Juvia Lockser & Lisanna Strauss vs. Erza Scarlet is a fight fought between Fairy Tail S-Class Mage candidate Juvia Lockser, her partner Lisanna Strauss, and S-Class Mage of the same guild, Erza Scarlet.


D Route

The D Route

After returning from Edolas, Makarov starts the Annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and announces Juvia as one of the eight participants. Juvia chooses Lisanna as her partner and the two join the other participants and their partners on the ship towards Tenrou Island. Makarov later explains the rules of the "Power and Luck" trial and Juvia and Lisanna race with their guild mates in order to be the first one to choose a path. After arriving at the island, Juvia and Lisanna choose the D Path where they see Erza Scarlet waiting for them.[1][2]


Animal Soul - Harpy

Lisanna attacks

Erza requips into her Sea Empress Armor and begins to overpower the duo. Lisanna is surprised with Erza's choice of armor, knowing that it will nullify Juvia's attacks. Erza then taunts Juvia, telling her that she would not be an S-Class Mage with her level of power. Determined, Juvia turns herself into water and charges at Erza. Erza slices the water with her sword and Juvia follows with a Water Slicer. Erza, however, repels the attack with her sword, destroying several columns in the process.
Sea Empress Armor - Close

The Power of the S-Class

Lisanna then uses her Animal Soul: Wings and charges towards Erza. Erza stabs the ground with her sword and kicks Lisanna several feet away, surprising Juvia. Lisanna tries to attack again with her Animal Soul: Rabbit but Erza evades the attack. Erza then mentions that Lisanna had trouble with her range. Watching the battle, Juvia realizes that Erza leaves herself open after evading the attack from Lisanna. Lisanna then tries to attack Erza with her Animal Soul: Wings again but fails. Seeing the opening, Juvia attacks with a Water Cane but the attack is ineffective. Erza then kicks the two Mages, sending them several meters away. She then belittles Juvia's abilities and finishes the battle with an attack from her sword as Juvia begins to realize the power of an S-Class Mage.[3][4]


The Female Knight Didn't Hold Back

Juvia and Lisanna defeated

While the passing participants reunite at the end of their respective paths, Makarov announces the current standings of each team. When Gray inquires about Juvia, Makarov, with an appalled look on his face, informs them that Juvia and Lisanna met with Erza, the female knight who doesn't know how to hold back, indicating that they have lost the battle.[5]


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