Jutsu Shiki (術式 Jutsu Shiki) is a Caster Magic, and a form of Letter Magic utilizing Magic Runes.


Jutsu Shiki

Jutsu Shiki in action

Jutsu Shiki is a form of Letter Magic in which the user is able to create barriers in certain areas by surrounding it with Magic Runes. Those who step inside these runes will be trapped and forced to obey the rules that the user set up beforehand. These rules range from age or time limits, to tasks that must be completed, such as defeating others within the spell's boundaries. Due to the nature of this Magic, it is more suited for trapping rather than for direct combat. In addition, it also takes a significant amount of time to cast.[4] The spells Freed Justine uses can be erased by rewriting them.[5]


  • "Jutsu Shiki" (術式) is Japanese for technique formula.


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