through the crowd, Laxus turns to fight Gajeel, only to find out that he has fled, with a search party immediately setting out to find him. As Makarov arrives at the aftermath, Fried pleads with him to take Laxus back, but both men involved remain silent.[2]

The Strange Trio

At Lucy's house, Levy manages to decipher the writing on the mechanical rod, informing them that the script is ancient Potamelian and reads "Time is etched and then chaos descends". Lucy suddenly remembers the phrase, retrieving a book from her shelf, and reading out a story about the strange destiny of a clock that had been passed on for centuries. They then find out that the rod is actually the hand of a large pendulum clock. Back at the guild, with just the 3 Exceed occupying it, three mysterious people approach the building.[2]

Which One is Lucy Again?

Three mysteriously familiar faces appear at the Fairy Tail guild

Panther Lily , Happy and Carla are shocked to see two Mages that look like Sugarboy and Coco along with a familiar female outside the Fairy Tail Guild. Panther Lily instantly recognizes Coco, and asks her how she managed to get to Earth Land, but she replies that they've never met before. The group is then interrupted by the return of some other Fairy Tail members, having failed to locate Gajeel. Upon spotting the mysterious trio, Natsu, Lucy and Wendy are shocked, wondering how they managed to appear in front of them. However, they also note that though the three seem to be the same people they met in Edolas, they are slightly different, particularly the person who resembles Hughes, who is female. Before the conversation continues on, Hughes states that her group has come to take Lucy Heartfilia, and demands that the guild hand her over.[3]

The green slime consumes the Fairy Tail Mages

With the guild refusing, Kinana notes that the group may be responsible for the church attacks that have been happening across Fiore. Hearing Kinana's words, the trio becomes annoyed, and decides that they will use force to take Lucy instead. The Sugarboy look-alike uses his Magic starting the assault, and concurrently, Macao is physically attacked by the Coco look-alike, who dodges his, Wakaba’s and Romeo's attacks with speed and finesse. The trio then halts their attacks, laughing at the guild's weakness, with Carla and Panther Lily finally realizing that the trio are not the people they met in Edolas, but their Earth Land counterparts.[3]

Earth Land Hughes attacks with her Magic

The attackers again demand that Lucy be handed over, but Natsu, having eaten fire provided by Romeo, stands and attacks the group, telling Lucy to run. However, Earth Land's Hughes releases her Magic, and Natsu finds himself unwillingly attacking his own comrades. When the others try to attack, they also find themselves incapable of attacking their opponent. They also notice that they are quickly becoming exhausted, realizing that this is due to Sugarboy's magic. When the trio declares that they will attack at full power again unless Lucy is handed over, Lucy prepares to reveal herself. However, before she can, Michelle states that she is Lucy.[3]

Lucy won't accept Michelle being taken in her stance, and declares that she is the real Lucy, confusing the assailants. Seeing this, the rest of the guild joins in, with Levy, Laki, Wendy, Mirajane, Lisanna and even Elfman calling themselves Lucy, adding to the trio's confusion. The trio eventually decides to just round up the entire guild, and Fairy Tail attacks, telling Lucy and Michelle to escape and find Master Makarov. Lucy and Michelle run for it, with Coco pursuing them.[3]

Coco is dumbfounded by Lucy and Michelle

When Lucy and Michelle eventually stop to rest, they begin to discuss their situation. They are then found by Coco, who demands Lucy go with her. The two girls then reverse their tactic, pointing to each other as the real Lucy, further confusing Coco. When Virgo appears and helps with the farce as well, Coco is distracted enough to allow the three to run.[3]

Meanwhile, at the guild, Earth Land's Sugarboy and Hughes resume their attack, but have decided that the real Lucy must be one of the two told to run, so after quickly defeating their opponents, they continue their search. Jet and Droy arrive only to witness the destruction they have left behind, and as everyone tends to the injured, Natsu, Happy, Panther Lily, Carla and Wendy head out to search for Michelle and Lucy. Whilst looking, the two cats and the young girl are attacked by Coco, and Natsu and Happy run into Sugarboy, who engages them in battle. Before they can fight though, a giant octopus interrupts their fight, the man riding it telling Sugarboy not to lose sight of their actual objective. Sugarboy soon reveals that the man atop the octopus is Earth Land's Byro, who appears entirely different from his Edolas counterpart.[3]

Subsequently, Lucy and Michelle are found by Hughes, who controls Michelle with her Magic and prepares to make Michelle throw herself over a nearby cliff, claiming that they wouldn't be able to resist capture if seriously injured. Lucy grabs Michelle to try and stop her, but she and the metal rod end up falling along with her.[3]

Legion of Doom!

Lucy summons Aries just in time

Somewhere in a canyon, Byro and Sugarboy face off against Natsu and Happy, Natsu's attacks proving ineffective, shortly before Byro withdraws and leaves the battle in Sugarboy's hands. Meanwhile, Lucy and Michelle are falling off a cliff due to Hughes' Magic, so Lucy summons Aries to create a wool cushion for them to land on. When Hughes pursues them, Lucy summons Taurus to attack her but to no avail, as Taurus is distracted by Hughes' bosom. Lucy then summons Scorpio in Taurus' place.[4]

Lucy is put in the way of Scorpio's attacks

Meanwhile, Wendy, Carla and Panther Lily are facing off against Coco. Lily shifts into his battle form, declaring that Coco is his enemy and he will strike her. At the same time, Byro and Kanaloa encounter Gildarts Clive, who starts battling Byro. Meanwhile, Lucy is also losing in her battle against Hughes as the latter, who cannot control a Celestial Spirit, instead uses her Magic to use Lucy as a shield, forcing the spirits to direct their attacks elsewhere, one of the attacks knocking Michelle unconscious.[4]

The mysterious Legion Corps

Concurrently, Natsu and Happy are still fighting Sugarboy, who tells them that his slime doesn't just absorb the Magic of others, but also the properties of what it absorbs. He demonstrates this by turning the slime hand under his control into fire, and repeatedly hitting Natsu with it. In his fight against Byro, Gildarts seems to be experiencing some trouble, as Byro keeps negating his Magic. When Gildarts asks the man why they are targetting Lucy, Byro deflects by talking about a crusade. Jason then mentions that Byro is one of the Legion Corps, and is told by Gildarts to run away as the combatants start getting serious.[4]

Mary Hughes has the Clock part

Meanwhile, Wendy, Carla and Panther Lily are having a hard time attacking Coco. Natsu and Sugarboy continue their fight, with Natsu overloading Sugarboy's slime, causing it to explode, only for the two combatants to end up in a sticky situation as their hands get stuck together due to Sugarboy’s slime. They continue to quarrel and fight, with Sugarboy easily maintaining the upper hand, until Gray appears and shatters the slime with his Magic. Back with Gildarts and Byro, Erza arrives and joins Gildarts in his attempt to take Byro and his octopus down. At the same time, Hughes obtains the Clock hand, which was the real goal of the group all along, and uses a signal to inform the others that she has it in her possession.[4]

Heartfillia Konzern Chaos

Natsu and Gray plan to get the Legion Corp back

Back at the guild, Gildarts reveals the identity of their assailants, stating that they are the Legion Corps. With Lucy feeling bad about losing her father's memento, the others plan to help her get it back despite the thieves having gotten away.[5]

Somewhere far away, an old man dreams of the mystery Clock hand and says "Time is etched and then chaos descends". Carla, on her way back to the guild with Wendy and Panther Lily, has a premonition of this and feels scared, however she chooses to ignore it. Meanwhile Lucy and Cana discuss the crusade while the rest of Fairy Tail converses on how the Church robbing them isn't an act of holiness. The Fairy Tail members eventually decide to investigate the matter.[5]

Lahar confronts Jackpot

Lahar and a team of Rune Knights are patrolling by a church, monitoring it in case it is attacked, but dismiss the idea as they have the church surrounded. However, a mechanical bear appears inside the church and blows it up, shocking the group. The bear appears before Lahar and introduces himself as Jackpot, taunting the patrol and then attacking them. After knocking out almost all of them, Jackpot disappears. Concurrently, in Zentopia, the old man, revealed to be the Archbishop, talks to his subordinates about his nightmares and what they could signify. Telling them that the anniversary event is approaching, he requests that they summon the cardinals in case something happens to him. At the same time, Gildarts is sent on an undisclosed mission by Macao.[5]

Team Natsu, as well as Carla and Wendy, later arrive at the Heartfilia Konzern mansion, planning on searching it for some clues on the memento and the events surrounding it. In the attic, Lucy finds a picture of her mother and father and talks about it, promising that she'll buy back the mansion and restore it. Michelle and Lucy later go to Jude’s office and look around until Michelle finds a strange book titled "To My Daughter".[5]

Samuel, the head of Legion Corps

The book appears to be completely blank; however Crux is summoned and tells them that, though the book has no Magic or invisible ink which could potentially be hiding some text, maybe the title itself will solve the riddle. Natsu and Happy later walk into the room to find Michelle, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy and Carla trying to decipher the anagram. Carla spots the word "myth" within the letters, and they later find the words "duo" and "great". Lucy figures out that it's connected to a book called "The Two Great Myths", which leads her to a book called "Life of the Clockwork", a book she owns. She tells them that the other myth is another book called "The Key of the Starry Heavens". Whilst watching Lucy with the latter, Carla hallucinates and sees the book cover saying "No".[5]

Claiming that there might be a message in the books, Lucy starts to search. Suddenly, the door to the room is broken down and an Exceed appears, demanding the book and claiming that he's the head of the Legion Corps, going by the name of Samuel. Erza, Gray and Natsu try to attack Samuel, but he is protected by a man in iron-clad armor, with the mansion taking damage from their own attacks. The man introduces himself as Dan Straight, and claims that he has a Magic shield which can reflect any attack. When the others attempt to attack and fail, Lucy tries to make a run with the book, but Dan stops her, instantly falling in love with her, as he starts to fawn over Lucy's figure until Erza interrupts. Natsu and Gray attack Dan as Lucy and Michelle flee.[5]

Happy steps on......Natsu!?

Erza attacks Dan, however, his Magic ability to shrink and enlarge objects helps him to quickly overpower her. Lucy makes her way out to the hall, but Samuel blocks her path, stating that he has predicted all of their moves. Natsu tries to attack Samuel, but the cat dodges his attacks until Dan appears and strikes Natsu out of the window. Gray and Wendy then attack but nearly get crushed by the roof collapsing on them. Happy, Lucy and Michelle find Natsu outside, but as Natsu was hit by Dan's spear, he has shrunk to the size of a doll. When Dan and Samuel follow, Lucy throws the book to Happy and tells him to run with it, however, Samuel finds the real book under Michelle's dress. After using a pair of Gale-Force Reading Glasses, Samuel gives the book to Lucy, having memorized the contents of the book. Samuel and Dan then leave, as Lucy stands in the rubble of her old house, wondering what her father is trying to tell her.[5]

The Misadventures of Fairy Tail

Gray picks up Natsu

In the Fairy Tail guild building, everyone is commenting on Natsu's reduced size. Lucy later explains that the Key of the Starry Heavens is about a girl who is told she can become happy if she can gather six special keys, so she goes off to collect them, but, in the end, this results in the people around her becoming unhappy, and everyone deduces that the keys actually refer to the Clock parts. Lucy then goes on to say that, as a child, she loved the book, which led her to not only discover that the locations of the hidden keys were modeled after real locations, but also the real locations themselves. Everyone then splits up into groups and the search begins.[6]

Panther Lily, Levy, Jet and Droy climbing up a mountain

Panther Lily leads Jet, Droy and Levy towards an unknown location, and when Levy protests that they are going in the wrong direction from their destination, Panther Lily states that they are looking for one more powerful person for their team.[6]

Gray, Lyon and Juvia traveling

Elsewhere, as Gray and Juvia are traveling through a forest, Lyon Vastia suddenly joins them in their quest. Gray keeps inquiring about his reasons for helping them, but Lyon only keeps saying that he is worried about the two of them. Meanwhile Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Michelle, and Romeo board a ship, with Natsu complaining about the transportation. Lucy gets up and ponders over what chaos can mean, until four old men show up and ask them whether they are members of Fairy Tail.[6]

Concurrently, Panther Lily's group arrives at a waterfall, seeing Gajeel meditating under the waterfall as part of his training. Just then, a lightning bolt strikes Gajeel, which he miraculously survives. He then tells them that this is his method of training and yells at them to go away, but instead Panther Lily joins his training and Levy states that they are getting sidetracked from their mission.[6]

