Jura Neekis vs. Hoteye is a fight fought between Lamia Scale Mage Jura Neekis and Dark Mage of the Oración Seis: Hoteye.


Jura sensing Hoteye

Jura telling Lyon and Sherry to go

In order to find Wendy and save Erza, the Allied Forces agree to split up.[1] The Mages of Lamia Scale, Jura, Lyon and Sherry, form a group and encounters the Dark Guild, Red Hood.[2] After defeating the Dark Guild, the group manages to find the location of the Oración Seis' hideout from the Red Hood members. Sherry begins to laugh at the Red Hood members for attacking them and ending up defeated. Jura then tells her and Lyon to head to the hideout while he remains there since he feels a powerful Magic Power approaching, which according to him belongs to a member of the Oración Seis.[3]


Jura attacking Hoteye

Jura attacking Hoteye

After Sherry and Lyon leave, Jura addresses the Oración Seis member who is trying to hide his presence. Hoteye then reveals himself and immediately attacks Jura with his Liquid Ground. Jura manages to harden the ground and attacks Hoteye with Ground Columns. However, Hoteye manages to soften the ground. Hoteye points out that while Jura can make the ground hard, he can make it soft. Hoteye then asks which is stronger. Jura says that it doesn't matter, because the one with the stronger conviction will always prevail. Hoteye disagrees with that statement, and says the battle outcome depends on someone's wealth.[4]

Jura noticing Nirvana

Jura and Hoteye when Nirvana activates

As the two prepare to fight once more, a pillar of light suddenly appears in the middle of the forest, surprising Jura. Hoteye explains to Jura that the light signals Nirvana's seal being removed. Jura is conflicted between defeating Hoteye or fleeing to investigate Nirvana. Hoteye begins to laugh at the thought of being richer due to Nirvana. Suddenly, Hoteye begins to scream much to Jura's surprise.[5]

Hoteye hugging Jura

Hoteye hugging Jura

Jura watches as Hoteye begins to scream even louder. Suddenly, Hoteye's expression changes and he tells Jura that he doesn't need money anymore, confusing and surprising Jura. Hoteye begins to tell Jura that his searching for his lost younger brother led to his obsession with money, as he believed it to be the only means of finding him. Hoteye proceeds to hug Jura and declares his wish to stop his comrades, the Oración Seis, and to teach them "the beauty of love".[6]


After Brain activates Nirvana, Jura, accompanied by Hoteye, climbs one of Nirvana's legs in order to stop the Oración Seis.[7]


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