Kagura Mikazuchi vs. Yukino Agria is a fight fought between Team Mermaid Heel's Kagura Mikazuchi and Team Sabertooth's Yukino Agria.


After the third battle of the second day of the Grand Magic Games between Mirajane Strauss and Jenny Realight finished, the fourth match is decided by the organizers to be between Team Mermaid Heel's member, Kagura Mikazuchi and Team Sabertooth's Yukino Agria.[1]

As the battle starts, Yukino first greets Kagura and says that they should also make a bet like the rest of the battle participants of the second day have done, to which Kagura replies that she has no interest in casual bets. Yukino replies that they should bet something more serious then, and proposes they wager their lives, to which Kagura agrees.[2]


Pisces summoned

Yukino summons Pisces

Yukino then starts the battle by using her Celestial Spirit Magic to summon the Paired Fish, Pisces, much to the surprise of Lucy Heartfilia and the likes of Happy. The two fishes rush towards Kagura from two different angles, but Kagura manages to dodge them by jumping. Seeing this, Yukino opens the gate of the Heavenly Scales, Libra, and the audience are shocked to see that she is able to summon two Spirits at once. Yukino then orders Libra to alter the gravity of Kagura by the use of Gravity Change, while Pisces wraps around Kagura and heads for a direct attack. Kagura, however, uses the same Magic to nullify the increase of gravity on her and dodges Pisces attack by jumping again.[3]


Yukino opens the 13th Gate

With this turnout of events, Yukino sees herself forced to open the "13th Gate" of the Zodiac. As Kagura grabs the hilt of her sword and charges towards Yukino, Yukino opens the gate of the Snake Charmer, summoning Ophiuchus. Kagura continues her charge -now with Ophiuchus in the way- and prepares to use "The Blade of Resentment", Archenemy, which quickly cuts the giant serpent into four without the need of unsheathing it. With this, she manages to get face to face with Yukino and attacks her with her Style of the Undrawn Long Sword, defeating her.[4]


Yukino's loss leaves everyone, especially the members of Team Sabertooth, in complete shock. Yukino then starts to cry while Kagura asks her if she will honor their wager and give her her life, to which Yukino agrees.[5] Because of her loss in both the battle and the wager, Yukino is expelled from Sabertooth by Master Jiemma due to the shame she brought upon the guild.[6]


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