Erza sets up for a picnic

Erza, Wendy, Carla and Cana are traveling through a serene grassland, until they stop and see Erza all set up for a picnic. She asks them to join but Cana objects that they are getting off track, but the former pays no heed to her and exclaims that this is her first picnic. Suddenly, a group of bandits arrives, claiming the grassland as their territory. The bandits then recognize the group and talk about them looking for treasure, which leads the group to wonder about the apparent information leak. Finally, when the bandits start eating Erza's food, Erza loses her temper, requips into her Lightning Empress Armor and punishes them for ruining her picnic.[6]

Back with Gray, Juvia and Lyon, Juvia thinks about the love triangle she is in, while Gray displays his irritation towards Lyon for tagging along and Lyon responding that Gray would never find the clock part by himself. This angers Gray and he tries to challenge Lyon, but the latter calmly dismisses him and says that finding the Clock part is more important. Gray changes the topic and asks him where he got that information from and Lyon replies that everybody knows about it.[6]

The Archaeological Society introduce themselves

Meanwhile, on the ship, the Archaeological Society members introduce themselves and ask Lucy's group whether they are looking for the Clock parts. When Lucy asks them for the source of this information, Michelle assumes that there is a spy in the guild because she is sure that Zentopia Church would not allow this kind of information to leak out. The Archaeological Society then attempt to dissuade them from their journey and Lucy questions their motives, with them explaining that the locations where the Clock parts are hidden might be important from an archeological standpoint, so they would like to protect them as part of their cultural heritage, while a search for the Clock parts could damage these locations.[6]

Gray, Lyon and Juvia reach the ruins

Meanwhile, Gray, Juvia and Lyon reach their destination, which turns out to be some ruins. Back at the ship, The Archaeological Society is still trying to dissuade Lucy, but she explains that it is the only thing she has left from her father, who believed in her and entrusted the task of keeping chaos from descending on the world to her. They are touched by this when suddenly a gust of wind blows Natsu off the ship. The Archaeological Society then jump off the ship in an attempt to save Natsu, also returning him to his original size in the process. Lucy thanks them for what they did and waves them goodbye and as the Archaeological Society members swim away, they talk about the group reaching their destination. The head, who turns out to be an acquaintance of Jude Heartfilia, worries about what will happen when they get there, which ends up being a desert in the middle of nowhere.[6]

Slime and Ice: Gray VS Sugarboy

While searching a desert for the location of the Clock part, Romeo soon notices something gleaming amongst the dunes, which leads the group to a strange looking device standing stark in the wasteland. Believing it to be an entrance to the place they are searching for, the trio ponders over how to activate the device. Seeing a small keyhole at its center but possessing no key, Lucy summons Cancer, who proceeds to pick the lock with his scissors, with the device activating aand sucking the group beneath the sand.[7]

Gray, Lyon and Juvia arrive at the ruins

Meanwhile, Gray's search party locates the entrance to the rocky temple they have been directed to. However, before they have the chance to enter, a golem comes to life above the door and attempts to block their entry. Gray and Lyon proceed to try and take it out, but the golem is unaffected by Magic. Luckily, Juvia soon finds and attacks the golem's weak point, its eye, which allows the group entrance. Upon entering, the trio notices the mark of Zentopia on the walls.[7]

The group uses their Magic on the floating blocks

Also unsettling them is the mass of floating blocks that appear all around them, with strange orange arrows marking their sides. Deciding not to touch anything, the group splits up to explore, but Lyon's curiosity gets the better of him and he tries to use his Magic on one of the blocks. They find out that when touched with Magic, the blocks move in the direction of the arrows on their surface, and Juvia also points out that the crest of Zentopia Church above them doesn't look quite right, noting that there are square holes on every side of it. Moving four of the blocks into the said gaps, they rotate and correct the Zentopia crest, which emits a bright glow that teleports them away.[7]

Meanwhile, Lucy and her team awaken at the bottom of a large hole in the ground, only to find out that further entry is blocked by a door. After trying many spoken commands to get the door to budge, the five are allowed entrance when Romeo politely asks the door to open. Upon entering, the group finds a large room with a statue of the Zentopia crest in the middle, leading Lucy to tell the group the place's name, the Sacred Graveyard, a place never proved to even exist. When Lucy excitedly rotates the statue, believing that doing so would reveal a hidden pathway, the walls open to reveal massive columns and grotesque statues that slowly move towards them and try to squash them. Narrowly avoiding death by climbing into the statues' nostrils, Lucy once again rotates the statue, the other way around this time. However, this merely causes the trap to activate again, with the nostrils closed this time. Fortunately, Virgo summons herself, and on Lucy's command, digs a hole in the ground, causing the group to fall down a chasm.[7]

Lyon and Juvia trapped in the slime

Concurrently, Gray's group regains their senses, having been teleported to a strange place with larger floating blocks similar to the ones they saw before, which they use to form a bridge, which they follow to explore the labyrinth. Their search is cut short, however, when Sugarboy appears, quickly trapping the unprepared Juvia and Lyon with his Magic. Gray, having seen the Magic before, narrowly avoids the attack, and, warning Lyon and Juvia that the slime will drain them of their Magic Power and energy, pursues Sugarboy. Having figured out that the blocks travel in a loop, Gray runs in the opposite direction to Sugarboy, and the two soon meet on the track again, trying to use the last remaining blocks to hit each other. However, the blocks fall into place, completing the circuit, which glows and reveals the Clock part they are searching for. The two both vow to get it, and Gray strips off his shirt, flustering Sugarboy much to Gray's confusion.[7]

When Lucy's group lands, they find themselves in a long room lined with what appear to be tombs. When Natsu attacks one for having an appearance similar to Gray, he activates another trap that sends a large rock rolling towards them. With the five running down the corridor, they encounter a narrow bridge, and after running along it, they realize that another rock is rolling from the opposite direction. The group is once again forced to jump off the bridge and down into the chasm below; Natsu and Romeo use their Magic to grab onto some rocks to stop their fall, with Lucy, grabbing Michelle and Happy, who is knocked unconscious by a piece of debris, doing the same, only using her whip. With no other way to go, the group decides to head down.[7]

Gray and Sugarboy fight over the Clock part

Gray and Sugarboy both make a break for the Clock piece and grab it at the same time, with the device beginning to teleport them back. Realizing they'd be stuck in this dimension if they don't do the same, Lyon freezes the slime and frees himself and Juvia, the two making it just in time. Arriving back at the original entrance of the temple, Sugarboy and Gray struggle for the Clock piece, Sugarboy again getting flustered about their skin contact. Sugarboy uses his Magic and grabs the piece from Gray, but is shortly after encountered by Lyon and Juvia, who, along with Gray, knock him out and take the piece back.[7]

While exploring the underground cavern, Lucy and her group soon encounter Coco and Dan Straight.[7]

Clash At The Graveyard

Dan holds a small Lucy

Dan spots Lucy hiding behind Michelle and states it is destiny that they meet again. Natsu then starts attacking Dan, but the armored man easily deflects his strikes with his shield, with the ricochetting attacks accidentally destroying some ruins. The group tries to use this as a distraction to escape from the Legionnaires, but is immediately stopped by Dan, who immediately starts fawning over Lucy, and when Coco reminds him about their mission, he pays no heed. Natsu unsuccessfully tries attacking him once again, and then Dan tries to use Habaraki to shrink Natsu, but misses and hits Lucy instead. Lucy tells Dan to turn her back to normal, but he decides to keep her as a room decoration, strapping her to his armor.[8]

Happy has grown...a lot!

Dan and Natsu continue their battle despite Coco and Happy trying to remind them of their original objective. Lucy summons Sagittarius, but, due to his master's size, he also appears in a shrunken form, thus being inefficient in his task, with Lucy sending him back. Michelle then puts her own plan into motion: she asks Dan if he would like to marry Lucy in the crypt, it being a holy place making it the perfect venue. While Michelle distracts Dan by talking about his future married life, Romeo sneaks up and sets off Yellow Fire under Dan's armor, stinking up the armor. The smoke of the fire spreads out of it, causing everybody to flail about, and Lucy is flung from Dan, to be caught by Happy. Lucy and Happy are then attacked by Dan's Habaraki, but the Legionnaire hits both Lucy and Happy. Lucy is returned to her normal size, but everyone is shocked to see that Happy has grown huge.[8]

Meanwhile, Gajeel and his group are scaling a cliff to reach the top of a mountain, with Panther Lily refusing to carry them up as he does not want to miss any clues that might lie on the path. Concurrently, Erza's group appears to be lost, and Cana states that they have been going in circles. Carla begins to think someone is playing a prank on them or trying to trap them by changing the signs on the route.

Back to Lucy's group; Natsu tells Happy to stop flying as he is destroying the ruins, to which Happy responds that if he doesn't fly he might step on somebody, so Dan turns Happy back to his normal size. Coco realizes that Lucy's book would help her find the Clock piece faster and pursues the group to get it, while Natsu faces off against Dan. While running, Lucy suddenly crashes into a statue which activates a trap, with her and Coco falling in a giant hole. As they all hang by clutching the walls, Lucy tries to save Coco from falling, but both end up slipping down into the hole and into an ossuary. Lucy tells Michelle, Happy and Romeo to go ahead and search for the Clock piece, whilst she searches below.[8]

Coco saves Lucy from a trap

Lucy and Coco question each other about their reasons for finding the Clock parts, but though Lucy clearly states her motives, Coco refuses to do so. While walking, Lucy activates another trap, but Coco manages to save her, and the two keep pushing forward only to arrive at a dead end. Coco then touches a statue's face and it activates another trap; the ceiling falls on top of Coco and knocks her unconscious. Romeo and the others then find the two, and leave with Lucy to continue their search; however, later, when Coco wakes up, she finds her wound treated.[8]

Meanwhile, Gajeel's group's is unable to locate the Clock piece, so Gajeel deduces that the Clock piece must be buried in the mountain and starts digging. Concurrently, Erza's group has reached their destination; the Magic Library, and as they enter, they are impressed by the sheer number of books present. Erza removes a book from a shelf and some other books fall out to reveal a Jiggle Butt Gang member's wiggling backside.[8]

True Evil Returns & The Seven-Year Difference

Carla's nightmare

At the Magic Library, Erza and her team encounter the notorious Jiggle Butt Gang, with the latter delighted to see their 'goddess', Wendy, who is horrified at their arrival. Carla furiously rends the jumpsuit Wendy was forced to wear to shreds, and Cana expresses the dreadful nightmares Carla has had about Wendy wearing that suit. Then the three thieves suddenly erupt into a hullabaloo of random comments, and brash displays of their evilness and an annoyed Erza demands to know why they've come to the library, to which the leader of the trio responds that everyone in the criminal underworld knows that Fairy Tail is searching for an incredible treasure. Wendy, irritated with the situation, throws on the Jiggle Butt Gang attire, much to Carla's horror, and attempts to bring out the gang's 'true selves'. The leader of the trio agrees to hear Wendy out, but insists that Erza dresses in the Jiggle Butt Gang attire in exchange, to which she agrees. Finally wearing the apparel, she attempts to have a philosophical discussion about true evil with the gang, questioning them about their 'art of evil'.[9]

Cana hands Wendy a card

Wendy tells Cana and Carla to take this opportunity to search for the Clock piece while Erza keeps the gang occupied. Cana then hands Wendy a Call Card and explains its activation. While searching, Cana reasons with Carla about the Legion's possible intentions and their ultimate goal.[9]

A direct, but ineffective hit on Dan by Natsu

Meanwhile, Natsu and Dan are still brawling at the underground graveyard, with Natsu failing to overpower the other man despite his different tactics. Dan explains that this difference in their power levels is because Natsu's time was frozen for seven years, while Dan trained in those seven years. Provoked, Natsu retaliates, only to be knocked back down some stairs by the deflected attack.[9]

Natsu is stepped on by Happy, again...

Natsu finally crash-lands in the very chapel that Lucy and the others are searching for the Clock piece in, with Dan following. Enraged, Natsu attacks Dan but is instead shrunken by his lance one more time. As Dan approaches Lucy, Romeo tries to protect her and attacks Dan with two purple fireballs, which prove useless as they are reflected by Dan's Ricochet.

Back at the library, the Jiggle Butt Gang weeps after their leader explains the origin of their suits, but Erza says that she cannot cry over a story so callow and belittles their futile attempts of 'evil'. Erza says that to be a leader, one must be a paragon and demands the boss do a 100 push-up demonstration to show his subordinates at least a fraction of his power, with the boss relenting after seeing the hopeful gaze of his lackeys and beginning to do push-ups at a rapid, un-paced speed.[9]

Lucy's bride outfit for Dan

Menawhile, Romeo suddenly realizes that continuing the fight with Dan may irreversibly destroy the chapel and the hidden Clock piece and starts retreating. While they battle, Michelle and Happy formulate a plan to get Dan out of the chapel by using Lucy as a decoy. As Romeo is cornered and Dan springs for the kill, Lucy calls to him seductively, dressed as a sexy bride, with Dan falling for the trap and happily skipping after Lucy. Happy then flies and drops Natsu on Dan's spear, allowing him to return to his normal form, who then combines his flames with Romeo's and successfully knocks Dan into a wall with a single, combined fireball, defeating him. The wall glows from the impact and the hidden Clock part is revealed. Albeit, Coco is hidden behind a wall, observing the group.[9]

Erza is defeated by flatulence

Meanwhile in the library, the boss of the Jiggle Butt Gang is struggling with his 38th push-up. Erza continues to disdain the trio's leader, and he suddenly shows Erza his gluteus and proclaims it to be the gang's pride and joy. He assembles his lackeys and they galvanize to use Gas Butt Triple Ecstasy, but Wendy pushes Erza out of the way just in time. The stink spreads throughout the library and reaches Cana and Carla, with Cana stumbling backwards into a shelf, revealing a secret passage, where the Clock part lies. Wendy, noticing the communication card that Cana gave her has been activated, informs Erza that Cana has found the clock piece. When the gang hears this, the boss attaches his posterior to Erza's face and fires a Point Blank Ecstasy, managing to knock her out, before running off to find the piece. The Jiggle Butt Gang ignite another Gas Butt Triple Ecstasy when they find Cana and Carla and run off with their newfound treasure, however, they encounter a vengeful Erza on their way out, and she sends the gang flying.[9]

Off on a distant mountain with Panther Lily's group, Gajeel is digging into its peak but stops abruptly as he senses someone watching them. Further investigation reveals Samuel hovering above them.[9]

'Exceed'ing Calculation

Young Dan training to be a knight

Samuel introduces himself to Gajeel and the others and refers to himself as the brain of Legion. Meanwhile, as a hidden Coco observes them, Natsu and his group question Dan about the Legion's goals, but Dan misunderstands and starts narrating the story of his past by showing some pictures of his life, which involves his ascension to knighthood and him falling in love with many women and each and every one of them rejecting him, before he finds Byro and decides to help him in his crusade. He then proceeds to chase after Lucy again, not having revealed anything of substance.[10]

Michelle wonders where the other Legionnaire is, and Lucy wonders aloud whether Coco injured herself again, despite Romeo's protests about them being enemies. All this time, Coco continues watching them from her hiding place and, seeing that Lucy is worried about her, she thinks that she would prefer not to hurt her.[10]

Panther Lily and Samuel fight

Concurrently, Panther Lily says that he will take care of Samuel while Gajeel, Levy, Jet and Droy look for the Clock piece, and the group agrees. Samuel then judges Lily on siding with humans in Edolas despite not taking his own profit into consideration but the latter has a completely different mindset; eventually both transform to their battle forms and they start fighting while Gajeel continues digging, trying to find the ruins, and falls into a hole, along with Levy, Jet and Droy. When they get up, they see that the ruins are filled with tall, blue rock statues arranged in a circle. Meanwhile, Samuel gains the upper hand by fighting tactically rather then clashing head-on, all the while explaining the Legion's rigorous training. Panther Lily manages to ambush him and says that Gajeel and the others must have found the part already, but Samuel informs him that there are traps in the ruins.[10]

The Clock Part

Gajeel's group eventually realizes that the ruins represent a clock, and by moving the clock's hands at snack time, the Clock part emerges from the ruins. Levy then finds some writing on the pillar and starts to translate it, but Gajeel impatiently grabs the part, with the rock which they are standing on suddenly rising, to reveal a huge moving statue under it, forcing the group off it. Levy then deciphers the writing as "Warning! The stone guardian won't abide by anyone trying to steal this", much to her dismay. The statue immediately begins its assault.

Gajeel thinks of eating the Clock part

At the same time, Samuel and Panther Lily sense the quake and Samuel reveals that everything is proceeding as he calculated, as he wanted Panther Lily to be separated from the rest all along. Meanwhile, Levy deduces that the weak point of the guardian is on top of its head and Droy exclaims that it is time for some teamwork and, although their plan is well thought out, eventually fails in execution. Outside, Panther Lily learns that Samuel is one of the Exceeds that were sent to Earthland too, but one whose obligation and loyalty to Byro far exceeds that towards his fellow Exceeds. Below, Gajeel tries to reach for the statue's head, but is forced to retreat. He then throws the Clock part to Levy and goes up to the statue, which follows after the Clock part in Levy's hands, and destroys its jewel. Samuel is shocked at his miscalculations of Fairy Tail succeeding and frets about it, with Panther Lily taking this opportunity to defeat Samuel. Panther Lily then offers to battle him again to increase his battle experience, but Samuel goes on about how he would perform more calculations next time to defeat him, also insulting him in the process, which annoys Panther Lily, who sends him flying.[10]

Lisanna looking for the Clock part

Elsewhere, Mirajane's team arrives at a lake, with Lisanna looking for the Clock part underwater, but finding a huge plug instead; she uses it to transfer the lake's water to the next lake. Eflman and Mirajane then approach Lisanna and they soon find the missing Clock part half-buried in the ground. Elfman goes over and pulls out the Clock piece, however, he throws it away involuntarily. Hughes appears and retrieves the Clock piece, revealing that she was following them all along in order to snatch way the Clock piece when they found it. When Elfman tries to attack her, she redirects him to attack his sisters, exclaiming that they are but puppets to her.[10]

In the chapel, Dan is still chasing Lucy. Virgo suddenly pops out and asks Lucy what she should do; Coco overhears Virgo calling Lucy a princess and admires Lucy, thinking that she is a real princess. After successfully distracting Dan, Virgo disappears but suddenly, Kanaloa bursts through the floor, Byro atop him. Byro is disappointed with Coco and Dan for not completing their mission and tells the two Legionnaires to retreat to contemplate their incompetence, when Lucy and Michelle realize Byro has Jude’s memento. Natsu demands Byro give it back, but Byro chooses to fight them instead.[10]

The Malicious Manipulator: Demon vs. Demon

Asuka unsure about the book

At the Fairy Tail guild, Alzack, Bisca and Asuka sit and read the Key of the Starry Heavens book, with Asuka seeming uncertain over its ending. In the guild hall, Macao expresses his worry over Romeo, with Kinana and Wakaba listening to him.[11]

Romeo himself is in some trouble though, with Byro Cracy having arrived on Kanaloa in the underground ruins. Natsu engages in battle against Byro and Kanaloa, but Kanaloa's squishy body and deadly ink prove to be more formidable than first thought. As Kanaloa continues its attacks, Lucy and Natsu are forced to save Coco and Dan, yelling at Byro for almost harming his own allies, but Byro dismisses this by stating that any member of the Legion Corps is prepared to throw their life away for their goals. As they argue about the importance of lives over Zentopia's objectives, the Clock piece in the wall behind him starts to glow with strange golden symbols.[11]

Satan Soul being stolen

The Clock piece being held by Hughes also begins to glow, and she states that she needs to get it home soon. Upon hearing this, Elfman, Lisanna and Mirajane vow to not let her escape and Mary also decides to teach the group a lesson; she uses her Command Magic on Mirajane, forcing out Mirajane's Satan Soul clone. Using the strength and speed of the clone, Hughes easily overpowers Elfman, as Lisanna watches over an unconscious Mirajane and frets.[11]

Concurrently, Gajeel, Levy, Jet, Droy and Panther Lily are on their way back with a Clock piece, and are annoyed that Samuel has been following them the whole time. After asking the Exceed what he wants with them, Samuel asks Panther Lily for a private talk. Also returning home with their part are Erza, Wendy, Cana and Carla, all still wearing the dark skin-tight suits of the Jiggle Butt Gang to help Carla get over her trauma. They sit down for another picnic, only to be encountered by the Jiggle Jugs Gang, who tries to make them leave the area, claiming it to be theirs, but once again they make the mistake to ruin Erza's picnic, with the latter making quick work out of them.[11]

Demon Halphas is employed

Meanwhile, Mary Hughes uses Mirajane's Satan Soul clone to quickly defeat both Elfman and Lisanna. Awakening to see her siblings in danger, Mirajane springs into action when her clone fires a deadly Magic ray at the trio, and uses Take-Over: Demon Halphas to block the attack.[11]

Also trying to turn the fight around is Natsu's group, with Lucy summoning Aquarius to counter Kanaloa's ink. However, when Natsu and Romeo move in for the attack, the octopus is easily able to counter them. Byro finally explains Legion's objectives, saying that the parts of the Clock go together to make the Infinity Clock, and should this happen, the world will end. He states that the Zentopia Church's Archbishop has ordered the Legion Corps to collect all of the pieces to prevent this from happening. However, the Fairy Tail Mages soon point out that should Byro's words be true, nobody should have the Clock pieces, and they should be left where they are. As the sides argue further, a war between Zentopia and Fairy Tail is proved unavoidable.[11]

Something weird begins to happen to Kinana

Back at the guild, Kinana collapses, her arms glowing purple and her eyes wide with shock. Claiming that she can hear everything, she keeps saying that something is approaching, but faints before revealing anything more. Wakaba consoles the other guild members by saying that she has had fits of this sort before, and he and Macao then seek Makarov for assistance.[11]

In her fight against Hughes, Mirajane easily gets the upper hand with her advanced Take-Over. However, Hughes reveals her trump card and breaks her Magic's taboo, merging with the Satan Soul clone. She attacks again, but to no avail. As she reprimands Hughes for her ways as a member of the Zentopia Church, Mirajane knocks Hughes out, Elfman and Lisanna watching on in horror.[11]

Kanaloa finally defeated

At the underground cavern, Lucy vows to get all of the Clock parts anyway. She and Romeo manage to hold down Kanaloa whilst Natsu finally takes out the octopus. Having jumped off his friend, Byro senses all of the Clock parts coming together soon at their location and moves to fight the group seriously.[11]

Whilst talking privately to Panther Lily, Samuel brings to light that Exceeds perceive time differently to humans, and that due to this there was something in the Key of the Starry Heavens book that leapt out at him. As he moves on to explain, Asuka back at the guild claims to hate the book, and the Zentopia Archbishop sets out candles in preparation for "the end", as Gildarts and Laki Olietta arrive at a serene location.[11]

The Righteous Path that Leads to Chaos

Natsu continuously falls to Byro

The Clock parts start to glow in response to each other while the Archbishop states that the time for chaos to descend has come. Meanwhile, Kinana wakes up and hears a voice; she asks who it is. Elsewhere, Natsu's group keeps trying to attack Byro but to no avail as he easily nullifies their magic. Natsu decides to fight physically but gets beaten up. While Coco watches the fight, Dan wakes up. At the same time, back at the guild, Kinana asks what happened to her; Macao tells her she just has anemia, which is why she collapsed, but Kinana denies it, stating that it must be from the curse and that she still can't remember her time as a snake, worried that she won't be able to stay at the guild once she remembers.[12]

Kinana then reminisces when she first arrived at the Fairy Tail guild: she had stated that she didn't remember anything from when she was a snake but she remembered a promise, in which someone told her that even if they were separated, he would ride a shooting star to come and get her back someday. Makarov had stated that she was under a curse, while Wakaba asked whether Kinana was really a girl to begin with. Macao then promised that they would protect her no matter what. In the present, Wakaba tells her to be quiet and get some rest. Meanwhile, Natsu and Byro argue about the importance of duty over the lives of friends, with neither willing to admit that they're wrong.[12]

Cardinal Lapointe appears

Concurrently at Zentopia, hundreds of priests have gathered praying, and many wonder whether or not they should replace the Archbishop. However, a cardinal by the name of Lapointe blasts the idea, saying that they must have faith and that he would look after the Archbishop, adding that only he will be allowed to have an audience with him. Back at the crypt, Natsu continues to fight Byro and despite his renewed vigor from eating the flames of the crypt candles, is losing quite horribly. Lucy, Michelle, Happy, and Romeo watch from the side as the fight progresses.[12]

Michelle, followed by Happy, question Byro's morals, which makes the latter furious, as he decides to use Divine Arrow on Natsu, Lucy, Romeo and Happy, aiming to dispose off them; however the attack misses as he is pushed aside by Coco. Coco tells him that Legion should be helping the weak and guiding them, not controlling and sacrificing them. Byro snaps and decides to kill Coco with Divine Arrow too; however, before the attack can hit the young girl, it is stopped by Erza, who appears along with all the other teams, each possessing a Clock part.[12]

The new Oración Seis

Most of the Mages try to attack Byro simultaneously, but Byro still manages to nullify all the Magic coming at him. Before anything else can happen though, the Clock pieces start glowing brighter and come together, letting out a horribly loud gong sound, while over Fiore, hundreds of priests and nuns start panicking at the sound. Meanwhile, Natsu smells something, and looks up just as some familiar enemies of the past appear: the Reborn Oración Seis, consisting of Angel, Midnight, Cobra, Racer, Erigor and Jackpot.[12]

Rebirth of Oración Seis

Midnight using Darkness Magic against Natsu, Byro and Dan.

The mysterious group of six look down upon the Fairy Tail members, as Lucy and Natsu realize who they are, exclaiming that that they are the Oración Seis. Erza and Gray comment on how differently they all look, but Jackpot explains excitedly that they are not Oración Seis, but the Reborn Oración Seis. Natsu asks if the person in the center is truly Midnight, who remarks that his new name is Brain II, also explaining the goal of the Reborn Oración Seis before he and his guildmates raise up their arms, causing the mark of their Dark Guild to appear all over the clock. Natsu, Byro and Dan all start charging towards them but are attacked by Brain II's Darkness Magic, which even Dan and Byro cannot reflect with their skills; the reason is Midnight's Reflector Magic, as explained by Jackpot.[13]

Cobra's increased Magic Power

Brain II reveals that the Reborn Oración Seis now possesses the clock as it echoes again, and his guild mates thank Fairy Tail for helping them in their quest to obtain the Infinity Clock. As he thinks back to their group's humiliation from seven years ago, Brain II orders Cobra and Racer to take care of all them. Cobra and Racer clash with the members of Fairy Tail and prove to be at a much more powerful level than them, reminiscing their first encounter with the Allied Forces seven years ago. Racer isn't using his Slow Magic anymore and Cobra's Magic Power has increased and he can now use one's voice against them.[13]

Angel using Angel Magic to summon Barakiel.

Erza and Gray try to attack again, but they are stopped by Erigor, who is now a part of the new Dark Guild and going by the name of Grim Reaper, as he now has the power of storms at his disposal. To finish them all off, Angel gets ready to attack. She tells Lucy that she was too inexperienced back then and that she has now obtained Magic Power worthy of being called an angel. True to her word, she uses her specialized Angel Magic that virtually destroys the building, leaving off a billow of smoke that fills the sky. Sugarboy, Mary Hughes and Samuel bear witness to it.[13]

At the Magic Council, news breaks of the revived Oración Seis. Lahar presents himself before the Council and reveals that not only is Oración Seis indeed back along with former Eisenwald member Erigor, supported by the fact that they have broken out of prison to do so, but also that a Zentopia Church priest was regularly sent to visit the members during their imprisonment and that he did so in order to avoid being seen by surveillance. Gran Doma instructs Lahar to find any recordings of when the Oración Seis broke out and Org adds how Zentopia Church needs to be paid a visit.[13]

Much later, the members of Fairy Tail within the ruins, plus Lyon and Michelle, are rescued by Ichiya and taken to the Blue Pegasus Building except for Lyon, who was taken back to his own guild. As the members recover slowly, they learn that the Oración Seis and Legion Corps could not be found during the time of the rescue. Lucy goes to visit the nearby ruins and finds Michelle there, who tells Lucy that all of this is her fault and that she never realized the horrors that the Clock piece could bring. Lucy disagrees telling her that they both share the blame and that they could not have known what would happen, and after consoling Michelle a little more, Lucy remembers the book that she has and decides to reread it back at the Blue Pegasus Building. She does so and realizes that the book specifically tells the readers not to go look for the pieces, which greatly disappoints her. Her guildmates attempt to cheer her up about it and succeed in doing so, despite Lucy knowing what they are doing.[13]

Lapointe speaking to Coco about her sins.

At the Zentopia Church, it is revealed that the Legion Corp members all managed to return safely. Byro Cracy requests to speak to the Archbishop but is refused entrance by Cardinal Lapointe, who offers to tell the Archbishop himself of Byro's news. Byro tries to explain that the Oración Seis stole the Infinity Clock, but is told by Lapointe that he already knows what has happened, surprising the others, before proceeding to assign them on a new mission. Later, an imprisoned Coco is visited by Lapointe who tells her that she has betrayed Legion and must be punished, though Coco states that she already accepts it and has no regrets. Later, the Infinity Clock sends a dark chime throughout Fiore, with the Fairy Tail Mages hearing the chime as they fly aboard the Christina. [13]

Chase The Clock

Infinity Clock connected to the amplitude limiter

At someplace, the Reborn Oración Seis places the Infinity Clock to an amplitude limiter and they discuss about completing the device and destroying the rest of the churches.[14]

Meanwhile, the Mages that went after the Clock pieces are back at Fairy Tail and they discuss about the Reborn Oración Seis being worse than they were seven years ago and well as their inability to do anything to stop them. Lucy questions her father's connection to the Clock and Erza says that right now they should focus on finding the Reborn Oración Seis and taking back the Infinity Clock, with Gray and Natsu disagreeing on their approach of a plan. Erza notices that many of the Mages aren't there, with Max saying Gildarts and Laki are both far away, and Erza replying that in times like these, even one person can make a big difference.[14]

The guild discussing with the Thunder God Tribe

Erza is interrupted by the Thunder God Tribe who has returned from a job and everyone is surprised to see them. Everyone then explains the current situation to them and Fried adds that before he came back to the guild, he was out grocery shopping by himself and there, he saw some guards talking about two men, one who was running at a tremendous speed and the other holding a large sickle , who single-handedly destroyed a church, with Natsu realizing they were Grim Reaper and Racer. Bickslow asks Fried why didn't he tell them earlier, but Fried says that he was ignored since Bickslow and Evergreen were busy eating.[14]

Cobra and Angel destroy a church

Somewhere outside a town, the members of the Reborn Oración Seis except from Brain II plan on how to destroy the churches there, but Cobra dismisses it by telling that they can't waste time. The group splits up and Cobra and Angel attack a church where the Fiore guards stand protecting it. Cobra destroys the church with Sound Magic since the priest inside it was using Concealment Magic to protect himself. After they destroy the church, they start talking and Cobra says that all he needs is "her", and that hasn't changed now. Back at the guild's infirmary, Kinana wakes up and heads to the main hall, ignoring everyone around her as she takes a fork and engraves some letters into the wall. Lucy asks Kinana what she is doing, but the girl ignores her and continues, while muttering some strange words.[14]

The new member of the Legion Corps

Meanwhile, the Legionnaires are called together by Lapointe, who announces that they are going to get a new member, as four guards arrive with a chained up prisoner. When they see it, Dan and Mary are shocked and the latter notices that it is not even a human. The prisoner introduces himself as Guttman Kubrick and Byro concludes that he speaks through Telepathy. Guttman walks forward and his head collides with the wall, but he uses his Magic to get past the wall and Byro mentions it is Rupture Magic, adding that he is also known as 'Guttman the Cleaner'. Byro asks if Guttman is going to be the new member of his Legion, to which Lapointe says the decision has already been made.[14]

Lapointe blaming the Council

A while later, outside, Lapointe meets Lahar and apologizes for being late. Lahar says that he is there to check on something about the formerly imprisoned Oración Seis, implying that the Oración Seis' breakout could have a connection with the church, but Lapointe says that he is trying to blame the church when it is actually the Council's fault, before showing him the way out. As Lahar leaves, thinking about calling a friend for help. Back at the guild, Kinana mutters about the end of the world and Lucy guesses that she is remembering about her past, and Elfman carries her back to the infirmary while Levy examines the etchings. Levy says that the figures are ancient Potamelian, and roughly translates the figures to say that Will Neville was a Celestial Spirit Mage, and had mastered using them. Fried continues what Levy said, saying that Neville had many disciples, but after he died, his disciples' whereabouts became unknown.[14]

Lucy and the rest of the guild reading about Will Neville

Lucy starts researching about Will Neville and finds out that he used to be a Cardinal of the Zentopia Church. However, she notices that there is nothing written about his disciples or about his Magic. Michelle says that the Key of the Starry Heavens was written by a former member of the church and that Jude used the book to give a message to Lucy. Max says that if only they knew where the Oración Seis were going to attack, then they could wait there and strike. Cana then wakes up behind the counter, whining that they are so noisy that she could not sleep for long, then offering to fortune tell for them about the Oración Seis' location, as well as which members should go after who.[14]

Natsu's new team is formed with Elfman

Meanwhile, at one of the churches, the soldiers are battling Racer, Grim Reaper and Jackpot. Cobra says that "she" should be brought to him, but Angel points out that this is not their business. At the guild, Romeo puts up a map of Fiore onto the request board and Cana explains that she is going to find out the places Oración Seis is targeting next, as well as who should go there. She throws the cards on the map, and the cards land at different places. Soon, Macao announces the following partners: Gray and Fried; Evergreen, Erza and Max; Gajeel and Juvia; Bickslow and Wendy; Happy, Carla and Panther Lily, and, at last, Natsu, Lucy, Michelle and Elfman. Macao complains that he is left out again and Juvia asks to trade partners with Fried or Gajeel, as she wants to be with Gray.[14]

Lapointe's fury towards the prisoner

At the Zentopia church's prisons, Coco is in the same cell with a new prisoner, a priest, and she asks him why he was put in the prison if he is one of the survivors of the attacks caused by the Oración Seis and the priest replies that he was targeted for being a curate and because he did not want to tell Cardinal Lapointe what he wanted to know. When Coco asks him what he means, Lapointe suddenly appears outside the prison, asking the priest about the names of Neville's disciples, but the priest refuses to answer to him. Lapointe then uses his deformation Magic to change the shape of the cell's door and enters the cell. Elsewhere, a girl with a Nikora next to her, stares at the sky, as Natsu's new team stares at Jackpot and Byro Cracy.[14]

The Beginning of the Battle

Lahar talks to Doranbolt

Lahar wanders around an unknown town and he enters a pub. Fiore soldiers are in the pub, mocking a drunkard, explaining that while he sits and gets drunk they are fighting in the name of justice. At this the drunkard fights the soldiers using Teleportation Magic. Lahar stops the man in the middle of the fight, who is revealed to be Doranbolt. He asks Doranbolt to follow him and the two reach a snow covered mountain top overlooking the town. Lahar tells Doranbolt that he needs his help with recent matters. Doranbolt agrees to help his friend but insists on being called "Mest" from now on.[15]

Elfman and Natsu preparing to battle Jackpot

Natsu and Elfman prepare to fight Jackpot while Byro watches them from above. The Mages rush at Jackpot but they are attacked by his Slot Magic. Lucy points out that they must use teamwork to defeat him and she summons Cancer to help with the assault, but the three get trapped in one place by Jackpot's Slot Magic that causes them to get burned by Natsu's attack, which leads them to start arguing with each other. Lucy is confused by this as Cana's divination is supposed to create teams with good chemistry.[15]

Erza, Max and Evergreen are hiking up on a rocky mountain with Evergreen complaining that her feet are killing her because of her heeled shoes and Erza suggesting that she stops whining and continues onward. The two girls then begin to argue with each other, and Max questions why they were put together in the first place. Natsu's team isn't going very well against Jackpot's Slot Magic either, as Natsu and Elfman try to hit Jackpot but they are hit back by him before they can even lay a hit.[15]

Samuel reunites with the other three Exceeds

Somewhere in a forest, Happy, Carla and Panther Lily are having a break and they talk about their favorite snack, when Samuel suddenly appears to them.[15]

Natsu, Elfman & Aquarius fighting

When it starts raining, Lucy summons Aquarius to help Natsu, but she starts threatening Lucy instead since she was summoned from a muddy lake of water. Aquarius then attacks Jackpot with Bubble Shot and Natsu and Elfman charge as well, but Jackpot uses Return to counterattack Aquarius' Bubble Shot back, hitting Natsu, Elfman and Aquarius instead, which causes the three of them to fight each other. Lucy still questions Cana's divination since they are not getting along at all.[15]

Meanwhile, a mysterious blue haired Mage stands beneath a large tree holding a Celestial Spirit resembling a Nikora. An unknown man runs up to her, exclaiming that it's too dangerous for her to wander outside alone, telling her that someone named Fabrizio has been taken and she quietly says that it may be her turn next. Meanwhile Gajeel and Juvia walk up a rocky mountain, heading to their destination and Juvia complains about not being with Gray.[15]

Wendy and Bickslow face Erigor

In an unknown mountain pass while walking, Wendy and Bickslow encounter the Grim Reaper, whose lack of memory becomes evident as he doesn't remember being Erigor of Eisenwald. Grim Reaper then proceeds to attack the two with a powerful blast of wind, and then sends a black tornado from the side, but Wendy and Bickslow dodge. Wendy then casts a supportive spell on Bickslow and herself, and then both of them charge towards Erigor. However, Bickslow and Wendy's attacks do not work very well on Grim Reaper, and his tornado causes some cows to fly towards Wendy. However, Bickslow pushes her aside and all the flying cows fall on top of him until he is buried under a pile of cows.[15]

Panther Lily and others discussing with Samuel

Meanwhile Panther Lily, Happy and Carla discuss with Samuel about the Reborn Oración Seis stealing the Infinity Clock and Carla asks Samuel what Legion is after. Samuel says that the situation is more complicated than he expected, and Happy concludes that Samuel wants to help since he is a fellow Exceed. Samuel replies that Happy is correct, which makes Carla wonder about his loyalties. Samuel asks Carla if she senses anything with her power of precognition, and Carla says that she sees various unclear images that make her feel uneasy. Samuel then expresses his fears about the Zentopia Church being manipulated.[15]

Gajeel and Juvia arrive at their destination and they witness that the church has already been destroyed. They later see Mary Hughes coming out of the destroyed church and falling to the ground, with Guttman Kubrick behind her. Mary starts questioning her mission and Guttman reminds her of the orders they received, while stomping on her. Guttman then kicks Mary away and then uses Rupture Magic on her, causing her Magic in her to explode and severely injure her. Gajeel attacks Guttman for hurting his ally, but Guttman dodges and uses his Rupture Magic on both Gajeel and Juvia, hurting them as well, saying that he can keep this up until they run out of Magic Power, which causes Mary's faith towards Zentopia to waver.[15]

Gildarts and Laki confronted by wood dolls

Meanwhile, Gildarts and Laki stand outside a mysterious abbey, asking for permission to enter, but a nun does not allow them entry because they are outsiders. Gildarts and Laki sneakily enter the abbey with the help of Laki's Moulding Magic but Gildarts gives away their location when he accidentally farts on Laki. After they are discovered by the nuns and priests, they see that they are not acting normal. Laki tries stop them with her Wood-Make: Heart's Sense of Distance but they still continue walking towards the two Mages, which makes Gildarts use his Crush on them. Laki concludes that Gildarts massacred them, but he proves to her that they aren't even human. Laki discovers that they are dolls made from earth and wood that makes her think that the situation is even worse than the Master thought of. Gildarts suspects that Zentopia is up to something and he says that Macao was right, as the two run to the back of the abbey.[15]

The Master of Weather: The New Erigor

Lahar and Doranbolt investigating

After an extensive research, Lahar and Doranbolt head to a seemingly abandoned church in the countryside. Inside the church is Katja, praying, and her Celestial Spirit partner, Nico. After they encounter her, Lahar introduces himself and begins to ask Katja a few questions, while in the meantime, Doranbolt thinks quietly to himself.[16]

Gray and Fried fail to injure the stone angel

In a crystallized cavern, Gray and Fried confront Angel, who comments on how handsome they appear to be. Fried recognizes her as one of the Reborn Oración Seis members, though he is unsure whether Dan, who has accompanied him and Gray, is also one of them. Angel then enters the fight by summoning Shamsiel, an angel representing sunlight; Gray and Fried start attacking in response. Elsewhere, Cobra battles against Erza, Evergreen and Max simultaneously, still furious about Cubellios' loss.[16]

Wendy heals Bickslow

Elsewhere, Wendy begins healing an injured Bickslow despite his attempts to get her to leave. Even with the additional attacks coming directly from Erigor, Wendy still refuses to budge, claiming that she won't abandon her friend regardless of how bad the situation is, eventually healing most of Bickslow's wounds. At the same time, she unintentionally causes Erigor to experience memories of his past with Eisenwald, which start to strain the Dark Mage.[16]

Racer appears.

Katja summons Caelum to guard the church for the time being. She then speaks to Doranbolt and asks him if he has something to say to her, given how long he's been staring at her, and he tells her that she resembles someone he knew, which makes Katja somewhat envious. Suddenly, Caelum shoots to the roof and is attacked by one of the Reborn Oración Seis, Racer. He attempts to attack Katja but she is rescued by Doranbolt, who tells the two to go away and leave Racer to him.[16]

Meanwhile in the Zentopia Church, the higher authorities have a meeting on who should replace the current Archbishop, as his behavior has become even more distraught. Lapointe states that even if they replace him, it won't do any good to them or the people, which apparently convinces the others.[16]

Erigor defeated

Erigor continues to agonize in pain from his revived memories and Bickslow and Wendy can both sense this within him. Wanting to help, Wendy decides to heal him, but Erigor tells her not to, using his Storm Magic against her. In turn, she uses a more healing-based Sky Dragon's Roar at him. Erigor winds up looking back at a younger version of himself and collapses to the ground, defeated. Bickslow confirms that an evil essence has fled him and that Wendy was able to heal his heart.[16]

Doranbolt protects Katja

Beside a large tree in the fields, Katja explains to Lahar how Celestial Spirit Mages, particularly the descendants of Will Neville's disciples, have been generously sheltered in the Zentopia churches. She adds that such descendants carry an abominable curse among them; an organic link, in other words, that they must protect. Katja shows the link to Lahar directly, which comes in the form of a series of strange patterns on her skin. Suddenly, Doranbolt appears and collapses in front of them, revealing Racer behind him. Racer disposes of Lahar and pins Katja to the tree, summoning a crystallized dagger in his hand, preparing to activate the Anti-Link. He uses the dagger to pierce Katja but Doranbolt attempts to take the hit in an effort to save her. The Anti-Link still activates and takes effect before quickly dissipating. Afterwards, Racer flees, content with his work.[16]

Nico disappears

Katja is relatively uninjured, though her Magic Power starts to fade. As a result of this, Nico begins fading away, and Katja thanks him before he completely disappears. Doranbolt gloomily states he couldn't save Katja, but she says otherwise, as his efforts prevented her from having a terrible curse; now, she is free to live again. Lahar tells his friend that he should move on from the past, referring to him as Mest, but he corrects him, saying that his name is Doranbolt, which causes Lahar and Katja to smile.[16]

Elsewhere, Samuel and the Exceeds of Fairy Tail fly through the rainy sky. Happy tells Carla that despite all the recent events surrounding them, he has a feeling that there's something crucial they're forgetting.[16]

Gildarts and Laki discover the real Michelle Lobster

After Gildarts and Laki defeat the clergymen, they find a young girl lying on a bed unconscious, heavily bandaged. Laki reads the reports on her and tells Gildarts that after a major accident, she has been receiving treatment there and Laki adds that even if she recovers, the Lacrima attached to her will keep her in a comatose state. Gildarts concludes that if she wakes up, it would be inconvenient for someone, and then he asks Laki what her name is. Laki says that it is Michelle Lobster and that she lost her parents to an accident, much to Gildarts and Laki's shock, which then makes them wonder who the woman accompanying Lucy is.[16]

Chaos Unleashed

Kingdom of Fiore's guards reporting back

The Fiore guards learn from the Magic Council Headquarters that the Reborn Oración Seis' target is not the destruction of the churches but the Celestial Spirit Mages who are being sheltered there. Meanwhile Laki reports to Warren that she and Gildarts have the real Michelle Lobster, while the Michelle with Lucy is a fake. At the same time Vijeeter Ecor alerts the others that Brain II is at the Kardia Cathedral, and no one is there to stop him, however Alzack and Bisca decide to go, vowing to defend the church. Warren then tries to inform Natsu, Lucy and Elfman about Michelle, but is unable to reach them due to Elfman having the card in his pocket while still unconscious.[17]

Jackpot destroying the church

In their battle, Natsu attempts to attack Jackpot again, but he uses Super Hot Punch to strike first. Jackpot then realizes that he forgot his important mission and he dismisses his battle with Natsu, running to the closest church near him. Jackpot confronts the Fiore Guards and he attacks them with Bomb-drop Bonus, also blowing up the church, which enrages Byro.[17]

Max covers for Erza

Concurrently, Erza's group is still fighting Cobra. Cobra attacks Erza, but she is covered by Max. Cobra then also realizes that he has been wasting time battling the Fairy Tail Mages, so he leaves, but not before stating to Erza that one day they will finish their fight. At a separate location, Gray and Fried are unable to move, and Shamsiel has brought Angel the Celestial Spirit Mage being housed in the church who they were meant to be protecting. Angel uses the Anti-Link to finish the man as Dan watches from behind a pillar, and the Mage states that according to the information received from father Fabrizio, there are only two links left.[17]

Samuel vs. Panther Lily: Rematch

The exceed team flies far away to a place where a church is already destroyed; when Lily looks for answers to Samuel, he says that the two must fight first. As they spar, Samuel reveals that before they departed from the Zentopia church, Lapointe gave the Legionnaires individual missions, as well as his worries about Guttman Kubrick and Coco being imprisoned as a traitor, much to Panther Lily's dismay. Samuel then explains that he sought the Exceeds in order to ask Carla if anything at all was revealed to her by her precognition, and soon Lily manages to end the fight in his favor. Panther Lily says that Samuel was a worthier opponent last time since his attacks were more focused when they fought last time, as Samuel changes back to his small form.[17]

Gajeel beats Guttman

Meanwhile, Guttman tells Gajeel that no matter how many times he attacks the result will still be the same. Mary tries to stop the two from attacking the creature anymore, stating that nobody can beat him, but Gajeel buys time for Juvia to recover, who then uses Water Lock to hold off Guttman, despite him using his Magic on her in an attempt to set himself free; as she encases him with her water body, she manages to trap him and hold him still, allowing Gajeel to defeat him.[17]

Erigor discussing with Bickslow and Wendy

Concurrently, Bickslow and Wendy try to wake up Erigor, and when they do, he tells them that somebody entered his dreams, and that afterwards he believed that he was Grim Reaper. He then says that losing his memories was the worst pain he has ever been through, but after hearing Wendy's voice he came out of his stupor, so he thanks her for saving him. As Bickslow wonders about the Magic used on Erigor, he and Wendy suspect that someone also manipulated Cana so that she makes the teams according to their liking, as she stated that she felt sleepy before doing her fortune telling.[17]

Alzack confronts Brain II

Meanwhile, Brain II is trying to open Will Neville's coffin, but it is protected by powerful Magic. Alzack confronts Brain II and distracts him while Bisca runs to a better place to shoot him. Alzack uses Guns Magic to attack Brain II but he avoids it using his Reflector Magic. Alzack then uses his Omnidirectional Expansion to attack Brain II, but he avoids it by switching places with Alzack using his Reflector Magic, causing Alzack to get hit by his own attack. Bisca directly shoots Brain II with her Magic Sniper Rifle but the Dark Mage avoids it and uses Reflector on Bisca, causing her to get hurt. Brain II states that to achieve great power, they have to pay a high cost and both of them are lacking in readiness to lose something.[17]

Natsu defeats Jackpot

Jackpot uses Slot Magic to use Anti-Link activate, that makes a dagger made of red crystal appear, which directly hits on the destroyed church. Byro then demands to know what Jackpot did, but the latter says that it is something that should not concern him as it has nothing to do with his mission. Natsu suddenly appears and attempts to hit Jackpot again, and he tries to activate Lightning Bonus to avoid the attack, but ultimately fails to protect himself due to Byro's Nullifying Magic, which allows Natsu to land his first direct hit, followed by various Dragon Slayer techniques, first destroying the Slot Magic machine and then Jackpot himself.[17]

The Infinity Clock transforms to its true form

Concurrently, Brain II states that the Celestial Spirit Mages' Anti-Link is complete. He then destroys Will Neville's coffin and his skull floats with markings on it, but the Dark Mage crushes this as well. Meanwhile, at Zentopia Cathedral, the Archbishop states that "the chaos that has been sealed away is unleashed upon the world!". The Infinity Clock then begins to glow and transforms into a fish-like giant vehicle, as everyone watches from the ground. Samuel goes back to the Zentopia Cathedral to see the truth with his own eyes, and as he does, chains fly out of the Infinity Clock and stick onto the ground.[17]

Jackpot is revealed to be Klodoa

After Natsu and the others witness the true form of the Infinity Clock, Byro reveals that he has a duty to take Lucy back to Zentopia Cathedral, but Lucy tells him that the current situation is more important than any mission. A staff then comes out of the slot machine, revealing himself to be Klodoa, which surprises Natsu and Lucy. Klodoa claims himself to be the seventh member of the Oración Seis from before, and Lucy concludes that the Reborn Oración Seis is one member short.[17]

Michelle is revealed to be Imitatia

Klodoa turns to Michelle and tells her to dispose of her temporary form and reveal her true name, which shocks Natsu and Lucy. Lucy concludes that Klodoa is trying to confuse them, but a teary eyed Michelle apologizes to Lucy before transforming to her true form; she reveals herself as Imitatia, a member of the Reborn Oración Seis and mistress of mimicry and deception. Natsu is enraged that Michelle made a fool out of Lucy, who is in denial, thinking that "Michelle" is being controlled by Magic and she walks close to her, but Natsu pushes her away. When Natsu attempts to hit Imitatia, he pauses when Lucy cries out not to attack her, which causes Natsu to get hit by her attack and be knocked unconscious instead. Imitatia then tells Byro to take Lucy to Lapointe, but the man refuses to do so.

Imitatia renders Lucy unconscious

Imitatia then throws the seal of the Archbishop to Byro, stating that her orders are the Archbishop's and they cannot be ignored, and Klodoa tells Imitatia to dispose of Natsu, but she instead takes him as a hostage. Klodoa reminds Imitatia that she should not have mercy, while Byro summons Kanaloa who appears and grows. Imitatia replies that she already knows, and then pulls out a sword from her shield and knocks Lucy unconscious with the back of it, while Klodoa wonders where Elfman is, thinking he has ran away. Instead, Elfman is hiding behind a nearby rock, holding Warren's communication card.[17]

Real Nightmare

The Gang and Natsu plot their escape

Natsu awakens in the Zentopia prison after having been captured by Imitatia and Byro Cracy. He finds himself imprisoned with the Jiggle Butt Gang, who sneaked into the Church to steal the Infinity Clock. When Natsu tries to escape the cell, he finds himself repelled by a Magic barrier. The trio then reveals that they unknowingly overheard Lapointe secretly talking to a priest about the Archbishop's madness, asking the priest if the pilgrims know about it, with the other man replying that they don't. Lapointe says that if there are people who would spread negative rumors about it, then Guttman Kubrick must be sent to eliminate them. This worries the Jiggle Butt Gang for having heard the conversation, but Natsu encourages them saying that true evil does not give up. When Natsu says that he is going to break out of the prison, the gang says that they want to break out too, so Natsu joins the gang to form an escape plan.[18]

Jude and Jean-Luc vow to protect the Clock piece

Meanwhile, at the Fairy Tail guild, news has gotten out to the others of Lucy and Natsu's capture and Michelle's true identity. When Elfman tries to blame himself for what happened, Cana wipes it aside, stating that her cards never predicted Brain II's appearance at Kardia Cathedral, and that her pairings for the teams had been set up by the enemy. Before the group can decide what to do next, the Archaeological Society arrives, asking to see Lucy, with some important things to tell her regarding the thing in the sky, but upon being told of Lucy's fate, they decide that the seriousness of the situation allows them to tell everyone. The leader of the society, Jean-Luc, then steps forward, revealing himself to be Will Neville's great-grandson. Ignoring the surprised reactions of the guild, he goes on to say that he is on good terms with Lucy's father, and dedicated his life to make sure that the Infinity Clock stayed sealed away. He explains that a while back he received word that the hand of the Infinity Clock had been uncovered during an excavation, but by the time he heard, the part had already fallen into the hands of Jude Heartfilia, who he immediately went to meet. Upon finding him, Jean-Luc made sure to wrap the hand in Magic Cloth to seal its Magic, and then had Jude promise to find a place to keep the hand sealed away forever.[18]

Figuring out that this task was the reason Jude sent the hand to Lucy, the guild asks just how dangerous the Infinity Clock is, with Jean-Luc replying that the Clock activates "Real Nightmare", something that controls people's perception of time, distorting one's memories and leading to their consciousness breaking down, which in turn makes the person lose all sense of self. Jean-Luc requests from Fairy Tail to take this job and stop the Infinity Clock, and they immediately accept it, vowing to save Lucy and Natsu as they do so.[18]

Lucy kidnapped

Concurrently, Klodoa brags about Brain II and Imitatia's power and deception in front of Lucy, who has been hung on a huge mechanical device. Upset, Lucy asks Michelle how she could betray her, though the woman replies that she is not Michelle, and asks Lucy to stop referring to her as such. Brain II reveals to Lucy that once she is sacrificed, she will sleep for a hundred years, with her being apalled that they use people as tools. Lucy tells Imitatia how glad she was when she met her, and Imitatia tells Lucy that she is doing this for her and that the time spent with her wasn't a lie. When Lucy asks Imitatia about her father, Imitatia looks down and she tells Brain II to get started with the operation.[18]

Back at the guild, Jean-Luc explains that a biological link between Celestial Spirit Mages was keeping the Infinity Clock sealed, with the group confirming that the Reborn Oración Seis' goal was to use Anti-Link to destroy said bond. However, he also explains that a Celestial Spirit Mage hit with such a spell goes into a chrysalis-like state for one hundred years. Brain II, also explaining this to Lucy, states that should she be sacrificed and go into this state, the Infinity Clock will finally be theirs to command. Lucy screams that she does not want to be used in such a way, though Imitatia tries to point out that she was in a similar state when sealed in Fairy Sphere on Tenrou Island, but Lucy disagrees saying that seven years is much less than one hundred, and that everyone those Celestial Spirit Mages knew will be dead after such a long time. Trying to appeal to Imitatia, Lucy states that she was happy to meet her, though after the two argue over the truth of their relationship, Klodoa interrupts and asks for his plan to be put into action.[18]

Glad that Fairy Tail has agreed to help them, the Archaeological Society presents Erza with a giant magical hammer which was found along with the Clock hand and which is said to keep evil at bay, with Erza being skilled enough to use it. As the Fairy Tail Mages are wondering how they are going to take the enemy base, Cana tells everyone not to worry, drawing out her cards and smiling.[18]

Lapointe freeing the Oración Seis

Meanwhile at the Magic Council, Lahar is brought a once broken surveillance Lacrima by a guard to identify the person responsible for Oración Seis' escape. Lahar watches the video feed and is shocked to see that it was Cardinal Lapointe himself who set the Oración Seis free.[18]

In their cell, Natsu and the Jiggle Butt Gang put their plan into action, with the three big-buttocked men rubbing their behinds speedily against a wall, only to fall to the ground tired and wanting to give up, despite Natsu's encouragement.[18]

Mirajane vs. Racer

Back at the guild, the members get ready to strike when Cana's reinforcements arrive in the form of Ichiya and Christina, which Cana justifies by reminding everyone that they need to get into the air. However, when everyone gets on board, Christina is hit on the bow and begins to descend. Offering to check out what has happened, Mirajane and Elfman run on the deck, only to discover that the hull is being destroyed by Racer, who is ramming at full speed through it. Vowing to protect everyone, Mira activates Satan Soul and tackles Racer from the ship towards the ground. Seeing her fall, the guild asks Ichiya to steer Christina after her, but Elfman convinces them that Mira can handle things by herself.[18]

Mirajane struggles on the ground trying to prevent Racer from getting back up into the air, and, in order to buy the group enough time to escape, she activates Demon Halphas to increase her own speed and power even more. Watching all of this from the ground, the guild members that stayed behind hope for the group's safe return, before Jet runs out of the hall and declares that Kinana is missing. The woman is then running towards a certain location, as she claims that she can "hear somebody calling her".[18]

Fire in the prison cells

In their cell, the Jiggle Butt Gang finally rubs their behinds fast enough for them to catch fire, and begins screaming over the flames. When the guards warp the cell bars to let them out and put out the flames, the group quickly makes short work out of them and then finds Coco, whose cell is just down the hallway. Being informed of the breakout, Lapointe states that everyone is too late, as "Real Nightmare" has already been activated. Laughing, Brain II declares that chaos shall descend, whilst Lucy opens her blank eyes and stares unseeingly into the distance.[18]

The Battle of Zentopia: A Cardinal's True Colors

Doranbolt encourages Lahar not to lose hope

At the Magic Council Headquarters, Lahar reports that while undergoing investigation, he discovered that Cardinal Lapointe of the Zentopia Church is responsible for freeing the Reborn Oración Seis. He requests to investigate further, but is told not to by Gran Doma, which disappoints the man.[19]

The Archbishop announces the reason for the Infinity Clock's revival

At the Zentopia Church, numerous pilgrims crowd around the Church in panic over the Infinity Clock crisis. However, the Archbishop announces to all that they should not worry because this is Zentopia's way of putting the world in order which surprises and confuses the pilgrims even more. Byro listens to the Archbishop's speech and wonders what good is the crisis actually going to do, and thinks about how they're actually putting the world into chaos with having the Reborn Oración Seis destroy churches, disrupting the Celestial Spirit Wizards' biological links and throwing time into chaos, additionally without any answers as to why Lucy Heartfilia is being sacrificed.[19]

Meanwhile, Ichiya and the Fairy Tail members aboard Christina are on their way to the Zentopia Church to rescue Natsu and Lucy. Happy has faith that Natsu is safe and that Lucy should be too.[19]

Natsu and Coco confronted by Guttman

Meanwhile inside the Church, Natsu and Coco head to the Archbishop's location but encounter the Jiggle Butt Gang, who are forming a plan to steal another treasure instead of the Infinity Clock since they are evil, but are interrupted by Guttman Kubrick who suddenly confronts them and kicks the Jiggle Butt Gang out of the Church since they don't have any Magic for him to use his Rupture Magic on. Coco explains who Guttman is while the new Legionnaire becomes excited at the fact that Natsu and Coco have great Magic Power inside them.[19]

Everyone except for Erza is influenced by Real Nightmare

In the meantime, Fiore Guards attempt to fire at the Infinity Clock using Lacrima cannons, though their attacks rebound due to the effects of Real Nightmare, which is witnessed by those on Christina. Suddenly, they begin to experience similar effects because of it with Erza is the only one without change. She wonders why and summons her new Magic Hammer, which she uses to hit everyone with and each one of them returns to normal within a few seconds.[19]

Lapointe challenging Gildarts

Simultaneously, Gildarts and Laki sneak into the Archbishop's room using Laki's Wood Make Magic, expecting it to be heavily guarded, but surprisingly he's alone in his room, sitting on his bed. They reveal themselves to him and begin to ask questions, though the Archbishop simply repeats his speech to the pilgrims in a blank manner, and Laki realizes that someone must be controlling him. They then hear a clap and discover Lapointe in the room, who credits Gildarts for being able to make it to the room, but adds that he won't return alive; the S-Class Mage takes it as a challenge opportunity.[19]

Racer and Mira continue fighting

Meanwhile, Racer begins to recall memories of his past in the Tower of Heaven just from reading his opponent's movements; frightened, he attempts to flee. A chase ensues which eventually leads to Racer enhancing his speed and taking more control of the fight, creating visual duplicates of himself and attacks Mirajane multiple times. However, she is able to catch the real Racer and ram him into the ground with tremendous force.[19]

Racer realizes what he has done

Though heavily injured, Racer gets up and wonders how she can be faster than him and Mirajane explains to Racer what he's been doing to himself, which is causing him mental pain. Racer realizes that he wasn't being fast, rather, he was always running away. While returning to her normal self, Mirajane states that she herself has been running away from a certain fear in the past. As she speaks more of her past, Racer finally stands straight and starts walking away, and Mirajane adds that no one is going to chase him anymore, which causes him to cry.[19]

Mary stops Guttman from attacking Natsu and Coco

Kinana still looks for the person who is calling her, while Brain II orders Cobra and Angel to stop the Fairy Tail Mages, since Racer has failed. Meanwhile Guttman says that the traitors will scatter and starts using his Rupture Magic on the two. As he deals wounds to their bodies, Mary Hughes appears and uses her Command Magic to freeze him, claiming that she wants Coco to confirm with her own eyes what is right and that she will stall Guttman for the time being, allowing Natsu and Coco to go to the Archbishop's room. Natsu and Coco jump through a wall to the other side, from where the Archbishop's room is just a staircase away.[19]

Kanaloa attaches itself to Christina with spiral anchors locked to him

Christina finally reaches the Zentopia Church and the guards start firing at it with their spheres, but they are no match for Christina so Byro sends out Kanaloa to attack it. Kanaloa attaches its tentacles to the ship and the Fairy Tail members try to remove them unsuccessfully. The octopus then uses its acid breath to melt various parts of the ship, worrying Ichiya that the incident seven years ago would occur again. He fires spiral anchors from Christina that turn into chains, restraining Kanaloa to Christina, telling everyone to leave while he deals with Kanaloa alone, though everyone refuses to do so as first, but as they have no other choice, everyone jumps down from Christina, leaving Ichiya behind. The aircraft crashes on the ground, while an assured Erza says that no matter how dangerous the circumstances are, Ichiya always manages to survive.[19]

Lapointe is recognized as Master Zero

Gildarts and Lapointe prepare themselves to fight but are interrupted when Natsu and Coco arrive. Lapointe recognizes that Coco has escaped her cell as well and that Natsu is a Dragon Wizard. Natsu in return smells Lapointe and recognizes the scent to be the same as "Master Zero's", shocking the others. Gildarts adds that whoever he is, he is mind-controlling the Archbishop and then informs Warren through Telepathy that Cardinal Lapointe is mind-controlling the Archbishop and the latter explains this to his guildmates, and, unknowingly to him, to Byro Cracy as well, which infuriates him.[19]

Laki is held hostage by Zero

Back in the Archbishop's room, Natsu says that if he is the one controlling the Archbishop, then he is also the one who used "Michelle" to trick them. Lapointe briefly converses with Natsu and Gildarts on the subject and then uses Darkness Magic to restrain Laki and take her as a hostage, telling the other two Mages to fight each other, if they do not want Laki to die. This angers Natsu and Gildarts, but before the two can react, Byro appears, nullifying Lapointe's Magic and thus saving Laki. Using this moment as a distraction, Gildarts uses Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Empyrean on Lapointe, sending him flying.[19]

Imitatia wants to keep Lucy for herself

Meanwhile, inside the Infinity Clock, Imitatia informs Lucy about her friends' arrival and adds that because of her, they shall die. Imitatia then says that the Celestial Spirit Mage belongs to her, and that no one else should ever have her.[19]

The Battle of Zentopia: To the Infinity Castle

Cardinal Lapointe is defeated after the cooperation of Byro and Gildarts in order to put an end to him. The Fairy Tail Mages who arrived with Christina, the Magic Bomber, reunite with Gildarts, Natsu and Laki, only to witness a defeated Lapointe say that his ultimate goal is to sink the world into chaos and return it to how it used to be before Zentopia was founded.[20]

Lapointe is discovered to be a doll made of Zero's hair

Meanwhile, Lucy learns from Imitatia, Klodoa and Brain II that the Infinity Clock was sealed away by Celestial Spirit Mages, meaning that only by using the Magic Power of such a Mage will anyone be able to control it. Before disappearing completely, due to being a result of Personification Magic that was controlled by Zero's hair rather than a human being (similar to the nuns encountered by Laki and Gildarts), Lapointe reveals that the only way to stop the Infinity Clock is to eliminate the Celestial Spirit Mage that is used to control it.[20]

Gildarts wants to settle the score with Byro

Byro, along with the other Legion members, is convinced that there is no other way to save the world, so he is determined to find and dispose of Lucy. Natsu tries to stop him, but is easily overwhelmed by Byro's strength, so Gildarts steps in to settle the score and orders the other Mages to hurry and find Lucy while he fights Byro. However, Samuel is the first to act, having overheard the whole conversation, and decides to find and dispose of Lucy, as the fate of the whole world is more important than the life of a single girl, managing to leave the Fairy Tail Mages behind thanks to Byro's Magic. Gildarts then allows the other Fairy Tail Mages to follow Samuel as well, as he is able to prevent Byro from stopping them. When the two opponents are left alone, they decide to settle the score with physical strength rather than Magic.[20]

Wendy attempts to heal the Archbishop

Fairy Tail divides into three teams in order to find Lucy. Laki, Warren, Happy, Carla and Panther Lily go along with Wendy, who tries to heal the Archbishop with her Magic, only for her efforts to go in vain, as Midnight's spell is proven to be stronger, although Wendy remains hopeful that she can heal him without damaging his brain. Meanwhile, Samuel arrives to the core of the Infinity Clock to dispose of Lucy, but Imitatia immediately realizes his intentions and easily defeats him, protecting Lucy from any harm, declaring that now the tables have turned and Legion will try to kill her, while Reborn Oración Seis will be protecting her. Even though Samuel is injured, he still wishes to fight, remaining loyal to Byro until the end.[20]

Guttman and Mary stop fighting

At the same time, both Guttman Kubrick and Mary Hughes, clearly exhausted from their fight and also doubtful about their allegiance to the Archbishop, faint and stop their fight, leaving everything up to Coco. Coco leads the group consisting of Natsu, Gray, Erza, Elfman and Gajeel to the Infinity Castle. Meanwhile, Lahar and Doranbolt, as well as the Rune Knights, do their best to protect as many people as possible from the Infinity Clock's influence by moving them into a barrier of runes.[20]

Happy forms a plan to stop the Infinity Clock

The Archbishop is Fried from mind control, as Wendy finishes her healing spell, clearly weary from the effort. This leads Happy to understand that, if Fairy Tail defeats all the Reborn Oración Seis members, the Infinity Clock will be deactivated, as in order to activate it the six Dark Guild members had to engrave their seals on it, including Imitatia, when disguised as Michelle. Thanks to Warren's telepathy, this message reaches the Fairy Tail members going after Lucy, who are now determined to defeat Reborn Oración Seis and save both their friend and the world.[20]

Cobra wants to fight Erza again

A confident Erza is pitted against Cobra, as the latter wishes to face her, allowing the other Fairy Tail members to continue on their way. When the group meets Angel, Gray is the one to step up against her, promising her that this time he will put up a better fight than he did on their last encounter. Finally, Gajeel decides to fight against Brain II and Klodoa alone, much to Natsu's frustration, as the fire Mage wished to fight Brain II himself. Elfman carries an unwilling Natsu to move on and so the Fairy Tail Mages, along with Coco, continue their way towards the core of the Infinity Clock.[20]

Cobra uses Sound Magic on Sugarboy

The fights, however, do not all go as planned. Sugarboy appears to defeat Erza since he thought that the Reborn Oración Seis are still working for the Zentopia Church, but Cobra easily defeats him using his Sound Magic, allowing the two to continue their duel. In addition, although Gajeel is able to fight on par with Brain II for a while, he is ultimately defeated and sent flying, as the latter mentions that he is in a hurry.[20]

Natsu, Elfman and Coco find Lucy

Gildarts, who has just defeated Byro, after witnessing his level of strength, attempts to save Gajeel from falling, but fails, which results in both of them falling from the Zentopia Church. Natsu finally picks up Imitatia's smell, and he, along with Coco and Elfman, follows the trail and finds Lucy. However, Imitatia declares that she will let no one go near Lucy and prepares to fight the other Mages, drawing her sword, as Lucy watches.[20]

The Battle of Zentopia: The Fallen Angel

Natsu's group charges at Imitatia

Natsu, Elfman and Coco try to get to Lucy, whose body is still being absorbed by the Infinity Clock, but Imitatia refuses to let them go near her. She says she'll protect Lucy and that it's best for Natsu and the others to go, as this way, their lives will be spared. Natsu says that he and Elfman should fight Imitatia while Coco rescues Lucy.[21]

The members of Fairy Tail and the Archaeological Society try to reverse Real Nightmare's effects

In the Fairy Tail building, Makarov drives off the powers of Real Nightmare so that it doesn't affect anyone in the guild. The rest of the guild members are either researching the Infinity Clock with Jean-Luc Neville and the Archaeological Society or otherwise searching for Kinana. Meanwhile Macao and Wakaba discuss the responsibilities of their guildmates and during their conversation, Wakaba mentions how he hasn't seen Romeo lately, though Macao says it's because he's growing up. As they talk, Romeo is outside the Zentopia church and looks at the Infinity Clock, telling Natsu and Lucy to wait for him.[21]

Coco unsuccessfully tries to pull out Lucy from the Clock.

As Coco unsuccessfully tries to rescue Lucy, Natsu and Elfman begin their battle against Imitatia. However, the Dark Mage easily maneuvers through their attacks, stating that pain and other "silly" emotions cannot affect her in any way, but Natsu doubts that argument. Subsequently, she resumes her battle against the two Fairy Tail Mages, who are then accompanied in the fight by Coco.[21]

Happy speaking to Panther Lily

Happy and Panther Lily are unsuccessful in locating Lucy, which upsets Happy as he worries about what Samuel plans to do to her. Simultaneously, Samuel scales the Infinity Clock in his Battle Form, thinking back to what he plans to do now for the sake of the others. Jean-Luc Neville exclaims that he, along with Levy and Fried, has deciphered the secret of Real Nightmare, explaining that the only way they can stop it is by removing the carved seals on the Infinity Clock which will negate the owners' rights to belonging such an artifact and Levy, Macao and Wakaba are impressed by the accuracy found in Happy's theory. Makarov then speaks up, saying that there are now only four members of the Reborn Oración Seis left for them to defeat.[21]

Erza Scarlet faces off against Cobra

Erza starts her fight against Cobra, whose Sound Magic remains effective against the S-Class Mage. Throughout their battle, Erza speaks of how she can hear the voices of her friends, and that their voices are what drives her forward to win but Cobra describes her words as "grating" and pushes their fight to the outside of the Clock. Out in the open, Erza asks Cobra why he wants to bring despair to people in the same way that he felt while in the Tower of Heaven, and he responds that he could care less, adding that he has no friends, while Erza is surrounded by them. Erza mocks him for his envy and the two resume their battle.[21]

Lucy being sucked inside the Infinity Clock

Lucy's body is finally absorbed whole by the Infinity Clock, and she sinks down into the depths of it. Meanwhile Warren, Laki, Wendy and Carla are informed of Jean-Luc's news and discuss it briefly ands they do, Wendy says she suddenly feels turmoil within the sky with Carla theorizing that it's because the effects of Real Nightmare are beginning to weaken. Wendy's intuition tells her, however, that the Infinity Clock is actually struggling to stay active.[21]

Angel is slowly being affected by her Magic

Meanwhile, Gray begins his rematch battle against Angel who summons Shamsiel again. Gray is finally able to defeat the angel with Ice-Make: Death Scythe and destroy the gold coins used to summon him; this affects Angel, causing her to struggle and collapse. Gray goes towards Angel and concludes that Shamsiel most likely went back to heaven. Hearing this, Angel asks him to kill her with his scythe so that she can finally fade into the sky like a true angel. However, he refuses to oblige. Angry, Angel summons Barakiel to fight Gray, but the two are soon accompanied by Dan Straight, who not only is able to save Gray from Barakiel's hands, but also defeat the angel.[21]

Raguel is summoned

Now enraged, Angel summons Raguel with a cost of 100 Golden Coins. The powerful angel attacks Dan with a single attack that, in addition to destroying his armor, deals moderate injuries to his body, followed by Angel's speech about her dreams to become an actual angel, even if it shortens her own life, as in the case of using Angel Magic. In addition, she explains that the more she uses Angel Magic, the more she can see "filth" in the world that she currently lives in.[21]

Angel being pulled out from Raguel by Gray

Gray is infuriated by those words, questioning whether or not she is ready to abandon her own life. Angel is shocked that he is mocking her wishes, which causes her body, as well as Raguel's to start cracking and breaking, which surprises Gray; she attacks him and tells a now-deformed Raguel to annihilate the Mage. Gray tells the now irrational Angel that she's being absorbed by her own Magic, and that if she continues her acts, eventually the very angel she summoned will kill her.[21]

Angel expresses her desire to live

Angel suddenly realizes how different Raguel appears but denies Gray's words, while slowly, the two become swallowed by the angel. However, as she finally starts to see the truth in Gray's words, Angel shouts out her will to live. At this instance, Dan pulls himself back to the battlefield and pierces Angel's pendant with his Habaraki. This reduces the core of her power's limit and ultimately returns Angel the life that she sacrificed. At the same time, Gray finally defeats Raguel, and not only is Angel saved, but in the end, she has also lost her will to fight.[21]

The Battle of Zentopia: For Lucy

Lucy, as a part of the Infinity Clock

While Natsu is fighting Imitatia and witnesses Lucy losing her mind, he tells her to get a hold of herself, but Brain II appears, along with Klodoa, and tells him that she will soon be completely absorbed by the Infinity Clock. Meanwhile, Lucy recalls her birthday as a child and searches for Michelle inside her memories, but remembers that the one who appeared to her as Michelle was in fact Imitatia, leaving her confused.[22]

Meanwhile, Warren's group learns that Lucy will soon be consumed by the Infinity Clock unless the Reborn Oración Seis is defeated, so Warren contacts all of the Fairy Tail Mages, asking them to hurry and defeat the Dark Guild. Cobra notices Erza's haste to defeat him in order for his seal to be erased, and tells her that it is impossible, since he, like the rest of his teammates, has abandoned something important to him in order to get stronger, giving him enough power to defeat his opponents.[22]

Romeo arrives at the Infinity Castle

At the same time, Romeo, who has arrived at the Infinity Castle, is noticed by Warren, and reveals that he was hiding inside Christina all along in order to help them. Despite Warren's doubts about the young Mage being there, Wendy leads him to the Infinity Clock in order for him to save Lucy, and at the same time Warren asks Happy and Panther Lily to arrive at the Infinity Clock before Samuel.[22]

The Archbishop comes back to his senses

While Warren communicates with the other Mages, Byro appears at the location of Wendy's group and asks about the Legionnaires' whereabouts, only to be told by Laki that he now has no reason to want Lucy dead, as the defeat of Reborn Oración Seis will have the same effect on the Infinity Clock. At the same time the Archbishop regains consciousness and announces that while he was being controlled he was able to hear the thoughts of the Dark Guild's members and thus knows how to halt the procedure of Lucy's absorption by the Clock.[22]

Romeo vs. Imitatia

Natsu tries to bring Imitatia back to her senses by telling her that she should also consider Lucy's feelings about wanting to stay with her for eternity. Brain II, however, reminds Imitatia of her wish, motivating her to attack Natsu, but Romeo appears and saves the Dragon Slayer. Romeo attacks Imitatia, telling her that she betrayed both Lucy and himself and has no right to call Lucy her sister, but Imitatia, determined to realize her wish, fights back and defeats Romeo, enraging Natsu, who promises to beat her and save Lucy, before figuring out her identity.[22]

Coco protects Lucy from Samuel

The fight carries on, with a determined Imitatia overpowering Natsu, but their fight is interrupted, as Samuel suddenly appears and attempts to assassinate Lucy. However, Coco gets in his way and tells him that he will have to kill her first if he wants to get rid of Lucy. A reluctant Samuel attempts to tear them both apart, but is halted by Happy and Panther Lily. Happy tries to bring Lucy to her senses, while Panther Lily begins yet another duel with Samuel, while Lucy says to herself that though she can hear them all she cannot react to their calls. After Natsu sees tears falling from Lucy's eyes, signifying her will to fight, he powers up and prepares to fight more seriously, although Brain II says it is too late to do anything.[22]

The Archbishop speaks to the others through telepathy

Meanwhile, Cobra reveals that revenge is important for him in order to be able to look at his friend, Cubellios, in the eye when they meet again, and overpowers Erza. At the same time, the Archbishop reveals both to Fairy Tail and to Legion that everyone should cooperate for now in order to halt the Infinity Clock and destroy the chains linking it to the Earth. Hearing this, Samuel apologizes to Panther Lily and decides to have a contest with the other Exceed about who will destroy the biggest number of chains. Natsu also says that now they can save Lucy, but Brain II replies that their chances of victory are slim.[22]

Cobra unleashes his Dragon Slayer Magic in front of Erza

Cobra, decides to go all out and activates his Poison Dragon Slayer Magic, assaulting Erza with his Poison Dragon's Roar. She, however, blocks them with what she calls an ancient holy weapon, and, using it, she manages to destroy the chains under Cobra's feet and also attack him. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail Mages, along with the revived Legion members, all do their best to destroy as many chains as possible and weaken the clock. Kinana, feeling that the one speaking to her mind is close, runs towards Cobra, and he is able to listen to her, which distracts him and gives Erza the opportunity to defeat him with a powerful attack of her weapon, sending him flying to the Earth, with Kinana, who is looking forward to meeting him, running after him.[22]

Imitatia desperately tries to set Lucy free

Lucy, having lost her consciousness, announces that another Reborn Oración Seis member has been defeated, leaving only two of them, and Natsu is now confident that he will save Lucy if he defeats the two Mages in front of him. Brain II, however, promises to realize his father's dream, which was to destroy everything, and attacks Natsu with his Reflector. Brain II then reveals to everyone that Lucy cannot be saved anymore, since she will soon be fused with the Infinity Clock and erased from everyone's memories. Imitatia, realizing she has been tricked and that this is not what she wanted, runs to Lucy, shunting Coco and Happy from her way, and desperately attacks the Infinity Clock, trying to set Lucy free and apologizing in the process, which wakes Lucy from her slumber and helps her remember.[22]

Imitatia's true form as Lucy's childhood doll

However, Imitatia's attempts are in vain, as Brain II reverts her back to her normal form, saying he has no more use of her. Imitatia transforms to a doll, with her last words being "Nee-san, I'm sorry, I love you", which in turn triggers Lucy to finally remember that Imitatia was her doll, which she thought of as her little sister when she was young. Brain II steps on the doll, insulting Imitatia, and Romeo, furious at Brain II, throws his Purple Fire to Natsu, who punches the Reborn Oración Seis leader and promises to him that he will never laugh at other people's pain again.[22]

The Fall of Reborn Oración Seis

Natsu vs. Midnight

Lucy floats inside the abyss of the Infinity Clock, crying as her younger self as she remembers now that Imitatia was none other than her doll as a child and beside her, the doll Michelle thanks her for finally remembering. Outside the core of the Clock, Natsu hastily tries to defeat Brain II in order to free Lucy, but the Dark Mage states that his father's will shall soon be recognized. Also trying to help are those outside the church, cutting the chains linking the ship to the ground to try and slow it down. However, as they work, they comment on how long they are taking, worried that they are not doing enough to assist.[23]

Elfman and Romeo stand despite their injuries and move to assist Natsu in defeating Brain II, but the Dark Mage does not want them to interfere, and sends Klodoa to take them on whilst he handles Natsu alone. Reflecting every fire attack Natsu sends at him, Brain II declares that he cannot be beaten, as he has sacrificed everything to obtain the Magic Power to surpass his father. He then casts Genesis Zero, screaming for Natsu to be consumed into nothing, laughing as Natsu is engulfed by the darkness of the spell and swallowed up.[23]

Lucy is absorbed into the Infinity Clock

Also being consumed is Lucy who, despite Coco and Happy's attempts to free her, has been consumed by the golden liquid of the Infinity Clock. Floating into the Clock, Lucy suddenly hears the voices of her parents, and remembers the day they gave her the doll Imitatia as a birthday present. From behind her, the human form of Imitatia appears, adding to the memory by stating that she had so much fun playing with Lucy every day. Lucy then remembers the reason why she and the doll stopped being together; when Layla Heartfilia passed away, the doll served as a reminder of her mother to Lucy, and as such she slowly stopped playing and talking to the toy, eventually casting her away completely. Imitatia also shows Lucy another of her memories, in which Lucy's father apologizes to her as a doll for Lucy's abandonment, as well as confessing his own fear that he doesn't know how to assist his daughter in overcoming the loss of Layla. As Lucy cries over the memory, Imitatia goes on to explain that she was later found and turned into a human by Brain II, who brought her to life as Imitatia for the sole purpose of obtaining the Infinity Clock. Lucy also learns that Imitatia did in fact assist her father before his death, recounting how she wanted to go back to the days when she felt loved, also describing her conversation with Jude just before his death. As Lucy cries, Imitatia comforts her and tells her that she can still hear the voices of her friends.[23]

Natsu absorbed by Genesis Zero

Hearing the voices of those fighting for her, Lucy vows to do something to return to them and screams for them, the Infinity Clock glowing as she struggles against it. Also fighting is Natsu, who activates his Magic inside the abyss of Genesis Zero, trying to force himself out. As the Fairy Tail Mages present wonder on what is happening, Brain II looks down to see he has become a younger version of himself and is back to the Tower of Heaven. Realizing that he has been affected by Real Nightmare, Brain II concludes that having full control over the Infinity Clock by himself is too much for him to bear, and that the Magic is backfiring on him. Just as he works out just how careless he was, Natsu breaks free from Genesis Zero, springing forward and tackling Brain II head on. As Klodoa flees for his own life, Natsu and Brain II exchange blows, arguing over the true meaning of Magic Power and how it is obtained. Both spouting their own ideologies on the matter, the two clash in one huge attack.[23]

Meanwhile, as Warren, Wendy and Carla run throughout the Infinity Castle, Warren is contacted by Levy at the Fairy Tail guild who, along with the Archaeological Society, learns some important information on the Clock.[23]

The guild figures out how to save Lucy

Whilst Warren stands in shock, Natsu and Brain II finally conclude their fight, with Natsu's flames overpowering the Dark Mage, his body cracking as he falls down through the Infinity Castle. Having defeated all of those who possess the Infinity Clock seal, the group turns to try and retrieve Lucy, only to realize as her voice rings out through the building that she has fully merged and become one with the Infinity Castle. Before full panic can ensue though, Warren telepathically communicates to all, stating that Lucy is still not completely gone, and that Jean-Luc and the others at the guild have found a way to save her. If Lucy can undo the Anti-Link spells cast on the Celestial Spirit Mages who were protecting the Clock, the pieces of the Clock will once again break apart and scatter as they were once before. Despite this being the way to rid the world of the Clock, the Mages soon question what will happen to Lucy in the process, and upon hearing that no one is quite sure, ask if there is a different way to set things right, though Lucy is willing to take the risk. Focusing the Magic of the Clock, Lucy with Imitatia by her side, sends out blue shooting stars across the sky to find and free those hit by Anti-Link.[23]

Kinana finally finds Cobra

As blue lights shatter across the sky, Kinana finds Cobra where he landed after his defeat at Erza's hands, asking whether he has been calling for her all this time. Cobra, shocked to hear this, suddenly realizes that she is Cubellios in a human form. Before he can say anything however, Kinana asks about his eye, and Cobra confesses to having lost it in exchange for better Magic Power. When asked for his name, Cobra states that he is called Erik, but before Kinana can say anything further, Lahar and Doranbolt warp into the area, asking Cobra to come quietly with them, as they have already arrested the rest of his comrades. Kinana, saddened to hear this, falls to the ground and asks for Cobra's freedom, her hands glowing purple as she angrily yells at the two Council Mages. However, before she can hurt herself, Cobra stands and agrees to be taken away, denying that he was the one calling out to Kinana in her thoughts when she asks once more. When asked if Kinana is with him, Cobra states that she isn't, continuing on that she is just looking for her friend, and that she is lucky to have one. As he leaves with Lahar and Doranbolt, Kinana concludes that he was the one who talked to her, and Cobra silently confirms, the two of them smiling at the knowledge that they finally found each other.[23]

The guild searches for Lucy on Kanaloa

Waking up on top of Kanaloa, Natsu finds out that the group has been taken from the Clock and are searching for Lucy, who they have yet to find. Panicking, Natsu sniffs the surrounding air and locates Lucy's scent, and the pink octopus takes to the air to go after her. As they fly, the group spots Lucy falling down towards the ground amongst the blue shooting stars, and Natsu desperately runs after her, catching her before she can hit the ground.[23]

Later, as Lucy reminisces over the events surrounding the Clock, she returns to her father's mansion and fixes the old tattered painting she found there at the start of her journey, smiling as she spots the doll Imitatia on her lap. She also takes the doll form of Imitatia back to her apartment with her, sitting the toy on her desk alongside drafts for a book about the Clock and the adventure she had looking for her father's memento.[23]

A Zentopian Farewell

The Archbishop gives out a speech.

Within Zentopia Church, the Archbishop gives a speech saying that those associated with the Church must repent for their sins and begin their lives renewed. Two of the attendees during the speech, Macao and Wakaba, complain about how they were the only ones out of their entire guild invited to the ceremony. It turns out that the other Mages are currently in their guild's building, where the members of Legion Corps officially apologize for their past actions; with the apologies spoken, Fairy Tail and Legion Corps celebrate.[24]

Lahar informs Doranbolt of the case with Celestial Spirit Mages.

Meanwhile, in Era, Lahar is informed that the Celestial Spirit Mages descended from Will Neville's disciples have awakened from the spell caused by the Anti-Link, albeit at the cost of their powers. He then informs Doranbolt of the news and relieved, Doranbolt also expresses happiness at the fact that Fairy Tail has survived the events of the Infinity Clock.[24]

Natsu and Dan have an eating contest.

Fairy Tail and Legion Corps continue their celebrations. Natsu and Dan participate in an eating contest together which, after Dan uses Habaraki to gain an advantage in the competition, results in chaos and Sugarboy uses this as an opportunity to get close to Gray but is stopped by Juvia. Coco apologizes to Panther Lily for her initial hostility towards him, though he brushes it off, saying that while she is not the same person he knew in Edolas she does look similar to her, which Panther Lily says is enough for him. Before they can continue their conversation, Samuel appears, wanting to fight, and the two Exceeds begin sparring, having fun while fighting one another.[24]

Lucy makes up with Mary.

At the Guild, Gildarts and Byro share an awkward drink together with Byro breaking the ice saying that he never knew such Mages such as those in Fairy Tail existed. The two men talk about how the events of the Infinity Clock have changed their relationships so much, yet in such little time. In the meantime, Lucy has a private conversation with Mary Hughes, who gives Lucy more insight on her life prior and during her time as a Legionnaire. She reveals that the relationship between the Heartfilia and Lobster family is apparently not true, as Imitatia had claimed previously and afterwards, she begins to cry before finally apologizing for what she did to Lucy. Lucy forgives her and even asks for the two to make up.[24]

Byro smiles for the first time.

At sunset, Byro reveals that the Legion Corps have been assigned a new assignment by the Archbishop - seal all the remaining parts of the Infinity Clock - which will also require an immense amount of time in order to complete it. Fairy Tail and Legion Corps bid their final farewells before the latter group leaves the town.[24]


  • This arc was referenced in Chapter 282 as the "Zentopia incident", as well as foreshadowing that Lucy and Yukino may be the last remaining Celestial Spirit Mages before this arc ended.[24]

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